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What has gone before:
In the year 2000, Ranma was attacked by a demon summoned by Happosai.
In an attempt to save Akane, he travelled to the Antarctic to gain
power of a heavenly warrior Cologne told him about. Unfortunately, he
died in the effort.

It is now 2015, and Ranma has been reborn and recruited as the Fourth
Child for NERV. In some unknown manner, Rei and Ranma share the same
body, changing bodies and controlling personalities in the same way
that Ranma's curse always used to work. For now, life has settled into
the realm of routine. He lives with his alcoholic boss, the near
spineless Third Child who just happens to be the son of the leader of
NERV and to add variety, there is a strange new red-head.

Red-heads have always caused Ranma problems in the past.

(Story 7)

*Psst!... Rei! Hey, Rei! Wake up!*

'There is no need to whisper, Ranma.'

Chuckling softly in embarrassment, Ranma wished he could scratch the
back of his head. However, since Rei was the one running the body at
the moment, that was not entirely practical. Continuing in a normal
tone, Ranma tried again. *Would you mind changing, Rei? I wanna do some
training before school.*

Rei did not answer - that would have been unnecessary effort - but she
did open her eyes and get up. Normally Ranma would train for most of
the night only relinquishing the body to Rei in the morning, but he had
not been able to last night. Since last night was their first night in
the new apartment, Ranma had not yet had the time he needed to be able
to open the windows and give himself access to the outside world. With
the only exit from the apartment being either the front door or the
balcony, he was likely to be seen by the heavily drinking Major
Katsuragi who was by now snoring in her own room.

Since he could not train, and Asuka was picking on Shinji, Ranma
decided that he did not want to stick around after dinner and had gone
off to the bedroom to change. Considering the fireworks going off in
the living room as Asuka kept her flatmates in line, it was not much of
a surprise that no-one noticed it when Rei returned in her uniform. She
had bought some other clothes, but she was not entirely sure it was an
appropriate time to wear them. Equally, she was used to sleeping in her
school uniform in preparation for the next day, so wearing it in the
evening was simply saving time.

Rei had spent some time in the same room as her flatmates, but she did
not contribute to the discussion appreciably. Pen-Pen, the experimental
penguin had joined Misato and the other Children, so Misato and Asuka
were not the only ones consuming the amber fluid. Ranma had slept
through that, but he did not miss much. The penguin had swallowed two
fish and one beer, then proceeded to demonstrate he was the most
intelligent one around by going to bed. Rei had followed not long after.

With the coming of morning, the main living room of the penthouse
apartment looked as bad as Misato's place normally did. This was quite
an effort, given they had only been there the one night, but Misato was
nothing if not an accomplished drinker. Picking her way through the
cans with care, Rei reached the kitchen and let the hot tap run. When
wisps of steam began to gather around the tap, Rei took a glass from
the sink and filled it.


Standing in the kitchen with one hand poised over her head, Rei

After several silent moment, Ranma remembered that Rei was not going to
ask why he wanted to wait, so he continued. *Would you mind going back
to the bedroom please, Rei?.. No, take the glass, too.*

Once back in Rei's bedroom, Ranma tried to lead her through the logic
once more. *What would have happened if you had poured the water on us
back there, Rei?*

'I would have become you.'

*Exactly. And what are you wearing?*

'My school uniform.'

*And what would I have been wearing after I changed?*

'My school uniform.'

*Can you see any problem in that?* Ranma asked very slowly and
carefully. You have to be careful with Rei, she responded to emotion
even worse than Akane did. Akane would hit you if you got upset with
her; Rei would ignore you.


*Rei! People would think I'm some kind of pervert if they saw me
wearing your school uniform! How could you not see that?*

'If I had seen you wearing my school uniform, I would assume you did
not have your own. This would also explain why you did not wear a
uniform to school, despite the principal's orders.'

*Do... Do you really think people would believe that?* Ranma sounded

'I would.'

There was stunned silence for a moment. *You know, I never really
looked at it that way. Maybe that's what I'll tell people something
really embarrassing happens like that. Anyway, since we're where no-one
can see us, you might as well change then I'll get dressed."

Rei nodded as she up-ended the water over her head. Partway through the
motion, Ranma found himself in control again, completing the nod and
lowering the glass. With another quick check to make sure the door was
closed, Ranma removed Rei's clothes, including some underwear that was
alarmingly tight.

Donning the same clothes as he had worn yesterday, Ranma made his way
out of the apartment and onto the roof. Tonight, he swore to himself,
he would remove the window to their room, just so that he could get to
the roof easier. There was not much point having a nice open roof like
this on a building unless you used it for training. Not only that, but
he would need to get some gear set up in their room. Going to the
kitchen tap for hot water every time he wanted to change was not a
particularly safe option.

Some time later, his morning exertions complete, Ranma returned to the
penthouse. No-one was up yet aside from the two of them, and judging
from her even-more-silent-than-usual nature, Ranma suspected that even
Rei might be asleep. Figuring on grabbing first go at the bathroom,
Ranma pushed open the door to the room he had claimed last night and
headed for the closet. Stripping of his shirt as he went, Ranma dodged
obstacles throughout the room.

Cursing softly to himself, Ranma wondered just how annoying his new
flatmates could be. In an attempt to clear out the living room, they
had stacked a heap of the new girl's boxes in here. "My own damn room,
and they have to fill it with her junk! What's wrong with using her
room? Just 'cause I wasn't here to defend it!"

Pulling open the cupboard, Ranma kneeled down and began searching
around on the bottom shelf where he had stacked his clothes the night
before. He had just collected his bath things when a soft voice came
from behind him. "You know, if you are searching for my panties, you're
looking in the wrong place."

Jumping up in surprise, Ranma caught his head on the shelf above. When
he turned around, rubbing his aching skull, he could see the new girl
sitting in his bed, glaring at him. "Hey! What the heck are you doing
in my bed?"

"Your bed? _Your_ bed?! What do you mean _your_ bed? This is my room!"
Asuka released a string of epithets in German that Ranma did not even
come close to understanding.

Holding up his bundle of clothes, Ranma waved them at her. "Hello? What
do you think this is then? Hmmm? You think I wander around with my
clothes just for fun?"

"Idiot! This is my room! I claimed it last night! If you wanted it so
badly, why did it take you until now to come and bother me?"

"What are you? Stupid or something? I didn't sleep here last night. I
just needed somewhere to keep my clothes."

