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"Tai! It's one of them! Let me get him!"

"Let me help, Yama!"

Something was not right with this situation. As I watched Agumon and Gabumon Digivolve, I wondered what exactly was going on here. At least from what I remember from the show, the DigiDestined only battled if they had to. Normally, they would be running away or trying to talk it out. So, why are they now…?

"Greymon, are you sure it's one of them?"

"Energy Cannon!" Garurumon quickly shoved us out of the way of the attack, and retaliated with one of his own.

"Does that answer your question, Tai? Now, I think we should move away, this could get dangerous." I felt a hand roughly grab me by my shirt and start to dragging me away from the battle.

"Could someone please tell me who exactly you mean by 'they'?" The battle continued in the background as Yamato pulled me and Terriermon to a safe location. He quickly got out his D-Terminal and started typing away.

"Have you really not seen the news for the past month, Jenrya?"


"Nope! Jen here doesn't like watching T.V. He just spends all of his time online, doing who knows what…"

"Terriermon! I do not!"

Yamato simply smiled at us before continuing. "I'm surprised you haven't heard about them yet. Well, recently, strange Digimon have started showing up randomly in the Digital World…"

A huge explosion quickly ended our conversation. Taichi was quickly running towards us with an unconscious Rookie Digimon in each hand. Behind him was an angry Gorillamon, slightly bruised, but clearly still with enough energy to shoot energy bursts after the fleeing DigiDestined.

"Jen! Let me help them! You know I have experience with battling Gorillamon!"

Yamato ran over to help out Taichi, and I quickly started running away in a different direction. We stopped and hid behind a huge tree. I reached into my pockets….only to realize what I should have realized earlier… "Terriermon…"

"Stop wasting time, Jen! It's time to kick some monkey tail!"

"I don't have any cards with me."

"WHAT? And, you're telling me this now?"

"Energy Cannon!" 'BAM' Ah! There goes the tree we were hiding behind! I quickly resumed my sprinting, wondering where the heck the other two were. Why is he going after us?

"This is quickly becoming a problem!"

"Problem? We're being chased by an angry ape with a laser cannon, we don't have any modify cards nor do we have Calumon with us so Digivolution is out of the question, and you're saying this is only 'becoming a problem'?!"

"Sheesh, Jen! Things could be worse, you know. I see you still haven't grasped the concept of 'Moumentai,' yet."

"Forget Moumentai, look!" We suddenly ran out of forest…and almost ran off the edge of a cliff. There were too many trees on either side of us to run away. How… typical.

"Um, Jen, what do we do now?"

"Well, if this were a TV show or a movie, this is where we get saved. So, start saying your prayers!" The Gorillamon stopped a few meters away from us. He just sat there and… stared at us….?

"Terrier Tornado!" The attack comically blew some dead leaves in his face, but that was it. I don't think that helped our situation very much.

"Terrier…mon. Terriermon! TERRIERMON!!"

"Wonderful. He knows my name. Now that that's settled, could we maybe be friends now?"


"I'll take that as a maybe."

"Terriermon!" Why do have the feeling that this is the same Gorillamon that the two of us know and love so well? Probably because he chose to go after us and not Taichi and Yamato…

"Energy Cannon!"The two of us managed to dodge the full extent of the blast, but… the cliff side didn't. I couldn't help screaming as we plunged down the side of the cliff…

…only to find myself caught by a pair of white arms. I guess Yamato called Takeru and Hikari to help. "Angemon! Thank you!"

"I'm glad we could help. Human and bunny pancakes are two foods that I don't particularly enjoy."

"Hey! I'm not a bunny!" I quickly looked around. Terriermon had been caught by Angewomon. We slowly floated down to the ground below.

Two very familiar figures rushed up to greet us as we reached the ground.

"Are you all right?" I quickly nodded to Hikari, and gave another "thank you" to Angemon and Angewomon as they flew up the cliff.

"That must have been pretty scary."

"Yeah, it was. I haven't fallen like that in a long time. Thank you, too, Takeru, Hikari."

"Um… you're welcome, but how do you know our names?" Er…

"Um…you two are part of the Original Twelve, right?" Well, Taichi seemed used to the attention...

"Heh, yeah, I guess we are. But, how would you know that?"

"Um…well…" Think Jenrya…

"Hey, Jenrya! You OK?" I looked up at my name, to find Angemon and Angewomon carrying Tai, Matt and their Digimon down to us. I waved at them, gladly taking this wonderful opportunity to change the subject.

