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Marluxia placed the Schemer on his feet outside the bedroom door then looked at the door itself. Something seemed to be a bit off, as the door was opened slightly, though he knew he had shut it tightly and locked it before he had gone with Zexion to speak with Xemnas. He then looked at the young male and motioned for him to remain where he was.

Zexion placed his hand on his stomach and nodded towards the flowery male. Soon after, he moved to lean against the wall and act as if nothing was wrong as he watched the other closely.

After making certain the schemer would be fine, Marluxia summoned his weapon of choice being his scythe then entered the room cautiously. "I will be right back." He told the other before entering fully as Zexion nodded. Soon after, Marluxia stepped fully in the room and looked around. He didn't feel the presence of any of the other organization members but it didn't hurt to be sure. He tilted his head as if listening to something intently then knelt down beside the bed and lifting the covers off the end of the bed so he could see under the bed. He released a breath he didn't know he was holding as he saw that the space was empty. After checking that, he pushed himself back up and wandered towards the closet and pulled the door open, blinking as he found it empty as well. He shook his head then hurried back to where he had left his lover.

Zexion had closed his eyes when the other had gone into the room and now opened them. He had caught the scent of someone who shouldn't have been near there and wondered how the Lunar Diviner would have been able to get past them. He tilted his head and glanced up and down the relatively small, quiet hallway and shook his head. He knew no one was there at the moment, but it was quite obvious that someone had been there previously. He looked up when the Assassin returned and cursed himself inwardly that he wasn't able to fight like the others. There was only so much one could do with illusions and a lot of people could see right through them.

Marluxia breathed a sigh of 'relief' when he walked to the Schemer, glad that nothing had happened to him. He frowned slightly when he noted that the other seemed paler. He moved closer to the other and took him in his arms and brushed his light blue bangs away from his face as he looked into the his light blue eyes. "Is something wrong, Zex?"

Zexion blinked rapidly then focused his gaze on the flower wielder. He thought for a moment then shook his head. He hated finding himself deep in thought around the other, even though he did have a lot to think about. "No, Marluxia. Nothing's wrong." He answered with a small smile. He just hoped he could keep it that way though.

Marluxia continued to look into the other's eyes as he spoke. He didn't believe the other male when he said nothing was wrong. He could tell that something was bothering the schemer but decided not to press further. "If something is wrong or if something happens to you while I'm gone, you'll tell me, right?"

Zexion looked at him and nodded. "Of course I would tell you, Marly. I'm just worried about everything."

Marluxia continued to hold onto the other. "What are you worried about?" He asked curiously.

Zexion gave a light sigh. "I'm mostly worried about what would happen if you got killed on the mission Xemnas gave you, what I'd do if it happened, how I'd keep myself and our child safe if the castle is under attack, if I get attacked again…" He trailed off there then looked towards the floor.

Marluxia shook his head and ran his fingers through the schemer's hair. "Don't worry about those things. If you keep worrying about them happening, then chances are it really will happen." He told the other with a slight smile, trying to reassure the other male. "If anything were to happen to me, Demyx would still be there. He's a lot stronger than anyone gives him credit for though." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Maybe we should talk to him for a bit, Zex. He may be able to help you out while I'm gone."

Zexion nodded and pulled out his Lexicon. "Alright. Though I'm not too sure how he'd be able to really help me…" He finished lamely.

Marluxia shrugged and smirked. "The least he could do is keep you company, Zexion. Don't you agree?"

Zexion blinked and nodded then looked down the hall. "That is true. Better than being by myself the whole time."

Marluxia sighed then took the other by the hand and led him down the hall towards Demyx's room.