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Warnings: this fic contains scenes of violence and rape if this offends you don't read

It was a sunny day on P98 HSV Sg1 had a 3 day mission and was currently 5 hours in. It was a beautiful world the stargate in a sandy clearing the odd huge boulder in places but not even Daniel knew why, surrounding the gate was a massive forest, the north stretching for miles, the south only 2km before it gave to a large ruined temple, the sandy shrubs then continued for over a mile before the forest looped round.

Jack and Daniel were in the temple which on this world was the only signs of civilisation apparent, Teal'c had gone to secure the perimeter and look for anything the UAV might have missed while Sam had started to collect samples in the middle of the clearing,

Sam spotted it first her position giving her the best view of the sky, a black dot on the horizon, she watched wondering if it was a bird as it neared the outline came to be the unmistakable shape of a death glider, she ducked down into the shrubs hoping it wouldn't see her pressing on her radio, knowing time was now of the essence

"Sir we got company, 1 death glider coming up on your position" She called packing up her stuff as she was saying it,

"Any idea who it might belong to?" Jack asked,

"No Sir but I don't think we want to meet them" Sam replied, knowing he was probably smiling on the other end despite the situation,

"Ok rendezvous back at the temple and we will make a run for it" Jack decided, Sam got up, running the short distance when she got the Teal'c had also just arrived, Daniel was finishing packing while Jack had kept watch

"I think this temple belongs to Nephthys mother of Anubis" He said, Jack looked at him

"Do you think son is popping in to say hello to mom" he remarked raising an eyebrow, Sam pulled them out of the conversation, she had climbed up one of the rumble walls of the temple using her binoculars she surveyed the clearing

"Sir I see a super solider heading this way" she reported

"Ok Teal'c on point, Carter get our 6 lets move it people" Jack ordered taking off at a dead run glad that the stargate wasn't far away and the trees provided good cover,

"Sir I can hear 2 sets of thrashing behind me query 2 soldiers" Sam called softly

"Move it" Jack ordered they reached the gate the super soldiers gaining on them

"Carter, Teal'c with me, cover fire, Daniel dial us home he ordered, the super soldiers hadn't emerged so they waited training they're gun on the tree line

"Daniel go" Jack said moving to behind the DHD, Daniel ran up the steps diving through,

"Teal'c go" Jack ordered as Teal'c was furthest away, Sam had taken shelter behind a boulder, Teal'c followed Daniel then his and Sam

"Carter go" Sam made a run for it all the soldiers appeared about 5 in total all taking aim she screamed as a few caught her, then lay still, Jack yelled, running towards her picking her up and running to the gate, he was hit, again his leg, his side, he fell on top of Sam welcoming the blackness.