Jack jumped in front of them holding both hands out

Just 3 months later Jack stood nervously with Daniel and Teal'c dressed in their best suits while he wore his air force dress blues. Above them was the white arch with pink roses growing in it. The US president stood in front of him holding the bible after hearing about the wedding he'd insisted on doing it. The planet they were on was pink, the trees the grass everything making it very romantic not that Jack would admit it even on pain of death. On the array of white benches sat most of their allies from the humanoid Garshaw and the Tokra, Laira and another Edoran, the people from the land of light to the non-humanoid Tonani and his spirits, Warwick and the Hebrodans and a few others. Most of the SGC was also in attendance making over 500 people in total.

The organ began playing Jake walked through the gate and down the isle wearing a posh suit smiling charming all the guests taking the occasional bow, finally reaching the top he looked at his dad. Jack ruffled his hair

"Good job" he said proudly,

He began to say something nut his words were taken out of his mouth as he saw Sam who had just emerged from the gate Janet and Cassie behind in their dark red dresses with a white belt wrapped round their waist. Sam however was wearing a white strapless bodice that exenterated her curves the skirt puffed out slightly so that it floated in the air round her neck was a white pearl necklace, her hair was up in a swirling bun with small white flowers and beads in it.Next to her was Jacob Carter wearing his Air force dress blues proudly holding her arm.

Janet walked behind Sam giving her the perfect view of Jack, his mouth hung open slightly his eyes full a combination devotion, commitment and lust which could only be described as love. His look made it all worth it almost every bridal shop in America had been visited in the search for this dress, both Janet and Cassie had been exhausted in the quest for the dress but they had found it.

As they made their way down the isle Jack held his breath at how beautiful she looked,

"Breath Jack" Daniel whispered worried about his friends colour but amused by his reaction, slowly Sam, Jacob walked down followed behind by the 2 bridesmaids Janet and Cassie.

At the top Jacob took Sam's hand giving it to Jack

"Take care of her" he said firmly

"I will" Jack promised, accepting it giving it a squeeze, Sam looked like she was about to cry with happiness,

"You look amazing" Jack whispered admiring her, Sam smiled and he felt his legs turn to jelly

"You too" She responded whispering back

"We are here today" the president began neither Sam or Jack really heard the words as they stood in their own world a gentle nudge from Daniel and Jacks jump meant they both began listening again, Sam blushing slightly for being busted

"And if anyone has any objections say now or forever hold your peace" Sam and Jack waited with baited breath, Daniel sneezed causing everyone to jump and Jack to scowl at him

"Sorry hay fever" he apologised, everyone relaxed until a white light beamed down leaving the 4 protectors in its wake, the security guards who had drawn their weapons relaxed

"We are sorry we are late we had matter of galactic importance to attend to" Thor said as they made their way up the isle Rentralla holding a wrapped gift, Sam's eyes sparkled at the thought of the advanced technology it would hold

"We brought you a toaster" Rentralla said proudly, Sam's face fell slightly with disappointment

"We understand it is customary to bring a gift" Oma added their faces really hopeful

"Thanks guys" Sam said passing the toaster to Janet as the President took their cue to continue

"Good no objections now the couple have decided to recite their own word" he said

Sam took both of Jack's hands as they both recited together in perfect unison the words they'd come up with after hours with Daniel to make sure they didn't unintentionally offend any of their guests but still incorporated what they want to say

"I add my breath to your breath

I combined my essence with yours

So that we may be one person one soul

I promise to always cherish our friendship

I will trust and honour you

I will laugh and cry with you

I will love you faithfully

And promise to never stop trying

I promise to share and support

Your hopes dreams and goals

Through the best and the worst

I will always be there

I pray that our days may be long on the earth
that the days of our people may be long
that we may finish our roads together
May our paths be fulfilled

In sickness and in health

As I give you my hand to hold

So I give you my life to keep

Till the end of time"

In the audience a lot were crying with happiness even some of the hardened military men could be seen wiping away a tear or two neither Sam nor Jack noticed caught up in the moment

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride" he instructed, Jack grabbed Sam in a passionate lock dipping her Sam's arm closing around him, there were wolf whistles from some of the crowd, then a start nudge from Janet and a whispered

"Keep it PG" both reluctantly broke away blushing,

"Presenting Major Doctor Samantha Carter-O'Neill and Colonel Jonathon O'Neill-Carter" The president called everyone cheered, as they walked hand in hand down the isle, everyone throwing confetti at them Jake dancing in front of them. The gate activated leading them to the world where the reception was. Sg3 went through first to give them the all clear

"You can come through now" they said, most of their guests went through first, then Sam and Jack went Sam taking Jacks arm who grabbed Jake's hand going through together Janet Daniel and Cassie following behind then and Jacob, George and Teal'c behind them.

On the other side it was a total surprise for Sam and Jack who hadn't been involved at all in the preparations trusting Daniel and Janet to sort it out; they weren't disappointed as they stepped into the Gould pleasure palace they had been stuck in but with glowing lights and a selection of food in one of the side room the main hall had been turned into a disco although it wasn't playing instead everyone was being guided to their table, Sam and Jack took up their places on the high table Jake sat next to Cassie and both were given crayons along with all the children who they knew would get bored during the speeches. Everyone grabbed a plate from the large table of food which has several variations of food, for others on the table next to their names was their food like Thor and the spirits who physiology wasn't compatible with earth food.