"We're fine, thanks to these guys! How about you?"

"Oh, you know, just peachy," Matt smartly replied.

We waited for them to land before we continued our conversation.

Takeru was the first to talk. "So, I take it that you were attacked by another rogue Digimon?"

Rogue Digimon. Store that in my head for now…

"Yes. Without a doubt, it definitely felt like one. Thankfully, it was only a Champion this time. I don't know what we would've done if it was another Mega like last week." Angewomon said as she motioned to the two unconscious Digimon in her hands.

"Don't remind me. Well, we definitely need to tell Koushiro about this. We need to all get together and discuss these events. We should probably talk to Gennai, too."

"You're right, Tai. Will Tuesday be enough time to get everyone together?"

"I think so. Now, I think we should all head back now so we can tell the others."

I kept my distance from them during their conversation, calmly trying to take in as much information as I could. We then set out for the nearest portal, which was the one that Takeru and Hikari had appeared out of to save us. Terriermon and I dropped back a bit from the others to talk to each other.

"So, what are we going to do now, Jen?"

"Our first priority should be to find somewhere to stay, since it's almost dark. Miraculously, I have about ¥25000 with me, which should be enough to find a cheap hotel somewhere…but, we'll either have to find a permanent solution soon, or find a way to get back before that money gets used up. Not to mention food and other expenses."

"Of course, we can't forget food!"

"And, try not to say anything about where we're from! I really don't want to explain this to anyone. We don't even know ourselves what's going on."

"Hey, Jenrya!" I quickly looked up at my name so see everyone looking at me. Umm…

"Yeah, Taichi?"

"I was just wondering where you were from."

"Ummm…Shinjuku. Why do you ask?"

"Because, we're at the portal, and I need to tell it where to send you. Unless you want me to send you to the middle of nowhere."

Oh, well, so we have arrived. The 'portal' looked a lot bigger than what I remember from the show. In fact, apparently, someone must have upgraded all the TV's to big-screen. With lots of buttons on the bottom that Taichi was messing with. Probably how he was telling it to take me to Shinjuku…

"What a coincidence! Kari and I were just in Shinjuku when we left to rescue you guys. At least we only have to make one trip."

"Huh? Oh… are Yamato and Taichi coming back with us, too?"

"Yeah. I mean, you know how hard it is to send people different places with these things, don't you?"

"Of course! But…"

"Right. Well then, care to do the honors, oh little brother of mine?"

"Tch. All right. Here we go. Digi Port Open!" Takeru held up his D-Tector and a bright light engulfed us, sending us back to the real world.

As we were pulled along into the computer, I wondered if my D-Arc could open Digital Portals as well. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try the next time, and it would be very convenient if it could.

Upon emerging in Shinjuku, I found myself in a very familiar place: the Shinjuku train station. It was as crowded as ever, but the strange thing was that everyone had Digimon with them! Wow… Seeing all the people and Digimon partnered up took a while to get used to. This, of course, only made it that much more crowded, but at least most of the Digimon were small and easy to carry. They probably have restrictions about the size of Digimon that can use the subway.

As we got out, I looked up at the familiar sights. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices were as tall and creepy as ever. Some of the other governmental buildings were out of place, though. This Shinjuku was different from my Shinjuku, but I guess that's to be expected.

"Well, I guess this is where we part ways! "

"Yeah. It was nice to meet you all!"

"Bye, Jenrya! It was nice meeting you, too!"

"I hope we will meet again."

"That's a definite possibility! You never know what'll happen in the future. But, I think maybe you should stay away from the Digital World for a while until we can sort out this problem, OK? Bye." The four of them headed away from the station, into the touristy area of Shinjuku.

Now, where do I go? It's still daylight, so we don't have to get a hotel right now…

I pondered this for a minute, until I had an idea. We left in the opposite direction of the four DigiDestined, towards something that might help us.

"Um, Jenrya? Why are we heading to the bakery? I doubt that Takato lives in this universe, you know? There may not even be a bakery there. I mean, look there! Your favorite camera shop is now a boutique for girly Digimon clothes!"

"We're not going to the bakery. The library is just down the street from his house, remember? At least, in our world it is."

"Oh, Jenrya! We're stuck in another world, and all you want to do is do your homework?"

"No, Terriermon! We're going to research this world, and see if we can't find anything that can help us get back!"

