Devil May Cry : The Swords of Sparda

Mission Seven - Demon of the Mist

For the first hour of the journey the team spent mostly in silence, Tenten was busy polishing her Kunai, Tazuna was keeping quiet, probably out of fear of being shot by Naruto. Naruto was walking along quietly but at the same time ready to shoot Tazuna if he made another inappropriate comment about his team. Hinata was quiet too but for a completely different reason, her lower face was mostly buried in her jacket as she tried to hide her huge blush. Kurenai and Anko however were busily chatting ahead of the team, Kurenai seemed to say something that made Anko smile evilly at Hinata.

Anko slowed down a bit to walk side by side with the still silent Hinata.

"So… you spent the night in Naruto's room huh?" Anko said with an evil grin.

"Eep!" Hinata squeaked as she sunk lower into her jacket.

Just as Naruto started to listen to whatever the girls were talking about he noticed something off about the road, he quickly looked it over and spotted a puddle in the road up ahead.

'Hmm… it hasn't rained in a week, and I should know, I slept in it…' Naruto thought to himself as he quickened his pace to catch up with Hinata.

"Hey Hinata!" Naruto said to get his team mate's attention

"Eeep!" Hinata squeaked again, Anko had only just stopped teasing her about her sleeping arrangements the night before.

"Y-Y-Yes Naruto-k-k-kun?" Hinata managed to ask.

"You see that puddle up ahead? Can you use your eyes to check it out?" Naruto asked.

"H-H-Hai" Hinata answered quickly before placing her hands in the unique seal for her family's technique.

"Byakugan!" the technique activated, veins bulged around Hinata's eyes and her eyes became more defined. Her eyes widened when she looked at the puddle, it was laced with Chakra and in the ground underneath it were two people.

"N-N-Naruto-kun… t-there's…" Hinata stuttered

"I know… just keep moving and don't say anything" Naruto said quickly

Everyone continued walking onwards until they passed the puddle at that point Naruto spoke up.

"Hey, hold up a sec…" Naruto said as he turned around and slowly walked back to the puddle.

"Naruto, what're you doing?" Tenten asked

"Gotta take a leak… this'll do" Naruto said as he looked at the puddle.

As Naruto positioned himself above the puddle Kurenai finally noticed the chakra flowing through the puddle.

'How the hell did I miss that?!! Some Genjutsu expert I am!' Kurenai quickly thought to herself

"Naruto don't…" before Kurenai could finish, it happened.


Suddenly the puddle exploded and two figures jumped out in opposite directions.

"Oh god no!!!" both figures screamed as Naruto finished unzipping.

They both landed away from the team, Kurenai and Anko quickly sized them up, they were each dressed in black cloaks, they each had a massive metal gauntlet on their arm with a bladed chain linking them together, finally they each wore a forehead protector from the Village hidden in the mist with a slash across the symbols.

"Hey, I know you two…" Anko realised. "… I've seen you in a Bingo book, Gouzu and Meizu, missing Chuunin from the Mist village"

"So you know us, we're honoured…" Gouzu said sarcastically

"… you others can go, we just want the old man" Meizu finished

Kurenai was about to say something but was cut of by Naruto

"I don't think so…" Naruto said and took a step forward "Hinata, Tenten, guard the old man, Kurenai-sensei, Anko-chan… I'll take care of this, I've been hoping for a chance to relieve some stress, I haven't kicked anyone's ass for a week" Naruto said smugly while settling into a stance.

"You fool, you had your chance, now you'll find out why the Mist village calls us the Demon Brothers!!!" Gouzu shouted, a moment later both the brothers shot towards Naruto, hoping to ensnare him in their chain.

"NARUTO!" Kurenai screamed.

Nobody could believe what they were seeing, Naruto was still standing still, the Demon Brothers standing either side of him with their end of the chains. Naruto had caught the chain in one hand and not even a drop of blood was flowing from his hand. Naruto's head was slightly bowed allowing his hair to cover his eyes.

"Demons eh?… That's a joke…" Naruto said as he raised his head to glare at them, he also tightened his grip on the chain around his hand.

"Let me show you what a real demon can do!!!" Naruto shouted, he took a step back and pulled the chain with extraordinary strength, both the demon brothers were pulled along with the chain and were flying through the air.

"WAAAAAAA!!!" the Brothers screamed

Naruto swung his arm around and kept twisting while pulling the chain, after a moment Naruto was spinning the Demon Brothers around and around with their own chain, the rest of team Eight stood awestruck at Naruto's display.

Meizu managed to stop screaming long enough to reach up to his glove with his free hand and hit the release switch, the chain separated from his gauntlet and he fell to the ground hard and rolled a few times before coming to a stop.

