Gaara and the Horned Reaper

A Naruto Fanfiction

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Authors Notes: Chapter 3 of my 2nd favorite Story. Kankuro and his siblings make their way into NOD's final base. Let's see what they find there.

Yes, Temari will get some special abilities of her own so she can be considered an equal to Kankuro. Kankuro and Temari will become almost as strong as Gaara. But they will never become stronger than him. Not alone nor together.

Many Konoha Ninja will not make it.

Another notion. This story will later become a really big crossover. Heroes and villains from other realities will appear. Either to support Gaara or to help the world against Gaara. I will announce it when a new party arrives. For this chapter, I decided to add items from Fallout 3 and Soul Edge from Soul Calibur. Furthermore did I add Oh! My Goddess to this. Hope you like it. And Long live President John Henry Eden! I'm proud to work for the Enclave!

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Chapter 3 "Kanes last standing ground"


The hot winds of the southern desert of Kaze no Kuni were blowing over desolate and barren plains. The wind didn't bring any cooling, just more heat. A baking oven seemed to be nothing against this.

Temari cursed for maybe the hundredth time in 10 minutes. It was hot, too hot, even for a Desert Kunoichi like her. Her brother Kankuro was already traveling with a wide white gown-like dress. Her Sensei was sweating bullets like there was no tomorrow. They hadn't bothered to pack thick clothing, they were wearing light clothing, even for Suna standards. Temari was already thinking about foregoing her dress and travelling just in a bikini top and a short skirt.

The only two not affected were the monstrous NOD War Cyborg and Gaara. He walked as steady as ever, not even showing a thin sheet of sweat. Temari silently envied him.

It was only some hours since they had left Sunagakure. They had teleported here, it was considerably easier for them this way. The Cyborg had told them an assumption of where the base ought to be found. And then they had teleported there.

Now they were following the war machine through the desert, while it lead them to Kanes last Base. Temari wondered if the base was still overground, she was quite sure that it had to be buried under sand after all these years.

The machine turned to the group of Ninja. "We are reaching Kanes last base. Encountering Outposts in T -5." it told them.

Temari sighed in relief. Finally they were there. She understood now, why leaving a prisoner out here was such a good way to get rid of them. They simply couldn't survive out here. Water sources were nowhere in the area, rain hadn't fallen here in centuries.

Some minutes later they finally saw a formation of hills or mountains, they didn't recognize it clearly enough to be sure. "Approximated ETA at Main Base in T –600." the Cyborg spoke monotonously.

Temari cursed. It would be ten more hours before they reached the main base? This base had to be extremely huge then. Or it was simply extremely guarded. The second opinion didn't sit well with Temari at all.

Suddenly they saw movements. It were human-shaped silhouettes. Temari got a vague, uneasy feeling when she saw them. They were either quite bulky or like walking skeletons.

The Cyborg scanned the silhouettes and had troubling news for them. "Enemy species identified. Wild Ghouls and Super Mutants. Proceed with caution." it announced.

Kankuro and Baki became much more aware of the situation, until then they had just been walking through the desert like robots. Gaara simply looked up.

Kankuro spoke to his unit. "How dangerous are these species?" he wanted to know.

The Cyborg calculated and then it presented the summary. "Ghouls reach a maximum threat level of 7 out of 10 when they are many and when some "Glowing Ghouls" accompany them. A single ghoul is no threat. Super Mutants can reach a threat level of 10 out of 10, sometimes they can reach even further levels. When they attack en masse, are armored and armed well or are in company of one of the oldest Super Mutants out there. Then their threat level is "immediate retreat"." the Cyborg explained.

Gaara looked at the Cyborg questioningly. "Why are the oldest of these creatures the most threatening?" he wanted to know.

The Cyborg answered with his usual efficiency. "The oldest Super Mutants are called "Behemoth". Their power and ferocity is seldom matched. There are just few of them, but each is very dangerous. Their strength has reached its maximum and they are almost impossible to kill. Their greatest weakness is that they are dumb. They will fight until they die. They don't retreat." it told Gaara.

Gaara got a manic gleam in his eyes. These Super Mutants sounded like an enemy he wanted to encounter. Strong fighters who didn't retreat. His bloodlust rose. He wanted to crush them in his sand. He wanted to prove his superiority over them. Killing one or more of the Behemoths should make his name more widely known.

Kankuro looked at the Cyborg. "Which course of action is the best one?" he wanted to know.

The Cyborg took in the Data about the enemies and Team Dungeon, finally he came to a conclusion. "A sneak attack on the ghouls. Burying them underground is the best course of action." the Cyborg finally said. "Fighting Super Mutants requires projectile or energy weapons that can be found in Kanes last stand." the Cyborg told Kankuro.

Gaara pondered the Cyborg's words. These Super Mutants seemed like heavy fighters that could take quite some damage. And maybe getting himself an energy or projectile weapon could be an interesting idea. So he decided to attack the ghouls.

Team Dungeon advanced on the crouching silhouettes of the ghouls. They had gotten a brief survey of their powers. Or more the lack thereof. Wild ghouls were insane, dumb, zombie-like creatures. They were not capable of a straight thought other than attacking humans. Glowing ghouls were the only real danger, because they emitted radiation and could heal normal ghouls. The only real advantage wild ghouls had was speed. And even then were there drawbacks. They usually voiced that they found prey to call other ghouls. And this almost always meant their demise. Also you could sneak upon them pretty well, their senses were quite useless. All in all, this would become a slaughtering of monsters.

Gaara marched in the lead, he wanted to slaughter as many ghouls as he could. The others followed behind the Cyborg, it was always good to have something to hide behind, especially if it was an almost unstoppable war machine.

5 minutes later Gaara encountered the first ghoul. Before the creature had even time to realize that someone was there, Gaara had trapped it in the sand from his gourd and killed it.

He shuddered when he felt the blood of the ghoul. It felt sickening. He decided to kill the other ghouls with his Suna Shuriken, after all, they didn't withstand pressure very well.

Temari and the others watched as Gaara advanced through the horde of ghouls. He slaughtered them like bugs, their heads exploded under the relentless assault of the heavy balls of sand.

Kankuro collected the bodies of the creatures and looted them. Curiously he showed the things he had found to the Cyborg. And the Cyborg explained his findings. "The things you found are Med-X, Mentats, Rad-X, Rad-Away, Stimpaks, Jet, Psycho, Buffout and water. Med-X raises your resistance to damage temporarily. Mentats make you much more intelligent and perceptive. Rad-X heightens your resistance to radiation. Rad-Away heals you from radiation disease. Stimpaks heal your wounds and regenerate health. Jet makes you agitate faster and more precise. Psycho heightens your ability to deal damage. Buffout boosts your life-force temporarily, strengthens you and increases your perception. Water is just water. You can become addicted to Jet, Med-X, Mentats, Buffout and Psycho." the unit explained the found things to Kankuro.

Kankuro was quite pleased. These things sounded really useful. But the addiction to some of the drugs could really become a problem. "Can the addiction be cured?" he wanted to know. If an addiction couldn't be cured then he would not take the risk of taking one of the drugs. Because he knew about addictions and the negative effects they had.

The Cyborg answered immediately. "Yes. A laboratory can give you a cleansing preparation that cures any and all addictions." he told Kankuro.

Kankuro pondered this. He would need a specially equipped laboratory. Now the question was, were could he find one. Shrugging mentally he decided to ask his helpful Cyborg about this. "Where do I find such a laboratory?" he wanted to know.

The Cyborg answered immediately again. "These laboratories can be found in Kanes last stand and can be transferred anywhere." it told Kankuro.

Kankuro pondered this. Having such a laboratory would mean that he could heal himself from an addiction. Really useful for him. But first he had to get his hands on at least one laboratory. He didn't want to risk an addiction taking hold of him and then having no chance of curing himself. Because if something like this happened, he might get himself killed. And he liked his life, thank you very much.

Coming back to the real world, he realized that they had encountered a bunch of Super Mutants. Mutilated, large, green bodies were laying around.