With an audible click, Asuka shut her mouth and her eyes went quite
incredibly wide. With one hand clinging protectively to the top of the
shirt she was wearing, the other pointed accusingly at Ranma. "My god!
It's true! Misato said you were some sort of super-playboy, but I
didn't believe her. Now... Now you're after me! You... You... You

"I don't believe you! I am not a pervert, how can you say that about
me?" In a huff, Ranma grabbed up all his belongings and turned to the
door. "Fine then! If that's what you think, see if I ever try and sleep
here again! I know where I'm welcome."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than Ranma tumbled to a halt
looking at the dumbfounded Major Katsuragi standing in the doorway.
"Well... Ranma-kun, I must say I am deeply disappointed in you. You too,
Asuka-chan. I expected better from you... Ranma-kun, can you even
imagine what poor Ayanami will say when she finds out about this?"

Gaping like a fish a couple of times, Ranma tried to remember what he
had just said, and decided that Misato-san's reaction meant that it
must have come out a bit differently to how he had intended. 'Um...
Rei? I don't suppose you heard what we were talking about, did you?
Misato-san's saying you're gunna be upset or something.'

*I am not upset. I do not mind what you do.*

"Hey, Misato-san! I don't know what you're so upset about. It's not as
though this sort of thing hasn't happened to me before. Besides, Rei
doesn't mind. It could have just as easily been her coming out of here
this morning, with this Tomboy yelling insults and getting all upset."

Pushing his way past the stunned guardian, Ranma went in search of the
bathroom. What he really needed was a good long soak. Back in the
bedroom, the two stunned women slowly faced each other. Each of the
gaped a couple of times, trying to get their mind around what they had

"A-Asuka-chan... I... I never realised. I'm sorry, I never thought you
were that starved for attention. There are other ways. You don't have
to use your body like that to get people to be nice to you."

"B-b-b-b-but... Misato-san!" Asuka sounded like a machine gun as she
tried to get her mouth and brain working in some sort of cooperation.

Placing her hand on the doorknob, Misato sadly shook her head and
looked away. "I... I'm sorry, Asuka-chan. I know you've just come here
from another country and it must be difficult for you, but you have to
believe that not everyone is like Ranma-kun. Remember, all you have to
do is say 'no'... Just... Think about it, OK?"

As the door closed with a soft click, Asuka began to shake. How could
they? How dare they say something like that about her! It was that
pervert Ranma that broke in here, and now Misato-san thinks _she_ is
the deviant! What would happen if Misato told Kaji? Her life would be

"I'm going to kill that PERVERT!"

Rei was sitting on the stool in the bathroom, covered in cold water
then Asuka burst in and began looking high and low. Unconcerned with
the enraged German, Rei picked up a soapy washcloth and began to clean
herself in a methodical manner. Ranma might be the one to get their
body sweaty, but inevitably she was the one that ended cleaning it.
Perhaps they should rinse with warm water so he could do it too?

"Where is he? Where's Ranma, First Child?"

"I do not know."

"Grrrr... Just you watch it, First Child! I've got my eye on you!"

"Oh... Asuka-chan."

"Eeep!" Asuka turned around and looked over her shoulder at Misato.
"It's not what it looks like! Honestly!"

Pulling the girl - who was only wearing her sleeping clothes still -
away from Rei and the bathroom, Misato waved goodbye to Rei and went to
have a serious chat. Was she really this out of date? Before, she had
thought that Shinji was a bit shy and Ranma was over-eager, but now
that she had met Asuka, Misato was seriously worried about the girl's
upbringing in Germany.

When they were alone again, Rei finished cleaning and stepped into the
tub so Ranma could have a quick soak. Placing a washcloth over his head,
Ranma leaned back and contemplated the inside of his eyelids. "You know,
Rei. I used to think it was crazy where I used to live, but here...
They're all weirdos. I think we must be the only normal ones around."

*Shinji is normal.*

'For the last few months he's been living with an alcoholic Major and a
warm water penguin that also drinks beer. How normal can he be?'

Rei was quiet while she tried to remember. *I have not heard any
reports of aberrant behaviour.*

'It's always the quiet ones, Rei. Shinji sure is quiet, and you know
what they say...' Ranma left his implication hanging like Damocles'

*No. I do not know what they say. Who are they? What do they say?*

Ranma gave an embarrassed chuckle and scratched his damp hair.
'Actually, I'm not all that sure either, but everyone was always
talking about them, so I figured they must have been someone important.
Mind you, no-one ever came straight out and said exactly who they

Now that was something Rei could understand. Secrecy and secret
societies were as normal to her as breathing. *Their names were
probably classified, and you did not have a need to know. This would
also explain why they were saying important things, and why they had
been commenting on Ikari-kun's behaviour.*

Frowning slightly at that, Ranma tried to come to grips with it. She
could be right. He certainly did not know everything that was going on,
but the idea of a secret organisation that was tracking what they were
doing and monitoring their lives seemed a little absurd. Surely no-one
could find his or Shinji's life that interesting. Ranma could also
guarantee without question, Rei's life was nowhere near exciting enough
to warrant someone studying it.

Moving along from a suddenly difficult topic, Ranma rose from the bath
and dried himself. Looking in the mirror so his eyes were fixated on
his face, Ranma spoke softly. "Do you want our body for school today?"

*It is what Commander Ikari requires.*

Dousing himself with cold water from the tap, Ranma found himself
looking up and staring into a pair of hauntingly emotionless red eyes.
They were cold, chillingly so, but they were not cruel. Ranma had met
enough people in his time that he could recognise the cruel
indifference that came from someone that did not care about the lives
of others. Rei's were different. They were cold, but they were not
evil; it was more as though she did not care about herself, a deep
serenity that went all the way to the soul.

As Rei combed her hair and he stayed a silent passenger somewhere
within her soul, Ranma searched the face in the mirror for some trace
of himself. Both faces were Japanese, but beyond that common ancestry,
he could not see much resemblance between himself and Rei. Where his
female half had been cuter than a cart-load of bunny rabbits, Rei was
elegant, a refined face. When he had looked into his female half's eyes
back so many years, he had been able to see himself; even P-Chan had
reflected Ryoga's energy and hatred. Rei's eyes reflected nothing but
Rei, giving no clue that he too resided behind them.

It was enough to make him question his own existence.

