Faith In Friends

By Goddess Nemesis

Disclaimer: I don't own Saving Grace, I only wish I did.

She wanted love. No, she wanted his love. If circumstances had been different, then perhaps they could have had the 2.5 kids, a golden retriever, and a large house with 3.5 bedrooms and a two car garage. The American dream. But he had entered her life in a different fashion. She had called out to a god she wasn't sure she believed in and he had come to her rescue. Her knight in wings, jeans, and a t-shirt.

She doesn't kid herself anymore where he's concerned. If things had been different, she could have fallen fro him. She knows he cant love her. She knows he wont love her. But that doesn't stop her from thinking about what might have been.

So when he shows up tonight, instead of the normal crap she puts him through, she'll offer him a seat on the couch and a beer. And maybe for a little while she can forget her life as it is and pretend that they're in her fantasy. And maybe when the night of easy camaraderie with him is over, she just might be able to put her faith in the angel she's come to call a friend, if not the god he serves.

When summer comes

Whispering through the trees

I'll feel the warmth of summer sun again.

When summer comes

Easing over fields of green and gold

I'll feel the joy of summer hearts again.

When summer comes

Babbling with the playful streams

I'll feel the ease of summer days again/

When summer comes

Sliding against golden skin

I'll feel the vibration of summer love again.

And when summer ends

Flowing back the way it came

I'll feel the slow freezing of winter sadness again.