He had to grin when he saw Temari looting these monsters. He guessed that it were weapons, what she packed away.

Temari felt like in heaven. These Super Mutants had carried heavy weapons around. And Temari was a fan of heavy weapons. She would never admit it out loud, but she preferred large weapons. This was one of the reasons she used a large iron battle fan instead of one or two smaller close combat fans. She liked wide scale destruction. And now she found weapons that were big, brought massive destruction and she could use them. True, most of the weapons were smaller ones, but the big ones weighed this out.

Team Dungeon advanced further onto Kanes last stand. Each member having his or her own thoughts. Baki wondered if anyone could ever hope to match the Sand Siblings. Kankuro and his war units, Gaara and the terrifying power of Shukaku and the Dungeons and Temari with her large weapons. Baki was quite sure that Temari would become a mistress of mass destruction. But unlike Kankuro she would bring it personally. Kankuro would most likely let his units do the destroying, Gaara would fight alongside his minions and Temari would run amok over the world. But nevertheless Baki felt proud. He felt like he was watching future rulers. The future rulers of Kaze no Kuni. He was by no means a fool. So he had deduced that Gaara would sometime soon take over the whole Land of Wind and Sunagakure. And then. Only Kami-sama might know. Maybe Gaara would then be satisfied. Or he wasn't satisfied and decided to go further. Maybe Sunagakure would finally declare war on Iwa and bury the Land of Earth under sand.

Suddenly Baki tripped and fell. Cursing his lack of sense he looked at what had tripped him. It was some sort of Armor. Quickly checking he found dozens of suits and helmets. There were simple Leather armors, armors and helmets that looked like they were made mostly for intimidating, the offered protection wasn't that big. Then there was armor that looked like a Domina outfit with metal plates. And then there were black armored suits Baki recognized. They were produced even in this days, mostly High Level Jonin with a big wallet bought these. These Battle Armors offered strong protection, stowing space and they didn't hinder your movement in the slightest. The Armors laying here were from at least 2 different groups. Forcing out all his knowledge about old languages he managed to read "Armee" on one of the armors, on others there stood "Talon Company". There were at least two other fractions but he couldn't decipher the meaning of the words on the Armor. Nor could he make a meaning of the symbols on the armors.

The last set of Armors was the most intriguing however. Baki recognized the pattern of the armor. It was the same pattern Yuki no Kuni's ninja force used. These Armors however were built much better. He made out five different types of these Armors. He decided to dub them Power Armor to make things easier. First was a clean grey set of Power Armor, mostly without any sign of belonging. Some few had been in use by different armies but that was it. Then there was the Power Armor were Baki read "Brotherhood of Steel". This armor looked almost exactly like the grey power armor but it had some small changes.

The third set of Power Armors had belonged to a group called "Outcasts of the Brotherhood of Steel". It looked a lot like the other two sets of armor but it was mostly in red.

The fourth set looked a bit more intimidating. The fraction using this armor had called itself "The Enclave". The fifth set of Power Armor looked a bit like a crazy lamp lover had gotten a hold of it, wires were lining the frame, lamps stood out. Baki had first hand experience that this armor could generate light electro shocks. He remembered something about Tesla Generators that had once been used to create energy, but now they were out of use. So he decided to dub the armor "Tesla Electric Armor". Because somehow it reminded him of the generators he had seen once as a child.

Baki then began collecting the armors lying there.

Temari, Kankuro and Gaara helped.

A while later quite a mountain of armors was lying before them. Baki estimated the weight of all the armors to be around two or three tons. So he took out a storage scroll to seal everything in there. Save for one of the Talon Armors. He wanted to wear it now. He had always wanted to buy himself a Battle Armor, but the problem was that these were too expensive for him. They cost the pay of two to three A-Ranked missions, and having them shipped over from another country made them even more expensive. And now he had a massive stack of them lying literally around.

After sealing the armors the Team set out to reach Kanes base.

Some minutes later they saw small turrets. Kankuro looked at his Unit. "Are these turrets active? Will they fire at us?" he wanted to know.

The Cyborg scanned the turrets. "Negative. The turrets are not active and not hostile."

Kankuro was relieved. It would have been quite troublesome to have to fight through the whole base. And they would have lost much precious technology. And he wanted to have as much of it as possible. He wanted to become powerful and mighty. A force to strike fear in the hearts of others.

Temari and Gaara thought along the same lines.

Temari was wondering if there were any big weapons she could use in the base. If yes this was heaven. She would then be recognized. Not only as the Kazekages daughter and the sister of Gaara but as a fearsome warrior. One that brought destruction. She would leave Gaaras and her fathers shadow. As would Kankuro. She could see his excitement when they passed over the walls. She had to admit that the technology here was impressive. Power Plants stood everywhere. On some gigantic ones she saw the radiation warning symbols. And she was impressed. Nuclear Power Plants had been forbidden for longer than she cared to think back. They produced much energy, but when they exploded they radiated a wide area for centuries to come. And here she saw at least 50 of them. If even one exploded it would give a chain reaction that tore the whole base into the ground. There would only a radiated Desert remain.

Kankuro looked around. There were towers here that really looked intimidating. The towers where electricity coursed over some rings. He had a distinct feeling that these towers would fry any person they could catch. Really a dangerous area. And he just knew that he had to get all this to Suna. Should he be successful, he could fortify the town so good that even a Bijuu would turn around. And then Suna would truly be the most powerful Shinobi village. After all, no other village had ever managed to scare a Bijuu off.

Gaara looked at the base. While it was clear that it was in stand-by and had to be reactivated properly, he still felt the power that this base could unleash. Power to match probably even a tailed beast. It had been a good decision to come here. Nothing would be able to stop him and his siblings.

They continued though the base in silence. Apart from the humming of the Tesla Towers and the Power Plants no sound was heard. It was spooking and they really looked forward to reaching their destined point.

Inside the base there were no ghouls or Super Mutants. It was almost as if nothing lived here any longer. But still the base looked in good condition, as if somebody was still cleaning it.

5 hours later they reached an impressive fortifying around the hills in the middle of the base. Many rows of walls, chain-link fences and sand sacks with only relatively small passing gates. Turrets, towers and bunkers were scattered in the vicinity. They all were sure that it had to be a strong enemy who was able to make it here. And if he broke through these defenses then he was either too strong for the base or was taken down by back-up defenses.

Baki looked around and spotted something on the hills. Something that looked like really big cannons. He was sure that these defenses had a wide reach and a massive destructive potential.

The three Suna Ninja leapt over the barrier on the roads.

Behind the barriers they almost fell down with shock. Armored Units stood there. Without motion. They hadn't pointed their weapons at them yet, so they decided to not classify them as hostile. Even Gaara kept his urge to destroy in check. What he had heard about the defense towers had made him wary. They might be able to penetrate his armor and shield and kill him. And he wanted to live.

Suddenly they heard a sound approaching fast. It was an engine.

Some minutes later a small buggy came into view. An old man was steering it.

The man got out of the vehicle and went over to the Ninjas. He took a brief glance at the Cyborg before turning his eyes to the Suna Ninjas again. "Greetings. What do you want in Kanes Last Stand?" the man asked.

Kankuro looked at him. "Are you the guardian of the base?" he wanted to know.

The old man doubled over laughing. "No. Me and my last remaining friends are the last descendants of the original crew manning the base. Once we were several hundreds but over the centuries our numbers dwindled. Now we are the last loyal soldiers of Kane. And we will not make it much longer." he told them. "Look at me. I am 85, the youngest of us are in their sixties. We don't have any children. We just wait for someone to take over the base. Because frankly, we are too old to do anything." he added.

Temari chose this moment to intervene. "So, would you be willing to hand this base over to us?" she wanted to know.

The old man looked at her, nodded and smiled. "Of course! We don't care what your intentions are. We will show you how to operate the base, give you all the commando codes, tell you anything you want and have to know and then we retire." he said.

Temari was shocked. "You don't care about our intentions? And if we use the units of this base to set the world on fire?" she wanted to know.

