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The Act of Finding

"You've been walking in circles, searching. Don't drink by the water's edge. Throw yourself in. Become the water. Only then will your thirst end." - Jeanette Berson


Mikoto realized it wasn't her own stomach, and looked apologetically at her brother's cat—if there was one thing the girl and her deceased brother had in common (more common than blood anyway) it was their love for cats. They would take care of any stray cat that came across their large house. Her own kittens, Jubei and Pochi, were lost in the fire; she wasn't exactly sure if they escaped the flames alive, and she didn't really want to think about it.

"Gosh when are they gonna get here?!" the woman complained from her perch on top of the Toyota.

The large black cat with a white X marking across his forehead and a gold ring in his ear meowed from his curled up position in his master's lap.

Black braids waved as the young woman shook her head.

"You're right. Even with Yukino's help it'd still take a while to find me."

Glancing at her watch to check the time, she noticed something wrong. 'How can it be 00:49:37?'

Yellow eyes widened in realization, 'Shit! I forgot to turn off the transmitter!'

She jumped up quickly, verbally apologizing to the cat that flew across the roof. She began to search for the cell phone she had been using less than an hour ago.

'Where is it… c'mon where is it?'

She threw around what little possessions she had left in her car to search for the tiny mobile.

"Where is it??!"

Bzzt Bzzt.

She could hear it, now she just needed to see it.

Bzzt Bzzt Bzzzt!

"Miroku." she looked up at the cat that was seemingly ticked off. "Don't just stand there… HELP ME!"

The tabby simply hissed and turned his back.

"Look I'm sorry! But now's not the time to be getting angry!" the heir pleaded with the cat as she continued searching. "It's a life or death situation!" She made sure to emphasize those two words to illustrate her seriousness.

Bzzt Bzzt Bzzzt Bzzzzzzt.


Mikoto's ears perked up and she gazed at the black feline.

Her cell phone was hanging from the cat's mouth. She reached up to grab, and it flipped it open.

"Yeah, I know I left the transmitter on." She didn't bother with pleasantries, as she had said before: "it was a life or death situation."

"IF YOU KNOW THEN WHY DON'T YOU SHUT IT OFF!" A booming voice could be heard over the phone.

Miroku looked at his master sympathetically as she held the phone away from her now, half-deaf ear.

"H-Haruka-chan…" the computer whiz tried to calm the angry woman, "please don't yell over the phone, Kanzaki-san, I mean, Minagi-san had a simple accident—"

"It wasn't a simple accident! It was a huge miscreant that could cause her her SPRITE!" the boisterous woman yelled out, interrupting the genius.

Okay, she knew Haruka made mix-ups with words sometimes, but really, what did the situation have to do with an evildoer trying to steal the beverage she didn't even have?

"Haruka-chan mistake, not miscreant and life, not sprite," the soft-spoken woman corrected her loud opposite.

'How did she mix those four words up…?' Mikoto secretly wanted to ask, but remembered the sayings of how "curiosity killed the cat."

"Yukino, that's what I said."

"No you did—" she stopped herself, deciding not to face the brash woman's wrath; she was trying to live after all.


Realizing it was her name, and that it wasn't the crazy woman with a loud voice, Mikoto placed the phone next to her ear and made a noise as a reply.

"Since your signal was on a lot longer than I asked I was able to retrieve your coordinates faster than usual… but as you probably know, it also allowed Searrs to intercept the signal," the mousy woman stopped her explanation to type some things on her massive computer. "They should be arriving at your location in thirty minutes."

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" the raven-haired girl asked, furious at her own careless mistake.

Something was shuffling and she could hear Nao's voice: "Get your things ready, we sent that ninja guy… girl… whatever, we sent the ninja to go get you twenty minutes ago." She stopped to ask the typing genius a question.

"Yukino says you've got five minutes."

Click and the line went dead.

'Shit.' Mikoto cursed. "Miroku, get your things… we're leaving in five."

The cat met its master's golden eyes before jumping off of the roof and into the vehicle through an open window.

The charcoal-haired woman looked around the inside of her car and grimaced at the mess. She sighed and began packing her things into her two bags—the black backpack she managed to save from the motel, and a large silver and white duffel bag that she bought a year or two ago at a sports store somewhere in California.

Four minutes and thirty-two seconds later, a very exhausted cat and its master sat on the roof of the black SUV.

The woman was accomplished; she may not have been a very clean person, but she knew how to pack! Years on the road had taught her how to economize. All of her remaining belongings were fitted tightly into those two bags with some room to spare.

The feline sat next to his master with a navy blue fanny pack containing his few possessions—a ball of yarn, his "kitty booties" (as Mikoto called them), and a collar given to him by his late owner—was placed diagonally across his back staying put due to his bulky, yet muscular body.

There was a gust of wind and the heiress saw her savior before she heard him… or her, as was the traits for most ninjas. Although one tends to not hear them at all—which could not be the case this time when the said ninja was flying an extremely fast and powerful jet plane.

The ninja landed the aircraft yards away from the woman and cat sitting on the roof of the black SUV. After all it was the ninja's job to keep the heiress… and her feline alive. Having them fly off of the vehicle and hit the ground at a high speed from the wind the plane would cause, was not exactly the best way to help them live.

The ninja man-lady jumped out of the cockpit of the jet and landed on the ground gracefullyShe or he reached out and took the woman's heavy bags away with ease, and carried them over to a secret compartment on the bottom of the plane. The ninja then tapped a panel on the side of the aircraft and a key pad appeared. After pressing a series of numbers, a step ladder appeared on the back section of the jet.

"Get in." the ninja motioned with its head toward the door near the rear of the large-but-small plane.

"But what about my car?"

Her savior shook its head, long viridian tresses moving with the motion. "We can't do anything about it right now. I'll call someone to ship it to your new location." The voice was deep, but not too deep; its gender was still up for decision, the ninja was skilled.

'Wait… my new location?'

"Where are we going?"

Her question was ignored as Miroku hissed and looked off into the distance.

"Damn, they got here faster than they were supposed to!"

The ninja followed the two gazes to see multiple black cars with silver and gold streaks—the basic Searrs decal.

"Shit," the ninja cursed. "Quickly get into the jet." The ninja pushed the heiress and her cat toward the passenger area of the plane.

"Wait, Miroku." The cat perked up and the ninja looked confused.

"My sword! I need Miroku!" she broke away from the hands trying to urge her towards the plane.

"Ninety seconds," the ninja called out to the girl before returning to the cockpit and starting the airplane.

Mikoto ran. She ran like she was being chased—even if her SUV wasn't far from her, the men were still coming closer.

'Miroku, Miroku, Miroku.' She repeated the name in her head like a mantra that would help her recover the sword.

"Where the hell is it?!" the tanned girl searched throughout her vehicle looking for the sword.

"Thirty seconds!" the ninja's deep voice yelled from behind her.

'The roof!' the woman jumped on top of the Toyota and looked for her stubborn sword. 'Found ya!'

She grabbed the weapon and sprinted to the jet and jumped through the back opening.

Ten, the aircraft began to move.

Nine, the tires were rolling.

Eight, she could hear the sounds of the cars on the asphalt.

Seven, the cars and the jet were picking up speed.

Six, the first gun was fired.

Five, the plane was in the air.

Four, more guns were being shot.

Three, as bullets hit the plane, something was dropped.

Two, there was an explosion.

One, she sighed since her car was still intact.

Zero, she was free…

'At least for now anyway.' Mikoto thought, tightly gripping the sword in her hands.


She was still hungry.

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