The Piano Forte: Chapter 6

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Bella POV

When I woke up again, the sun was streaming through the overly large window, a faint and orange glow. That meant it was early in the morning. The clock proved that theory correct. I looked over to the window and saw that I was not alone in the room. He was there. His form was as still as a sculpture; something I recall he was fantastic at creating with his body. He had his hands behind his back and his eyes were closed. It looked like he was embracing the morning sun, or else its warmth. His skin was dancing with small crystal facades. He looked and smelled like I had remembered, but really not even close. He turned to face me, and then stopped. He eyed me carefully.

Something in my eyes must have invited him in, because he was suddenly at my side in a fraction of a second. We sat in silence for what seemed like hours, gazing as each other. In his onyx eyes, I could see my own. But that wasn't the only thing I saw.

I saw intense and excruciating pain, doubled with the reflection of my eyes. And then I knew.

Whatever his voice had been trying to convey to me was suddenly clear now. He had never stopped loving me. And I would never, ever stop loving him. I think that now he knew it. Or else he wouldn't have returned. And now that hole in my chest was gone as I gazed into his dark eyes. With this realization, I thoughtlessly threw my arms around him.

He returned my embrace gently, stroking back and putting his lips into my hair.

Unfortunately, that little display of affection caused the tears to finally come, and I began to sob long and hard.

"Oh, Edward, Edward, Edward…."

I choked out his name over and over and over again, like a child crying for her father. This, in essence, was ironic, seeing as Edward was old enough to actually be my father.

"Shhh, Bella, shhh, it's alright; everything will be fine. I'm here now, and I won't leave you. I promise I will never, ever ever leave you again." His voice was so much better than those delusions that I had had, and it made me stutter my reply.

"H-h- how can you s-s-say th-th-th- that? You t-t-told m-m-me that, that..."

" Bella." He sighed, and settled me in with a blanket and set me on his lap.

"Bella, you don't understand what I was trying to do. I was trying to protect you. Protect you from me, from my family, from my kind, and from the possibility of you… becoming one of us. I wanted to save your mind, body, heart, and, most of all, soul, so that you would be able to have a normal, human life away from any kind of threat or harm that my world could possibly pose. I wasn't lying when I said my world is not for you. But I was lying when I said that I didn't want you. As if I could even exist without you! I may have been able to before, but once a person that gets addicted to heroin, there usually is no point in turning back. Sometimes, they don't even want to turn back. Even if it may be for the heroin's own good. Even if they made themselves utterly miserable every second of every minute of every day trying to quit the heroin for the heroin and put it out of their head, but they needed it and would stop at nothing until they tore themselves apart over it."

I could see into his mind now. He was trying to protect me, leaving me for me.

Something I had only even considered in my dreams. I stopped sobbing immediately. He took me and put me on the bed, and then got down onto one knee. I was scared of where this might go, but the look in his was not just pleading, but sincerely apologetic.

"Isabella Marie Swan," he began. "I love you more than anything else in the entire universe. I need you and want to hold you in my arms for the rest of you life. I am truly, deeply, and utterly sorry and sick to my core for what I have done to you. The darkest period in my life was when you weren't there, to keep me safely grounded. There was no more reason for anything. I only ask now that you forgive my horrible, horrible, mistake. If you wish, I can happily spend the next thousand years at your mercy, right here by your feet. I… I might even… give you what you have always wanted if you will just take me back."

He wore an expression that was so pleading, so… desperate that it broke my heart. Worse than those eyes that a dog gives you when you leave it. I stood there with Edward on his knees, waiting for an answer. I gave the one that he wanted.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen," I began ominously, like I was stating his death sentence instead of accepting his apology. "I heartily accept your apology, as long as you never, ever ever leave me again as long as we both shall solemnly live. And I do mean as long as we both shall live. Together. Vampire and Vampire."

He stood up gracefully, with careful eyes, and stated "I will, for ever, and ever, and ever."

And he pulled me into a passionate kiss with less control than he had ever used before. Then he smothered me with hugs and kisses, and I did the same. Then he said, "Let's get you briefed, my dearest love."