Gaara and the Horned Reaper

A Naruto Fanfiction

Disclaimer: Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto and the publishers. Dungeon Keeper is property of Bullfrog / EA. I don't make money with this, so please don't sue me.

Author's notes: This idea came to me while thinking about my Story "Harry Potter und der gehörnte Dämon." I thought 'why not make a story with Gaara as a Dungeon Keeper?' So here it is. I will use some facts of the game more freely to make them fitting for my story. And some things and creatures will not appear. Please note that English is my second language. Updates will come quite slow. The story begins a while before the Chunin Exams.

Now, rise the curtain for Gaara of the Dungeons.


Chapter 1 "Summoning the Horned Reaper"


The Yondaime Kazekage was in his bureau and doing Paperwork. He had received another report of how Gaara had killed another civilian. Just as a reminder for the fact he was still there. He sighed. Gaara reigned terror upon Suna. His name was only whispered and anybody without a deathwish choose to not cross Gaara. But he always found a drunk or a similar person whom he could kill. And then Sunas fear of Gaara was renewed.

Suddenly his door was opened. Kazekage wanted to yell at the intruder, but he chose to stay silent. Gaara stood in the doorframe. "Temari has a summoning contract. I want one too." Gaara told his father. Kazekage sighed again. "Do you know how to summon?" he asked. Gaara nodded his head. "Fine. I will get you a contract with the weasels." his father said. Gaara nodded. His father performed the seals and summoned the weasel with the contract for the weasels. The weasel looked at the Kazekage. "What do you want?" it asked him. Kazekage pointed to his son. "He wishes to sign a contract with you." Kazekage explained. The weasel nodded. "Ok. Step here please, young one." the weasel told Gaara. As Gaara got nearer it jumped. "Forget it. We weasels don't sign a contract with the host of Shukaku. The six tailed weasel has ordered us so. And she is technically the Queen of all weasels. So we have to obey." the weasel told the Kazekage and Gaara. Kazekage was a bit surprised. "Why is this so?" he asked. "Because Shukaku once almost killed the six tailed weasel. With only one strike. This humiliated her reputation to no end. Since then she hates Shukaku and doesn't want any weasel to ally with him." the weasel explained. "Well, then we can't do a thing." Kazekage said. "Indeed." the weasel agreed. "I am sorry young one, but rules are rules. Farewell." the weasel said and vanished in a puff of smoke. Kazekage looked at Gaara nervous. "It seems that I can't help you with this." he said. Gaara nodded and left his father.

An hour later he sat on the roof of the Kazekage Tower and was meditating. Shukaku used this to speak to his host. "I could help you. I have a summoning contract. But I'm not sure for what species it is." he said to Gaara. "Can you give it to me?" Gaara wanted to know. Shukaku nodded. "But be aware. To summon this being, you must be ready to sacrifice humans." he told Gaara. Gaara shrugged. "I don't care." he said. When he opened his eyes he saw a scroll with the word "Summon" laying at his feet. He took it and went home. His intention was to summon whatever he could summon through this contract, as fast as possible.

The next morning Gaara sneaked in the Anbu Compound of Suna. Capturing 10 sleeping men he dragged them into a cave in the desert. There he opened the contract. Doing the seals he grinned. Soon he would have a summon of his own. The instruction was clear. The power of the summoned creature was the power of the sacrifices. One individual meant a weak summoning. 10 individuals meant the strongest summoning possible. Gaara slammed his palm to the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" he yelled. A double pentagram in a circle appeared on the ground. The life-force, Chakra and energy of the ten men was drained from them in a second. They became piles of dust which vanished in the breeze. The pentagram glowed red. In a shower of red flames 25 creatures appeared. 24 ugly looking beings which looked a bit like apes and had a backpack and a pickaxe. They were roughly half a meter tall. The other being was much more impressive. Standing at two meters and fifty it had a big scythe in it's hand. His skin was red. He had long and needle sharp teeth. And four horns coming from it's head. Two upwards and two downwards. His eyes glowed malevolent. "Who summoned me?" he asked. "Me." Gaara answered. The being looked at him. "You sacrificed 10 very strong people to summon me?" the being asked. "Indeed." Gaara replied. "Well. I am Horniculus. I am an Elite Reaper Demon from Hell. You have summoned me and these Imps to this world, so we will serve you." the Reaper told Gaara. Gaara looked at him questioningly. "What do you mean, serving me?" he asked. The Reaper looked at him. "You are kidding me?" he asked. "No." Gaara stated.