Gouzu on the other hand was not as lucky, before he could hit his own switch he was slammed into a tree by the force of Naruto's swing. Gouzu was unconscious before he even hit the ground.

Naruto dropped the limp chain and turned back to her team who were still gawking.

"What?… I told you didn't I? You won't believe the things I can with one hand" Naruto said with a grin.

Meizu slowly raised his head as he tried to shake off the pain.

'H-How the hell is this kid so strong?…' Meizu thought as the kid turned back to his team. That's when Meizu saw the target, the old man right ahead of him, the only thing standing between the target and his claw was a pale eyed girl.

'Perfect…' Meizu thought with a smile, with swiftness only a ninja can muster Meizu was back on his feet and rushing towards the target.

Kurenai was the first one to notice him.

"HINATA!" Kurenai screamed to warn her surrogate daughter.

Meizu quickly reared his gauntlet back as he reached Hinata.


Instead of the sound of Metal tearing through flesh came the sound of metal on metal. Meizu looked down to see the same kid who had manhandled him a few moments ago blocking his gauntlet with the metal cast covering his right arm.

"You just can't take a hint can you?" Naruto said through clenched teeth as he struggled to keep his casted arm up. Meizu saw that he was struggling and pushed down harder.

"Gah…" Naruto quietly grunted as pressure was added to his arm.

Kurenai saw Naruto struggling and realised what was wrong.

'Him arm… it still hurts him…' Kurenai thought with a pang of guilt.

Kurenai was about to move to help him when Meizu spoke.

"You fool, this gauntlet is covered in poison, you're already dead…" Meizu said with a grin under his mask as he looked at Naruto's cast. Naruto looked where Meizu's gauntlet was pushing against his cast and his eyes widened. There was a crack where one of the gauntlets fingers were.

'SHIT… he breached it, I have to finish this before the crack gets bigger!!!'

"So… you called yourself a demon right?" Naruto asked as he reached into his coat with his free hand. "Do you know what I do to demons?" Naruto asked.

Meizu prepared himself for whatever Naruto may pull out of his coat.

"What?" Meizu asked with a sneer.

Naruto pulled his hand back out of his coat along with his Revolver, the Royal Flush, Naruto slammed the revolver down on top of Meizu's gauntlet and angled it at his head.

"I destroy them" Naruto growled.


Meizu was prepared for a more traditional weapon, a Kunai or Shuriken. He was in no way prepared for the kind of weapon the young Leaf ninja was using.

Meizu's head snapped back as the bullet hit him square between the eyes, he stood there with a shocked look in his eyes for a moment before he keeled over backwards.

Everyone was a little shocked, the members of team 8 had seen Naruto use the Royal flush several times before, but this was different… Naruto had only just become a ninja yet he was able to kill so easily, the only one not too surprised was Hinata, she knew what it was like, just over a week ago she herself had killed an academy teacher that she had known for years.

Naruto holstered his gun and lowered his casted arm, he looked where the crack was and quickly reached into one of the pockets on his coat, he pulled out a roll of bandages and quickly started to wrap it around the cast to cover the crack.

Anko and Tenten moved to secure the still unconscious Gouzu whilst Kurenai moved to make sure Naruto, Tenten and the old drunk were ok.

"Hinata, Naruto, are you ok?" Kurenai asked with worry.

"H-Hai, Kurenai-sensei…" Hinata sputtered, she hadn't spoken since the attack started.

"I'm fine…" Naruto said as he finished tightening the bandage around his cast covering the crack.

"Ok…" Kurenai said and turned to walk towards Tazuna.

"We need to talk" Kurenai said to Tazuna sternly.

"HEY NARUTO!" Naruto turned to see who had shouted him, he saw Anko standing next to Tenten who was finishing tying Gouzu to a tree. "YOUR FLY'S UNDONE!" Anko shouted to him with a smile.

Naruto looked down and cursed silently, he quickly zipped himself up. Meanwhile behind him Hinata was blushing due to the situation.

Kurenai meanwhile was talking to Tazuna to the side.

"The main reason I didn't help Naruto fight was because I wanted to see who they were after… they were after you Tazuna, so, what's going on?"

"Umm… I uh… I don't know what you're…"


Tazuna slowly turned his head to see Naruto standing across from his holding his gun up at him.

"… sigh… ok…"

Over the next ten minutes Tazuna explained everything, how his Country had been taken over by the businessman Gatou and how his bridge would connect Wave to the mainland allowing trade, allowing Wave to break free of Gatou's rule. He also explained how Wave was so poor that they couldn't afford an B or A rank mission, thus he lied to Konoha about the true dangers of the mission.