"I knew that, Jenrya! I'm not stupid! You just can't take a joke."

"Terriermon, now isn't the time for jokes."

"I'm just trying to lighten the mood!"

I sighed, before continuing. "While we've both seen the show, we don't really know anything about what happened after the MaloMyotismon battle. So, naturally, if we're going to fit in, we'd better learn all that we can. We may inadvertently break quite a few laws regarding Digimon which is definitely something that we want to avoid at all costs. So… "

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. All of that 'detail' stuff that you love to fiddle around with. Hey, look at that! Talk about remodeling!" I looked over to where Terriermon was pointing. I recognized this place. We were exactly where the Matsuda Bakery is in my world. Except that instead of a bunch of little stores, there was a huge office building that took up the entire block. The name was even more curious. Apparently, it was the 'Main Office of the International Commission for Human-Digital Relations.' This looked promising. I was especially curious about how the worlds' governments would have handled having Digimon around. I'm sure most wouldn't have been too pleased, since they naturally posed a large security threat, not to mention the huge increase in agricultural production that would be required to feed them all. I know it took quite a big chunk of my allowance to feed Terriermon, a relatively small Digimon. Imagine if someone had something much larger! And, then imagine a whole country of them!

"Let's make sure to stop by there sometime later. C'mon. I see the library, and it still looks like a library."

The library, for all intents and purposes, was the same as I remembered it. Same white color, same location. It was slightly larger than I remembered, though. They must have added a story or two.

The receptionist was different, though. It wasn't anyone that I recognized, even though we were the same age. I guess the people in this world are all completely different. She was too busy reading what appeared to be a romance novel to notice my presence. She had a Kunemon with her… I guess that's appropriate. I politely coughed to get her attention. "Ah! Welcome to the Tsunohazu Regional Library! Is there anything that I can help you with?"

"Yes. I'm doing a report on human-Digimon relations for my Politics class. I'm particularly interested in the history of events surrounding the Digital World. Would you mind showing me to the correct section?"

"Well, you definitely came to the right place. Did you already visit that large building across the street? You can get a lot of good info over there!"

"I plan to sometime. I wanted to start my research here, first, though."

"All right. The entire third floor is devoted to the subject. Knock yourself out."

"Thank you very much." I nodded my head in thanks, as I went up the staircase, Terriermon on my shoulder as always.

All right, where to begin? I looked across the books, trying to find something that looked remotely interesting. Well, it's not that I didn't care about Gizamon uprisings against the government of Bhutan, but I need something a bit broader.

"Hey, Jen! Look at this one!" I looked at the book that Terriermon pointed out. It was a book that looked very out of place. It was a children's book, with huge text and colorful pictures and all. But, it only told of MaloMyotismon's defeat at the hands of a group of special children. "Can I look at it? I never really got around to finishing the videos."

"Sure, go ahead. Just be careful with it."

"Excuse me, but could I get by, please?" I looked around to the voice: a boy slightly younger than me with an Armadillomon. Why am I meeting all of these DigiDestined in Shinjuku? I quietly moved against the bookcase to allow him to go on by. That was awkward. I just sighed and returned to looking at books.

"Hey, this looks interesting!" I pulled out a rather thick book with the auspicious title of 'An Analytical Comparison of International Digital Law.' I skimmed the Table of Contents to see that it had everything I wanted. Restrictions on Digimon in the Human World, restrictions on visiting the Digital World, restrictions on Virus Digimon…It even had a small section on the original DigiDestined! This is just what I need!

"Don't tell me that you're going to read that!"

"Why not? It has everything we need to know."

"But, it's HUGE! And, the print is so small, you can barely see it!"

"Books are your friends, Terriermon. Here, see? First thing from this book: No Digimon is allowed to use an attack in the Human World. Remember that."

"Is today just going to be filled with 'Don't do this!' and 'Don't do that!'?"

"Unfortunately. While I hope that we can figure out what is going on soon, we have to be prepared just in case this takes a long time. In which case, we need this information. Now, shall we go get something to eat?"

"Do you even have to ask?"


Memories flooded my head as Terriermon and I sat on the steps leading to 'Guilmon's shed' eating some Takoyaki. The place always had a special connection to our Digital World, and I couldn't think of a better place to eat our late lunch. The Park's layout was somewhat different in this world, so that the shed faced an open field. There were some kids my age playing a game of soccer, and they had asked me to join. But, I was happy enough with reading about construction and development limitations in the Digital World. I was secretly glad that Japan had convinced the world not to allow companies to build factories and such in the Digital World.