The Reaper laughed. "You did not know what you were doing?" he asked. "I summoned a powerful being to further strengthen me. I did not know what this being would be. Shukaku gave me the scroll of summoning and let me use it. He didn't know which creature I would summon through this." Gaara explained. The Reaper grinned. "Well. As I have said, I will serve you. First of all we will create a Dungeon for you. Then I will explain things to you." Horniculus stated. "Ok." Gaara said.

The Imps began digging a hole. Gaara was amazed at their speed. In 5 minutes the had dug out a hole 50 meters deep and they had built a staircase. And did not look like they were stopping anytime soon. The Reaper began explaining. "This will be the entrance to your Dungeon. A powerful spell will prevent unwanted visitors from entering. Where shall the second entrance lie?" the Reaper asked. Gaara thought about this. "In Suna-Gakure. In the basement of the house were I live." Gaara decided. "Okay, Boss. The Imps will dig in this direction, Keeper." the Reaper told Gaara. Then he and Gaara descended into the depths of the hole dug by the Imps.

After some minutes the ground became flat and the two stood in a passageway. Following the way they reached a cavern of circa 225 square-meters. The Reaper looked at Gaara. "Well. Here you should create your Dungeon-Heart. The spell is easy. Just say "Ascende!"('Rise' in Latin if I'm not mistaken. It is over 5 years since I had had Latin in school. – A. N.) and a Dungeon-Heart will grow from the floor." the Reaper told Gaara. He nodded and spoke the incantation. A big crystal began growing on the floor. Seconds later a fully grown Dungeon-Heart stood in the middle of the room. A tentacle of light connected itself with Gaara. "Your life is now connected to your Dungeon-Heart." the Reaper explained. "Anybody trying to harm my Dungeon-Heart will die!" Gaara said. Then Gaara carved the symbol 'Ai', Love, in the sides of the stages of the Dungeon-Heart. The symbol then appeared on the walls of the Dungeon.

The Reaper nodded satisfied. "Well done." he said. Then he handed Gaara a parchment. "A map of your dungeon and the underworld surrounding it. Gaara nodded. Suddenly he remembered something. "I must go home. Today there is a mission for me and my team-members." Gaara told the Reaper. "No problem. Now that you have your Dungeon-Heart you can teleport to any place you want." the Reaper told Gaara. "Very good. How do I teleport?" Gaara wanted to know. "That's easy. Concentrate on your destination and the magic of the Heart will allow you to teleport there." the Reaper explained. "Good." Gaara answered. "And another question. Can I prove my existence as a Dungeon Keeper?" Gaara wanted to know. "How do you prove your existence?" the Reaper wanted to know. "By killing many strong people." Gaara answered. The Reaper looked at him with starry eyes. Then he hugged Gaara to death. "I am so happy!" he yelled. "Finally a keeper wanting to kill many people. You make an old bloodthirsty demon happy!" the Reaper told Gaara. "Let me go! No air!" Gaara choked out. The Reaper let him go instantly. "You can kill and torture as a Keeper. Keeper are evil. So as a Keeper you can pretty much do whatever you want. Antisocial behaviour is a bonus. A Keeper who is nor feared is the aim of scorn and derision under his minions. A feared Keeper is worshipped. Out of the hope he will not kill his minions." the Reaper told Gaara smugly. "Very well. You are in commando of the Dungeon until I return." Gaara said and teleported away.

At home Temari was looking for her brother. "Where is he?" she asked herself. Yelling was no option. Yelling at Gaara equals death. And Temari didn't want to die. "Gaara?" she asked again.

In this moment Gaara appeared behind Temari. "I am here." he told her, cold as ever. Temari turned round and looked at her brother. "We must meet Baki in 20 minutes." she told him. "Okay." Gaara said.

Twenty minutes later the sand siblings met with their Sensei. "Alright. This is a C rank. We shall kill 3 gangs of robbers. The gangs have raided some smaller towns and villages. There are, according to our information, no Nukenin in these gangs. Number of targets is roughly one hundred. 100 percent body count." Baki told the children. "Hai." Kankuro and Temari said. Gaara only nodded. Then the 4 headed to the hideout of the bandits. Gaara thought about something.