"Well, what do you think? We'll leave it up to a vote, who wants to continue the mission?" Kurenai asked the group.

Anko stood up with a pissed off look on her face.

"Hell no, I hate it when people screw around with me… at least when it's not in the good way… I'm going home…" Anko said and turned around to walk back to Konoha.

Tenten and Hinata looked a little disappointed, they personally wanted to continue the mission, to help Tazuna and his country, even if Hinata still wasn't sure about her own abilities. Tenten quickly started to follow Anko.

Kurenai sighed and was about to follow when Naruto spoke up.

"You know what, yeah, let's go back to Konoha, after all why would we want to risk fighting potentially powerful opponents when we could just go back to Konoha and accept a few D-Rank missions, maybe picking weeds, babysitting, or maybe Tora the cat has escaped again…" Naruto said with a sly grin.

Anko immediately turned around and started to walk the other way, as she passed Tenten and Hinata, Anko grabbed them both by the collars and dragged them backwards in the opposite direction.

"I've thought it over and come to a decision, I can't just leave an old fart like you alone, you'll get killed, come on team, we have a country to save!!!" Anko shouted overenthusiastically.

Kurenai turned to Naruto to see him smirking.

"Am I good or am I good?" Naruto asked.


Several hours later, Kurenai held up her hand to stop the team.

"Ok, we'll rest here for the night, we'll reach Wave tomorrow and you'll need to be rested" Kurenai explained.

Everyone nodded and started to set up a camp.

After a few minutes Kurenai saw Hinata franticly searching through her belongings, she threw everything out of her bag, her weapons, her food, her cloths, her… unmentionables…

Kurenai watching in confusion, what could Hinata have misplaced that was sp important, then she noticed Anko was sniggering to herself.

"Anko… what did you do?" Kurenai asked knowingly

Anko grinned and pointed.

Kurenai turned and looked where Anko was pointing and her eyes widened, there, laying on Naruto's bag was Hinata's dark secret… Naru-teddy.

Hinata stood up in a panic and activated her bloodline.

"Byakugan" Hinata's eyes widened when she saw where it was, it was on top of Naruto's bag, and Naruto had just turned around to see it.

Naruto was about to pick up the strange familiar teddy on her bag when suddenly something shot past him so fast he couldn't make out what it was, when he looked again, the teddy bear was gone.

Several meters away, Hinata was hiding behind a tree breathing heavily and hugging the teddy tightly to her chest.

"Holy crap, did you see that?" Anko asked Kurenai in disbelief

"Yeah, I've never seen Hinata move that fast… Anko you really need to stop that, Hinata has a hard enough time staying conscious around Naruto as it is…" Kurenai scolded Anko.

"That didn't seem to be a problem last night…" Anko said with a grin, "… besides, she was so focused on the bear that she hasn't noticed what else I took"

"… Anko… what else did you take?" Kurenai asked warily.

Anko grinned sadistically.

A mile back down the road Hinata's sleeping bag was sitting at the bottom of a river.

"Gee I wonder who'll be kind enough to share their sleeping bag with her, Mwahahahahaha!!!" Anko laughed like an evil genius making everyone around look at her oddly.

"… What you all looking at?!! See something you like?!!" Anko shouted with a half grin.

At this point Hinata realised her sleeping bag was missing, this time her sweep of the area with her Byakugan turned up no results.

"… and now we wait" Anko said with a grin, unfortunately her grin disappeared when she saw Kurenai give Hinata a rolled up sleeping bag which the young Hyuuga accepted with a smile and a bow.

Kurenai approached Anko who had an upset look on her face.

"Awwwww, Kurenai, why'd you have to give her your sleeping bag… I wanted to see some drama… besides, the sooner Hinata and Naruto get busy, the sooner you get grandkids" Anko said playfully.

"First of all, I am too young to be a grandmother, second of all Hinata is too young to be a mother, third of all I didn't give her my sleeping bag… I gave her yours" Kurenai revealed with a smile.

"… WHAT?!!… Oh well, I guess I'll just have to bunk with Naruto myself" Anko was about to walk to Naruto when Kurenai grabbed her.

After several arguments the sleeping arrangements were finished, in about an hour everyone was asleep, Anko ended up stealing Naruto's sleeping bag while Naruto opted to lay down on top of his coat and look at the stars.

Hinata and Tenten slept next to each other, Anko and Naruto slept next to each other and Tazuna slept between the two groups. Kurenai meanwhile was on watch.