When Rei completed dressing and left the bathroom for breakfast she was
comfortably on time. For everything to function as it was supposed to,
timing was vitally important, so Rei did not allow Ranma to linger
overly long on any task unless he needed to. As a consequence, Rei sat
at the table the same time that Misato was finishing a long, serious
talk with Asuka. Shinji, who was sharing the table, was bright red in

Rei had not caught what the conversation was about, but that did not
matter. If Major Katsuragi required her to be informed, she would
repeat it. Otherwise, Rei could concentrate on consuming her toast.

After what Katsuragi had heard and seen this morning, she was more
concerned about her role than ever. From all she could tell, Ranma -
the playboy that had managed to seduce the cool-as-a-cucumber Rei - had
also had his way with Asuka. What worried her more was the fact that
Ranma had stated that Asuka was just as interested in Rei. Normally
Misato would not have believed that sort of thing, but no more than
five minutes later, she caught the German girl staring at the naked
albino and saying she had her eye on her. Misato had a lot to be
worried about.

"Ayanami... I don't want to pry too much, but if you were asked to,
would you sleep with Asuka-chan?"

Rei considered. With her piece of toast halfway to her mouth, it looked
like she had been surprised, but in reality she did not want the
complexities of eating from distracting her from a question by her
commanding officer. Would she sleep with Asuka?... The answer was
rather obvious.

If an additional pilot came, someone would need to share a room. While
Ranma could share with Shinji, that might be difficult, since they did
not know each other. However, she was fully briefed on the Second Child,
and would be an appropriate person to share a room. Conceivably, they
could mix people who did not know each other, but that struck Rei as
requiring too much effort, and therefore hampering the efficiency of
the pilots. Such a request would therefore be unreasonable.

"Yes. I would sleep with Pilot Souryuu if I was asked to."

Misato's mouth fell open, Shinji collapsed from his chair, and Asuka
smacked her forehead on the table, banging the wood with her fist while
softly saying "It's not true! It's not true!"

While most of the penthouse's occupants sat stunned and motionless,
Pen-Pen jumped onto the table and stole some of Shinji's breakfast. He
would have stolen Misato's, but she had drunk hers in one go already.
Sparing only half a glance for the greedy bird and the mortified Asuka,
Rei finished her toast, stood and left the house. She might be living
with others now, but that did not affect her schedule for the day.

As Rei walked out the door to go to her first class of the day, she
heard Major Katsuragi recover and speak to Asuka. "Asuka-chan, you and
I are going to be having a very serious talk after school."

* * *

Arriving in the NERV training and physical assessment facility, Rei
removed her uniform and changed into a set of gym clothes. Ensuring
that Tokyo-03 was defended against Angels required more than just a
team of giant robots. It also required a team of pilots, all of whom
must also be maintained in top condition.

As part of that maintenance program, Rei had previously been instructed
to swim on a regular basis, but in recent times, she had not been doing
that. While she had been swimming just as much, if not more than before,
she was no longer doing it on a _regular_ basis. Whereas before she had
swum precisely 1.5 kilometres in NERV's 50 metre pool, she now found
she would sometimes swim more, sometimes less. It was a potentially
damaging change to her routine, but there was nothing that could be
done about that now.

As she left the change rooms and stood in waiting for Doctor Akagi to
begin the physical exam, Rei was glad that she had the physical now.
She had been allowing Ranma to do most of the physical training that
their body needed, on the assumption that his many hours of exercise
each day would do more for them than her swimming a few times a week,
but this would be a good time to verify that.

"Good afternoon, Ayanami. How are you?"

"I am well, Dr Akagi."

"Good. You moved into a new apartment with Major Katsuragi and the
other Children the day before yesterday, didn't you? Are you settling
in all right?"


Ritsuko tapped a pencil against her teeth for a moment, clearly
wondering if she should plumb the girl for more details. Giving a small
shrug, she waved her charge onto a set of scales and began the tests.
Monitoring the Children's activities was the Major's responsibility,
there was no need for Ritsuko to duplicate the effort. Besides, if
Ayanami thought anything was enough of a worry that it might endanger
any of the projects she was involved in, the girl had orders to report

The medical fitness exam took only a couple of hours, and was almost
identical to what you can expect in any decent gym around the world.
Resting heart rate, pulse at various levels of exertion, blood pressure,
flexibility, strength, all of the normal things. In many ways, it was
the most mundane activity the blue haired girl ever did while at NERV,
but that did not detract from the attention or effort she gave it in
any way.

Rei was jogging on treadmill, heart monitors stuck to her skin, when
the doctor finally resumed the conversation. "You're showing
improvement, Ayanami. I'm surprised. Your Max-02 and resting BPM are
both improved. Have you been doing more swimming?"


With a sigh of frustration, Dr Akagi leaned on the edge of the
treadmill and tried again. "Do you have any suggestions why your
fitness might have improved?"

"Ranma has been doing a lot of training."

"Really?... Oh, that's right. He had me line him up with the security
team so he could learn some martial arts. Does he still go there?"


"Has he invited you along too? Is that why you mentioned that his
training might have helped your fitness?" The doctor was not entirely
sure she approved of that. If Rei was doing training with the security
staff, she might get injured. It was bad enough that Ranma wanted to
engage in that sort of activity, but Rei was vital in so many more ways.

"No. Ranma only trains with NERV security for six hours per week. He
has never invited me to train with him there. Ranma also does other
exercise. I believe the running and other activities have helped."

Understanding dawned. "Ahhh... So you go for a jog together? That's
fine. Yes, a bit of variety would probably be good for you."

"That was not what I said."

She was waved aside. "Close enough, close enough... Well, why don't you
take a shower while I finish writing up these results?"

Rei nodded once and walked out, leaving the doctor alone to read over
her afternoon's work. When she pulled the heart rate graph from the
treadmill's monitoring computer, the doctor could hardly believe her
eyes. Since Rei had been a small child, Dr Akagi had been running the
same set of tests, and the chart of Rei's development had been as close
to ideal over the last fourteen years as humanly possible. To see such
a sudden, marked improvement at this age was almost incredible.

Pulling out the last few results from the fitness tests, the doctor
laid them side-by-side. A month ago - just a little after Ranma had
arrived - Rei was a tiny bit above the expected health curve; a
statistical aberration, nothing more. Now, she was as fit as an athlete.