The old man cackled. "My sweet girl, this base was built solely for the purpose to be Kanes Back-up plan in case he lost his World War. Here we have enough firepower to destroy the whole world as our ancestors knew it." he explained. "This base was built for war and destruction. Using it to destroy the world would be fulfilling the original purpose of the base." he told Temari.

Temari was shocked and strangely pleased. The whole base was almost theirs. Then they would have a power base that would give them a great edge.

Kankuro stepped forth. "Then I want to take over the base." he said.

The old man grinned at him. "Quite the bold one, aren't you? Well. We old people here don't become younger, so come with us as long as we are still capable of straight thought." he said and hopped on the vehicle. "Hop on, what are you waiting for?" he demanded.

Team Dungeon sat on the vehicle and they shot off.

Half an hour later they came at a gigantic gate. "Here we are. This is the entrance to Kanes Last Stand. It is underground in a natural cavern. Here is the door code." he said, handing Kankuro a datapad with all codes and security clearances. "We will make one for the other members of your team." the old man added.

Kankuro looked a bit lost. He had expected to have to fight for the base. He had expected to have to destroy much of the defenses until he could get to the defenders and could force them to surrender the base to him. He had not expected to meet old crones that were all too happy to give him the base and retire for sure.

The other members of Team Dungeon thought along the same lines. Getting the base as a present had not even once entered their minds.

While they were thinking they had entered the Cavern. It was enormous. At least 30 kilometers in diameter. How it could be stable was beyond them. And in the center of the cavern there was the base. The base was at least 12 kilometers in diameter. True, a big part was made up by impressive defenses, but still. The base was gigantic. Built under the hills it surely was impressive.

The old man pointed at the base. "Here you have it. Kanes Last Stand. Outside it is mostly defenses and energy-producing. We also have Weapon Factories and Barracks outside, alongside Airports and Heliports. Research Laboratories and Special Buildings are mostly down here. We have launching platforms for ABC-weapons. And we can sent out airplanes, Kirov Airships and helicopters through the 4 main tunnels. We could built a navy, but well, it is kind of pointless to have a Navy down here. We have built the shipyards, in case anyone ever manages to break in here, but well, the chance is only theoretical." he told the awed team.

Kankuro was reaching heaven seven. A Navy, an Air Force and an Army. Air, water and land could be conquered by him. Well, Gaara was his superior, but even being the second most powerful being on the earth was great. He had to give credit, Temari herself would become quite powerful, too. But even number 3 was nothing to frown upon. And when the three most powerful persons were family and worked together, they technically were all number one.

Gaara looked over the base. Kankuros idea had indeed been very beneficial for his own agenda. The power this base held would make up for the weakness Suna had right now.

Baki was simply at a loss of words. Such power. Had the founders of Suna known about this, they would have sent an expedition here, with orders to take over the base at any cost. Then Suna would have risen as the prime military power, most likely destroying every other Shinobi nation without any problems.

The siblings and their Sensei met with some of the other old operators and all of them were all too happy to be finally able to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. The datapads with all Commando codes had been handed over, the technical handbooks had been put in their hands and then this was it. The old people had activated the base, begun explaining the Units, their strengths, weaknesses, they had shown them how to operate everything, had told them how to generate the resources needed to built units. And then they were done.

The old man had some parting words for Kankuro. "We gave you a crash course, you know everything you need to. You will with time learn the finer aspects of using your units. We will leave and never look or come back. Every question you have, the War Cyborg should now be able to answer. We upgraded it, after all. Good luck and have fun, sonny boy." he cackled and went onto the unarmed helicopter that would bring him and his co-workers far away. They had so much to do and so little real time.

Team Dungeon looked after the helicopter as it ascended through one of the main tunnels. They couldn't believe it. A powerful base, strong enough to destroy the entire world, had been given to them on the silver platter. No fight for their lives, no crazy maneuvers. It was almost disappointing.

Kankuro took the lead and went to the main operating room. There he would oversee the packing and moving of parts of the base. Gaara and Baki followed him while Temari decided to explore the area. She was curious to what she would find here.

An hour later she found paradise. A Weapons chamber. Filled to the ceiling with weapons. Each one was labeled with great accurateness.

Suddenly she felt something. It called out to her. Beckoned her to go deeper into the chamber.

Temari was almost at the end of the chamber when the ground gave in under her and she fell down a short tunnel.

Upon landing she saw that she was in a small cavern. Glowing mushrooms were growing there and everything was tinted in a pale green light. She went forward cautiously, only to curse as she almost tripped over a metallic item. Taking a closer look, she saw that it was a kind of gun. Obviously a two-handed gun. It looked a bit like a large box with three holes for projectiles on a disk at the front.

Pulling it up Temari was awed. This thing was heavy. Taking it, it felt almost natural for her.

Looking further she saw a skeleton in a black combat armor. The armor bore the symbol of the Talon company. A military helmet was on the dead persons head and a strange thing around his wrist. It had a screen but the screen showed only "ERROR" in green letters.

Temari decided to put on the armor, it was cold down here and furthermore did she feel like she could use every bit of protection here.

Looking at the strange device, she touched it's screen. "Error! No User! Create new User Y/N?" stood there.

Temari grinned amused. She selected "Y".

"Enter name." was the first command. She looked at the alphabet appearing on the screen and cursed a bit. Why did it have to be Roman letters? But there was no use in crying over spilt milk. She typed her name. In the ancient style. Birth name first, family name last. "Temari Sabakuno" stood there at last. Then she edited everything else the thing wanted to know.

Finally she was done. "New User Sabaku no Temari created. To activate the Pipboy 3000 and all assorted features, just connect it with your left arm." stood there.

Temari was really grateful that the magic of the Dungeon Heart allowed her to understand written pieces of knowledge. It made it certainly easier to deal with writings in strange languages. Unfortunately the magic lacked when it came to translating spoken words.

Putting the Pipboy 3000 on her arm, she was greeted with a strange feeling as the device began synchronizing with her brain.

Finally this was over and Temari went to explore the cavern further.

Suddenly she heard a sound like the clicking of mandibles of an insect. And this sounded like it were really large mandibles. And while Temari was a strong person that feared almost nothing, she had one hidden fear. Insects.

Turning she saw a roach. The only difference was that this roach was actually large. Over 2 feet long. And it spread its wings.

Temari reacted without thinking. Pulling the trigger of her weapon, she incinerated the roach.

Looking at the ashes that remained from the insect, Temari felt relief. This weapon was really great when it came to killing overgrown insects, it seemed. She took an almost instantaneous liking to it. It was almost like a present from heaven.

Suddenly she spotted some crates. Going to them and opening them left her stunned. Many, many things were laying in the crates. Ammo, weapons, clothing, various pieces of junk, medicines and drugs and oddly enough bottle caps.

After pulling everything from the crates, Temari sat there, staring. It was enough junk to open up a scrap-yard. She decided to sort it out later and sealed everything in a scroll.

Walking further into the cavern, she felt something strange. The Pipboy warned her of incoming hostile presences.

Instinctively Temari ducked down. Then she looked down on herself. Her white dress stood out quite badly. She needed to change this immediately.

Then she remembered the corpse she took the Pipboy from. The armor the person wore should be a better fitting for sneaking around in dark places. And it was an armor. Not just a battle dress offering hardly any protection.

Teleporting back to the skeleton, she stripped it of its armor and donned it herself. Whoever this person had been in life, it didn't matter any more. Now the person was dead and the armor would protect her.

When she took the bones out of the armor, she felt pity for the poor soul once having been the owner of the armor. His or her legs were shattered. The person had died a painful death. Alone in a cavern. Either gangrene or the lack of water had been the end of him or her. Either way, it had been a painful death. Temari offered a short prayer for the dead soul.

Then she want back into the tunnel and to the voice, calling out to her.

After sneaking around some tunnel edges, she saw the hostile presences she had felt earlier. It were some ghouls. They were completely unaware of her.

Pulling out her gun she pulled the trigger and watched with satisfaction as the laser beams cut off the heads of the ghouls. The creatures didn't even realize what was happening to them.

