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Summary: They were always together throughout the seasons, always loving and looking out for each other. Kirihara x Ann

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I – Spring

He can never understand the happiness of the first season of the year. What was the purpose of the greenery? Kirihara Akaya would forever take his stand that spring is only a season and nothing else. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the tree, relaxing under the shade as occasional breeze past by.

"Kirihara-kun!" A feminine voice called and Kirihara opened his eyes slowly. He slowly registered Tachibana Ann's face right in front of him. His face tinted with redness at the closeness. However, Ann just smiled, showing the flower fixed on her hair and asked, "Do I look good with this flower?"

Kirihara could only smile. Maybe the pointless spring has its own merits.

II – Summer

Ann held Kirihara's hand as they strolled along the streets. The sun was merciless, but Ann could still conjure a smile on her face, and for Kirihara, well, a totally different story.

"I don't see any point coming out when we have air-conditioners at home." Kirihara said, frowning at the heat. Suddenly, Ann ran off in another direction and Kirihara called after her confusedly. But the girl just waved reassuringly back at him. When Ann returned, she handed an ice-cream to Kirihara.

"I'm sure this will make everything better." Ann said with a cheerful smile.

Kirihara could only stare at her, somewhat touched by her thoughtfulness. "Arigatou," Kirihara said as he accepted her ice-cream.

And then, Ann felt a pair of lips on hers.

III – Autumn

Ann and Kirihara walked through a path laid between trees of crimson and amber leaves.

"Autumn is arriving, ne?" Ann mused, and her boyfriend only nodded. Suddenly, with a careless step on a leaf, Ann lost her balance and slipped, landing on the ground with a thud.

"Are you alright?" Kirihara asked anxiously as he hurried towards her.

"Of course! It's just a small slip." Ann tried standing up but felt a sharp pain at her ankle. Her expression showed pain and Kirihara noticed. He bent down with his back facing the girl.

"Get on." He said, not facing Ann, "You sprained your ankle, didn't you?"

"Kirihara-kun…" Ann sounded surprised but smiled a moment later. She placed her hands on his shoulders and he carried her by her legs. "Arigatou, Kirihara-kun!" She said brightly.

"Betsuni." Kirihara said, trying to sound nonchalant when his cheeks were of bright red.

Ann tightened her arms around Kirihara.

IV – Winter

"Thanks for looking after me." Ann said gratefully, biting on a piece of cookie.

"Betsuni." Kirihara replied as they sat in front of the fireplace at Ann's house, cuddled close together in the wonderful moment.

"The cold and flu came at the wrong time. If not, I'll be in Hawaii with my parents and onii-san." Ann mused with a hint of regret, blowing her nose with yet another piece of tissue.

"Then I'll be alone. You wouldn't want me upset, do you?" Kirihara said playfully while Ann blushed and shook her head lightly.

After a few moments of silence, Ann said, "But then, I just love being with you, Kirihara-kun." She closed her eyes and leaned her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. Ann smiled lightly when she felt Kirihara tightening his arms around her more protectively and blushes a faint pink when she felt a light and feathery kiss on her forehead.

"Me too, Ann," Kirihara rested his chin on Ann's hair, "Me too."