Certainly the girl was nothing compared to Ranma. When the doctor had
first measured him, he had been fitter than almost anyone on the base.
Now, according to his last tests, he no longer even felt any exertion
at all by running on the jogging machine for half an hour. The orderly
that had conducted the tests had noted that Ranma had explained it by
stating that "as a martial artist, his mind, body and spirit were in
harmony". Ritsuko was well aware that elite athletes could push
themselves harder and faster than normal people, simply because they
have the right mind set. An Olympic sprinter might have the same leg
strength as an Olympic swimmer, but it was the focus, the mindset and
the training that allowed them to run faster than anyone else.

Some sort of incredible training regimen might explain Ranma's unlikely
level of fitness, but it went nowhere to explaining Rei's improvement.
Then again... If Rei was taking part in just a little bit of some of
the exercise that her boyfriend was doing, it certainly could have
helped things along.

Frowning slightly, Ritsuko wondered what could cause the Fourth Child
to dedicate himself to such efforts. NERV still knew virtually nothing
about the boy. The information that Rei had given them had failed to
pan out, so he was still an unknown. The would use him since he was
just as good a pilot as Ayanami, but they would not risk increasing his
security clearance until more was known.

"Why the long face, Ritsuko-chan? I thought I was the only one with
problems around here."

Startled, the doctor looked up to see the smiling face of the woman
that had been her friend since university. With a wide grin, Misato
plopped herself into a spare seat and brushed her purple hair back. "Is
something wrong, or are you just frowning for practice? Rumour has it
the Commander practices in his office, so he can get it just right the
rest of the time."

That drew a laugh. Ritsuko was quite aware of what the Commander did
for some of his time while he was secreted away in his private office,
and she could confirm that he was not always frowning then. "No... Just
thinking about Ayanami's physical."

"There's nothing wrong with her, is there?" The Major's concern was
clear and unforced. To her, this was more than just a job.

"No, nothing at all. Ayanami has just shown some... unexpectedly good

"Oh... That's fine then...." Which showed how much Misato knew. Anytime
that the words 'Ayanami' and 'unexpected' were used in the same
sentence, it was a signal that things were not 'fine'.

Sighing, Ritsuko closed the folder on the latest medical tests and
leaned back. "So what's your problem? The kids drinking all your beer?"

"Hey! I'm trying to be serious here... Besides which, with the amount
Asuka and Pen-Pen drink, I will have to start stocking more." Asuka did
not drink much, but nothing was allowed to threaten Misato's
consumption of the beverage. "I mainly wanted ask you some questions...
Professional questions about the Children."


"Well... I'm just wondering whether I'm turning into an old prude or
something. I... I guess it's the fact that ever since I started to get
to know them, they've been going it at like rabbits in heat."

Ritsuko blinked a couple of times. "Excuse me?"

Frowning grumpily, Misato made use of the spare seat and leaned on the
table. "First it was Ranma and Rei, then it was Ranma and Asuka, now it
looks like Asuka is going after Rei too. I just can't keep up with it.
Asuka has only been here two days, and already she's got a reputation
in our house. I kept them all separated last night, but I can't watch
them constantly."

"A...Asuka and Ayanami?... Wow... That's something I never imagined. I
can understand her going for Ranma though. He'll be a real lady killer
when he grows up."

"Tell me about it. My problem is not when he grows up, it's right now.
Can't we... I don't know, put iodine in their food or something?"

The good doctor chuckled. "Sure, if you feel like cooking for them all
the time, we could arrange something. It would hardly be ethical, of
course, but don't let that bother you."

"Ohhhh..." Purple hair spilled everywhere as Misato rested her head on
the table in frustration. Wasn't there anything they could do?

"Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll have a word to Ayanami. We can
use her to keep the Forth Child in line."

Misato wanted to protest more, but she could not. She was wise enough
to understand that she could not watch her charges every hour of the
day, and if they decided that they wanted to do something, they could.
The only way that she could stop them was by convincing them to stop,
not by policing them. Well... Before she had come to Japan, Asuka had
always seemed like an intelligent reliable girl. Hopefully Ritsuko was
right and Rei could control Ranma. That left Asuka with Shinji and Kaji
as her main targets. Shinji because he was nearby, and Kaji because of
the way Asuka had followed him around on the boat over. At least she
knew that Kaji's tastes ran to girls older than Asuka.

"Thanks, Ritsuko. I guess I'm just feeling old. I suppose it's the
problem of hanging around with kids all the time."

"Don't worry about it. Ayanami is a very well controlled girl. I'm sure
she will obey orders."

"Great." Checking her watch, Misato stood up abruptly and waved goodbye.
"Got to get moving. I'm going to be late for my lessons."

Leaving the room before any questions could be asked, the purple haired
Major hurried off to one of the higher sub-levels in the NERV facility.
She had not been doing the self defence training long before the
instructor had told her that she was not even good enough to belong in
the beginners class that ran there. For normal people, NERV could take
the time to increase their skill slowly. Misato needed a crash course,
and she needed to be brought up to speed _now_. If she was the last
line of defence for the Children, they needed her to be able to do some
good, even if she did not have a gun. The way she had performed in the
trail sessions, even Shinji could probably beat her.

Misato walked into the training room proper after changing into her
nice, shiny, fresh, new Gi. Somehow, just donning the right uniform
made her feel more effective, faster and stronger. She it knew it was
an illusion, but every little bit helps. She had barely made it into
the room when her heart sank. Seated on one of the wooden benches was
one of the Children.

With a curse, Misato remembered that Ritsuko had said that Ranma like
to play around with the grown ups and wanted to be a martial artist
some day. It would be just her luck if the boy stayed around and saw
her in the no-doubt embarrassing training session. She knew she was
unfit - she worked to hard and did not have time to exercise; at least,
that was what she told herself. Being unfit and having one of the
children under your protection watch you work up a sweat just walking
around a room was another thing. She was still young enough that she
could recover her fitness quickly, but for the time being, long days at
work and the occasional beer that she liked to drink had conspired
against her.

"Hi, Ranma-kun. How are you today?"

"Not bad, Misato-san. How are you?"

"Oh, you know, pretty good. I missed you at breakfast this morning."

Ranma looked away for a moment and scratched the back of his head.
"Err... Yeah... I got up early. You know, training, that sort of

Nervously, Misato gave a small laugh herself. "Training. Heh heh. Yes,
training... That's what I'm here for. Going to get a bit more skill,
keep all of you guys safe at night. How about you?"