Temari went to the dead bodies and looted them. Some drugs and a bit medicine was her reward.

Creeping further down the tunnels, Temari reached a second cavern. In the middle of it was a long steel pole, reaching from the ground to the ceiling of the cavern.

She heard a malevolent whispering, telling of death and destruction. "Come and feel power. Feel the powers of old!" she heard in an ethereal voice.

Walking around the pole she saw something that made her feel uneasy. At one side of the pole was a figure. It looked like a woman that had been molten into the steel. In one hand she held a big sword. And the sword gave off an evil vibe that made Temaris skin crawl.

Nevertheless she reached out to touch the sword.

When her hand made contact with the sword, it began to shift forms. It wasn't long before the new form was revealed. The sword no longer looked like a sword, but like her battle fan. The difference was that it looked like the fan was made from living, raw material. When she opened the fan, three eyes were blinking at her instead of the three moons.

Suddenly she heard a voice in her head. "Obey me!" it commanded.

Temari stared at her new fan. "Are you nuts?" she wanted to know. Only the fan could have talked to her, but she would never submit to her own weapon. Her weapon was to submit to her.

The voice became angry. "You are my slave now! Submit to my will!" it commanded.

"NO!" Temari answered forcefully. That would be the day, her submitting to a mere weapon.

The displeasure of the fan could be almost gripped from the air.

And from one second to the other, Temari vanished from the cavern.

Blinking Temari looked around her. In the one hand she held the fan, in the other hand she held the laser.

Suddenly a figure appeared before her. It was on fire, quite large and it had fiery, large wings on its back. In one hand it held a larger version of the sword that had turned into her fan. The creature looked a bit like a knight, but it was hard to tell with all the fire around there.

"Submit to me!" the creature demanded in a dark and evil voice.

Temari stared at the thing before her. It was frightening, a monster that felt almost as evil as Gaara. But she decided to stand her ground. She would defeat this monster, no matter what. She would never submit to the spirit of a weapon.

Putting the fan on her back she pulled up the laser cannon. "Defeat me!" she told the monster.

Looking at the monster, she took aim when suddenly the time seemed to stop. She looked at the monster and saw that she had different choices for aiming. "What is this?" she wondered.

The answer was downloaded into her brain. "The V.A.T.S. or Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. This system allows you to attack an enemy much more precisely than you could ever achieve without the system."

Temari was pleased. This system was definitely useful for her. Looking back at the monster, she decided to stick to head-shots. Those were the most effective way to kill a person she had been taught in the academy.

After deciding to attack the head, time seemed to return to normal and her laser fired at the monster.

Night Terror was amazed. He had fought many fighters, but most, if not all of them fought at close or medium range. But this girl was a long range fighter. And the weapon she fought with was something he knew nothing about. And this ignorance cost him.

The laser beams impacted on Night Terrors head and cut it apart.

"NO!" the evil spirit roared as he faded. He had believed to be unbeatable, but this had been a clear misconception on his side. He hadn't thought that this weapon could actually do any damage and it had cost him. And if he was truthful to himself, there was simply no way to escape a beam of cutting light if you were unprepared. Add ignorance and stupid belief in ones own superiority to this and you get a guaranteed loss.

Temari watched with fascination as the spirit faded. "You win!" were his last words before it faded away. Immediately after this, she returned to the waking world.

She looked around but nothing had changed. Only the fan was no longer trying to command her actions. "What is your wish, mistress?" it asked instead.

Temari looked at the Battle Fan. "What are you?" she wanted to know.

The fan answered. "I am Soul Edge, one of the best weapons in the universe. You are the new Edge Master because you managed to beat me. Whatever you want me to do, I will do, if I can manage it. But be warned, there is another sword like me out there. Soul Calibur. It is my counterpart. I am evil having become a weapon. Soul Calibur is good having become a weapon." it explained in a dark and evil, rasping voice.

Temari immediately knew that encountering this Soul Calibur would be bad. "How can I strengthen my weapon?" she mused.

Soul Edge answered her question. "Souls. Kill strong enemies to gather souls." the weapon explained. "Souls strengthen me. The more powerful the soul of my enemy, the more power I get from this." the evil weapon continued.

Temari looked at her weapon. "How is the strength of a soul measured?" she wanted to know.

"Through battle. The harder it is to take down my enemy the stronger the soul is." Soul Edge continued.

Temari nodded. "Alright. I will gather souls to strengthen you." she said and put the weapon on her back. Then she picked up the Gattling Laser Canon and smiled as she read its name. "Vengeance. How ... fitting." she said grinning.

Then she left the cavern.

Soul Edge on her back would have smiled malevolently if it had had a mouth. True, the girl had won the first round against it, by surprising it, but the other rounds she would lose. For the time being it would support the girl while she strengthened it. And then Night Terror would have a rematch.

In a far away place, three ethereal beings watched over a particular world. The oldest and the youngest were already busy cursing three particular individuals. Suddenly they stopped. The middle was frowning. More so did she become angry. This wasn't simple jealousy, they had already experienced this. This was genuine anger and wrath. Directed at the three individuals they were watching.

"These monsters! These are not children, these are demons in human disguise!" she spat.

The oldest and the youngest were seriously frightened now. Belldandy didn't curse. Period. Unless of course you managed to piss her off. And this happened extremely rarely. Not even Hild had ever managed to piss Belldandy off this bad. And these three individuals did it in mere days.

They looked at the files. They showed, what was likely to happen. Their accomplishments and their crimes. And their Karma Level.

Urd glanced over the first file. "Sabaku no Kankuro alias The Bomber. Commands an extremely large army. Crimes: the 7 Deadly Sins, Genocide, use of forbidden technologies, use of forbidden arts, use of human sacrifices. Karma Level: Off the charts for Evil."

Skuld looked at the second file. "Sabaku no Temari alias The Blue Kunoichi alias Nightmare / Night Terror. Wields Soul Edge. Crimes: The 7 Deadly Sins, mass murder, the destruction of Soul Calibur, use of forbidden rituals, use of human sacrifices, soul-robbery, slaying of 3 gods. Karma Level: Off the charts for Evil."

Belldandy had opened the third file. "Sabaku no Gaara alias The Infernal Majesty alias The Bloody Desert alias The World Destroyer alias Bringer of The End alias The Dungeon Demon alias ..." The list went on with many aliases, each a message of mayhem, mass murder, destruction, carnage, violence and evil. "Crimes: Demon Pacts, Use of Forbidden Rituals, Use of Human Sacrifices, Mass Murder, Genocide, the 7 Deadly Sins, slaughtering of heavenly forces, cannibalism, Use of forbidden Arts, breaking the barriers between the universes, slaughtering of holy people ..." Here the list was even longer. And then there was the last entry. "Taking over Reign of Hell, massacring each and every Demon, and God, to extinct any opposition. Karma Level: Even Farther Off The Charts For Evil."

Urd and Skuld looked at the files. Something had gone terribly wrong here. Skuld opened the file titled "Universe MASKIS 12461652.9862 MK3." She sighed. "It should have happened like this: 'The Sand Siblings encounter Demigod Naruto and swear allegiance to him after he defeats them without any problems. The Sand Siblings work for the growth and strength of Suna and support Konoha without question. In the end they surrender Suna to Naruto as he is the only one capable of guaranteeing peace and freedom.'" she read out loud.

Now she opened a second file. "Universe MASKIS 12461652.9862 MK3v2." she began. "The Sand Siblings encounter Demigod Naruto. They ignore him in favor of someone else. Temari and Kankuro entice the first members of their Harems. Naruto doesn't take this kindly and tries to force them to acknowledge his superiority. They evade him and he is frustrated. While staying in Konoha, they collect devoted followers that will act as spies for them. In the Prelim Rounds of the Chunin Exams Temari collects souls of fallen rookies and enemies and entices herself the second member of her harem. Said member will follow her to the end of the world. Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, Abumi Zaku and Kinuta Dosu die. Temari collects their souls for Soul Edge." she began.