Then he came to a decision and teleported to his Heart. "Horniculus. Can you come to wherever I call you?" he asked. Horny looked at him. "Of course, Master." he answered. "You just need to call me." he explained further. Gaara nodded satisfied. "Then I will call you soon." he said and vanished.

Reappearing behind his team he noted that they had not noticed that he had been gone for two minutes.

The next hour they sped to the lair of the bandits. When they arrived there Gaara grinned. There were about 40 drunken men sitting around a spring in an oasis. Some tents stood there. From one he heard muted screams and laughter and grunts. He felt Temari tense. "I will kill them all." Gaara said plainly. Baki and his siblings took some steps back. Gaara yelled "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Horniculus!" and the Reaper appeared in a red cloud. "You called, Master?" he asked. "Indeed. Kill all these bandits. None of them shall survive." Gaara ordered. He wanted to see how good the Reaper was. Mother agreed to this.

Horny grinned shortly and ran into the camp. His scythe tearing limps apart, gutting others, some he killed by opening their heads and smashing their brains. The Boss was killed by ripping open his ribcage. Horny fed the lungs and the heart of the bandit from his body. Kankuro and Temari were throwing up at this sight and even Baki was looking ill. Nevertheless he thought 'This is the perfect summon for Gaara. A cruel and evil creature like the one he houses.' Gaara looked pleased and stepped into the clearing. "Very good." he told Horny. "I will kill the ones in the tents. Mother wants some blood. And Mother likes you." Gaara told the Reaper. The Reaper grinned. "I think I like your mother too. Shall I stay for more fun?" the Reaper answered. "No. Go back to your duties." Gaara answered. "As you command." the Reaper said and vanished in a blood red cloud. Gaara stepped to the tents, his sand tugging all persons out of them. There were 10 more bandits and 5 women. All naked. "You will die." Gaara stated and let his sand cover the men. "I will make it rain blood." he stated and the Desert Coffins raised into the air. "Sabaku So-So!" he said and clenched his hands to fists. Everything in a radius of 10 meters became covered in blood. Gaara then looked at the shocked women. "Go home." he told them and went to his team. "We have two more gangs to kill. And there was not enough blood!" he growled. Baki looked to Temari. "Bring the women back in their village. Then follow us." Baki ordered her.

Baki, Kankuro and Gaara left and headed to the second lair. Temari stayed back. "Hello. I'm Sabaku no Temari." she said friendly. The women eyed her anxious. "Will you bring us to safety?" the boldest one asked. "Yes." Temari answered. Another one began to speak. "The redhead. Who is he?" she wanted to know. Temari looked sad. "He is my baby brother Gaara. I'm pretty sure he is one of the most dangerous living persons." she answered and her sadness showed in her voice. "Why are you so sad when it concerns him?" a third asked. Temari looked at her. "He is my little brother. But he doesn't think so. He hates his brother and me. Like he hates any other living being. Basically he hates almost everything, I fear. I have so often wished that there was someone being strong enough to change him. But I think he is now behind redemption. He enjoys killing and does no longer feel for anybody. I have heard him once. He thinks he is all alone and that he must kill every other living person." Temari told. The women, now fully clothed stood around her. "Have you never tried to show your brother how you feel for him?" a fourth asked. Temari sadly shook her head. "I fear he will kill me. I'm almost sure of this fact. I am not brave enough to try it." Temari admitted. Then she shook away her thoughts. "Let's get going. I must meet the other three. And Gaara hates waiting." Temari said and led the women back into their village. As she was about to leave the fifth women spoke to her. "Try to show your brother your sisterly affection. Don't expect him to change. Just let him know he is not alone." she said. Temari nodded and left the village in a hurry.

The women who were held in the second lair were escorted home by Kankuro. The women from the third lair were escorted home by Baki. Gaara had killed all the other bandits. Without mercy or hesitation and always before the eyes of their victims. Kankuro and Baki had similar conversations with their protégées. Similar to the one Temari had had.

