"Serena, I don't want to do this." Blair turned around to go back to her limo, but Serena firmly gripped her elbow.

"Blair, stop. You're a Waldorf; you don't run away from your problems. Where is your bitchy attitude?"

Blair sighed and looked down. She looked back up at Constance Billiard. She said with an attitude and a smirk.

"They haven't seen anything from me yet."

"There you go!" Serena nudged Blair with a smile and a wink.

Serena and Blair's cell phone vibrated, and they both took it out of their coat pockets at the same time while walking up the steps. The headline read "The new It Girl: Amena. Be on the watch out". Blair stared at the picture of Amena with fascination. She was gorgeous, and Blair knew that one specific guy for sure would have eyes for her. Serena sighed and put away the phone and looked at Blair, still staring at her phone. She knew that what Blair was thinking because it happened before.

"B. It's okay. She is just a new girl."

Blair ignored Serena as she heard loud girls chattering next to her right ear. She looked over and saw Amena in the middle of a small crowd of girls including Is and Katie. They all walked past by Serena and Blair without even noticing them which made Blair give a "wtf" look to them. Blair still had a big story; she had the heart and guts to come back with a "new" reputation. Blair's mouth opened a little and scoffed.

"That bitch! How dare her. How could she just steal the show and just walk past us like we are nothing. She is nothing compared to us!"

Serena stared after Amena as well, actually missing the attention she would get. She sighed and said in a confidant manner.

"They'll come back to us soon. I wouldn't worry about it."

Jenny and Hazel walked past by them, following Amena and her crowd. The bell rang but Blair called out a "hey" to Jenny. Jenny stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around.

"You and I. We're not over." Blair said with a fake smirk and walked off. Serena looked at Jenny with a guilty face wishing that she could be by her side for Dan's sake but didn't dwell on it as she turned around and followed Blair.

"Hey B, guess what. A new party tonight! Wanna come with me?"

Blair looked over and said with an exasperated sigh. "Yeah sure I guess."

Serena threw her arm around Blair and said "Loosen up, everything will be okay. Don't turn into sulky Blair, so not attractive."

Blair lightened up a little. She'll see Chuck at the party. Even though what he said to her was so embarrassing and hurtful to listen, she still wanted to see him. Nate…was something that didn't affect her at all. When he broke up with her, sure she felt hurt, but what Chuck said to her…that was something that affected her the most. Blair turned around facing Serena.

"S. We really got to get to class, but I'll meet you at your suite at let's say… 6 PM?"

"Perfect!" See you there!" Serena walked off glowing. She was really happy that Blair was trying to be on good terms with her because it reminded her of old times when they were really good best friends.

Blair turned towards her classroom, and blew out a big sigh. She turned the knob.

Spotted: B walking into her classroom for the beginning of the second semester. Did I just see a smirk on her face? After she saw Amena, she had a scowling look. We all know B, you have a plan up your sleeve. S walking off to her classroom with bouncy blonde waves. Ugh jealous much? The new It girl, Amena aka "A" was seen talking to C as she bumped into him by accident. They sure looked like they were having a good time…

After he picked up the books and looked at this new girl, he couldn't resist himself.

"Hi I'm Chuck Bass" Chuck said in a smooth voice.

Amena took the books from him and said "Hi, I'm Amena. Sorry I'm really late for my class but do you know Serena Van der Woodsen?"

"Why of course I have. She is my soon to be step-sis. I can take you to her suite and introduce you to her." Chuck drawled.

"Really? That would be so great." She observed his face, and she thought that he was really handsome. She had all the attention already including a really hot guy and she felt pretty good. She pulled herself back together.

"Anyways, I gotta go, nice to meet you." and she started to walk off.


She turned around abruptly "Yeah?"

"Meet me here in front at 3PM"

She smiled. "Okay. Later!" and increased her pace to class.

Chuck stared after her and smirked. He thought she looked gorgeous-had the legs, the butt, and the face. His favorite parts of a girl. However the image of Blair's face wouldn't erase from his mind and he wished it would. He started to walk off to his classroom and there he was. Nate with a hurtful look on his face. Chuck scoffed thinking that what he was doing was ridiculous. For god's sake, they were broken up. Now he has to go through the awkward silence in the 4 classes he shares with him. At least he had something to look forward to after school. He slid into his seat and looked at the chalkboard with a smirk. A new lesson is going to begin...