Chapter 6: The council

-Council chamber-

The council chamber was unusually loud today, apparently they had all heard that the son of Minato Namikaze had returned but that was all they could find out.

As Tsunade walked into the chamber the noise increased everyone had a question for her until they one voice raised "Tsunade-sama is there any truth to the rumors of Minato-sans son" said the normally stotic Hiashi hearing this the entire chamber went silent.

Tsunade tried not to laugh "poor bastards, hope Naruto doesn't make them shit themselves … too bad" she thought before putting on a straight face "Yes Hiashi-san, Minato's son has returned and is the reason I called this meeting" she said before turning to the guard "bring in Namikaze-san" said guard immediately left.

Moments later Naruto walked in follow by gasps from the council members all thinking one thing "he look just like the fourth" being the first to calm down Homura spoke with a smile "welcome Namikaze-san I assume you are in Konoha to rebuild the Namikaze clan?"

"And why would I want to do that?" said Naruto.

"Because the Namikaze clan has always been a noble clan of Konoha" spoke Koharu.

"Yes that is true but as you can see by my headband I am a ninja of the former whirlpool country" replied Naruto

"Are you trying to disrespect your father by abandoning his village? Hissed Homura

"Disrespect?" Naruto scoffed "I find it funny you would bring that up, It is also why I am here … where is the Uzumaki?" as he finished he saw the looks of sadness on the councils faces "I wonder why they look sad" he thought until Koharu spoke up.

"I see you came hear to finish what your father started…" she paused "I'm sorry to say but the demon died 5 years ago"

"Demon? Why do you call him that?" Naruto said with a grin.

"Surly you know your father sealed away demon into the child" said Homura confused by Naruto's question.

"Yes the key word is he sealed the demon into the child, therefore the child was not the dem…" but before he could continue he was cut off by Danzo.

"Namikaze-san as you know the kyuubi was the greatest of the demons it was to strong for the child and possessed him" said Danzo with a small smile.

"Tell me Danzo did the Uzumaki ever harm a member of this village?" asked Naruto

"Yes! As a madder a fact he attacked a member of the council" said Hiashi.

"Who?" said Naruto with narrowed eyes?

"He hospitalized Uchiha-san" said Koharu with a scowl.

Naruto frowned realizing he had not notice Sasuke sitting in the shadows next to Danzo "I see so you banish heroes and make traitors into council members" said Naruto.

"Uchiha-san is no trader he was chased out of the village by the demon! And what hero have we banished?" said an annoyed Danzo

"If you had taken the time to examine the seal containing the kyuubi you would have seen that it was designed to kill the kyuubi after 15 years and give all of its chakra to the container" said Naruto causing Danzo to pale realizing they had banished a boy that would have grown into one of the strongest shinobi to ever live.

"Also if you had treated the Uzumaki as a person and not a demon he would have eventually shown the council that he not only had a bloodline that surpasses the sharingan but also knew the Rasengan and Hiraishin no jutsu" said Naruto causing every one to gasp

"There is no blood line in Konoha greater than the sharingan even if there was the Dope did not come from any clan" said Sasuke speaking for the first time.

"You are correct his bloodline the Uzugan did not come from Konoha but from Whirlpool country where the Uzumaki's were a noble clan, one Uzumaki even became the Rasenkage" Naruto replied with a foxy grin

"You said he knew the Rasengan and Hiraishin no jutsus, why would he know your fathers jutsu?" said Homura.

"Have you ever thought about why the fourth would pick a random child out of an orphanage instead of using his own son?" Naruto asked

"Are you saying that the Uzumaki was the fourths son also" asked a slightly pale Danzo

"yes I am … But I'm also hear to tell you that since he was a Namikaze and the council banished him without the Hokages approval the banishment was not legal" he said with a large smile.

"What does this accomplish he is dead" said a confused Hiashi

"I believe I should introduce myself correctly I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze" he replied before disappearing in a yellow flash leaving a stunned council to think over what had happened.

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