Gaara had headed to a meeting point in a small nearby village. There he waited. After some minutes a blonde waitress appeared. "Something to drink?" she asked kindly. "No. I'm just waiting for my team-members. They thought they had to escort some women, kidnapped by some bandits, back to their homes. Fools." Gaara explained. The waitress looked at him like he was nuts. "And why did you not accompany them?" she wanted to know. "I don't care what happens to these women. Our task was to kill all bandits, what I did. It was not our duty to help their victims." Gaara stated coldly. "The term 'protect the weak' means nothing to you." the waitress stated. "Indeed. I fight only for myself. And I exist to kill people." Gaara answered. The waitress swallowed. "Ok." she said and left the table. As soon as she was in the safety of the kitchen she allowed herself to shiver. She had seen cruel, battle-hardened warriors, who had committed dozens of warcrimes, who were not even one tenth as cruel as this boy with the gourd. He was not cruel out of joy or perversion. He was cruel because he was indifferent. Nobody and nothing meant something to him. He had himself. And that separated him from these old warriors. They had comrades. Comrades for whom and with them they fought. Their last tie to humanity. He had none such ties. One word came into the mind of the waitress. Loneliness. This boy was truly alone. With no one to care for except himself. She was pretty sure that he also only loved himself. She felt sad for the boy. No one should be so lonely. This were her last thoughts as a dagger ended her life.

A troop of twenty bandits had decided to raid the town. One had sneaked into the kitchen of the inn. There he had seen the waitress. And quickly killed her. Then he began searching for food.

Gaara became aware of the bandits and decided to kill them. Kazekage wouldn't like it if one of the villages of Kaze no Kuni was raided while he was in the same village. He stepped on the street. "Morons." he said. The Boss heard him. "Say that again, idiot." he demanded. "I said you are morons. And for this fact you will die." Gaara stated. The Boss laughed. "You and which army will kill me and my men?" the Boss taunted. Then he whistled and told his men to surround Gaara. "You are surrounded. Now you will die!" the man yelled. Gaara laughed. "You will die. Sabaku Kyu." Gaara said. The bandits looked fearfully at their ankles. They all were held by hand made of sand. Some begged to be spared. "Now die you pathetic idiots." Gaara said. "Sabaku So-So!" Blood gushed from the sand. Gaaras sand hungrily devoured all the blood that had escaped him.

A while later Gaaras team-members arrived. They saw a massive amount of blood on the buildings surrounding their designated meeting place. "Gaara what happened here?" Baki wanted to know. "There was a fourth troop of bandits. I killed these fools." Gaara answered uncaring as ever. "Now let's go. We are done." he added and turned to leave the town. The rest of the team followed him. 'How do we tell him that we care for him?' all three thought.

In Suna they went to a short debriefing. Baki gave a report but he left out that Gaara had a summon. Something about this summon seemed off. If he didn't knew better he would have said this summon was not summoned through Chakra and clearly not a summon at all. It had referred to Gaara as Master and Gaara had told him to go back to his previous tasks. It was more like a subordinate. And it hadn't appeared in a cloud of smoke. Baki was by now sure. This was not a summon. What is was, was another question.

Gaara used Suna Shunshin no Jutsu to vanish from the debriefing room after receiving his money. Once he was outside the door he teleported to his Dungeon-Heart. There he looked at his map. "5 Rooms. Treasure, Lair, Hatchery, Training Room and a Library were built. I have 10 Creatures. 3 Demonspawns, 2 Dragons, 2 Bile Demons, 3 Warlocks. Not bad at all." Gaara commented pleased while looking through the menus of his map.

Then he went to the Reaper Demon who was busy drilling all creatures in the Training Room. When Gaara entered the Reaper looked up. "Ah, Chef. Did you get some kills?" the Reaper wanted to know. "Indeed. I killed around 100 people." Gaara answered plainly. The creatures were cheering. "A truly worthy keeper." one of the Bile Demons grunted. The Dragons and the Demonspawns hissed in approval and the Warlock nodded appraisingly. The Reaper himself looked pleased. "Quite good. The most creatures don't have such a body count in a week. Unless there is a full fledged war." the Reaper told Gaara. He only nodded in return. "Well, master. I have trained these creatures up to Level 3 in strength and experience. Shall I continue their training or shall they do some research?" Horniculus wanted to know. "Train them up one Level and then let them do research. First of all a Prison, then a Torture Chamber and then a Graveyard. These I want to have as soon as possible. All other things can come later." Gaara ordered. Horny nodded. "I will do as you command." he said. Gaara vanished in a swirl of sand. Horny grinned. "Now it's time to train you." he said and began the torture he called training.

