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Love Drunk Punk

Chapter 8: Layla's Crush

One knock at the hotel door, and it was a race.

Joey and Lex jumped up before I could even get off my bed, running to the door and swinging it open. I groaned, quickly trying to grab my bags before they had a chance to start interrogating Punk.

I wasn't fast enough.

"Well, well, well. CM Pu-uhnk," Lex's deep voice grumbled as he stood in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest.

"Um, hey? Is Fallon in here?" They were blocking me from Punk. I couldn't get around the two of them.

"She is, but before we let her go with you, in your car young man, we have to ask some questions. Establish some ground rules."

"Uh, o-okay." Great, he agreed to it. I gave up trying to push Lex aside and slumped against the wall, praying this would be over quickly.

"Now Punk. Fal is very delicate," Lex started.

"Very delicate," Joey echoed. I just snorted at the statement. I'm about as delicate as duct tape.

So I like to pretend anyway.

"What kind of vehicle will you be traveling in?"

"Is there a passenger's side airbag?"

"She's allergic to shrimp. Did you know that?

"We're going to need your contact information."

"Are you a virgin?"

That final question of Joey's was the last straw.

"Oh my god..." I muttered under my breath, quickly shoving past them. I was finally able to come face to face with Punk, who looked a little taken back by the two guys, not that I can blame him at this point.

We stood there for a long second, smiling at each other before we were broken out of our cheesy little trance by two loud 'aww's'.

"Shut the fuck up," I growled, smacking Joey in the chest. He laughed and blocked it, backing into the room and kicking my bag towards me. "Sorry," I apologized for my friends.

Punk just shrugged and grabbed my bag for me. "Whatever. Later guys."

"Bye assholes," I snapped, flipping them the bird then closing the door in their faces. I turned back to Punk and watched as he held both his and my bag... in one hand.


"You don't have to carry my bag." Though I love watching the muscles in his arm flex, I figured I should be courteous.

"Actually, I do. Makes me feel macho," he joked, raising his eyebrows as we began walking down the hall towards the elevator.

We talked quietly to each other on the elevator ride down. I could see myself in the mirrors that lined the elevator wall and my eyes were... starry. So were his. My god, we look like fools.

But... I'm not complaining.

I pressed in to his side, scraping my nails over the skin of his tattooed bicep as he looked down, talking aimlessly about his last experience in this city. I glanced back at the mirror, seeing myself next to him, holding on to his muscled arm.

Mmm, we look hot together.

Punk checked out of his room while I patiently waited next to our bags, leaning up against a pillar. I was just staring at him. God, he is gorgeous. Something about the way he moved and carried himself. His mannerisms were so sexy.

"Um, Fallon?" a light accented voice broke me from my thoughts and I turned to see Layla standing before me, hands fiddling in front of her.

"Hey Lay. What's shakin'?" I smirked, wondering why she looked nervous and shifty eyed.

"Oh, oh nothing. I just... came over to say hi," she lied, pathetically. I just raised my eyebrows at her and crossed my arms over my chest. The jig was definitely up. The petite woman sighed and dropped her hands to her sides. "Okay, okay. I was wondering about... Lex."

I refrained from laughing. Is serious?! She likes Lex. She actually likes Lex?! After their first meeting, where Lex came on way too strong, as usual, I would've thought she'd be running for the hills. "What about him?' I prodded, a knowing smile making it's way on my lips.

"Well... I was wondering if..." She cleared her throat and pushed her straight, dark hair behind her ear, glancing from me to the floor. "This is so stupid. Look, I'm not usually... like this. But Lex doesn't... I mean he isn't..."

"Seeing anyone?" I finally decoded. The poor girl looks embarrassed. I doubt the little bombshell's ever had to pry around to get a date like this before. Not that she actually has to. Lex talks about wanting her all the time, even before we got to the company.

Her composure stiffened and the most hopefully sheepish expression came over her face and I couldn't help but let out a giggle. "Yeah."

"Lex is single and quite smitten with you anyway. I'll tell him to ask you out like a gentleman this time," I said with a wink. "And don't worry, this conversation never happened," I assured her, knowing that no girl our age wants to play the telephone, junior high, ask him out for me dating game.

"God, thank you so much. It's the strangest thing. Normally, a guy acts like that, and I wouldn't want anything to do with him. But the man hasn't left my thoughts." Her demeanor changed drastically, becoming relaxed and slightly shipper.

I tossed my head back and laughed. "Yeah, Lex is a real charmer," I said sarcastically. Layla blushed and shook her head.

"I know, I know. There's just something about him I can't seem to get enough of though." I didn't blurt out the overly sexual comment I was thinking in my head, thankfully. And it was then my situation seemed to dawn on Layla. "Hey, are you leaving? I thought you traveled with Lex and..." She trailed off, seeing Punk speaking to the woman behind the desk, then returned her gaze to me. "Ahhh, I see. That's bloody adorable."

It was my turn to flush a little this times, laughing lightly and sheepishly scuffing my shoe into the floor.

"Hey Layla. What's up?" Layla stiffened as soon as Punk asked the question, grabbing our bags from the floor. She gave me a pleading look and I knew that meant, 'please don't say anything about why I'm here while I'm standing right in front of you'.

Not wanting to embarrass my new co-worker, I covered for her. "Oh, she just saw me and stopped to say hi."

Punk looked between us and shrugged. "Oh. Ready to go?"

"Yeah. See ya Layla," I departed, following Punk over to the doors.

"Bye guys!" she called, waving her small hand before we went out in to the parking lot.

"So, what was that really about?" he asked as he popped the trunk and threw our bags into the back of his rental. I laughed at Layla's lack of subtlety.

"She's got the hots for Lex. She wanted to know if he was single." Punk looked shocked.

"Layla likes Lex? Really? Wow..."

"My thoughts exactly. But whatever. He like masturbates to her pictures every night I'm sure, so he'll be happy," I joked, getting in to the passengers seat. Of course, I hope that what I said was just a joke. Gross.

-Punk's POV-

"He really did that?" I asked, unbelieving the story about Joey she was telling me. Apparently the guy had willingly picked a fight with Brock Lesnar in a club a while back. I wouldn't even pick a fight with that freak and Joey was half my size.

"Oh yeah. Guy's brain-dead. If I wasn't there—shit, hold on." Her cell phone began ringing and she answered it as I continued to drive towards the venue where the house show was being held. "Hey Josh! New number or something?"

Who's Josh? Okay, a little, tiny flare of jealousy rose up in me, I won't lie. I'm not crazy r controlling, but I am quite curious. I like to know who the girls I'm dating are friends with.

"Thank you! Yeah... yeah. I should be in Detroit sometime this week. No, I'm not with them.... Phil Brooks... yeah. Yeah. I know... okay. Thanks for calling.... bye." She flipped her phone shut and I sighed, trying to resist the urge to be nosy. Thankfully, she said something before I had to ask. "That was Josh Harter. Know him?"

I could place the name to the ringname easily. Chris Sabin. I've never really talked to the guy. "I know who he is. I've only met him a few times though."

"Oh. I trained with him for a little while. And, uh... we dated."


The ex's come in to play.

"I don't like that look," she laughed and I tried to wipe whatever expression I had on, off. "Relax, we're just friends. It just didn't work out."

"I know, I know. I believe you." I do. Who am I to judge her past relationships and their current status? I don't know enough about her.