After everyone had finished Daniel stood up tapping his glass

"Time for the speeches as father of the bride Jacob" Daniel sat down and Jacob replaced him making his speech well adding in humorous stories about Sam growing up and a few about Jack in the more recent times

"And even now I ask myself what took you two so long," their were cheers from the crowd of people agreeing with Jacob, Sam blushed while Jack rolled his eyes

"Seriously though Sam I'm proud of you kiddo, and Jack of you hurt her, I will track you down" he threatened half joking mostly serious, Jack shrugged aware if he ever hurt Sam there would be a queue behind first in line would be himself and then Sam. Sam was tearing up having rarely heard those words spoken by her dad

"Thanks dad" she told him sincerely as General Hammond stood up retelling the time they first meet in the briefing and a few other times they had disagreed, and then it was Daniels turn

"Marriage is a ceremony that dates back to ancient societies" he began in full lecture mode, Jack groaned quietly so only Sam could hear him she just smiled and kissed his hand which was lying on her should

"And never has their been 2 people more perfect for each other than Sam and Jack" he continued, Sam and Jack smiled at him

"Through the years I have watched them struggle with their feelings and the rest of us struggle watching them guessing when something was next going to happen in the 563 bets about them that took place" Sam looked shocked having heard of only about 3 of them, Jack had heard of more but didn't quite know it was that high.

"From the when will they get married and how bet, well done Teal'c" he added "To how many times Jack could pop by Sam's office in one day" Jack looked guilty at the thought he'd been so easily busted "I believe the record was 12" Daniel added "But throughout there has always been them using the words of1 Corinthians 13:4-8a, 13

Love is patient and kind;

Love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude.

Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends …

So faith, hope, love abide, these three, but the greatest of these is Love something which Sam and Jack share." He nodded to them they both smiled, Jack stood up with Sam

"Thank you everyone for your kind words" Sam said

"Well they were nice to you" Jack grumbled but everyone knew he was only joking

"I'd like to say a huge thanks to the alliance, Janet, Daniel, George, Teal'c, Cassie, Jacob and everyone else for all the work they did to make this day happen" Sam said

"Yeh now lets eat cake" Jack offered as it was brought in they both grabbed the knife bringing it down on the cake making a slice, then they cut another feeding each other the cake, Sam managed to get the first bite in Jack's mouth but Jack didn't purposely pushing into her face so it was covered, Sam did the same in retaliation as they both laughed as did everyone else. Then they passed dishing out the cake to the caterers as they moved onto the dance floor for their first dance truly by Lionel Ritchie as they began waltzing around the room Jack dipping her

"Girl, tell me only this
That I'll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words I'll always love you

And forever I will be your lover
And I know if you really care
I will always be there

Now I need to tell you this
There's no other love like your love
And I, as long as I live,
I'll give you all the joy
My heart and soul can give

Let me hold you
I need to have you near me
And I feel with you in my arms
This love will last forever

Because I'm truly
Truly in love with you girl
I'm truly head over heels with your love
I need you, and with your love I'm free
And truly, you know you're alright with me"

As it finished everyone clapped as Jake ran over in the middle Jack lifted him up and Sam wrapped her arms round them as others joined them on the dance floor for the next song. After more dancing to more upbeat songs they went off to one side, collapsing on the seat looking over the crowd, Daniel and Janet who had also been dancing joined them.

"This is great" Janet complemented, Daniel nodded both breathless

"Where is Cassie?" Sam asked balancing Jake on one knee looking around the dance floor

"Dancing with Ry'ac, don't worry Teal'c says he is keeping both of his eyes on them as is Bray'tac" Daniel said smirking, Jack nodded looking for them spotting the tall Jaffa over the crowd

"Should his hand be that low" he asked standing up preparing to go over to them, Sam grabbed his wrist,

"Don't she is 15 and Teal'c and Bray'tac won't let it get to far" Sam reassured him, Jack nodded realizing she was right

"Ok but I don't have to like it" he grumbled, Sam ignored him taking a look at some of the more unusual dance partners, Thor and a member of SG6 Captain Harries, Lya and General Hammond, Oma and her dad, Siler and Rentralla although Siler look petrified of the big yeti-like furling and the President dancing with one of the spirits.

"Do you think anyone would notice if we left know" Jack whispered

"Notice yes, care no if we said goodbye" Sam decided, Jack stood up grabbing Sam who carried Jake and walked to the microphone

"Hello, this party has been great a big thank you to everyone who help the DJ and the catering staff" Everyone clapped

"Janet and Daniel" everyone clapped and cheered again

"And everyone else" he called

"Now Sam, Jake and I are going on our honeymoon, any alien invasion can wait a week" he ordered,

"Where you taking her?" Ferretti asked as it had been kept a total secret

"To a special place back on earth where the fish grow this big" Jack said indicating a big space, everyone laughed

"Carry on the party the DJ is booked till 2am" Jack warned although the DJ was a technician who worked on base so could be ordered to stay longer if they needed, with that settled they walked hand in hand to the wormhole, Sam placed her leg on the DHD so Jack could remove the garter flinging it into the group of single men Ry'ac caught it, seconds later Sam threw her flowers, Cassie catching them looking really excited until she saw everyone scowling at them.

Sam dialed the wormhole to earth as Jack entered the code and as a family they stepped through not knowing where life would take them, what trials they would face. Knowing only they would do it together as a family.

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