Gaara had returned to Suna through the second entrance. It was really well done. To an unsuspecting eye the entrance looked like a part of the wall of the cellar. Only someone who expected to find a door there saw it. And even then it was hard to see the door. "Very good." Gaara muttered and went to his room.

Temari, Kankuro and Baki had meanwhile talked about the talk they had had with the rescued women. Kankuro commented it at first. "Do you believe that this was coincidence?" he wanted to know of the two others. (Author whistles and walks away. "It wasn't me!" – Authors Note) Temari shook her head. "It is strange but who would have the knowledge to set up such a plan?" she asked rhetorically. Baki also shook his head. "We can assume that we were not fooled. Meaning that these women meant it when they said, we should try to open up to Gaara." Baki concluded. Kankuro and Temari nodded in response. "The problem is, how do we tell a psychotic killer that we want to be there for him. That we care for him?" Baki asked.

"Probably by telling him?" Gaara asked from the door. Baki, Kankuro and Temari looked at him with shock written on their faces. "Gaara?!" was all they could choke out. "Indeed. And I do not care about what you feel for me. Just don't get in my way. Or else you will die." Gaara said in a perfected monotonous voice. Putting the other members of his team on the edge. Baki and Kankuro resigned first. "Yes." they both said. Temari looked her brother in the eyes. Summoning all her resolve and willpower she spoke again. "Whatever you do please keep in mind that you will always be my little baby brother. I will never hate you." she said and looked away. Gaara nodded. "Well. I have things to do." he said and vanished.

In the Dungeons Gaara watched as a Vampire was busy brewing a potion. "What is this potion for?" he wanted to know. "Oh. Keeper-sama. This potion is a strengthening potion. It should double the energy, Chakra reserves, Ki reserves, Rei reserves, stamina and the magic. It has a side effect. It causes the drinker unbearable pain." the Vampire explains. "Why do you brew it?" Gaara wanted to know. Maybe there was a hint of curiosity in his voice. But it was not really traceable. "Why? Of course it is meant for you. You are the Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi no Shukaku. The weakest of the tailed beasts. How would you like it if he was the strongest of the beasts?" the Vampire answered. Gaara pondered this for a while. "But what happens if Shukaku breaks the seal?" he wanted to know. "Oh. This is a minor problem. I can fix the seal so that you have full control of the demon. And that he can't influence you." the Vampire stated. Gaara looked at his minion. "How do you know such things?" he asked a bit curious. "Well, I am a Vampire. I am over 150 years old. I am a Telepath and I copied a big part of my knowledge of seals from the Yondaime Hokage. I even went further and searched other masters of Seals and copied their knowledge. Then I began combining the Seals and created my own seals." the Vampire told Gaara. "Very interesting. Can you read my mind?" he wanted to know. "No. Because if I would try to enter there, Shukaku would try to devour my mind. And I am nowhere near strong enough to fight one of the tailed beasts in a psychic battle." the Vampire replied. Gaara nodded. "Are there psychics out there, who are strong enough to enter my mind and fight against Shukaku and win this encounter?" Gaara furthered his question. "Well, it is not likely. Some of the elders are strong enough. But you should have really bad luck to stumble upon one of them. The most of them are dead or sleep hidden in dark caverns. And almost every elder is insane from old age or hatred." the Vampire told Gaara. He nodded. "I want to learn how to block my mind." he ordered. The Vampire nodded satisfied. "Of course, Keeper-sama." he said. "When I am done with the 9 portions of the potion I will teach you how to block your mind from others." he added and went to brew the potion again.

