Five year old Yugi sighed as he heard his father screaming and cursing as loud as he could. He was drunk, Yugi could smell it, and it was all his fault. Ever since Yugi's mother died, his father went out, got drunk, and then came home and beat Yugi till he passed out. "Some one, please save me." Yugi began to sigh.

The next door neighbor, Sam, was beginning to worry about the screaming. It was not only a man, but a child. He couldn't take it any more, so he grabbed the phone and dialed a number. "Hello operator, yes I would like to report child abuse. It's going on right now, please hurry, I don't think the child will last much longer." He told the operator the address and then hung up the phone. "Please hurry."

Yugi began crawling away, tears falling from his eyes. "I got to get away from him." He heard a police car and ran up the stairs, to a place where no one, not even his father, knew where it was.

"Yugi's just a little brat, if it wasn't for him, Sakura would still be alive!" Yugi's father screamed as the police put him into the car. "I hope he dies!!" He screamed before the closed the door.

An officer with black hair sighed. "I hate people like him." The officer, named Kevin, said wiping his forehead.

"Kevin, we still can't find the kid. He's in there, I hear him moving around and sobs. But he's up there." A officer with red hair said to Kevin.

Kevin smiled. "We'll find him Cassie, we'll find him. He can't hide forever." He told the officer, named Cassie.


Kevin sighed tiredly. "It's already one in the morning, this kid sure knows how to hide." He said between breathes.

Cassie smiled. "I think we need to call Yami." He sighed. "He knows kids better then us."

"No duh! He's a Child Psychiatrist, he is suppose to know children." Kevin said, leaning into his car. He pulled out his phone and dialed Yami's number.

Yami's house

Yami sat down, closing his eyes, he was exhausted from the day's work. He felt like he was going to fall asleep until he heard the phone ring. "I can't even sleep." He sighed then answered the phone.

"Yami, it's me, Kevin."

"Hello, Kevin, what's new?"

"Well, we got a problem."

"What kind of problem?"

"We have another abuse problem. And we can't find the child."

"You can't find a kid, where is he?"

"He's in the house, we can hear him moving around, but we can't see him. And Cassie tried going upstairs and he got toys thrown at him."

"I see, well I'll get over be there asap."

"Thanks Yami."

Yami hung up the phone and slipped on his shoes. He grabbed his car keys and suitcase, threw his jacket on and headed out the door. "I hope he's alright."


Yami pulled his car to the side and looked at the files. "This is the right house. Now to find Yugi." He got out of the car and walked over to Kevin. "Well, any luck?"

Kevin jumped. "Oh Yami, it's just you. And no, nothing. He still won't let any one upstairs."

Yami put his suitcase down and opened it. "Okay, let's try Licorice." Yami pulled out a black beanie baby then closed his suitcase. "Okay, I'll be right back." He walked into the house.

Yugi looked down the stairs, seeing Yami walk into the house. "Go away!" He called out.

Yami looked up at Yugi and smiled. "Hey there buddy, I'm Yami."

Yami frown, tears forming in his eyes. "Go away, Yami!" He hollored at Yami then ran to the left side of the house.

Yami sighed and went upstairs to go find Yugi. "Yugi, please, I just want to talk to," A bear was thrown at him then other toys. "Yugi, please, stop!" He covered his face and then began walking where the toys were being thrown at.

The tears fell from Yugi's eyes. "Go away! I don't want to talk to anybody!" He screamed.

Yami got right in front of Yugi and saw him crying, the toys not being thrown at him anymore. "Yugi, it's alright, I got a friend I want you to meet."

Yugi wiped his eyes and looked up at Yami. "Who?" He asked sobbing softly.

Yami got down on his knees and looked at Yugi, smiling. "This is Licorice, he's a puppy I've had for years, and I mean years." Yami handed Yugi the puppy dog.

Yugi took it and looked at the puppy. "Licorice, like the candy?" He asked, looking at Yami with his big violet eyes, tears still trying to fall.

He nodded. "Yes, like the candy. I wasn't thinking straight when I named him."

"It fits him. I like it, besides, it's too late to change his name." Yugi smiled hugging the puppy.

Yami smiled, then snapped his fingers. "I can't take care of him as well as I used to. Would you like to have him?" He asked Yugi, hoping he can gain some trust.

Yugi smiled and nodded. "Yes, please."

"On one condition, though."

Yugi looked confused. "What's dat?" He asked, conserned.

Yami nodded. "You come with me."

Yugi frowned. "Can I go home with you?"

Yami looked at him, surprised. "I'm sorry, you have to go where all kids that belong to the county, go."

Yugi sobbed. "Could I go after?"

Yami smiled, standing up. "I'll ask. And I promise, your father will never hurt you again.

Yugi stood up as well and grabbed Yami's hand. "Dank you, Ami."

Yami chuckled. "It's Yami, but we'll work on that a bit later." He picked Yugi up and walked down the stairs and outside the house. "See, no one's going to hurt you."

Yugi hid his face in Yami's neck and sobbed lightly. "I'm tired." He said with a sad and sleepy voice.

Yami smiled. "You can sleep in the car, on our way back to Tokyo okay?" Yami held Yugi close, walking over to the car. He opened the car door and put Yugi in the backseat.

Yugi nodded then yawned. "Otay." He fell asleep, after Yami buckled him up.

Kevin walked over to Yami. "Your the best, Yami." He smiled.

Yami nodded. "It's my job. Now I have to take him to Tokyo and then I have to file the paper work. He's my responsibility now." He yawned and looked at his watch. "It's an hour drive, so I'll be there by five, then I'll take him to my apartment, let him sleep, get something to eat. Then take him over to the Department after."

Kevin nodded. "Poor guy, he's all tuckered out." He smiled and looked at Yugi through the window. "You be careful Yami, okay?"

Yami nodded then yawned again. "I'll be fine. You take care of yourself, Kevin." He got into the car and started it. "I'll hand all my other patients to Joey and Tea." He smiled and looked at Yugi. "Sleep tight Yugi." Yugi smiled and held onto Licorice tightly.

There is my new story. I hope you all like it.

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