Urd continued. "During the month long break, the Sand Sibs learn Necromancy and use an unholy strengthening draught. For this draught they kill" Urd lowered her gaze "over 3000 Konoha people." she said slowly. "They also erase the town of Kusagakure from the map with chemical weapons. No one from this land survives this." she read further. "At the Final Round, they unleash a hail-storm of thermonuclear warheads on Konoha. Everyone in a radius of 50 kilometers dies immediately. The destruction makes a good part of Hi no Kuni and neighboring lands in the direction of north-west uninhabitable. Kusa, Ame, Taki and parts of Iwa become radiated wastelands." she finished reading.

Belldandy was livid now. "How could they? They could have led a peaceful live. They could have lived happily under Naruto, the Kami no Kage. Why did they leave this path?" the middle daughter wanted to know.

Urd fidgeted. "Three facts. They came in contact with Soul Edge. They also came in contact with their inheritance. The Power of Kane. And the last fact, the fact that brought the first two to bearing was the contact with Him." she said. She really didn't want to tell her sisters about this. She had once vowed to herself that her sisters would never know of this, that this would be her secret to keep until the day she died. It was one of the failures of Heaven and Hell. She had found out by accident and she desperately wished she hadn't.

"What is it? Please tell!" Belldandy begged.

Urd gave up. She couldn't resist her little sister, if she begged. "They met the Horned Reaper. A Free Demon without a superior. In terms of raw power he was once equal to Hild and Kami-sama. When the doublet system was created, he ran amok over the place, killing every god and demon he could get his scythe on. When they tried to subdue him, he fled. He came back occasionally, killing gods and demons wherever he found them. Kami-sama and Hild banished him, or so they thought, but they had failed. The Reaper had hidden himself and no one knew where. And it seems like he is free again, free to cause death and destruction. Kami-sama and Hild vowed that they would unite, choose a champion, a champion who would fight the Reaper and his champion. And it seems like the Reaper has chosen his champions." she told them.

Both younger goddesses where shocked. A demon that had escaped the doublet system. A Demon that was strong enough to fight Hild or Kami-sama to a standstill. A demon that chose a champion to fight for and with him.

Urd looked at her screen and cursed. "He is clever. We can't go back in time far enough to stop him from entering this world. We can't even stop him from strengthening his champions to the point of near invincibility. The first point in the new history, where we can enter is after the Chunin Exams. When Konoha is a nuclear wasteland. And our best candidate for the post of champion has been reduced to dust by radiation." she said.

Belldandy looked horrified. "You mean, he managed to block us out totally?" she wanted to know.

Urd laughed. "No. We can take influence. Through dreams, premonitions, influencing of ethereal beings already on this world. We should be able to stop the nuclear strike against Konoha. But other than this. We will have to have faith in our best candidate. Our Champion. Our Avatar." she said.

Belldandy looked at her screen. The Name and profile of their intended champion was there. "The Champion of Order and Chaos. Supported by Hell and Heaven. Demonic Advisors: Kyuubi no Kitsune, Mara and Hild-sama. Heavenly Advisors: Urd, Belldandy and Skuld." she read out loud. "Current Life Status: Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, apprentice of Jiraiya and Tsunade of the Densetsu no Sannin. Trained by the Sandaime Hokage, has access to the techniques of the Yondaime Hokage. Signature moves: 'Futon: Rasengan', 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' and 'Sexy no Jutsu'. Current Level of Strength: Anbu-Level. Current skills: Jonin-like. Current status: Genin of Squad 7." she read out further.

Skuld looked at the file of Team 7 and gaped. "This team is totally dysfunctional! The wishes Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha might have gotten had to be cancelled, because their hearts desire is that Naruto is reduced to a weak and useless cripple who can't use any form of Ninja arts ever again and has to lay in bed 24/7, unable to ever leave there without help." she said.

Urd looked over the file. "Great. Naruto hates his team members, thinks of them as 'useless fangirl' and 'Jutsu-stealing, revenge-obsessed gay bastard'. He doesn't care about their Sensei. And he uses every opportunity to flaunt his superiority over those two." she read out. "Which means they hate his guts and will stab him in the back as soon as possible. They will most likely join anyone promising them to give them a chance to destroy Naruto." she added.

Belldandy and Skuld were troubled. Anger like this boiled over, sooner or later. And with the way Naruto acted it would be sooner. They really hoped that no one got to these two before the goddesses had a chance to talk to them and set them straight. Before Naruto antagonized his team so far, that they turned their backs on him. This much was clear, being raised as the son of the Yondaime, being the apprentice of 2 of the Sannin and having been trained by other Kage-Level Ninjas had made his head swelled. He believed himself to be a picture of awesomeness that everybody should admire. And while he was awesome, his behavior towards his team members said one thing clearly. "Bow to me and accept me as your superior!" He didn't accept them as equals. Just as expendable fools that were only in his way to becoming Hokage.

Belldandy looked over the files of Narutos Teammates. "Uchiha Sasuke. History as it should have went: Allies himself with Orochimaru to gain enough power to kill Itachi and Naruto. Kills Orochimaru after he tries to take over his body. Kills Itachi later on. Allies himself with Madara Uchiha to extinct Konoha. Helps with capturing the Hachibi. Kills the Godaime Hokage. Receives crippling blows in the final attack on Konoha by Narutos hand. In the fight he blinds Naruto, but is injured critically. To prevent Naruto from getting more power he destroys his own eyes to make it impossible for Naruto to see through Sharingan Eyes. Dies laughing and totally insane with hatred for Naruto. Haruno Sakura delivers the killing blow." she had to say about Sasuke. Urd and Skuld paled. This was definitely not a good ending. The boy needed to be brought from his path or he would sacrifice lives of many people for his goals.

Belldandy opened the second file. "Haruno Sakura. History as it should have went: During her Genin days she is always belittled and scorned by Naruto. Develops pure hatred for the boy. Decides to train as Torture and Interrogation expert. Trains under Mitarashi Anko and Morino Ibiki. Within 3 years she becomes the most efficient and cruel torturer in Konoha. No method is too dirty for her to not use it. During her sessions with the captives she gets some horrible disfiguring scars. She keeps them. One pair makes her look like she is always smiling. Her nick-name becomes "Smiley". She begins wearing a mask like her Sensei Kakashi. She is sent to retrieve Sasuke together with Naruto and a member of Ne. Upon discovering that the Ne member is a spy she begins to torture him for Intel without caring for the mission. After learning his whole story, she kills him extremely painfully.

Naruto disagrees with her actions and objects that the Ne member could have been saved. Sakura retorts that he was doomed as soon as he fell in her hands. No one leaves her interrogation sessions alive. Naruto demands to know what happened to the smiling fangirl. Sakura retorts that she had a really bad day. Then she pulls down the mask, grins at Naruto and says she is always smiling. Naruto looks at her in horror and states that she is insane.

Later she reveals her motive for killing every captured enemy. Naruto can turn them around and give them a new outlook on life. She decided that she wanted to take exactly this from him. The joy of saving a formerly hostile person and converting said person to his own ideals. Later the mission to retrieve Sasuke fails, Orochimaru had retreated earlier. Naruto and Sakura are sent on other missions, where it becomes obvious that Naruto fears Sakura and her way of dealing with people. A while after a mission the Godaime asks her to become her apprentice as Medic-nin. Sakura rejects the offer with the words: "I like erasing life, not saving. Enemies must die once we know all their secrets." Naruto then decides that she is too far gone to be ever reached by hope, love, light and life. She has embraced hate, death, darkness and despair, making these things her pillow and bed. Without them she feels incomplete. She is loyal to Konoha and the title Hokage, but he doubts that she will ever feel any loyalty to another person. The closest thing to friends she has are Ibiki and Anko, the latter let her sign the snake summoning contract. And even these both fear her and her cruelty.