Gaara left and strolled through the dungeon. He looked in the Workshop where some Trolls were busy building a trap. Then he used Shunshin no Jutsu to teleport himself to the Dungeon-Heart. There he took his map out and read the news. "New Rooms. Torture Chamber, Prison, Workshop, Graveyard, Bridge, Guard Post, Barracks, Temple and the Scavenger Room." Gaara read. "Horniculus." he said. The Reaper appeared in red flames. "Can you tell me the purpose of the Scavenger Room, the Guard Post, the Barracks, the Temple and the bridges?" Gaara said cold and monotone. "Of course, Boss. The Scavenger Room is used to lure creatures of an enemy Keeper to your side. As long as there are no enemy Keepers, the room is pretty useless." Horny began explaining. "You need the bridge to cross underground lava streams. You can tell creatures to sit in the Guard Post and watch out for enemies. It is a good idea to place Guard Post at entrances to your Dungeon. And at borders where you suspect enemies to appear." Horny continued. "Good. How do I use the Barracks and what is the Temple for?" Gaara wanted to know. Horny nodded. "The Temple of the Dark Gods is a place where your minions can pray to the Dark Gods. It keeps them happy. And makes them more eager to obey you." the Reaper told his master. Gaara nodded. "And in the Barracks you can form squads of creatures. They become a bit more effective if you do so." was Hornys explanation of the last room. "Very well. Can I have a bigger map?" Gaara wanted to know. "Just concentrate on the size of the map. It will shift automatically to the wanted size." the Reaper told his Boss.

Gaara looked at the map and enlarged it ten times. The parchment was now roughly 2,50 metres squared. He looked at the big map of his domain. "There are underground rock formations around the Dungeon. Can the Imps dig through this?" he wanted to know. Horny shook his head. "No. The rock formations you see on this map are too solid to dig through. And if you could dig through it becomes very likely that a part of your Dungeon collapses. And a quite big part of your Dungeon would be useless. Not to mention the needless losses of minions, rooms and space." the Reaper explained. Gaara nodded affirmative. "Well. These rock walls around this part of my Dungeon remind me of something. But I can't figure it out what it is." Gaara told no one in particular with a frown. Horny grinned a bit. "The rock walls around this part of your Dungeon are the roots of the rocks around Suna. Here is the entry to your house, here the Kazekage Tower and so on." the Reaper told him with a bit mirth in his voice. Gaara nodded in understanding. "How deep under Suna are we?" he wanted to know. "The Dungeon is about 200 metres under Suna. We have found some wells and have access to the complete water supply of Suna. At your command we can poison the entire village." Horny told Gaara, grinning like a psychotic, homicidal, maniacal Cheshire cat. Gaara grinned too. "Not yet. Maybe never. But time will tell. After all some of Sunas inhabitants could be useful for filling up my army." Gaara responded sounding a bit excited. Horny nodded. "A good plan. And then you can begin to conquer the rest of the world. And we will wreak so much havoc!" the Horny exclaimed excited. "We can burn down this world. We can paint it red and black. The world will be so beautiful!" the Reaper practically yelled. Gaara was pleased. "Everyone will know of my existence." he said. "Indeed." the Reaper agreed.

Gaara took some deep breaths. The excitement was making Shukaku restless.

Suddenly the Vampire appeared in red flames. Horny grinned at him. "Hey, Orlock, what's up?" he wanted to know. He still was in his fantasy of a burning world. It was way to long since he had seen so much destruction. "I came here to say that I am ready to redo the seal of Shukaku on our master. The potion will be complete in 30 days." the Vampire said. Gaara was interested. "I will no longer hear mother?" he wanted to know. "Indeed. Shukaku will be forced to no longer bother you. And I will destroy the insane Monk in the process." the Vampire, Orlock, answered. "I thought Shukaku was the monk?" Gaara mentioned quite a bit surprised. Orlock shook his head. "No. The monk Shukaku tried to forcibly seal the demoness of the desert and the wind into himself. He wanted to become stronger. But it didn't work. He got all knowledge and power of the demoness and a part of her character. The real Shukaku feared for her safety and sanity and hid herself in the psyche of the monk. Leaving the now insane monk in control of her power." Orlock told Gaara and Horny. "Shukaku is a woman?" Gaara asked quite a bit awed. "Yes. She was the Queen of the Deserts and the Mistress of the Winds. You will be able to contact her without problems. Just think of contacting her and you can speak to her." the Vampire told Gaara. He nodded. Finally he no longer had to fear sleeping. He grinned. "Let's silence the monk." Gaara said excited. Orlock nodded.