At the comment about keeping them safe Ranma turned and gave his boss a
quick appraisal, looking her over from head to toe. If she was the one
that was going to protect him, the world was in serious trouble. "Ahh,
I got invited down her by the Lieutenant. Some sorry staffer has been
slacking off so much, they can't even keep up with the beginners. Can
you believe that?"

Sweating slightly, she tried to rally a defence. "I'm sure they just
been busy or something. You know how it can be..."

Ranma scoffed. "Sure I do. Here I am, all I have to do is go to school,
train on the Eva and occasionally save the world, and all I can manage
is six or eight hours a day. Must be so rough. Humph! Just wait till I
get my hands on them. Man, are they gunna be sore and sorry!"

Misato stopped her fidgeting and turned to face him dead on. "Hang on...
When you get _your_ hands on them? What have you got to do with this?"

"What? Oh, didn't Lieutenant Kishi tell you? I'm the one teaching them.
I do a bit of training and teaching with the advanced class here, so
since everyone is busy with some new security shake-up going on, they
asked if I could help." Stretching his arms, Ranma looked at the
ceiling and wondered when his student was going to arrive.

Just as Misato was wondering if she could duck off and then arrange for
a different teacher tomorrow, the aforementioned Lieutenant arrived.
Wearing a black tracksuit and T-shirt, he was fit, trim and the
embodiment of what NERV security forces looked like, when they were not
dressed up as Men In Black.

"Ah, Major. Good to see you Ma'am. And I see you've met your teacher.
This is Saotome Ranma. Don't let his age fool you, this kid is damn

Feeling sick to her stomach, Misato turned back to Ranma and dropped
her head as she wished the floor would just open up and swallow her.
Venturing a small wave she spoke in a weak voice. "Hello, Ranma-kun...

Ranma's mouth fell open. "_You're_ the lard-butt staffer?!"

"Watch it, Ranma-kun. An hour from now, your obeying my orders again."
Misato snarled.

Looking amazed, the Lieutenant blinked a couple of times. "Y-You two
know each other, Ma'am?"

Turning back to the man who ran the gym, it was the Major's turn for
surprise. Considering her high profile job, everyone knew her. She
thought that would have been true for Ranma also. Then again, he had
only arrived recently, and had not had any of the great successes that
Shinji had.

"You do know who he is, don't you, Lieutenant?"

"I thought he was Dr Akagi's son. She was the one that brought him down
here. That's why we let him train here."

Misato shook her head in sorrow. "I wonder how NERV is supposed to
protect the Children if their security does not even know who they are.
Lieutenant, this is Saotome Ranma, Forth Child."

Incredulous the stunned man could only stare as Ranma shrugged in
confusion. He did not know what all the fuss was about. "Well, Ma'am,
all I can say, is suddenly I feel our chances of defeating the Angels
are a hell of a lot better. If he's as good in the Eva as he is in the
dojo, I reckon we're just about set."

A raised eyebrow was the only comment from the Major. "OK then. If you
want to take your boss for a bit of a workout, Ranma, I'll be back in
an hour and we can do some training together."

After saying goodbye to the Lieutenant, Ranma led Misato onto the dojo
floor and looked her over once again. There was a difference between
assessing someone as a fighter and examining them as a student.
"Misato-san... You really suck. I bet even Pen-Pen is in better
condition that you are, and all he does is sit around and eat fish."

"Thanks, Ranma-kun. That's so nice of you to say so." The sarcasm was
drier than a desert.

"OK... First things first. Tag! Your it! Come get me!"

Skittering back out of range, Ranma waited for Misato to come closer.
When she did, he kept moving. First it was mainly back and forwards,
then he circled around her, forcing her to shuffle side-to-side to try
and catch him. After twenty minutes, Misato was puffing for breath, but
the fun of playing tag had distracted her from the pain for the

"That'll do as a warm up. We'll start doing some proper stuff in a
couple of weeks. For now, I figure we ought to keep it pretty basic.
Now, if your supposed to be looking after us," Ranma gave a chuckle.
"You might need to be able to do two main things: disarm an attacker,
or carry someone who's hurt. First, I'll show you a really easy way to
take a knife of someone. After you've had a bit of a rest with that...
I think you ought to do a few laps of the running track... While you
carry me."

Misato groaned in frustration and expected agony. Why, oh why, did she
take the job of protecting the Children? Nothing could be worth this.
God she needed a beer.

Although Ranma was the one doing the teaching and she was the one doing
the sweating, she had to admit that he seemed to know what he was doing.
Sure, nothing was particularly complex, but wasn't that the sign of a
good teacher? They can make a complex problem seem easy?

When she finished her training and watched Ranma and the adults in the
security team practice afterwards, she almost felt like running in
every twenty seconds to save him. She knew she would not be much help
if the security staff attacked her - they were all big beefy types that
did this for a living - but watching a fourteen-year-old boy go toe-to-
toe with some of those great apes was enough to make anyone shiver in
fear. Anyone other than Ranma. He seemed to drink it up.

When he finally finished, he was in as bad a shape as Misato. Amazingly
enough, everyone else in the room was also in bad shape. Most of them
were sporting bruises, a few were limping, and not one of them could
stand entirely straight as fatigue set in. But they were all smiling.

Before Ranma had come, NERV security considered themselves to be some
of the best around. They still were, but they had managed to see how
much better they could be. From their perspective, if Ranma used some
of his "secret techniques" he might be able to win, but otherwise, they
were still better. The thing that galled them all into such greater
effort was the mere fact that they, grown adults, were comparing
themselves to a mere boy. That reason alone was enough to spur them on
to the best they could.

On his way to the showers, Ranma smirked. He had taken a beating in the
training today, but it was better than it had been last week, and next
week would be better still. He was sure he could take any one person on
now and come out on top, but that was not enough. He knew he could do
it. With time, effort and determination, Saotome Ranma vowed that he
would soon defeat all the members of the security team at once.

But first, he needed a very long, very hot shower.

As the hot water cascaded down his back and shoulders, Ranma sighed in
contentment. It might not be quite as nice as soaking in a hot tub, but
the convenience of the showers attached to the NERV gym were much
better than having to wait until they got back to the apartment so that
he could enjoy the extra luxury.