I had just finished the section about Digimon in the 'Human World.' Apparently, no Digimon over eight feet tall or 500 pounds could live with his/her partner, at least in the Tokyo area, anyway. They had to live in special designated reserves outside of town. It sounds depressing, but I guess it would be a problem if someone had, say, a Seadramon. And, there was more, like how you had to register and obtain a license from the government if your Digimon could Digivolve to Ultimate or Mega.

I looked over at Terriermon, who had just finished his bag of Takoyaki, and reached in to my bag to get some of mine. Well, without any cards, Terriermon can't Digivolve at all. There's still Biomerging… but I don't know if that'll work here, and I don't want to have to explain it to someone who sees us…We'll save that for a last resort. Just in case we have to fight something.

"Ew! That one still had its suction cups, and it stuck to the roof of my mouth!"

"That happens sometimes when you eat octopus." I mindlessly popped another Takoyaki into my mouth as I turned to the section on the Digi-Destined. It just gave a brief overview of what happened. i.e. there were twelve original DigiDestined (names not given; I should have remembered that Japanese law forbids the media to mention the names of minors) who defeated MaloMyotismon, and allowed the two worlds to converge peacefully. Eventually, the leader of the DigiDestined, Taichi Yagami, became one of the top representatives of the Digital World in International Politics, and a key figure in shaping many of the world's current policies, and so on and so forth…

"Jen, look out!"

I quickly looked up at Terriermon's cry to see him swat away a soccer ball that was on a collision course with my face. Hehe… Perhaps reading a book next to a soccer game wasn't a good idea…

"Are you okay, kid?" A guy with spiky brown hair and a Veemon came running up to us to get the soccer ball. All right, what is going on here? Is today National Meet-the-DigiDestined Day? I get the message!! Stay close to the DigiDestined.

"Yeah. Luckily, Terriermon here has great reflexes."

"Mm hm! There isn't a video game in creation that can stop me!!"

"Really? That's awesome! I'll have to come to Shinjuku again sometime so I can play you!"

"Daisuke, don't forget me! I love video games!"

"Of course, Veemon!"

"So…Daisuke is it? Where are you from, then, if not around here?"

"Oh, I live over in Odaiba. I had an appointment here in Shinjuku earlier this morning, and on the way back, I got caught up in this game. Well, it was nice meeting ya', er…."

"Jenrya. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, same. Bye!"

I silently watched Daisuke head back to the soccer game, before closing the book and grabbing the now empty Takoyaki bags.

"Are we going now?"

"Yes. We're going to Odaiba to find a hotel."

"I had a feeling we were going to go there. But, isn't it expensive to get a hotel there?"

"Well, it's definitely cheaper than here in Shinjuku. And, something tells me that we should probably keep an eye on the DigiDestined. Whatever these rogue Digimon that they mentioned are, I think that we're somehow involved." We exited the park, and made our way back to the Shinjuku train station.

"Well, you know I'm here behind you, one hundred percent! Even if I can't Digivolve."

"Right. Too bad we can't do anything about that. But, at least it won't draw attention to us. Apparently, any Digimon that can Digivolve to Ultimate or Mega has to carry around a special license and be registered with the government."

"Hey, I bet if worse comes to worse, we can Biomerge!"

"I wouldn't count on it, but… we'll just keep that as our trump card, OK?" The train station was busier than usual for some reason. I looked up at the large clock in front of the platform. It was now five o'clock, my favorite time of day. Rush hour.

"Sure. Hey, hurry up! The train leaves in two minutes!"

"All right, already, sheesh! I'd like to see you get through this mob of people one of these days!"


"Odaiba! Odaiba!"

I jumped for joy as I exited the station to see the district of Odaiba, free from the confines of that train! I'm not fond of rush-hour traffic at all, especially since this time I was scrunched up against a Meramon. I was so afraid that my clothes would catch on fire.

"So, this is Odaiba. I see they still have that funny looking TV Station. And, there's that big Ferris wheel!"

"Now, you know why we're here. We're here to keep an eye on the DigiDestined."

"Right! It's time for Terriermon, Master of the Shadows, and his pal Jenrya Lee, the ultimate Chinese fighting force to unite and becooome… The Super Ninja Duo! Masters of spying and subterfuge! KaPOW! No evil Digimon stands a chance!"