During the several attacks on Naruto and Konoha she captures Hidan and Hoshigaki Kisame. Both are broken under her relentless torture and reveal secrets about Ame, Akatsuki and other things. The Intel is deemed enough to warrant an invasion of Ame. The invasion doesn't even leave Konoha when Akatsuki attacks in full power together with troops from Ame. Sakura finds the dying Sasuke and the blinded Naruto. She bashes Sasukes chest in and drags Naruto to the hospital. She stays next to his bed, watching how the Kyuubi heals his wounds. After Narutos eyes are regenerated she shows him the bloody and broken body of Sasuke and indicates the burning ruins of Konoha, stating that he can be proud for driving the last Uchiha so far. She hands him a list with died persons and their presumed killer. Many people, people Naruto declared important to him, had died by Sasukes hands. Others had died at the hands of Pein and Madara. Then she leaves to return to the battlefield, collecting Ame Ninjas to gather Intel. Some days after the attack she leads a heavy assault force to destroy Ame once and for all. Their mission orders, given by the council are clear. Destroy everything, kill even newborn and unborn children, burn the whole land to the ground and sow salt there.

Upon returning Naruto greets her with the words "You are my dark mirror. You are everything I am, just twisted and perverted. I fear you. And as the Rokudaime Hokage I ask you to leave and to never return here. My vision of Konoha doesn't include cruel monsters like you, even if they work to protect us. You crossed every border of moral and then some more. I simply can't bear to know that someone like you works for me. Leave. We will revoke your status as Ninja of Konohagakure. Go wherever you want and lead a happy life. Or at least a life as happy as you can lead." Sakura pulls down her blood-soaked mask, showing off her now spiky teeth and her scars. "You will not see me, Uzumaki, but you will hear of me. My deeds are the stuff for your and everyone else's nightmares. From now on this shall be my name. Night Terror!" she says and leaves. Her last words to Konoha are "Farewell, weak town. Remember me, for I will return in your dreams!" and after this she vanishes.

Sakura takes over a troop of bandits and Nuke-nin. Together they destroy Wave Country, leaving only one person alive. Inari. Their message is clear. Night Terror was here. She sends Inari to Konoha with a message. "If you are the boys greatest hero and the person he dreams of becoming like then it is only fitting that I am his greatest Nightmare." She knows that Konoha can't afford to go after her. They are still rebuilding after the crippling blow Ame landed. Sakura leaves the destroyed country behind, taking only one thing from there. The sword of Momochi Zabuza.

Later Team Hebi joins her group of Marauders. They conquer Otogakure and establish it as a Ninja town again. Sakura rules there with an Iron Fist. She doesn't sign any treaties with outside Ninja villages. Any Ninja from another country that is seen in Oto no Kuni will be pursued to be captured and then he or she will be tortured for Intel. Over the course of five years Sakura learns much about the other nations and their plans. She knows that Naruto has made large progress in his goal to unite the Ninja world peacefully under his banner. The small villages of Kusa, Taki and Oto are the main opposing villages. Other countries with even smaller Ninja forces are torn between accepting the command of the Hokage and staying independent. Iwa, Kumo and Kiri are considering going under Konohas rule, Suna has already succumbed to Konoha.

Over the course of 5 more years, Sakura allies all Nuke-nin that are against this alliance under the banner of Oto. Taki and Kusa accepted her proposal of an alliance, they stay independent, but in reality Oto governs them. Many people are turned anti-Konoha with propaganda. Sakura draws the picture of a world where Konoha rules supreme over the world and every Ninja not native to Konoha is a second class Ninja.

A while later, when Konoha finally got the confirmation that dozens of Nuke-nins are employed in Taki, Kusa and especially in Oto, Anko and Ibiki are, together with Yamanaka Ino, sent to investigate there. They are captured by former Iwa ANBU, who hated Konoha and therefore decided to defect when Iwa became more and more attached to Konoha.

Sakura holds her three victims in a personal chamber where she intends to torture them. The three investigators have big news. While the biggest part of Konoha cherishes the time of peace and calm, there are factions who worship the ideals of Orochimaru. They think that without a constant threat their world will stagnate and die. Therefore they want to put a stop to the peaceful times and go back to the exciting times. Most of the cultists are Chunin at most, having never experienced the heat of battle. But there are seasoned veterans who say the same and they lead most of the cultist groups. Ibiki, Anko and Ino confess being members of such groups and state that they are tired of Narutos reign of peace. They see how Konoha Ninjas become older and older while the young generations have no real drive to become Ninja. The Ninja academy starts at twelve, with Chakra-building exercises being taught in school's P. E., and ends six years later. Wars are no longer referred to as glorious but as wasteful instead. The job of Ninja is depicted as contract killers, messengers and fighters with the fighter aspect going down. Most new Ninja prefer stealth and sneaking to offensive Jutsus. And the older generation feels more and more like an unwanted leftover from the past. And so the unhappy young Ninja and the annoyed older ones began searching for heroes to worship. Warriors that fought for constant motion. And they found Orochimaru and his beliefs. His belief that the Ninja world needed wars to stay tuned and to progress.

Anko looks to Sakura when she speaks the next thing. "In the end my Sensei was right. Without motion there is stagnation. Stagnation means death. Something Naruto doesn't understand. Death keeps the Ninja world alive and operating. Only in the heat of battle and the fight for life and your home you can truly make progress. When you lack this, sloth takes over and you fall. And Konoha will fall. All the peace will suffocate us. Narutos world has no room for fights and therefore for progress. We volunteered to scout here with one thing in mind. We wanted to meet you to ask you to accept the Snake Cultists into the ranks of Otogakure." she says.

Sakura is extremely pleased when she hears this. This was what she had yearned for. A chance to show up the peace-loving fools from Konoha quite badly. She would show them that believing in lasting peace made you weak. For her peace was just the time to prepare for another war.

Sakura asks Konohas three main T & I experts to tell every one following the Cult of Orochimaru to come to Otogakure. They have 4 weeks to arrive there. Their headband shall have a symbol of a snake instead of Konohas leaf.

The T & I specialists leave after this. They tell Naruto a false story of the troops in Otogakure, citing that they saw only low-ranking missing Ninja, and not many missing Ninjas there. Naruto believes them and thinks that Oto is no real threat. He thinks that most persons have accepted the vision of a peaceful world and decided to live accordingly.

4 weeks later Naruto has to deal with a large number of missing Ninjas from Kiri, Kumo, Iwa, Suna and most important for him, Konoha. All in all he lost around 1000 Ninjas to defection. The hardest loss is the loss of Anko, Ibiki and Ino. They are by far the best when it comes to gathering Intel and loosing them makes Information gathering much harder. Another painful loss is the loss of Kurenai and Kakashi. Both had important roles in his life, the one as Sensei and the other as big sister. Now with the loss of so many persons important to him he begins to investigate. Soon he comes upon the cult of Orochimaru. Their ideals repel him even if he has to give them credit. When he reviews Konohas Ninja a while after the inspection he is shocked. Many have slacked off in their training, having become content with sneaking and far-reaching weapons like crossbows. The increase in D-ranked missions and the increase in non-combat missions led to the weakening of their Ninja force. Many young people have opted to stay out of the academy and live civilian lives. While it is true that life is safer than ever there are still enemies. The slaughtering of Spring, Wave and Demon Country should have made this clear. But the civilians, after not hearing from Night Terror for years, decided that Night Terror must have vanished.

Naruto looks at the faces of his predecessors and wonders if they ever had such a situation at hand.

Sakura meanwhile prepares the first strike. Her force of Nuke-nin will attack a first goal. Iwagakure. Their goal is to destroy the whole land. And to shout "Night Terror is back!" to the peace-loving fools.

The surprise attack is a full-scale success. Iwagakure is crippled beyond any chance of recovering. Sakura lost mostly expendable troops. She did a monstrous thing, she summoned the Densetsu no Sannin to aid her attack. For this she sacrificed three Konoha Ninja, Rock Lee, Maito Gai and Shikamaru Nara. All three had been captured by the leaving cultists as each of them is dangerous. Lee and Gai because they are two of the strongest Ninja from Konoha and Shikamaru because he is the best tactician Konoha has had in ages. In Konoha they are marked as Nuke-nin.

