Chapter 1 - Suicide and a stranger

-Konoha Council chamber-

"Uzumaki Naruto you are hereby banished from Konoha." said Hiashi hyuuga.

"What! Why I completed my mission, I brought back the traitor Sasuke!" screamed Naruto.

" you drove the Uchiha away and then you attempted to release the kyuubi in the valley of the end!" roared Homura while Koharu nodded in agreement.
"No I didn't I pursued Sasuke and when I asked him to return he attacked me with the curse seal I used some of the Kyuubi's chakra in self defense!" yelled Naruto with tears starting to fall

"We will not listen to your lies demon! Our disision is final you have till tomorrow at noon to be out of the village or be executed" said Hiashi while motioning for the anbu officer to take him away.

An hour latter Naruto was walking around his apartment packing his clothes and scrolls preparing to leave the village when he thought "Who am I fooling bastard council will send an assassination squad after me when I leave any ways. Huuu" he sighed then finished packing his things and left for the front gate.

"Look there goes the demon finally leaving, I hope he dies" said one of the chunin guards to the other

Just then, Naruto stopped outside the gate looked and looked at the guards and said "Hey wana se something cool?"

"...? Just go die demon!" spat the guard to which Naruto gave one of his foxy smiles and said "ok but watch close or your gona miss it" with that he unzipped his orange jacket to revile his shirt covered in explosive tags.

"O Shit" screamed the guards as they ducked for cover just in time as... BOOOM and in an instant there was blood everywhere.

When the dust and bloody mist cleared there was just a bloody crater with a Konoha headband where the blond once stood. (Both chunins puked there guts out at the site of so much blood.)

Moments later there was a crowd of shinobi and civilians alike along with the Hokage Tsunade and Jiraiya had rushed to the gates "what the hell happened here?" Tsunade yelled at the guards to which the told her about Naruto's suicide explosion, Tsunade fell to the ground crying with Jiraiya trying his best to comfort her while thinking " Minato I failed you ... I lets this village drive him to his death" while Sannins wept for Naruto the crowed cheered for the "Demons" death, all except the rookie 9 and sensies they were too shocked.

Sakura was extremely sad about Naruto she had been getting closer to the blond over the last few months and even lost her attraction to Sasuke much to the surprise of ino.
She had seen how cold and hateful the Uchiha had become, she had been witness to Naruto's fight with Sasuke at the valley of the end and truth be told she was scared of the curse seal influenced Uchiha...but she also saw Naruto in a new light he called on the Kyuubi's chakra that seemed to scare Sasuke but felt strangly peaceful to her because he was using it to fulfill his promise to to her, yes Sakura new of the kyuubi in Naruto he had told her during the month before the chunin exam finals.


Naruto and Sakura were walking down the street towards the ramen stand Kakashi had taken Sasuke to train him for the upcoming final exam and in doing so left them alone , Naruto had found Jiraiya to train him and Sakura had failed the second part of the exam ... so all in all it turned out ok.

"Naruto why do the villagers look at you like this? Why do the call you a demon?" asked Sakura, Naruto froze before telling her to follow him.
They made there way to a clearing in the forest before Naruto sat down "Sakura-chan...What do you know about the kyuubi?"

"Kyuubi?" Sakura asked nervously "It was killed by the Forth Hokage ... what does this have to do with..." Naruto sighed cutting her off " It was defeated not killed ... there is no way to kill a demon the only way to win is to seal it but..." Naruto looked to the ground "the kyuubi was so strong it could not be sealed into a shrine or any none living object... it required a human prison... a new born human was the only option so that is what the Yondamia did ." He said still looking at the ground

"It was wasn't it y-you were that baby?" asked Sakura with tears in her eyes

"Yes ... and that is why the people hate me, because they see me as the kyuubi and not his jailer."

--Flashback end--

-2 days later Naruto's funeral-

Naruto's Funeral was a small event at witch it became painfully obvious how few friends he had only the rookie 9 and sensies (minus Sasuke) Tsunade, Jiraiya, Iruka, Garra, ramen bar owner and his daughter showed up.

After a short speech by Tsunade several people there got up and said a few thing about Naruto

"He was a good person with a harsh fate but didn't let it get him down" -Neji

"Naruto was a good student and brother" -Iruka

"He was the most surprising ninja and a good student never quitting" -Kakashi

"He was a good person" -Garra

"He never let his friends get hurt and never broke a promise" -Sakura

After that every one left but Sakura she was deep in thought "Naruto I think I loved you ...I wish I had the chance to find out "she thought sadly and than started to cry.

-Time skip 5 years- October 10th -

After Naruto's death Sakura threw herself into constant training under Tsunade and had reached the status of jonin, she was even rumored to be next in line to become Hokage.

The rest of the rookie 9 were doing good as well all jonin or anbu, Sasuke had gone into Danzo's Root division of anbu but was still shunned by the rookie 9 because they blamed him for Naruto's banishment and ultimately his death not that he cared, only his fan girl Ino still talked to him and it was believed that they were dating.

At the main gate the chunins on guard were getting bored until they noticed a man walking down the road he was about 6 foot tall wearing a black jonin jacket with black shinobi pants and a large black cloak with blue flames at the end of the sleeves and bottom of the jacket However, what stood out the most was the Whirlpool headband on his forehead holding back messy blond hair.

"Halt. State your business in Konoha," stated the guard. Said blond kept walking without even looking at them.

"State your business or we will call the anbu" yelled the second guard.

At this the blond stopped and said "I here to visit friends and buy supplies"

"What's your name and where are you from?" asked the chunin not believing the blond stranger.

"...Uzu Namikaze I am a ninja of Whirlpool country" said the blond (AN: I will now refer to him as Uzu)

Both guards blink "N-Namikaze... any relations to the Yondamia?" the first guard asks

"Yes he was my father" stated Uzu flatly

Both guards blink again "One moment Namikaze-san we will call a jonin to escort you to the Hokage" said one of the guards before rushing off.
Moments later the guard reappeared with a pink haired kounichi in standard jonin gear who quickly walked up to him and bowed "Namikaze-san I will escort you to the Hokage now"

As they walked through the streets to the hokages tower in silence Uzu decided to try and start a conversation with the kounichi "Sooo... what's your name?"

"Haruno Sakura" was reply

Uzu noticed all of the decorations "is there a festival tonight?"

Sakura stopped and looked at said "It is a calibration of the day Yondaime-sama defeated the kyuubi" then she took on a thoughtful look and asked " The guard said you his son how did you not now this?"

"Well... and it's also the day my father died so I don't see it as a day that should be celebrated" stated Uzu

"I see ... I'm sorry for your loss" Sakura said sadly

"Don't be its not your fault" he said with a sad smile "It's not like your carry the monster that killed your father inside of you." he thought to himself.

"So you're from whirlpool country?" she asked trying to change the subject

"No my mother was the Rasenkage but I was not born there" He said they walkedin sillence for the remander of the way.

By this time they had made it to the Hokage's tower Sakura led Uzu to the waiting room and left to inform the hokage of his arrival.

A few moments later she returned and led him in to the hokages office when they entered Tsunade exused Sakura and sat in her chair staring at Uzu a few Moments before saying

"Namikaze ... I was not aware of Minato having two sons?"

HAHA cliff hanger till the next chapter "Revelations and Uzu's past"

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