"Oh, Blaise!" she cried.

The sight before her took her breath away. Bright lights, like sparkling diamonds, began rising up slowly from the ground, Blaise in the middle of it, looking up at her and smiling. The little lights shone like stars, adorning the night sky and prompting neighbors to peek their heads out their windows in wonder. The bright stars drifted to form shapes, spelling, slowly but surely: "GINNY WEASLEY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" The rest formed a small wall at Blaise's feet, and a flatter surface...continuously until they made a beautiful sparkling staircase to her window.

She covered her open mouth with her hand, unable to speak. Sweet music began playing as Blaise carefully made his way up the beautiful staircase. Right before her window the little stars made a steady floor on which he got down on one knee.

He carefully reached into his pocket and took out a small case, which he opened before her. In it there was a gorgeous diamond ring, sparkling in the night.

"Ginny Weasley, will you please marry me?" he asked, looking up at her.

Ginny was still unable to speak, awestruck. Blaise waited patiently, holding up the case to her.

About a minute passed in a suspenseful silence as her neighbors watched from their windows. Blaise looked up at her expectantly.

"Just say yes!" cried an impatient woman from her window. Her children giggled.

As if woken from a dream, Ginny shook herself and found Blaise on his knee, holding up the ring. She smiled shyly and climbed out of her window onto the sparkling floor many feet above the ground.

"Yes," she whispered quietly.

The whole neighborhood roared in cheer as Blaise got up and placed the beautiful ring on Ginny's ring finger.

"I thought she'd never decide!" cried the impatient woman, relieved as she clapped along.

"What is this ruckus?"

Ginny peered down, careful not to fall down. Ron had come out of the apartment in his pajamas.

"Be quiet, you people! My wife is pregnant and you can't interrupt- what in the name of Merlin's beard is this?"

He looked up at the diamond staircase and rubbed his eyes.

"What is this? Who are you up there!" he called.

"It's me," Ginny called. "Blaise proposed!"

"What?" cried Ron. He ran over to the side to see the couple better, then he noticed the sparkling words in the sky. He scoffed. "Quite the event-maker!" he said.

"Thank you," smiled Blaise.


"I love weddings," said Kayla Cuke in a dreamy voice. Many of the models for Cecilia's party were surrounding Ginny at her desk, admiring her ring and congratulating her.

"I love weddings, too," sighed Lola Anderson. "Oh my god, have you seen that sex video, Wedding Night? The one with Tonya Harding?"

And the models began talking about something sex-related again, leaving Ginny grinning to herself alone. It was then that Blaise strolled out of his meeting, his hands in his pocket.

"Hello, ladies," he said, smiling.

"Hi!" cried Kayla. "Congratulations!"

"Oh, thank you," Blaise smiled.

"So are you making a sex video?" asked Lola eagerly.

"Wh-what?" Blaise frowned.

"Girls!" Ginny cried in horror.

"Did somebody say sex video?" Kevin said. He had been just passing the office. He walked backwards, as if pulled by a force, into the room. He flung his arm around Blaise. "I can direct it."

"There is no sex video, Kevin," said Ginny, her face red.

"There isn't?" asked Blaise, grinning playfully at Ginny.

"Of course there should be!" cried Cecilia.


The alarm rang.

Ginny Zabini stirred in her sleep. She turned and switched off the alarm. She nudged the sleeping body beside her.

"Honey, it's time for work-"

"Honey, honey, honey!" came a little girl's giggles.

"Vi? Is that you?" said Ginny. She pulled down the blankets, and there, beside her, lay a little six-year old girl with bright red hair in curls. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sleeping," announced Vivian Zabini, looking up at her mother.

"No, you're not!" laughed Ginny. "Where's daddy?"

"Daddy goed to eat breakfast," replied Vivian.

"You mean he went," Ginny corrected her. "What day is today? Check for me, sweetheart."

Vivian rolled off the large bed and hurried off to the wall where a large calendar was pinned up. "Today is Thursday," she reported. She twirled around and smiled. "Auntie Anya Day!"

Ginny smiled. Anya had insisted that she never be addressed as a grandmother. "Yes, that's right! Go get ready," she said. Vivian zoomed out of the room. Ginny rolled out of bed as well and walked down stairs, where Blaise was brewing coffee.

"Good morning," she said lazily, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

"Oh, good morning," he replied, grinning. He was all ready for work and was careful not to spill as he poured coffee into his mug.

Vivian's footsteps were heard stomping down the stairs. She presented herself in an over-sized t-shirt and a hula skirt from last Halloween. "Tada!" she cried.

"No, that won't do," said Ginny thoughtfully, "Auntie Anya has high standards for fashion. And...where did you get that t-shirt?"

Blaise noticed the words "WET T-SHIRT CONTEST" and jumped. "I think that's from my suitcase," he said hurriedly. "Vivi, go change out of that, give daddy the t-shirt."


With Ginny's help Vivian came down again in a pretty summer dress.

"After we visit Auntie Anya," said Ginny, "we can go to Uncle Ron's. You can play with Rose."

"Rosie!' squealed Vivian. "Okay, let's go to Rosie's."

"And I'm off the work," said Blaise, giving Ginny a kiss.

"Bye, sweetie. By the way, how's that secretary of yours?" She winked.

"He's fine," said Blaise, "I guess Kevin was really meant to be a secretary!"

Ginny laughed. She was still smiling when she felt a tug at her skirt. She looked down to see Vivian looking up at her.

"Mommy, can I take something to watch at Rosie's?" she asked.

"Sure, pick something from there. There are a bunch of DVD's," said Ginny, smiling. Vivian nodded and went over to the shelf, looking through a collection of cartoons.

"So he doesn't miss the directing?" she asked.

"Kind of, I guess, but he also likes the secretary work, since he's getting older," smiled Blaise.

Ginny felt the tug again. Vivian was holding up a DVD. "Can I watch this, Mommy?"

"What is it?" she asked.

Vivian looked down at the plain cover, frowning to read out what it said. "The New Zabini...Coopleh? Couple? Wedding Nig-het. Night."

Blaise's and Ginny's eyes met in horror. Blaise leaped and snatched the DVD out of Vivian's hand. "This, is also daddy's," he told her gently.

"But it had my name on it!" whined Vivian. "Am I in it?"

Ginny was about to reply "sort of," when Blaise gave her a warning stare. "No, sweetie. It's for daddy's work."

"Yup," said Blaise. He leaned over to Ginny's ear. "Want me to bring it back home for tonight?" he whispered.

Ginny grinned and nodded. She lifted up Vivian. "How would you like a little brother or a sister?"

"I'd rather have a puppy," replied Vivian.

The End.


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