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A/N: Here it is. The first installment of my CM Punk story. There really aren't enough stories about him. Anyway, this tied on my poll with the Jeff Hardy story, so I'm going to start writing both of them. This one just flowed faster. OC pics in my profile.

Love Drunk Punk by Cara Mascara

Chapter 1: Debut

-Punk's POV-

We all saw the previews. Week after week for a month. There were three of them. Two guys and a girl. Everyone was talking about it. I don't think anyone was more intrigued than I was though. They called themselves The Punkrockalypse. See why it caught my attention?

They have a near classic faction. The big, tall powerhouse, the smaller risk taker, strong with his feet. The originality comes with the chick. Her ringname's Fallon. Not sure if that's her real name or not. But I've seen some of her Shimmer and OVW stuff courtesy of Mike Mizanin and John Hennigan's curiosity. This girl is hardcore. She takes weapon shots, jumps of anything and moves so fast sometimes I don't think her opponents even register what she's just done. Not to mention she's hot. Like really hot. I don't get the opportunity to meet chicks that are actually into the same type of stuff I'm interested in. But she definitely looks like the kind of girl I'd get along with.

I wouldn't mind getting to know her better… at all.

And here I am, sitting in the locker room with a few other guys watching their debut on ECW on the monitor. The girl isn't fighting tonight according to the script. The guys are facing two jobbers. The script says their names are Joey Krisis and Lex Morgan. Not sure who's who.

"Guys, guys. Here we go." Mike Manna got all our attention. The locker room was silent as we all stared at the TV, the arena going black with red and blue lights flashing and sirens sounding. This should be interesting.

-Fallon's POV-

I jumped up and down at the sound of sirens echoing through the arena trying to shake out my nerves. This is it. The dream. The three of us worked our asses off in OVW, where we met. And they signed us all. They liked our gimmick and our style. The WWE wanted us. They actually scouted and chose us! The only thing that would make this better would be if I were actually getting in the ring tonight. They said they want my in-ring debut to be next week against Layla. I can deal.

"Go Fal," Lex said, giving me a little push as TRIC by Otep blasted through the arena. I was almost blinded by the strobes as I jumped from behind the curtain, but I pulled it off. I hyped the crowd as best I could while Lex and Joey took places on each side of me.

"And now, making their debut, from Detroit, Michigan, being accompanied to the ring by Fallon. They are The Punkrockalypse Lex Morgan and Joey Krisis!" Lex posed with his arms raised high in the air displaying devil horns while Joey crossed his over his chest, devil horns displayed as well, tongue sticking straight out and revealing a tongue stud. I jumped around between them, pointing to the two and getting the crowd behind them.

People actually seemed into us as we made our way down to the ring. Someone even had a Punkrockalypse sign. That's probably the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. I slapped some fans hands before I slid into the ring. Lex and Joey occupied the turnbuckles while I stood between them at the ropes. This is an unbelievable experience.

-Punk's POV-

They were definitely loud. That's one thing I noticed right away. After their match, a bunch of us wanted to check the new superstars out. Unfortunately, I had to go wrestle Chavo and throw his ass into the Gulf of Mexico, so I'm walking in on the meet and greet late.

I went to knock on the locker room door but it was pulled open by the big tall guy, who I figured out was Lex Morgan during his match. Shit this dude's a giant. Not Khali or anything, but he's definitely about 6'9" or so. He kind of scared the shit out of me because he looked pissed off. But then he grinned.

"CM Punk! What's up bro? Nice ta meet ya! Name's Lex." Then he practically dragged me into the locker room where I recognized a good portion of the ECW roster and a few Smackdown guys sitting around and drinking beer. Yep there's a total party going on in here. Great.

"Yeah. Hey dude. Good match tonight," I humored him. The man's clearly intoxicated. He's practically yelling and doesn't realize his own strength as he shakes my hand.

"Hey Fal! Stop being a whore and get over here!" I saw her sitting in a chair backwards and talking to Mizanin and Hennigan. She just laughed what Lex said off and said something to the tag champs before patting their shoulders and walking over to us.

Oh yeah, she's totally hot.

"Fallon here thinks you're hot shit. Give her a few beers and she'll probably-omph!" She elbowed him in the ribs. Girl's got balls. Hopefully that's only figuratively speaking.

"Way to make me sound like a total fan girl ass!" She laughed when she said it though.

