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Summary: Just friends--nothing more, but nothing less.
A/N: I'm sure somebody has already done this. But I had to write it. This is all over the place, but I think it reflects Toph and her thought process.

Disclaimer: Avatar is an obsession—nothing more, but nothing less.


Nothing More, Nothing Less

Toph wasn't an ignorant girl, far from it. She knew they were something more—more than what she meant to him—she knew. She knew his infamous past that he would not allow history to repeat. There was always a flicker of hope that burned inside her, which could never be blown out. She could not see affection, but she could feel it.

Her blind eyes somehow saw the passion passed through their lips. She didn't care. He could do whatever he wanted in his love life—and so could she. Toph was allowed one insignificant, childish crush in her childhood, wasn't she? Something told her the ways things were going between him and the other girl left no hope. Was there any in the first place?

His sarcastic comments and try-too-hard jokes always appealed to her. He was smart, sweet, funny, caring… No wonder there were so many girls on his tail. It's hard to believe he's settled with just one. His traits and hers are what balanced their friendship. They laughed at each other, found faults in themselves, and helped in the most crucial ways. In two words: best friends.

The day finally came when there was hope for her, but less faith for him.

The princess had clearly stated that she—the prisoner—had lost hope of her own. Was she okay? Where was she? He demanded answers, unfortunately never getting them. He cared so much for her—up to the point of risking their Plan B. She heard it in his voice, determination, anger, and love. Would she ever hear that voice directed to her? Definitely not.

He supported her with undying care and compassion. Whereas he only gave minor comments and encouraging words to her. It didn't matter. Wherever the adventure would take them, he would always be there for her. Just as friends—nothing more, but nothing less.