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"C'mon Mr. Monk, stop acting like a child." Natalie Teeger said in annoyance to her Obsessive Compulsive boss, Adrian Monk.

"I'm not acting like a child, Natalie. I'm acting like my normal self." Monk said, getting out of Natalie's Ford Escape.

Natalie is the assistant to the person who is the closest to actually being Sherlock Holmes. Monk can solve even the trickiest of crimes just by taking a look around the scene of the crime. He was a homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department , but his mental disorder worsened after the death of his beloved wife and resulted in him becoming a consultant for the police. He has worked on having his status reinstated ever since. See, dear ol' Mr. Monk is afraid of practically everything. He has 312 phobias to be exact. Phobias that range from snakes, heights and germs to lady bugs, glaciers and even milk.

On this day, Monk and Natalie were called out to San Francisco's Botanical Gardens to investigate a case. The rare Bochi Flower that was recently discovered in Lithuania was stolen.

What's so special about this flower you ask? Well, besides the fact it's rare, the gel that can be found if you split the leaves or stems apart, can be used to make a potent neurotoxin or a powerful bomb. It almost makes you wonder why the Bochi Flower was making a tour on 200 botanical gardens if it could be so dangerous in the wrong hands.

"Mr. Monk!"

"Natalie, gardens include six of my phobias! Snakes, dirt, spiders, flies, bees, and smells!" Monk said, naming the phobias off on his fingers.

"You'll be fine. I've got your wipes and everything." Natalie said, leading her boss into a greenhouse.

When they entered the greenhouse, Natalie and Monk noticed that there were two different sets of police, ones with SFPD on their uniforms and ones with GCPD on theirs. They have worked with several other police departments before so it was no surprise to them.

Natalie looked around for the captain of the SFPD, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, to ask what was going on. She found him and as usual the Lieutenant of the SFPD, Randall 'Randy' Disher wasn't far behind.

"Gotham City Police. Looks like we've got tourists and took the Bochi Flower with them as a souvenir ." Capt. Stottlemeyer replied dryly. "The infamous Poison Ivy wanted it as part of her collection of exotic plant life and San Francisco was as close to Gotham City as it would ever get. We're working together."

"I can see why. Gotham is overridden with criminals. Where was it headed to next?" Natalie asked.

"Mexico City." Lt. Disher replied. "I think it's funny how Poison Ivy's accomplice, whoever it was, yelled quote, 'I'm gonna go Mort Rainey on you're ass!' and hit the victim with a shovel from behind. I've got a cousin who loves that movie." Disher started laughing until he noticed nobody else was and they were staring at him.


"All the signs point to Harley Quinn as the accomplice. Her brand wasn't with the Joker's at the bank heist last night back in Gotham. That, and just for fun, The Joker thought he'd break into Gotham Light and Power and shut off all the power in the city." A police officer from Gotham City said, handing Capt. Stottlemeyer a files with the names of 'Harley Quinn' and 'Poison Ivy' a picture of the women on them.

"I hate clowns!" Monk exclaimed, turning away from the offending photographs.

"Well, you don't want to meet this one especially." The Gotham police officer said. "Few people live to tell the tale of The Joker's circus. Harley Quinn may act like a idiot, but she can tote any firearm better than most cops."

"Do they always work in together?" Stottlemeyer asked.

"Usually. She's his girlfriend." The officer replied.

"Hmm, so Harleen Quinzel is her real name." Capt. Stottlemeyer mused, reading Quinn's file.

"Wait! What's her name?" Lt. Disher asked in alarm.

"Harleen Quinzel. Something wrong, Randy?"

"Is something wrong? Captain, Harleen Quinzel is my cousin!"