Naruto is sickened when he learns that Sakura went even as far as using Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei to revive the Sannin. This is the straw that breaks the camels back. He decides that Sakura must be killed. He mobilizes every Ninja his large country has to offer and sets off to invading Oto.

What he doesn't know is that Sakura anticipated this course of action and deployed many troops to Konoha. As soon as the army has left and is not due to return for some hours they shall summon snakes to invade the town and to lay waste to it. The troops know everything about the defenses of Konoha. Some are instructed to look for the vaults and to slaughter everyone there. One platoon is ordered to destroy the Hokage monument with bombs. This attack is purely on the moral of Konoha, the destruction of their most known monument shall prove their incapability.

Three days later it happens. Naruto sets out to Otogakure, leading his troops into battle. They will travel two days.

One day after the troops left, Oto invades Konoha. And it is a massacre. One new weapon that was forged in Metal Country with knowledge from Snow Country is the horror of the Konoha defenders. A flame-thrower. Otos forces use this weapon excessively to destroy buildings and kill people.

The defenders are not ready for something like this and lose many people to this new weapon.

The platoon ordered to slaughter civilians uses the flame-throwers to force the people to open the doors of the vaults. The vaults become graves because the stone walls break under the heat and the vaults cave in.

At the end of the day Konoha has lost many of it's inhabitants and most of the remaining defenders. The Hokage Monument is destroyed almost beyond repair.

In Otogakure Sakura has prepared for Narutos incoming attack. She knows that her chances are slim. 20 percent chance of success at best. But she wants to fight this war. She wants to find out if Naruto can fight after she tells him what she let do to his home.

The troops of Konoha are halted by traps and the unclear knowledge of the whereabouts of the new Otogakure. They are halted long enough for Sakura to prepare her defenses and to await the return of her killing commando.

Finally the troops of Konoha arrive at Otogakure. They are greeted by flame-thrower-towers and other technology from Yuki no Kuni. Many inexperienced Ninjas are lost to this last trap.

Sakura comes out of Oto, leading her troops. She has three weapons, a ringblade, a chainwhip sword and a scythe. She doesn't wear a mask, showing her scars to the world. Upon seeing the Konoha troops she yells "How are you? Do you miss your home? No? Well, you should, my troops burned it down after all!"

Naruto looks at the woman that was once his teammate and is now his nemesis and nightmare. He looks at her and sees his own fault. Right now he knows that he is directly to blame for everything that happened. He decided to belittle her and flaunt his superiority over her. He remembers a saying Kakashi gave him on his way long ago. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Now he realizes that Kakashi was right. Sakuras hate for him and the constant scorn from him drove her this far. Now he has to face his biggest fears.

Sakura grins cruelly at him. "I have someone you will love to meet." To her troops she shouts "Bring them forth!"

Naruto drops down when he sees the bound forms of Konohamaru, Moegi, Hanabi and Udon.

"This is not about meeting them." Sakura continues. "But rather about this. Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei!" she yells and six coffins raise from the ground.

Naruto looks on helplessly. Too hurt by the fact that he couldn't protect the last Sarutobi. That he let his friend down.

When the sixth coffin comes out he becomes as pale as a sheet. "Slug, Frog, Snake, Third, Fourth, Mother." he reads on the coffins.

Sakura laughs when she sees his face. "Why don't you say hello to your teachers and your parents as well as Orochimaru-sama. And say hello to number 7." she tells him.

Narutos eyes widen when he sees number 7. Sasuke.

"Isn't this a lovely reunion? There is only one person missing." she sneers at Naruto. "Kakashi. Don't you want to come forth to make the reunion complete." Sakura calls over her shoulder.

Kakashi appears and looks Naruto in the eyes. "Uzumaki." he greets his former pupil coldly.

This almost reduces Naruto to a sobbing mess. Everything so far he could take, Sakuras insanity and hatred, the Edo Tensei and seeing his parents, idols and enemies as marionettes of Sakura. But seeing that his own Sensei has forsaken him, he truly feels alone.

Minato uses this opportunity to speak. "I am ashamed by you Kakashi. What did my son do to you? Why do you betray the village?" he wants to know.

Kakashi grins darkly under his mask. "It was either slowly withering away in Konoha and watching how I become a part of history or fighting one last, glorious battle against decay. Your son ruins the world. He suffocates our lifestyle. He want's total peace and unity. He want's to stop the motion of our world. I will not sit by and watch how he destroys a legacy." he tells his Sensei.

Kushina looks at Naruto. "I really wish I could have seen you under better circumstances. Kill this woman, she is more evil than even the cursed Kyuubi no Yoko."

Sarutobi looks at Sakura. "You were such a bright girl. Look at you now. You are even worse than Orochimaru or Madara. You know no boundaries. You know no holding back. I would never have guessed that your dysfunctional team dynamics would go this far."

Tsunade and Jiraiya look at Naruto. "You know the Edo Tensei. We will have to fight you to the best of our abilities. We will fight like we fought in our prime. With the experience we gathered in all our life." they tell him.

Orochimaru smirks at Sakura. "It is a pleasure seeing you again, Night Terror. I will gladly help you to extinct the Namikaze line once and for all."

Sasuke looks at Naruto. "You will die here, dobe. There is nothing you can do against this!" he grins. His eyes morphing into the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. "This day marks the end of Uzumaki the knucklehead. The Ninja who didn't know about evil. The Ninja who should have known when to shut up." he adds and smirks.

Naruto looks at Sakura. "I will kill you. You are the worst monster ever. Not even the dead are save from your malevolent ways. This is the end! Only one of us will leave here alive!" he shouts. Then he begins to force the Chakra of Kyuubi out. He grows 5 tails in rapid succession. Then a sixth and a seventh tail are coming forth.

Sakura plunges the special Kunais into the heads of her victims. Each of them looking strong and fresh now. "Slaughter everyone!" she yells to her troops. "Destroy the leaf forever! Let no one live!" she adds and then she turns to her summons. "Kill Naruto. I don't care how you do it. Just kill him. Fast." she orders.

The 7 dead fighters advance on Naruto, throwing offensive Jutsus at him.

Naruto, meanwhile having got the eighth tail out attacks the undead fighters.

Sakura attacks the leaf troops. Her first victim is Aburame Shino, she kills him with her poisoned ringblade. The toxin is made for quick kills. Shino has no chance.

Sakura advances, further, slaughtering Genin and Chunin with her poisoned weapons.

Finally Hinata confronts her. Sakura smirks cruelly at her. "This is your funeral, little sunshine!" she taunts. "You can't hope to defeat me." she adds.

Hinata looks at Sakura. "I will punish you for using my little sister for your cruel ritual. Have you no heart?" she yells clearly upset.

Sakura smirks, making her everlasting smile seem even crueler. "Most likely yes." she answers, making Hinata blink.

She uses this moment of confusion to extend her chainwhip sword at Hinata.

Hinata can block the blow with her arms but she is injured in the process.

Sakura turns away from her. "If you want to live, cut your arms off, fast." she taunts and leaves.

Hinata pales. She feels the numbness in her arms. A quick working toxin. She runs to Naruto.

The eight-tailed Naruto looks at Hinata.

Hinata looks back at Naruto. "I will die within minutes. I wanted to tell you, that I will always love you. No matter what. And you were about to become a father. I got my confirmation this morning. Please forgive me!" she tells him. "It was not Sakura-sans fault. It was mine. I should have retreated instead of fighting. Please don't hate me." she tells him with tears in her eyes.

Naruto becomes pale. Everything is stopping for him. Hinata is pregnant and now she is dying. Everything crumbles away slowly.


The agonized scream makes everyone pause.

Then a wave of evil Chakra hits everyone. Naruto has unleashed the ninth tail of the Kyuubi. His piercing blue eyes show that he is in control of the malevolent energy. "Night Terror! Come here and fight me!" he demands. "For killing my wife and my unborn child, death awaits you!" he yells over the battlefield.