While on watch Kurenai thought back to today's fight, how Naruto immediately ran into the fight with the demon brothers. Kurenai turned around and saw Naruto still awake looking up at the stars. She walked from her post and kneeled down next to him.

"Naruto, can I talk to you?" Kurenai asked

"Sure Kurenai-sensei, what's up?" Naruto asked

"Naruto, about what happened today… you do know that we're a team now… you don't have to fight alone anymore, we're here to help you…" Kurenai said.

Naruto was about to speak but was interrupted when Anko spoke in her sleep.

"Mmm… get the rabbit, get the rabbit…" Anko muttered.

Kurenai looked at her friend in disbelief.

"What the hell was that?" Kurenai asked nobody in particular.

"I think she's dreaming, she's been doing that for the last few minutes, I think she's chasing a rabbit" Naruto explained.

"Anyway Kurenai-sensei, I know we're a team, but in some situations I am far more qualified to handle situations that you and the rest of the team can't" Naruto said

Kurenai was about to say something but was interrupted by another outburst from the dreaming Anko.

"Mmm, down the rabbit hole, come back Mr. Rabbit" Anko slurred

Kurenai grunted when she attempted to hold back a laugh.

After regaining their composure they continued talking.

"Naruto… just remember that we're here to help you, you don't need to fight alone, just remember that, ok?" Kurenai said with a kind smile

"Ok Kurenai-sensei, thank you" Naruto said with a smile.

Kurenai was about to go back to her post when once again Anko had another outburst.

"Mmm, eeeeh!!!" it almost sounded like a happy squeak followed by very girly giggling, it actually sounded a bit cute.

"Ok, what now?" Kurenai asked.

"If I had to guess…" said Naruto "… I'd say she caught the rabbit"

Kurenai stifled another laugh before muttering to herself.

"I am going to hold this over her head for so long that I doubt she'll ever be able to see the sun again"


The next morning team 8 were on the move again, they travel a few miles until they reached a large lake, a friend of Tazuna was able to ferry them across.

They were about 30 minutes away from Tazuna's home before any other incidents.

Ever since Tazuna's friend dropped them off Naruto had felt on edge, he felt as if somebody was constantly watching them, he also felt some sort of demonic presence.

As they walked along the side of the lake Naruto suddenly felt something watching thme from behind a bush.

Naruto quickly twisted around whilst reaching into his coat and pulling out royal flush.

"Gotcha!!!" Naruto shouted


The end of Royal flush exploded as a bullet ripped from the barrel and shot into the bushes.

Naruto let the gun hang at his side as he and the startled team 8 approached the bushes, they all sweat dropped when they saw what was there, a white rabbit shaking with it's back pinned against a tree with a smoking bullet hole just above it's head.

"Naruto! How could you?!" Tenten asked as she ran to the rabbit and picked it up to make sure it wasn't hurt. Hinata also joined her.

"Hey Anko, you wanna hold the rabbit?" Naruto asked with a grin.

For some reason Anko started blushing.

"N-N-No. why would I want to hold that stupid thing!!!" Anko almost yelled.

Naruto grinned slyly at her before he realised something.

'… That rabbit… it should have lost it's winter coat by now… why hasn't it?… Shit, it was raised indoors to be used for a replacement jutsu…' Naruto realised as he started to look around.

Kurenai also seemed to have noticed it as she too was looking around for any form of an attack.

Suddenly something shifted about 50 meters away from them, that was quickly followed by a whirling sound filling the air.

Naruto's eyes widened when the whirling got closer. He spun on his heel to face the rest of his team.


Both Anko and Kurenai acted immediately, Anko grabbed Tazuna and pulled him to the ground whilst Kurenai grabbed both Tenten and Hinata by the scruffs of their tops and pulled them to the ground.

Naruto saw it coming, he quickly leaned backwards while keeping his feet flat out the ground thanks to some chakra, he leaned back just far enough for a huge sword to go flying past his face, as it passed by him time seemed to slow down, Naruto's eyes caught site of some small markings on the sword that made Naruto's eyes widen.

'That's one of the swords!!!' Naruto screamed in his mind.

Time sped back up, the swords lodged into the side of a tree and a moment later somebody appeared standing on the handle, he had spiky dark hair held up by a lopsided forehead protector from the hidden mist village with a slash through it. He also had tape wrapped around his mouth and nose. Kurenai and Anko were easily able to recognise him.

"Zabuza Momochi… missing-nin of the mist village and member of the seven swordsmen…" Kurenai muttered just loud enough for everyone to hear.

"So you know me… I'll give you one chance to live, give me the old man" the newcomer said.