Gaara watched as the Vampire began to draw a massive amount of occult symbols on the floor. Some of them outright blasphemic. Some of them were painful to look at. They were

ridiculing the sense of geometry. A rectangular triangle with 5 90° angles. And other things. Gaara looked at the highly concentrated Vampire. Soon he would no longer have to fear sleep. Mother would no longer bother him.

Finally Orlock was done. "Step in the middle of the circle." he ordered Gaara and Gaara did as he was told. "This ceremony will take some time." he warned. Gaara nodded. After seeing this the Vampire started the ritual.

Two hours later he was nearing the point of the extraction of the monk. Then he noticed something odd. Two more spirits were bond to this boy. Both were full of hatred. The male with hatred for the boy and the female had hatred for the rest of the village they were under. 'These idiots. By doing this they made sure Gaara would become insane. Whoever made the ritual of sealing Shukaku was either the biggest idiot in the entire universe or he tried exactly this.' Orlock thought and concentrated harder. Suddenly a pale figure flew from the boy. A God of Death appeared and devoured the soul. "I was so close to freedom and power!" the monk shouted full of hate as he was devoured. The next spirit was also male. "Never forget that every human hates you, nephew. Even your mother. She urged the demon sealed in you to urge you to kill every living being." Yashamaru said full of hatred. The last spirit came from the boy. It was his mother. "Mother." Gaara said. The spirit floated in the air. "You have become strong. Strong enough to kill those who killed me to create you. Let them feel your life. Take theirs. Kill the old hag Chiyo and your father." Karura told her son. "Be my legacy. Let them feel my hatred. I will always be with you. Helping you to kill them. Protecting you so that you can continue killing. Kill until there is no one left to threaten you. And never forget. Love only thyself. Fight only for thyself. You can trust only yourself. Only your opinion matters. You are alone. Kill those similar to you. Feel alive, my son." Karura told Gaara. And Gaaras sanity broke further. He felt justified. Everything was clear now. Only he mattered. Only he was worthy. All others must die. "I appreciate that you will do this for me." Karura said and faded into the sand of Gaaras gourd. Orlock was more than surprised. This had gone well. And in the same time it was a disaster. Before the three spirits had been taken from his mind he was a self-questioning homicidal, narcissistic, psychotic maniac. Now he was no longer self-questioning. Meaning that no one would be safe around him if he decided to go on a killing spree. 'Why had this to end so. Not only is Karura now in the sand. Well better, than still in the boys mind. But she had to tell him that he was right. That killing EVERYBODY is correct. Damn you, Kazekage, Chiyo, Yashamaru and Karura. This is all your fault!' the Vampire screamed in his mind.

After the first part of the ritual, the exorcism of the spirits, the second part came. The rescue of Shukaku. It was time that the Queen of the Deserts was freed of her fear and came back. The Vampire began chanting in a demonic tongue. Suddenly Gaaras whole body twitched uncontrollably. When he opened his eyes, they were black, with a golden 4 pointed star and 4 golden dots.

Orlock went into the circle. "Welcome back, Shukaku. Your time of imprisonment in the insane monk is over." he greeted the demoness. Shukaku blinked. "I am ridden of this annoying man?" she wanted to know. "Indeed. A Shinigami devoured him. But there is a new problem. Your jailer was driven into insanity by a couple of people. Try to bring him to see reason. And try to bring him to consider others. In his current state he is a threat even to the ones working for him. Please try to let him see that not everyone is a threat to him." Orlock pleaded. He feared for his life. If Gaara decided to kill them then there was nothing that could stop him. And Orlock was quite fond of his life. And he didn't want to meet his end because Gaara felt like killing him. "What do I get from this deal?" Shukaku wanted to know. "You will be free, once he dies. Your souls will part ways. He will go into afterlife and you will be free to roam the earth. That brings me to a question. I am making a potion, doubling the power of the one taking it. How much of it can he take without killing him?" Orlock asked curious. "9 Portions. When I reach my tenth tail then he must stop or the amount of Chakra we both possess would kill us. That is also the reason why there are no eleven and further tailed beasts. More power kills them from the inside. On a side note. The mightiest holy beings can also only hold the amount of power equalling ten tails. More kills them." Shukaku answered Orlock. He nodded. "Very well. I will consider this." he answered. "Now I will seal you. Be aware that the boy can awake you to let you fight." Orlock said. Shukaku nodded. "Proceed, vampire." Shukaku said and went silent.