Sakura wrenches her ringblade from Kibas gut and drops Akamaru from her scythe. "I'm coming, Naruto-chan!" she sings in a sickening cute voice. "And then I will kill you slowly and painfully. Like your bitch." she adds in a dark, rasping voice.

She advances through the battlefield, where the nine-tailed Naruto is fighting 6 of the 7 undead fighters. Sasuke stands back.

Suddenly he calls out "Dobe, look at me!"

Naruto does exactly this and Sasuke tries to force Kyuubis energy back into the seal.

Naruto smirks when Sasuke fails. "This is now only my power. I no longer have the Kyuubi in me. The Kyuubi is history. Long live me, Kyuubi no Namikaze Naruto!" he says and unleashes a wave of Chakra that destroys the 7 undead warriors. Then he attacks Kakashi with the Chakra tails and kills him.

After this he looks at the unfazed Sakura. "Now it is your turn! For all the suffering you caused, you will die! You will be forgotten in time. Only I will remain! The human that became a tailed beast!" he growls at her.

Sakura laughs. "You really think so?" she asks. "Taju Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" she yells and creates a literal army of herself. Each Sakura grabs a strong enemy Ninja. "Now it is time for you to say goodbye! Kuchiyose: Shinigami!" she yells and makes the hand seals to summon the Death God for the Shiki Fuin.

Naruto becomes pale when he feels the aura of dread wash over him. Then he looks at the God of Death. "You can't do this to me! I want to make a peaceful world!" he yells in fear.

The Shinigami looks at him and the look conveys "I can do whatever I please with you! I don't care about you!" Then he begins to collect the souls of the Ninja Sakura holds onto.

Naruto looks on as his Ninja drop like flies.

Suddenly he feels excruciating pain in his arms and Torso. Looking down he sees that Sakuras ringblade is sticking in his stomach and his arms are rendered useless by her sword and scythe.

"Time to die!" Sakura says gleefully.

Naruto struggles against the grip of the Shinigami and he does the unthinkable. He escapes the grip.

The Shinigami begins to devour Sakuras soul. Her last words are "I hate your existence Uzumaki. The world would have been better off, if you had never lived!" then her soul is devoured and she dies." With this Belldandy finished her tale.

Urd and Skuld looked at their sister. "What happens afterwards?" they wanted to know.

Belldandy looked over the file. "Naruto kills every enemy Ninja and finally reigns as the supreme leader of all Ninja forces. He assumes the title of Kami no Kage. In the end he dies, after having reigned 150 years. Konoha is rebuilt and the Hokage Monument gets a seventh addition. Sakuras Night Terror Face. When the face is revealed, Naruto holds a little speech. "I give to you the face of Haruno Sakura. The Face of our worst enemy. Many might ask why I did so. I will tell you. Sakura was a weak girl. I constantly made fun of her lack of progress. Not realizing that it hurt her. This hurting became hate. Hate for me and my ideals and dreams. Sakura became the best Torture expert Konoha had in years. She was fearsome and cruel. She could break anybody. But while she became like this, she also fell down into an abyss of darkness. And I have to admit that I was the one to push her there. She gathered Intel on Orochimaru, Ne and Akatsuki. Thanks to her data we were able to destroy Akatsuki and Amegakure. But this was when I began to fear her. She was my mirror. For every great thing I did, she did something terrifying. For each noble deed I did, she committed a sin. I didn't want her around, so I decided to banish her. I simply couldn't face my biggest mistake. I was a coward." he tells the crowd.

"After I banished her, her hate for me extended to Konoha. She slaughtered hundreds of innocents to show me up. The slaughtering of Wave country, Spring Country and Demon Country and later the slaughtering of Iwa. Her greatest deed was to convince over 1000 Ninjas from different villages to join her new Otogakure. She assembled them and gave them a purpose. The destruction of Konoha and our ideals of peace. Many of you won't know about it, but most of the Nuke-nin were members of a cult, worshipping Orochimarus ideals and ideas. Most namely the idea that our world needs constant danger to prosper. And I have to admit that Orochimaru was right. Without danger, there is no advancing in our culture. And I neglected this. I even neglected something many of my teachers told me. Stagnation means death. Soon Konoha had to pay the price for this. Sakura made her moves and she made them good. We went out to attack Oto and in the meantime her army went to invade Konoha. I made the mistake to gather most of the Konoha Ninja to attack. Too few were here to defend the town. And I didn't change the old plans for defense. Plans that were not changed since the days of the Nidaime Hokage. And Sakura used this fault to the fullest extent. Her troops knew everything about our defenses and our security measures. And so they were able to destroy our hometown almost totally." he continues.

"In the end, at the battlefield, I lost almost all Ninjas under my command. My forces were badly trained, focussing on weapons rather than on Jutsus. And this cost them. Sakuras troops were well trained, and ready to die for their beliefs. She personally killed the last Sarutobi, she killed Hinata and Hanabi Hyuuga. She killed many more Ninjas and she tried to kill me. To seal me away like my father sealed away the Kyuubi in me. After she killed Hinata, I was able to finally reign over the beast and destroy its consciousness. I became the new Kyuubi. And then she summoned the Shinigami to seal me away. She killed most of the strong Konoha Ninja still standing. And then she attacked me. I feared for my life. And this fear gave me the strength to escape the hold of the Shinigami and to stay alive. After this, I defeated the army of Otogakure alone." he further continues.

"Many of you will still be wondering, why I decided to add her face here. It is simple. Her face shall always remind us that we need to stay alert. That we need to progress. Otherwise a new Night Terror will arise and bring death and peril. If we want to keep a lasting peace, we will need to be prepared for another war. This is the legacy of Haruno Sakura. This is the legacy of the person that gave me much insight. This is the legacy of the person I adore. She never gave up, even when facing me, she still fought to win. She won something. My adoration for her as a warrior. I respect her as a warrior. And I want you to always remember, that peace never lasts." With this he finishes his speech." Belldandy read out to her sisters.

Urd looked at her. "Damn. This reality is already fucked up and now we have the Reaper to add to our worries. I need something strong, I need to ask Hild if she has some liquor with 150% alcohol." she said. "This world seems destined to end in a bloodbath." she added.

Belldandy shook her head. "The world under Naruto becomes peaceful. A strong and dedicated force of Ninjas watched over the growth of future generations. There are no outside threats, the world is peaceful. The only one not having any peace is Naruto. His respect and adoration for Sakura are eating away at him. In the end he fell in love with her. He loved her, because she faced him and challenged him. He will love her till the day he dies. He ends his reign by summoning the Shinigami to devour him. The day before he does so, he appoints the great great granddaughter of TenTen to be the Nanadaime Hokage. The next day he makes all papers ready, signs his testament and then he kills himself. To be reunited with the woman he fell in love with. The Shinigami honors his sacrifice and releases him and Sakura to the afterlife. They are together in hell. Sakura is punished for her atrocities and Naruto is punished for suicide. After their punishment they are cleared to go to Elysium and find rest." Belldandy concluded the story of Naruto and Sakura.

Urd and Skuld looked at their sister. "This is it?" they wanted to know.

Belldandy nodded. "Yes. This is their story." she answered the question.

Urd looked over it. "Even if Horny hadn't appeared here, we would have needed to stop this universe from taking its course of action. Too many innocents died, too many good people are lost for the Einherjers." she finally told her sisters. "Let's plot the downfall of the Reaper. And let's hope that he doesn't deal more damage than he already did." she added.

Belldandy and Skuld nodded. Belldandy began talking. "I will talk to Shukaku about the thermonuclear strike against Konoha. Hopefully she can convince Gaara to stop this. Then we would have more time to gather help for Konoha and Naruto. And one thing is clear, we will have to go there in person to help him. Mara and Hild will come too."

Urd and Skuld nodded. "I will look through alternate realities for heroes, that will support Naruto." Skuld said.

"And I will talk to Hild and Mara." Urd said. She was not looking forward to these talks.


End of Chapter 3


Authors Notes: Well, this chapter was even longer than the second. To me it seems a bit like a filler, not much action here, but some important stepping stones for further chapters had to be laid out.

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