(A Sequel to 'Big Bang')

Disclaimer: what could possibly cause you to imagine that I might own 'Doctor Who' or 'Torchwood'? On the other hand, Wil and the Terraformers are all my fault.


You couldn't deny the fantastic intelligence of the beings in question. But wisdom was something else. Intelligence is not necessarily packaged with sagacity.

In our universe, the universe of Humans and Daleks and the Time Lords, we'd perhaps call them Terraformers although they terraformed not moons or planets or even solar systems.

No, they were terraformers of the cosmos.

Already once – at least once – they had transformed an entire universe and made it their own. They had altered its physical laws… how it behaved and how it was constructed. The underpinnings of that universe were modified to accommodate their needs, which were very different from those of its native inhabitants. Without a thought they wiped the slate clean and made it their own.

The loss of what had been was staggering, but of no consequence.

They were non-corporeal, inexplicable, almost unfathomable; trillions and trillions swimming in their own perfect sea of oneness.

Two corporals had been allowed to interrupt their relentless progression. Intrigued and perhaps a tiny bit jealous of the pair of beings, they had taken pause.

But they did not intend this pause to last forever… oh no, not at all.