Feeling his muscles loosen all over his body, Ranma decided that this
must be about as good as life can get. Relaxing after a hard day of
training, able to sleep through school without anyone complaining
because Rei was awake, all capped off with a strong, hot shower. Could
things get any better?

As the water worked its magic and his mind began to wander, Ranma felt
himself relax to a degree he rarely got to enjoy. Deep inside NERV,
there was no chance of fiancees turning up, and the next time someone
threatened him, it would be an Angel. Even then, an Angel attack would
hardly even cut short his shower, since they all took a long time to

Perhaps it was the relaxation, or perhaps it was the thought of the
Angels, but as he stood there almost meditating, Ranma felt something.
A touch, a gentle calling to his mind. "Do you want power?" "Join with
me." "Do you want to be one with me? Body and soul?"

Acting as though he had been stung, Ranma leapt backwards, then quickly
shut off the water. 'Did you hear that, Rei?'

*I heard the shower.*

'No, not that... The Angel?'


Ranma was quiet again. Slowly, straining himself, he found he could
hear the Angel's seductive voice again. It was there again. The same
Angel that had called to him in the Antarctic was calling him. It was
calling weakly, but he could definitely feel it reaching out for him.

'There it is again, Rei. Can you hear it? Can you hear the Angel


"Damnit!" Cologne had told him - so long ago - that the Angel could
only be heard by the greatest fighters, the strongest in the world. Of
course Rei could not hear it. She was just an ordinary girl.

'Rei, I'm telling you, the same Angel that called to me in the
Antarctic, it's here. Somewhere... Somewhere close by.'

*You are talking of Adam.*

'If that's what you want to call it, yeah.'

Drying quickly, Ranma pulled on his clothes. If the Angel was here,
they were all in danger. It sounded weak at the moment, but there was
no telling what it could do. Last time Adam had done anything, half the
human race died. If it was near - or worse yet, in - NERV, it could
spell the end of humanity. Without the Eva's to fight them, Ranma did
not think even he would be able to beat an Angel.

Heading out the door and down one of the many identical corridors in
the Geo-Front, Ranma silently apologised to Rei. 'Look, Rei, I know it
was your turn to have control tonight, but I gotta do this. If Adam is
loose somewhere, who knows what could happen? Besides, you're always
telling me it is my mission to fight the Angels, right?'

Rei was silent. Unlike Ranma, she knew what was going on. She might not
have been in room when Kaji-san had delivered the frozen embryo of Adam
to Commander Ikari, but she was well aware that it had happened. She
was also well aware that Adam was considered a vital part of the Human
Instrumentality Project. She had no idea how Ranma had managed to
detect the presence of Adam, but that did not matter. She had to stop
him from his pursuit of the elusive whispers he claimed to hear,
otherwise he would soon be eliminated as a security threat.

Rei could not allow Ranma to be eliminated as a security threat, that
would jeopardise more than just the Human Instrumentality Project; it
would endanger NERV, SEELE, the dummy plug program and possibly even
herself. If they executed Ranma as a spy, humanity may perish, and
SEELE's goals would remain incomplete. She had very strong orders to
the contrary.

But yet she also had orders not to tell Ranma anything he did not,
absolutely, need to know. Even then she was supposed to try and get
clearance beforehand. Follow her orders or maintain security? There
must be some way of being able to achieve this without compromise
either of the objectives.

*Ranma... Stop.*

Jogging along the hall at a speed most people would be hard pressed to
run at, Ranma halted. Rei rarely said anything at all. It was even more
rare that she said something not worth listening to. Also, Rei was not
in the habit of giving orders, so whatever it was must be good. 'What
is it, Rei?'

*I am not allowed to tell you.*

'Then why did you ask me to stop?'

*Because you must not continue.*


*I have already told you that I cannot explain why. Your security
clearance is not high enough.*

'Well... Am I going in the wrong direction or something?'

*No. This is the correct way to Terminal Dogma.*

'So why stop? Would something happen if I found Adam? Are you worried
that it might hurt me? We could always go and find Misato-san, but I
don't think she would believe me. Would you?'

That stumped Rei for a moment. *I do not know for certain what would
happen if you made contact with Adam. The probable effects are beyond
your security clearance.*

'You know, this security clearance thing is really starting to get to
me. Do you think you could just tell me and forget about security for a

*No. Security defines things that I cannot tell you. If you ask about
them, I shall inform you that your clearance is not high enough.*

Getting a cheeky grin on his face, Ranma began to understand. Rei was
honour bound, in the same way that he had been to not tell Akane about
P-Chan. However, she seemed just as willing as he had been to help
someone find out what they needed to know; within certain limits.

'Am I going towards Adam?'


'Is Adam really the Angel from the Antarctic?'


'WHAT? NERV is keeping an Angel here?!'

*Your security clearance is not high enough.*

'Does the Commander know about this?'

*Your security clearance is not high enough.*

Fear began to settle into Ranma's stomach. 'Does Misato-san know about

*Major Katsuragi has been briefed that Adam was destroyed in the

Now Ranma was really worried. His boss, Major Katsuragi Misato, was the
director of military operations for NERV. If she did not know the truth,
then something was very wrong. 'Rei, I know you're a smart girl, so why
did you stop me? What would have happened if I had tried to find Adam?'

*Your security clearance is not high enough to know if Adam is stored
in a cryogenics facility in Terminal Dogma. For this reason, displaying
your knowledge would indicate you are a spy. The penalty for espionage
is execution. We are too vital to NERV for that to happen.*

'I like you too, Rei.' Ranma was not overly impressed that Rei's reason
for saving him was his utility to NERV. 'Rei... What would happen if
Adam gets loose?'

*NERV information available at your security level indicates that if an
Angel penetrates to Terminal Dogma, Third Impact will occur. The human
race will die.*

Frozen in fear, Ranma thought very carefully about how to phrase his
next question. 'Please tell me what would really happen if an Angel
gets to this Terminal Dogma place.'

If the briefing was wrong, she would tell him his security clearance
was too low. Somehow he did not think that NERV would say the world
would end unless they really meant it.

*I have no information to indicate that the official briefing is

'So basically, if I keep looking for Adam, I might be killed as a spy.
If I give up, and Adam gets loose, everyone will die. It still does not
sound like much of a choice. I've got to keep going, Rei.'

Ranma turned and began to walk down the hall to Terminal Dogma again.
Before he had run, but now he only walked. Slowly, he placed one foot
in front of each other, as though hoping Rei would call for him to stop.