"Yeah, well that poster above your bed proves my point." Again, she laughed and jumped on his back. He spun around a few times before she slid off and he wandered away, yelling some more. The whole situation was pretty amusing. She ran a hand through her messy black hair and looked at me, sliding her hands in her pockets. "Heh, sorry 'bout that. He's a total dick when he drinks." She looked mildly embarrassed, but there was no blushing or anything. "Fallon," she said sticking a hand out to me. Her voice was raspy and sexy.

"Phil… or Punk. I answer to both." I shook her hand and then we stood there kind of awkwardly.

"I know you don't drink, but we got some Pepsi if you wanna hang out," she offered.

"Sure, I'm free for the rest of the night," I shrugged and followed her over to a cooler.

-Fallon's POV-

I sat across from Phil, leaned against the wall with a beer bottle between my legs. "Fallon's your real name, right?"

I laughed a little at his question and nodded. "Yeah, Fallon Vargas."

"So how old are you?" he asked me.

"Twenty one. How old are you?"

"Thought you were a fan?" he laughed. I scoffed.

"Dude, don't wanna rain on your parade but Lex loves to try and embarrass me. It's like his life goal or something. I mean, I'm a fan, but it's not like a fan girl thing. Your work in ROH inspired me though. And I have a lot of wrestling posters on my wall, not just you." We both laughed and I sipped my beer.

"I'm twenty nine. Where you from?"

"Detroit. You?"

"Chicago. So… you really into the whole punk scene, or is it just a gimmick?" he asked. We'd been going back and forth like this for about ten minutes now.

I chuckled a little at his words. Here it goes. "Yeah, I'm really into it. Lex is more into the metal scene, but Joey's pretty into punk too. It's not really the same kind you're into I don't think though." He raised an eyebrow at me and I sighed. "We party… a lot."

He shrugged. "It's cool. I mean, if I avoided everyone who liked to party and drink a little in this business, I wouldn't talk to... anybody." I nodded and took another sip of my beer. I'm taking it slow tonight. Don't want to make a complete ass out of myself the first night here (Lex is destined for that right now). Two beers. That's all I'm allowed to have. I'm finishing off number one right now.

"So, I gotta ask. Maria? I mean really, she's cute and all but…" I may have overstepped my boundaries with that question, but it's something that always boggled my mind.

He just laughed and shook his head though, running a hand over his face. "I… don't even know. I think it was a total… loneliness thing. You know between being on the road all the time and not really into the whole ring rat thing, it's not that easy to find someone."

"Hey! Hey Fal! Get over here!" I heard Lex's booming voice yell across the room. I sighed and swigged the rest of my beer down, tossing the bottle aside and standing up.

"We should go over there." I hadn't realized how isolated we'd been from everyone else, hiding in the corner. "I'm being a bad hostess," I chuckled a little. Phil stood up as well, nodding in agreement.

-Punk's POV-

Normally, I don't laugh at drunks. I usually can't stand to be around them. But this dude Lex is seriously a riot. You should see Layla's face as he makes pass after pass at her. I don't think she knows what to do. Part of her looks horrified, but the other part of her looks a little interested.

The other guy, Joey is just as bad. A complete spaz. But he's certainly entertaining. I'm trying not to laugh at the drunken antics, but it's pretty difficult, especially since Joey has a bra Fallon claimed belonged to her on his chest over his t-shirt.

He's breaking out the toilet paper now. This should be good.

"So?" Miz asked. I rolled my eyes when I noticed John and him standing right next to me.

"So what?" I know what they're about to get at.

"Whatdya think?" John asked.

"We saw you mackin' it," Miz informed me and I did all I could not to spit my soda out and crack up. Mackin' it? Who the fuck says that?!

"What do you want me to say?' I shrugged. She's cool and all but we only talked for like twenty minutes.

"Dude-" John pursed his lips though when he saw the subject of interest coming this way.

"Hey guys," Fallon rasped out. Ooh, that voice is killing me a little. So… sexy… can't... think. I blinked a few times to clear my head. "We're gonna motor. I've gotten get them back to the hotel before the vomit party starts." She eyed me for a minute then reached out for my… well, what I thought was Punk Jr. But she grabbed my cell phone clip form the waist of my jeans and flipped it open, punching things into it and then shutting it. "Give me a call sometime," she said, placing it in my hand and waving us off.

Wow, she's so shy.