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The Act of Finding

"You're searching, for things that don't exist; I mean beginnings. Ends and beginnings - there are no such things." - Robert Frost

It's been nearly four years since the death of her aniue and she still couldn't figure what it was that went away faster, her childish innocence or her grief for her deceased brother.

Now don't get me wrong, the girl loved her brother more than anything in the world and she would give up the life she had if it meant pleasing her brother. But after the "accident," as it was called on the news, she knew the crying had to stop; she needed to grow up, to live on—not only for herself, but also for her brother.

The twenty-year-old spent most of her days and a few of her nights in her little SUV looking out of tinted glass while roaming the country. The Toyota was a gift from her beloved brother, an early birthday present for doing well in school, as well as the last gift she would ever receive from him; it was lucky… in a bad way. She received the gift just two days after passing a driver's test and acquiring her license; it may not seem very lucky at first, but when you find out that it was her getaway vehicle from the men who killed her brother on the same day it was given, that's luck.

The young woman would travel across forty-eight of the United States—never staying in one place for longer than a few weeks. She stayed in hotels, motels, on peoples' couches, doing any odd job that came her way to continue the simple life she had.

Now it may sound as if this woman was poor, but in actuality she was anything but that. The money she inherited from her older brother's will (he made it when many supervisors of branch offices in the Obsidian Corp. were killed as a precaution, after all Reito was the president of the entire business) was more than enough to allow her to settle down. Add that on to the life insurance each Kanzaki child had since birth and one would have one very wealthy heir to an a multi-billion dollar corporation.

But she chose the exhilarating lifestyle because she was very much wanted, she was wanted dead. Those men were still after her, the heir of the Kanzaki fortune, searching for her even though she had changed her name (or was in the process of doing it).

Besides, life on the road was exciting, one never knows what they may come across… or if they'll even have enough gas to come across anything; let alone take them to the nearest gas station.

'Yes, life on the road was exciting.'

The once feral teen, now a matured woman was lying on the roof of her black Toyota RAV4 Sport. She was dressed in a simple black tank top and baggy khaki cargo shorts; her wild raven hair was cut short and messy, and her two long braids that normally hung on her chest were spread across the top of the vehicle. She held her right arm over her face to shield her eyes from the sun, while her left arm was suspended lazily over the edge of the roof. Her long, tanned legs were bent comfortably at the knees with her left foot pointed diagonally towards the sky in a black and white Converse, and her right foot donned a similar red and white shoe (the actual pairs to the shoes probably hidden beneath a seat in the SUV) and was placed on the sunroof.

The lithe girl was quite exhausted; she had been out late on a job and had come back in the early hours of the morning only to notice that there were men in black suits trying to get into her motel room.

The feline-like girl opted to leave all of her belongings but a standard black backpack that contained her wallet, a pre-paid cell phone, a cheap digital camera, a small laptop, a semi-automatic handgun (which she didn't know how to use), a few of her art supplies, and a change of clothes—which she was now wearing. Everything else she owned with the exception of the Mirokus, her cat and her sword (both of which she knew how to use) and of course her escape vehicle, were left in the small motel room.

So after five hours of driving she was out of gas and food, and stuck somewhere between the middle of nowhere and hell.



Tap taptap

"Miroku?" she held out her hand.

"Meow?" Ooh… he was trying to play innocent.

"I know you've got my phone so just give it here." She sat up, her right hand still open toward the cat.


The cat started to walk away with the phone dangling from his mouth.

"Miroku." His owner growled out, "Give me the PHONE!"

She made a lunge toward the cat only to miss it by mere inches; no matter, she achieved in grabbing her dangling cell phone.

"HA!" the woman called out in victory.

She looked down and suddenly she didn't feel so happy, "oomph!" Gravity was an evil thing.

"Meow," there was a twinkle in his evil little eyes; the big tabby had outdone her yet again.

"Mm… hello?" the defeated owner rolled off her stomach and onto her back in the hard dirt.

"Mikoto." It was a low feminine voice.


"It's your new name Minagi Mikoto," replied the woman on the phone.

"Minagi Mikoto, hmm? I like it!" she nodded her head to emphasize her liking.

"Great Hikari-chan meet me at the usual place in Miami, Florida, in… hmm… six hours."

"Okay… but wait Nao!" she realized two things, one she had absolutely no clue where she was, and two, she was out of gas.

"What?" the woman named Nao asked.

"I ran out of gas so I'm stuck on the side of the road…"

"Okay, so give me your location and I'll get someone to pick you up."

"That's just it… I don't exactly know where I am…." the heir replied sheepishly.

"Agh! Hold on… let me call Kikukawa." A sigh was heard before the line went quiet for a few moments.

"Hikari." Nao waited for a reply.


"Yukino says to turn on your transmitter for two minutes then shut it off. It should be enough time for her to get a read on where you are."

"Okay, thanks! See you in 60?"

"Yeah yeah, just don't get killed or something."

The girl lying on the ground laughed at the morbid joke before getting up and pressing a small button on her watch. She pretty much had the same attitude, albeit was not as childish, even if her exuberance was still there. She was the same old Kanzaki Hikari….

'No… not anymore, I'm Minagi Mikoto now.' The woman thought with sad smile.

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