Yami sat down, and watched Yugi for a second. "You want to draw?" He asked. Yugi nodded. "Here you go." Yami handed Yugi some papers and crayons.

Yugi smiled and began to color. "Yami, what are the things you going to ask me?" He asked as he continued to draw.

Yami smiled. "Well, how 'bout we start with the day you started getting abused." He frowned seeing Yugi stop coloring.

Yugi didn't move for a little while, and Yami bent down next to him. "When my mommy died." He said, and sat down on Yami's lap. " I miss her." He began to cry.

Yami sighed and stood up, putting Yugi down. "I can't do this. I am getting too attached. Yugi, I'm going to get someone else to talk to you." He walked out and went to the bathroom. "Dammit all!!" He yelled, tears falling from his eyes. "I can't even talk to one kid. This never happened before. I never got attached to a kid. And now, this." He sighed and splashed some water in his face. "All I have to do is wait till Sensei is done talking to Yugi, then I'll take him home."

Two hours later, Yami was with Sandy, another patient of his. "There you go. Now eat that after dinner okay?" Sandy nodded. "Good boy." He smiled and looked up, the room door, where Yugi was, opened.

Yugi ran into Yami's arms, sobbing. "I all better now." he wispered.

Yami picked Yugi up and walked over to his Sensei. "How did it go?" He asked as he tried to calm Yugi down.

"It was fine. Yugi told me everything I needed to know. I think he deserves to go home, and get some rest." Yami nodded and gathered his things. "Take care of him, Yami." Mr. Kuraki said as Yami left.

It was a long drive, because of traffic, but finally Yami made it home. He reached for the door, and noticed it was unlocked. "Huh?" He opened it.

Kaiba stood there, with a frown on his face. "Let me help you." He took Yugi out of Yami's arms, and held him close.

"I thought you hated kids."

"Well, if he's going to be staying here, I got to get used to it." he smiles brushing hair out of Yugi's face.

Yami smiled. "I forgive you." He kissed Kaiba's lips gently.

"Let's get him to bed." Kaiba layed Yugi down on their bed, and helped Yami take off his shoes and pants.

"Thank you, Kaiba." Yami said as he crawled into bed as well.

Kaiba blinked. "You going to bed, at two in the afternoon?" He asked confused.

Yami smiled. "I'm tired, Yugi's sleeping. I need rest. Wake me up in about two maybe three hours." He yawned and layed down, holding Yugi close to him.

Kaiba smiled and left, closing the door behind him. "Kaiba you might have a family in the makings." He chuckled and went to watch some TV.

Yami smiled when he loked at the sleeping child. Yugi was so cute, he couldn't help it(Yugiismyname: Who couldn't ignore a sleeping chibi!!). He kissed Yugi's cheek and got up, slipped into some clothes and walked out and towards the kitchen. He saw Kaiba by the stove, making dinner. "What you making?" He asked.

Kaiba kissed Yami's cheek. "Well hopefully your Yugi, likes Hamburger and Fries." He replied with a grin.

Yami chuckled and smelled the food. "What five year old dosen't?" He smiled and looked towards his room. "Well I see your awake, Yugi."

Yugi nodded. "I hungy." He said sleepy. "I like burgers and fries." He smiled.

Yami went over and picked him up. "Well that's good. I was thinking you might be a vegitarian." Yugi blinked confused, which made both Yami and Kaiba chuckle.

"Vetetarion?" He tried to pernounce it.

"No, vegitarian. It means you eat no meat, but you do." Yami smiled and took Yugi into his room. "Now let's get some pants on you." He dressed Yugi and took him back to the table and sat him down.

"Dinner is almost done." Kaiba said, as he flipped another hamburger. "Just got to let these cook for a few more minutes."

Yugi looked at Yami and frowned. "What's wrong, Yugi?" Yami asked concerned. Yugi just stared at him. "You can tell me." Yami asked.

"I sorry. I am hurting you and Kaiba." He said upset.

Yami hugged Yugi. "No, your not. Kaiba and me are fine. We're alright. You haven't hurt us in anyway." He looked at Yugi. "Besides, we get into a fight at least once a week." He laughed lightly.

Kaiba set the plates of food down in front of everyone. "Ha ha, very funny." He sat down and looked at Yugi. "But really, you've done nothing wrong."

Yugi smiled and looked at Yami. "Really?" Yami nodded and Yugi hugged him close. "Thank you Yami." Yugi started eating his fries.

Yami chuckled. "Well at least we know your a hungry boy." He began to eat as well. "But the worst, is still to come." He thought to himself.

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