Chapter 13: Not You

House woke up to a tender tickling sensation on his abdomen. He smiled slightly and took a deep breath, his senses instantly being flooded by that sweet fruity scent that rocked him to sleep earlier. Reluctantly his eyes fluttered open, his vision still blurry as the first morning rays of the shinning morning sun made him squint annoyingly as he fixed them in the ceiling hoping to clear the drowsiness from them permanently.

The tickling feeling moved to his lower abdomen, tracing the waistband of his boxers teasingly, as he suddenly became aware of the warm body tightly pressed to his left side. Slowly he turned his head to find Cameron snuggled up to him, as the nails of her left hand ran lightly to and fro his exposed abdomen, gently playing with the scarce little hairs that went from under his navel down into his boxers.

"That feels good…" he mumbled into her hair, wrapping his left arm tighter around her and kissing the crown of her head.

"Morning" she mumbled into chest "thanks for being my pillow last night" she added lifting her head to rest her chin on his shoulder, flashing him a lazy little smile.

House smirked as he felt her hand flatten on his lower-abdomen; his right hand moving to brush a stray hazelnut curl from her eyes, before cupping her jaw lightly. This made her smile widen as she dropped another kiss to the base of his neck.

He frowned, his thumb brushing across her bottom-lip. "What?" he asked her quietly when she just kept grinning up at him.

"Is it too early for sex?" she asked with an innocent glint in her eyes.

"No" he replied simply, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her up, so that they were at eye-level. Slowly they moved to close the gap, between them, their lips touching for the first time that day, sending tiny jolts up and down their bodies as they moved languidly against each other.

Cameron quickly deepened the kiss, running her tongue over his lips before finally partying them with it, sneaking her way into his mouth, but the second their tongues touched and their mouths opened wider they instantly pulled back, their faces contorted in something close to confusion and just a little disgust.

House was the first to break the silence, placing one hand over his mouth, while the other laced through her messy hair. "What do you say we brush first?" his question muffled by his hand. Cameron chuckled and nodded.

House watched as she stood and moved out of his room, wearing his Status Quo t-shirt, from under it, picked a pair of lacy pink fitted shorts, matching the pink lacy bra that laid forgotten on the floor of his bedroom, that made his heart skip a beat, as her hips swayed from side to side until they disappeared into his hallway. He sighed contently and got up, following her into his bathroom.

After they brushed their teeth, House using his brush once Cameron was done with it…which usually would upset him, but for some reason this time he didn't really mind it at all.

"Wait…" he said as she walked out of the bathroom.

She stopped and turned to face him and was taken by surprise as his lips came crashing against hers in a longing kiss.

With their lips still connected, he bent down slowly to lock his right forearm behind her knees and pull her up, making her squeal in surprise as he did so, placing his left arm around her back to balance her. He moved quickly to his bedroom and placed her on the centre of the bed, hovering over her and tugging at the hem of her shirt, pulling it up and exposing as much skin as possible.

He pulled away from her lips to pull the shirt over her head, exposing her bare chest and lightly running his fingers down her bare and soft skin, causing goosebumps to break wherever his fingers had touched, only stopping to trace the waistband of her lacy shorts, making her shiver in anticipation.

Lowering his head he kissed the path his fingers had traced before, paying special attention to her breasts, taking her nipples into his mouth and sucking gently on them, one out of time, until they stood in attention; and he resumed his path down her chest, sucking on her navel, making her moan in appreciation, before he tugged at the hem of her lingerie shorts and pulled them down her slender hips and beautiful legs, throwing them across the room.

He sat back watching her laying there, completely exposed, enjoying the way the first beams of the morning sun shun into his room and lit her body, making her skin light up. He was snapped back from his reverie, when he felt her right foot, move to his chest and slowly make its way down his abdomen, to rest on top of the bulge of his boxers, applying the sweetest amount of pressure on it, releasing a deep grunt from his lips and instantly making him leant forward and place himself between her willingly parted legs.

Placing half his weight on her and half on his forearms, that rested at each side of her head, his hands digging into her hair, as his tongue sought entry to her warm and delicious mouth, after a few moments he felt her hands run down his back and pull the waistband of his boxers down the curve of his ss, his right hand moving to help and successfully removing them, discarding them somewhere in the room, replacing his hand on her hair he focused on the kiss and the way her nails felt digging into his skin as he re-positioned himself on top of her.

As he revelled on the feel of having her in his bed and feeling her move ever so provocatively under him, something in his mind clicked…

Pulling back from her mouth, he looked into her eyes and could swear he saw a glimmer of fear, so he moved quickly, opening the top drawer on the night table and rummaging through it, not letting his eyes leave her face, reassuring her that he wasn't having second thoughts.

Once he picked up what he had been looking for and lifted it from the drawer, so she could see what he was holding, he saw her smile tenderly at him, "…I'm on the pill…you don't have to…" she whispered; and for a moment he couldn't help the thought that crossed his mind:…maybe she tells him the same thing…and he couldn't help the slight frown that crossed his forehead, as he struggled to get rid of the image of Allison in someone else's arms…his Allison.

Watching the frown begin to take over his once relaxed features, Cameron winced, thinking:…maybe he thinks I tell Derek that…and so she cradled his face in her hands and kissed his lips chastely before she added in a husky whisper: "…you don't have to…you…"

House felt his mind ease with her words and leant forward to kiss her deeply, dropping the condom back into the drawer, closing it and returning his hand to her hair, looking forward to being buried and bare deep within her.

For the longest time they just kissed, enjoying the feel of the other's body pressing against their own, as his hands slid down her sides, feeling the soft skin and memorizing every inch of her; her right hand massaged his scalp as her left moved down his back, memorizing every muscle and curve in his toned back, until it reached the curve of his ss and she dug her nails gently into it, encouraging him to make the next move.

The feel of her nails digging slightly into his ss, along with the feel of her ankles locking together on his upper-thighs, making her hips buck up and ground against his, were all the incentive he needed, flattening his hands on the mattress, at each side of her head, while his tongue continued to battle hers, he slowly push himself up on the bed, and pressed the tip of his erection, against her centre, making her moan into his mouth at the gentlest touch.

Feeling even more encouraged, he pushed himself up the rest of the way, entering her carefully, afraid of breaking her, as he moved further into her welcoming warmth he felt himself respond to her immediately, feeling himself grow harder than he ever thought possible as he felt her walls wrapping around him, in what could only be the beginning of her climax…it feels so good…she's perfect…his mind told him as he began to move in and out of her in a deep and tentative rhythm.

Soon Cameron's nails dug into his back as she struggled to hold back and make that moment last just a little longer. Feeling herself closer and closer, she couldn't help when a desperate cry escaped her lips and echoed through the room, making him increase his rhythm as she began to clutch around him, bringing him over with her, it didn't take long for his own cry to follow hers as he mumbled her name out and into her hair, as his head fell to rest on the pillow, next to hers and his hips jerked awkwardly, as her walls quivered around him, draining him into her. Leaving him empty, tired, sweaty and thoroughly content, something he hadn't been in a long time.

They laid in that strange embrace until their breaths and heart beats became normal again, neither one wanting to move or say anything, both simply focused on taking as much from that moment as they could; her hands moved soothingly up and down his back, as his hands massaged her scalp gently.


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