*Ranma... Do you trust me?*

'Huh? Yeah, of course I trust you.'

Rei spoke with great care. What she was saying obviously caused her
great difficulty. *Would you believe me if I said that Adam is no
danger unless an active Angel were in Terminal Dogma?*

Ranma slowed to a stop. 'Yeah... Is it the sort of thing you are likely
to say?'

*I would not say it to you, since your security clearance is not high
enough. However, I may say something similar to Commander Ikari, should
the opportunity present itself.*

'So basically, all we gotta do is stop an Angel from getting to
Terminal Dogma, and the world is still safe?'

*Third Impact will not be caused by the Angels if we can defend NERV
from them.*

'And Adam ain't a problem.'

Ranma turned around and walked away from Terminal Dogma. 'I don't think
this is right, Rei. I don't think we should be doing this. Adam is
dangerous. You know it, I know it and the Commander knows it. I want
you to know, I'm only doing this because I trust you. OK, Rei? I hope
you ain't doing this because someone ordered you to.'

They had almost reached the lift shaft when Rei spoke again. *I hope we
are right, also.*

* * *

Souryuu Asuka Langley stretched her hands over her head, yawned
mightily and relaxed again. Once she resumed her position relaxed
against the wall, she turned sideways and smiled at the slightly
shorter girl next to her. "You know, Hirakri-chan? It's really nice to
have a friend who's completely normal."

The class rep blinked at her. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know. I just seems that ever since I joined NERV, everyone
I've met is either a boring adult, or completely weird. It's nice to
meet someone who I can just be friends with."

"Really? What about where you used to go to school."

Affecting a nonchalant attitude, Asuka brushed some of her long red
hair back. "Actually, I was so far ahead, I was already in college.
Germany is different like that to Japan. Here they say: 'Asuka, you're
fourteen. Go study with the rest of the fourteen-year-olds.' Over there,
I got to hang out with real men, not just boys like Shinji and his

A slight blush came to Hiraki's face as she thought about a couple of
the boys in their class. Asuka might think they were immature, but she
did not mind. Oddly enough, both of them were Shinji's friends too.
Hikari remembered hearing once that similar people tended to cluster
together. Did that mean that Shinji was as mature as Touji? He
certainly was not as cool as Ranma...

"Oh! I'm sorry, Asuka-chan. What did you say? I drifted off for a
moment there."

"I was just saying how different schools were over here. You'd hardly
believe that I could speak three languages, but I do. Lots of people in
Germany do. German, English and Japanese."

"Wow! Really? I always have so much trouble with English. How well can
you speak German?"

Studying her fingernails, Asuka failed miserably as she tried to act
modest. "Absolutely perfect. I was over there for more than eight years.
I moved there for work, you see. Everyone in the country spoke German.
And being so smart, I picked it up easily."

"And your Japanese is so good too. I can hardly even hear your accent.
I bet your English is just as good."

She brushed that aside as her due. "True, true, but my writing still
needs a bit of work. I can write English fine, since that uses almost
the same alphabet as German, but I still need to practice a bit on my

Hikari beamed at that. "That would be perfect! I can come over and help
you study Japanese, and you can help me with my English. How would that

"S-Sure. I'd like that." It was strange in many ways. Although Asuka
knew she was brilliant, beautiful, modest and a wonderful person to be
around, she rarely had any real friends to share time with. Her time in
Germany was filled with one indifferent tutor or NERV staff member
after another. Even at college, she had not had many friends due to the
age difference. There had been the occasional boy who would keep trying
to ask her out - she had always admired Hans' persistence, even after
the restraining order - but most of them were not up to the standard
she required.

What she really missed were girl friends. Girls her own age that she
could talk to and gossip with. Maybe coming to Japan would not be so
bad, despite the people she was living with. Kaji was here, and after
only having been at school such a short time, she had always made a new

"Would you like to come over for dinner tonight? Mum is busy so I was
going to be cooking. You're welcome to join us if you like."

Asuka opened her mouth to thank her, paused than looked down at her
toes. "Sorry, Hikari-chan. Misato-san says I'm not allowed to go out at
the moment since I just got here." That was not quite how the Major had
put it, but Asuka did not want to scare her new friend with the Major's
comments on rabid libidos.

Could she invite Hikari home? She knew that none of the others would
mind. None of them would mind if she brought home a dozen bums off the
street. Asuka had never met such an odd bunch of people. Misato seemed
obsessed with Asuka's sex life having somehow come to the conclusion
that Asuka was as much of a pervert as her guardian. Shinji and Rei...
They were a matched pair: dull, boring, unexciting, uninspired, and now
that she was here; unnecessary. Ranma... Ranma was weird. He was there
even less than Rei, and even after just knowing him for two days, she
knew he was obsessed with martial arts. She did not know where he went
at night, but so long as he stayed out of her room, that was all that

Giving a sort of resigned huff, Asuka decided that she would invite her
friend over for dinner. If Hikari still liked her after meeting the
people she lived with, nothing would ever be able to ruin their
friendship. "How about you come over to my place?"

"That would be great! Do you need to call your mother and ask?"

For a moment, Asuka was struck dumb with the memory of the last time
she had seen her mother. Red light flooded the room from the evening
sky, and her mother looked calmer than any other time she could
remember her. Her mother's body spun slightly in the breeze, resolutely
protected from the force of gravity by the rope around her neck...


Asuka came back to herself with a start and essayed a quick smile as
she unclenched her fists. A line of stinging across her palms indicated
where her nails had dug in, but they had not drawn blood, this time.
"Sorry, I just got caught up remembering something... But don't worry.
I don't need anyone's approval to have a friend over. Besides, I'll
just get Ranma or Ayanami to cook."

"R-Ranma? You live with Ranma?"

"Sure do NERV decided to put all of the pilots into one place. Easier
to keep track of us, I guess."

"But why do you need one of them to cook? Don't you enjoy cooking too?"

"Not really. I can make a great bratwurst and mustard on black-bread
sandwich, but that's as far as my interest goes."

"S-So is it true that Ranma and Ayanami are going out with each other?"

The red head snorted. "Yeah, right. Why would anyone want to go out
with Wondergirl? Especially when I'm around. Nah, I don't think they
have. Humph. I can't even remember hearing the two of them even having
a decent conversation. She never waits for him for dinner, and by the
looks of it, he always barges into the bathroom before she does,
because he always finishes first. If you ask me, the guys a bit of a
jerk, even if he does look good with his shirt off."

