Chapter 1: 4:45am (House's POV)

It was four forty five in the morning when you woke up, looking around you found her lying next to you, her small frame wrapped around your sheets, you don't remember how she got there, all you know is you want her gone…the whole night is blur…and your head feels heavy, you get up slowly because you can feel the dizziness sweeping through you as you walk to the bathroom.

As you brush your teeth in the shower you hear her come into the bathroom "Who is she?" she asks loudly.

You don't answer; instead you turn the tap off and grab the towel across the tub wrapping it around your waist, before you step out of the shower.

"Who's Allison?" she asks stepping in front of you trapping you in the bathroom.

You look down at her "Nobody" you speak dryly making her whimper and you hate to watch her move for a second round. Placing your hands on her forearms your pick her up and move from your path, just as she's about to kiss you.

"Right soooooooo…" she continues following you into your bedroom "…you just grunt out a totally random name as your climaxing" she asked hopping on your bed and climbing under the sheets.

"Go home…" you say flatly as you put on a pair of briefs along with a pair of running shorts, throwing the towel on the bed, as you pick up a washed t-shirt from one of your dresser's drawers.

"Why?" she asks uncovering her naked form and pouting.

You ignore her move and put the t-shirt on "I needed a were it…now go home…" you say picking her clothes up and placing them on the foot of the bed "…I'm gonna go for a run…" you said, noticing she was about to speak, raising your hand to stop her from doing it "…when I come back you're not gonna be here…" you stop to look into her pleading brown eyes "…are you, Honey?" you ask seriously giving her one of your best death stares.

She nods and you walk to the door, stopping at your desk to retrieve your ipod, before you disappear behind your front door.


The sun was rising when you stopped, you'd been running for half an hour non stop, leaning on a rail you watched the sky turn a lighter shade of blue as the

sun peaked over the horizon coloring the sky with soft streams of purple and light pink, as orange and yellow rays shun over the horizon.

You can't remember the last time you've seen something so beautiful, somehow driven by that thought your mind wanders back to her, you remember the way she used to smile at your jokes, the way she used to look into your eyes and make you weak, even though you hid it, disregarded it, you felt it, you liked it…you liked her, even though you said you didn't when she asked you…if only you had known…it was a test…and you flunked miserably.

You shake your head hoping that will be enough to make those thoughts go away and you think: …I should be happy…the ketamine treatment worked I have my leg back…I can do everything I could do before…what does it matter that she left…I should be happy…your mind tells you as the sun begins to rise further into sky, bringing it's light over the park, you look around…you're probably the only idiot there…normal people are in bed, sleeping…or having sex…you could be having sex…idiot…your mind told you as you moved to sit on a wooden picnic table.

Looking down at your right leg, you can't help the bitter smile that caught your lips as you think that getting shot by the cheating moron was the best dmw thing that could ever have happened to you.

You requested to get the ketamine treatment and it had worked, for the past four months you had gotten your leg back and with that your life back…you had met a decent looking woman in the clinic…yap in the clinic…she seemed to be okay with the whole sex with no-strings attached deal…things were going well at work, interesting cases to keep you busy…Chase and Foreman to make fun of…, but you missed her, you hated it, but you missed her.

Looking up you stared at the sky, brighter than ever, a new day had began…one more day without her…you'll make it through it…you always do…your mind encourages you, but then you hear it…steps…and you think…what other idiot runs at five forty five in the morning…then right in front of you someone stops, you narrow your eyes to observe the figure of your fellow idiot-runner.

She bents forward and places her hands on her knees for support as she fights to regain control over her breathing, you watch…you observe…your eyes wander over her body from head to toes.

Her hair is dark brown, pushed up into a tight ponytail, her figure slim, she's wearing a black tank top and you let your eyes waver to the curve of her ss …nice butt…you think to yourself…I haven't seen a butt like that since she left…it also reminds you, her tight sweat pants, clung to her hips and thighs like…like…something clingy…you can't think, all you can do is watch as she stands up straight and you get a good look at her face.

Your heart jumps, your breath catches and you feel like someone is strangling you.

She sees you, she gasps and you can tell you were the last person she had expected to see at a park at six in the morning.


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