Several passersby burst out laughing, as I stared at an overly enthusiastic friend of mine, trying my hardest to keep a straight face and not laugh, too.

"We're not overthrowing an evil empire! We don't even need to be so sneaky! We just need to keep tabs on everything without looking too suspicious. Think you can do that?"

"No problem." The two of us kept walking, passing many apartment buildings and houses, but we had yet to come across a single hotel. Perhaps if we head down to the beach area, where all the tourists go…

"Psst! Love Bird and Violet Death are approaching! Requesting action plan, over!"


"Sora and Miyako! Straight ahead! What do we do?"

I have a feeling that someone is enjoying this a bit too much for his own good… "We keep walking, pretend that we have no idea who they are, and continue our search for a hotel."

"And accidently listen in to their conversation?"

"What are they talking about?"

"Boys. What else?"

I was fighting a smile as we passed the two girls, strangely Digimon-less, as they continued on talking and walking. I was more interested in the black building down the street with a sign saying "Hotel Sakura" on it.

Luckily, this hotel wasn't too expensive. ¥9200 a night is relatively cheap for Tokyo. The hotel overlooked a nice park, and it came with a free breakfast. I requested a room for two nights (all I could afford) and sat down in the lobby, waiting as they prepared a room for us.

"That was rather simple. I'm surprised."

"Terriermon, look at this!" I picked up a newspaper on the nearby table, which ever so conveniently had as the front page headline, "File Island Village Still Reeling in Shock from Rogue Digimon Attack."

"It was a horrible day. I was just going along for a stroll when all of a sudden this huge Digimon appeared, asked if I wanted to fight, then started hurling lasers at me before I could even talk about the weather!" This man's story details just one of the increasing number of attacks by rogue Digimon that are threatening the stability of the Digital World. For those of you who have been hiding under rocks for the past few weeks, a rogue Digimon is just that. They do not appear to be contaminated by a Virus, nor are they necessarily Virus Digimon themselves. However, they appear randomly and only want to fight and cause destruction. No one seems to know why these Digimon want to fight.

"The really strange thing about these Digimon is that they apparently are not native citizens of the Digital World. By this, I mean that no one appears to have seen these particular Digimon before. It's as if they simply come into existence the moment they start attacking and wreaking havoc." Resident Digital expert Koushiro Izumi told us. "In fact, there was one particular Digimon who attacked the southern end of the Folder continent two weeks ago. He called himself, 'Orochimon.' However, there is no evidence in any of the databanks that a species called Orochimon ever existed in the Digital World. We feel that the most likely scenario is that these Digimon are being created by some unknown force. For what reason? I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that one."

One thing's for sure: you'd do well to reschedule your family vacation to the beaches of Server until this mess has quieted down.

"Excuse me, Mr. Lee? Your room is now available."

"Thank you." I took my room key and made my way up the stairs to my room.

"I think that I was right about us. I think that we are involved in this somehow."

"So, does this mean that you think those Digimon…are from our world?"

"It makes sense, doesn't it? We know of an Orochimon in our world, and they said that these Digimon only want to fight."

"Well, yeah, but that's changed, remember? Almost all of the Digimon nowadays are peaceful. No one goes around deleting other Digimon for data, at least, that I know about."

"Hmmm. I just don't know." I unlocked the door to our room, placed the book on the dresser, and sat down on the bed. I couldn't help but sigh. Things were not going well today.

'click' The TV turned on to an episode of Sasuke. One of the guys was trying to cross the water on a rope bridge, but he kept slipping and fell into the water. I don't know why it was funny, but I couldn't help myself. I burst out laughing.

"Finally! I've been trying to get you to laugh all day!"


"Because, you're just being so serious! Lighten up! So what if we got blown into another world? So what if there are weird Digimon trying to blow the place up? Relax! This could be a good thing! Think of this as a vacation! It's not every day that TV shows come to life! Besides, we've never come across a problem that we couldn't handle!"

I would normally have much more to say to him, but with Sasuke's announcer prattling away in the background, I just couldn't stay serious. "You win. Now, what do you want to do?"


Two hours later...

"HOH HOHO! Katsumi Yamada has reached the Pipe Slider! This infamous obstacle got him in the tenth competition, but it looks like he's ready for it this time! He's shaking his body! Move that body! He's almost reached the gap, but what's this? He's slowing down! It looks like he's slipping… oh! He fell! That's it, Katsumi Yamada..."