Stunned silence...

"You saw Ranma with his shirt off? When? How did he look? Does he do it

Again she affected disinterest. "All right... Nothing too special..."
Giving a sly look, Asuka leaned over to her friend. "You know... From
what I hear, he usually takes it off after training. Just before he has
a bath to clean up for dinner... "

Hikari gave an audible gulp. When Asuka recommended that now might be a
good time to leave for her apartment, the class representative nodded
her head - visions of firm muscle moving through her mind as gracefully
as a ballet dancer.

Unfortunately - at least, it was unfortunate for Hikari - they arrived
just a little too late to see Ranma finish his days training. Since Rei
had been allocated the cooking duties for tonight, he had finished
early. By the time the two girls arrived, Rei had almost finished

When everyone sat down around the table for dinner, Rei laid out a pair
of fish for Pen-Pen, but otherwise provided everyone a vegetarian dish.
Once again, Hikari was amazed at how full Ayanami's plate was. It was a
rather nice dish, but there seemed to be an oddly large amount of tofu
in it. When questioned, Ayanami had just shrugged and said that it was
high in protein.

Hikari could not fault the blue haired girl's cooking, but the meal was
something more along the lines of what a professional athlete or body
builder would eat. For someone Ayanami's size to be eating that much on
a regular basis and stay the same size, she would need a metabolism
like a race car.

Despite the tension that had existed between Misato and Asuka for the
last few days due to the unfortunate events on her first day in Japan,
the dinner passed very well. As subtly as possible for someone who had
consumed four beers, Misato had quizzed Hikari about her friendship
with Asuka. Needless to say, the Major was very happy when the girl
indicated nothing more than normal friendship. After a few days of
walking on eggshells, Misato was beginning to hope it had somehow,
improbably, all been a misunderstanding.

Poor Shinji spent the entire meal going from pale-from-fear to red-
from-embarrassment. With four women around the table, since he was so
quiet, they had apparently forgotten he was there. That led them into
the realm loosely defined as "girl talk".

Rei was quiet and reserved - as usual - but egged on by the
increasingly vocal adult, the other girls began discussing men and life
in the ways only girls do when they are in private. Shinji sat there,
partly paralysed from fear, partly out of the incredible insight into
life he never expected to hear. After a while, the girls shifted the
conversation around to Ranma, since he was a hot topic on almost
everyone's mind in someway or another.

At this point, Rei stood and left. Padding quietly through the house on
light feet, she departed for her bedroom before Ranma had some sort of
a fit inside her head. Although Misato's vision was slightly blurred by
the imbibing of the liquid gold, her perception and memory were barely
impaired as she made a mental note of which room the albino had gone to.

Time passed. Hikari went home. Asuka went to bed. Misato passed out on
the living room floor.

The first thing Misato became aware of was the fact that it was far too
early in the morning to be awake. But someone certainly was. The sound
of a door sliding open was quiet... Too quiet to be a normal action, it
was obviously someone trying to be quiet, and that was what caught
Misato's attention.

Lifting her head of the floor, the Major absently brushed a strand of
drool from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes searched room and finally
fixed on a form moving through the shadows. The form was coming from
Ayanami's room, but it was the wrong shape and size for her. Bigger in
the wrong places, the person was male, and he was coming out of one of
the girl's rooms. That was something Misato had expressly forbidden.

With a groan, Misato sat up and wished she had drunk more last night.
If she had, she might of slept through this, which would have saved her
from an ugly scene this early in the morning. Resolving that she would
not stop drinking tonight until she was well and truly done, she
nonetheless rose to her feet and walked over to nervous looking boy.

At the first sound of his guardian awakening, Ranma had frozen.
Partially it was the hope that he would not be noticed, but equally it
was fear. He could have run, he could have fought, but neither of those
options would accomplish what he really wanted: to get out of
explaining what was going on.

Sounding tired - and not just a little hung over - Misato began. "All
right, Ranma-kun. Go get Ayanami. We need to talk."

Nodding once, Ranma ducked back into the room and closed the door.
'Rei! Quick! We've got to change! You have to convince Misato-san we
weren't doing nothing.'

*Yes.* Obviously they had not broken any of the Major's orders. That
would be very difficult for the two of them.

Quickly, Ranma splashed himself with cold water and mentally sighed in
relief. He was safe. He could rely on Rei to explain things. Feeling
the girl begin to turn and leave the room, he called out for her to
stop. *Wait! Wait, get changed first. If Misato-san sees you like this,
she'll become suspicious immediately.*

'I understand.' Putting action to words, Rei took off Ranma's clothes
and donned some of her own. She was tempted to put on her uniform, but
the Major had been insistent about speaking to them, so she decided not
to take the time. Instead, she pulled on some of the new underwear that
she had recently bought with Ranma. A plain grey crop-top and
underpants, Ranma had suggested them as being more comfortable to sleep
in than the school uniform, without being outgoing or sexy.

Pulling open the door to her room, Rei stood there and looked up. As
usual, the Major did not look her best in the mornings, and today was
no exception. "I am here."

Pulling a hand through her hair, Misato shook her head. "I though I
told you that the two of you were not supposed to be sleeping together
any more."

"You did."

"And yet I just saw Ranma-kun coming out of your room at five in the

"You did."

"Don't you think I deserve some sort of an explanation or an apology?"


Misato frowned and crossed her arms. "Go get Ranma-kun. I want to talk
to both of you."

Turning silently, Rei slid the door shut behind her and walked over to
the water heater. Normally people used them for keeping hot water for
tea, but Ranma had a different purpose in mind. Since he often needed
to change in here, it made sense. They had originally bought it since
the hot water in their previous flat was rather unpredictable. Now she
made use of it in the same way she had not ten minutes earlier;
changing back into Ranma so he could take control of the body.

As fate would have it, Misato's patience expired at almost exactly the
same time. Why the two of them constantly needed to go back inside to
get the other person was beyond her, and at this time of the day, it
was just another headache she did not need. Give the door a quick yank,
she strode into the room and looked around.

Catching Ranma's eyes as he stood next to the water heater, Misato let
her frown become even stronger. "Ranma-kun... Why are you wearing
Ayanami's underwear?"

End Of Chapter.