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Horatio was standing in the lab watching Calleigh compare two bullet striations under the microscope. If these bullets matched up, Horatio could march in the interrogation room and say to that creep, "We got you for murder."

Even though Horatio was silent, Calleigh said not looking up from the microscope, "Your silence is deafening, Horatio."

Horatio smiled, "I'm sorry, Calleigh, but I really want to put this guy away for life for killing that little girl."

"I know you do," Calleigh agreed raising her head up from the microscope, "and I can help you make that happen."

"Really," Horatio asked putting his hands on his hips. "Do they match?"

"Like a right and left shoe," Calleigh told him, projecting the image under the microscope onto a screen.

Horatio stared at it for a moment before turning on his heels and muttering in a deep voice, "Well done, Calleigh."

"Thank you much."

Horatio walked out of the ballistics lab and towards the interrogation room. He could not wait to put one more sicko behind bars. Ralph Ambers had been a suspect in the molesting and murder of five year-old, Katie O'Mara. The crime had taken place two weeks ago in the O'Mara home. Katie had been in bed when a man had slipped into the house via the back door. The man had not disturbed the parents but had instead kidnapped Katie. When the parents had woken up that morning they discovered Katie was missing. They had called the police who immediately started a search all over Miami. Two days later, the police found little Katie's body in the Everglades. Her body had been taken care of by Alexx Woods, and Alexx found semen inside Katie's body. The state of the semen had suggested the man had molested Katie when she was alive. Alexx also found that the cause of death had been a single shot to the head.

When Horatio had first seen little Katie he had been reminded of his niece, Madison. Katie and Madison looked almost identical when Madison had been that age. Katie had had red, curly hair, freckles across her nose, big, blue eyes, and a porcelain complexion. Even though Madison was sixteen now, Horatio could not help but feel a bit of anxiety for her after seeing Katie in the morgue. Horatio had almost called Madison the night the police had found Katie just to see if she was doing alright, but had stopped himself. He had not talked to Madison directly since she had been in the hospital for her leukemia ten years ago. Horatio loved Madison with all his heart and wished he could see her more often.

Before he knew it, Horatio was standing outside the interrogation room. He looked in at Ralph Ambers sitting there acting all cocky; it made him sick. Horatio pushed the door open, and Ambers looked up at him with a big, toothy grin on his face.

"Lieutenant Caine," Ambers greeted him, folding his hands on top of the table. "What can I do for you?"

Ambers was a man in his thirties who had brown hair and gray eyes. He was tall and muscular and somewhat handsome. He did not look like a sex offender and murderer at all which is the most dangerous kind of person.

Horatio did not respond but strolled over to the window and looked outside as he said, "I've got you, Ambers."

"For what," Ambers said leaning back in the chair, "for molesting that little girl? Please, that doesn't mean I killed her."

"Maybe that doesn't," Horatio said turning to look at Ambers with his hands on his hips. "But the bullet we fired from your gun and the bullet found in Katie's head say otherwise."

Horatio's calm, blue eyes stared into Ambers frightened, gray eyes. "I don't own a gun," Ambers said glaring at Horatio, daring him to argue.

"You may not own a gun, but that doesn't mean you didn't steal one."

"What are you talking about, Caine?"

"We found your prints on the murder weapon, Ambers," Horatio said staring back out of the window. "The gun is registered to your brother who reported it missing the day before you took Katie and shot her with it."

Ambers was speechless. He looked up at Horatio who was now staring at him again. "What happens now?"

"You, Mister Ambers," Horatio said putting his sunglasses on and walking out of the room, "are going to go to jail for a very long time."

Horatio was standing outside the Miami Dade Crime Lab, when two officers came out of the building, escorting Ambers to the bus that would take him to prison. Ambers stopped dead in his tracks staring at Horatio who stared back.

"You know this won't ever stop, Caine," Ambers said to him. "There will always be someone like me."

"Well, getting people like you one at a time is a good start to stopping it."

"I'll figure out a way to get you back, Caine," Ambers said starting to walk away. "I'll find someway, just you wait."

"How I don't have any kids," Horatio said thoroughly enjoying this now. Ambers was just blowing steam.

Ambers just stared at him for a while before letting the officers lead him to the bus. As Ambers looked out of a window of the bus, he mouthed to Horatio, "I'll get you."