Orlock wasted no time. He began to draw a new seal on Gaaras shoulders. Two intertwined pentagrams surrounded by warding symbols. The last symbol drawn around the seal was a broken circle. After activating the seal Gaara opened his eyes. "Mother has spoken to me. I am right. We have people to kill." Gaara said grinning manic. "Horniculus. I want you to kill the Daimyo of Kaze no Kuni. It is not acceptable that he ruins Suna. I will need the Ninjas of Suna in a big number." he told the Reaper. "Why do you need many Ninja?" Horny wanted to know. "Why? It should be clear. As long as there are enemy Shinobi nations there is a possible thread to my Dungeon-Heart. These must be eliminated or conquered. Until there us no more resistance against my reign I am not safe." Gaara reasoned. Horny nodded. If an enemy managed to destroy the Dungeon-Heart Gaara would die. What meant that every enemy had to die or had to be brought on their side. "Very well Master, I will kill this man." he said. Gaara pondered a bit. "Use a disguise. The best would be to appear as a Nukenin. Exactly. Disguise yourself as Zabuza Momochi. Behead the Daimyo and then return here. Try to not kill or cripple eventual opponents. Just knock them out. I will need as many strong persons as possible." Gaara ordered. Horny nodded and left the Dungeon.

Then he looked at Orlock. "I know that you are very powerful. Not as powerful as Horniculus, but still. You are far more powerful then all my other minions." Gaara began. Orlock grinned. "Your minions found me while digging underground. I decided to join your army. If you need my help you can call me. But I must warn you. Sunlight kills me. I can come to the overground from Dusk till Dawn." Orlock answered. Gaara nodded. "Is it possible that there are other possible minions around the area?" he wanted to know. Orlock nodded. "Yes. But the other thing can also happen. That you encounter a troop of heroes, out to destroy your Dungeon-Heart. The cave I was in was my prison. Another immortal trapped me there ten years ago. And then he destroyed the only entrance. And over the years the cave became my place. I couldn't leave it. But I could work on my theories." Orlock told Gaara. "And why did you not die?" he wanted to know. "I would have starved. But I know a healing spell that allows me to regenerate my energy. Before you ask. I didn't teleport out of there because I didn't know how deep underground I was nor which time of the day it was. Had I teleported into the sunlight it would have burned me in seconds. And I am quite fond of my life." the Vampire told Gaara. He nodded.

After a while of silence he looked at his minion again. "How much stronger will the potion make me?" he wanted to know. "Your power will reach 512 times your current power. After you drank all 9 portions of the potion Shukaku will be a ten tail. Your reservoirs will also increase. And you should learn to do magic. You will have vast amounts of power. But you will have to learn to control and wield it." Orlock said. "And have no misconceptions. It will take you years to completely be able to use all of Shukakus power for you. And it will also take years to learn how to use all the magic properly. But you have time." the Vampire said. Gaara nodded. "Then I will begin training now." he said determined. Nothing should be able to stop him. "Oh and I almost forgot to tell you something. The amount of pain the potion will cause you will surely let you pass out. And the time you will be passed out will only increase from portion to portion. I think in the end you will be passed out approximately 225 hours." Orlock told Gaara. Gaara gaped. "Over 9 days?" he wanted to know. Orlock nodded. "I need a secure area." Gaara answered. Orlock grinned. "Your underground domain is already under construction. Expect vast luxuries." Orlock told Gaara. He nodded. "Has the Reaper already informed you of one of your main duties?" Orlock wanted to know. Gaara shook his head. "What is it?" he asked. "You have to create a Harem of girls. Ten girls to be correct." Orlock told his Boss. Gaara only blinked.


End chapter 1.

Authors Notes: Gaara has his Dungeon and he knows that he must create a Harem. So it is obviously a Gaara Harem story. You can wish for girls in the Harem. I am quite sure of 6 girls I will bring into the Harem. I ponder to make the story a Crossover with Ranma ½ and / or Sailor Moon in later chapters. Maybe even another story. Time will tell. One thing is set. In two or three chapters Kankuro will find technology from Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 1 and Red Alert 2. And tech from the Add-ons to these games. On my profile you can find a Poll with Units Kankuro can use as main puppets.

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