Anko, Tenten and Hinata acted immediately, they got I a protective formation around Tazuna. Kurenai was about to step forward to speak but Naruto beat her to it.

"Not a bad deal… here's my counter offer" with that said Naruto suddenly disappeared.


Zabuza turned his head and saw Naruto standing on the sword next to him with his gun held up to his head.

"Hand over the sword… and I'll let you live" Naruto said simply without batting an eyebrow.

'The kid's fast…' Zabuza mused as he smiled under his mask.

Zabuza suddenly moved to attack.


Naruto fired a single shot, Zabuza leaned back and the bullet sailed past his face. Zabuza continued moving backwards until he fall of his sword and grabbed the handle on the way down to stop himself from falling. Zabuza quickly planted both of his feet against the tree and pulled his sword loose. Naruto jumped off just in time, as he fell through the air he aimed Royal Flush at Zabuza and fired off two more shots.


Zabuza twisted in the air and brought his sword up, the two shots ricocheted off the sword and hit the ground. Naruto landed in front of his team and Zabuza landed near the lake.

"Naruto get back, me and Anko will fight him…" Kurenai shouted to her student.

"… No…" Naruto spoke quickly and to the point.

Kurenai and Anko were a little surprised, ever since Naruto had appeared in Konoha he had been happy, playful and funny. He seemed to enjoy being home and people enjoyed being around him, he was always able to cheer them up… but now, this was different, ever since Zabuza had arrived Naruto had been acting very cold and was fixated on the missing-nin.

"Naruto, this guy is in an completely different league from you, if you fight him he'll kill you…"

"Kurenai!!!" Naruto yelled to stop her from speaking.

"Right now the situation has gone far beyond my duties as a Ninja… what I'm doing now is far more important than my life, the life of a Devil…" Naruto spoke, referring to his own life.

Naruto's statement caused Kurenai to gasp. What was so important that he would throw his life away for.

"Now, Zabuza, I'll say it one more time, HAND OVER THE SWORD!!!" Naruto yelled.

Every member of team 8 was completely lost, why was Naruto so fixated on the sword?

"Heh, sorry kid… this sword is mine and it's gonna stay that way…" Zabuza said as he attached the sword to his back and placed his hands in separate seals.

Suddenly a thick mist started to roll in around them all and Zabuza seemed to dissapear.

"Kirigakure no Jutsu" (Hidden Mist Jutsu) Zabuza muttered as he disappeared.

Naruto stayed on edge as Zabuza's voice started to echo eerily through the mist.

"Eight points… the larynx, spine, lungs, liver, jugular, subclavian artery, kidneys and heart… which point shall I attack?" Zabuza asked.

Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated, honing his senses he listened… he reached out with his ears to listen to everything around him.

'… seven fish in the lake… the rabbit he used is hiding in a hollow tree 13 meters away… Hinata-chan's heart is beating like crazy, she's scared… so is Tenten… Anko and Kurenai are trying to kep calm but they're starting to panic… there's somebody else here… a woman… she's watching everything we do…' Naruto slowly thought about everything he heard. Suddenly, the dirt next to Hinata and Tenten shifted.

'There!!!' Naruto realised as his eyes snapped open.

Naruto disappeared form sight and Zabuza appeared right in the middle of Team 8's formation with his sword held behind him ready to kill all five of them at once.


Zabuza was shocked when his sword was stopped mid swing by something, he twisted his head to see Naruto standing there with a Katana in his left hand blocking Zabuza's sword.

"You've got a jacked up notion of fair play bastard… and it's beginning to piss me off!!!" Naruto said angrily as he pushed his sword forwards forcing Zabuza to break off his attack and jump away from the group. Everyone as shocked, if it wasn't for Naruto they would have all been minced meat.

Naruto stepped away from the group and held his Katana to the side. Zabuza's eye locked with the sword and he flinched for a moment.

Tenten also saw the sword and started to drool, Tenten had caught sight of the sword tucked into Naruto's coat several times and had been a little curious but this was the first time she had seen it drawn… it was gorgeous.

"How can you call yourself a ninja?" Zabuza said as he stepped backwards a few times towards the water. "You're just a kid… you have no idea what a ninja truly is, by the time is was your age my hands were already soaked in blood… the blood of my team-mates… all that team is doing is holding you back from being truly strong… if you really wish to be powerful, you should dispose of them yourself rather than fight tooth and nail to protect them!" Zabuza said with a foul tone.

Naruto raised his sword and pointed it at Zabuza.

"I'd rather die myself than do that… what you're describing isn't the actions of a ninja… they're the actions of a demon…" Naruto said through clenched teeth.

"Yes… and that's exactly how I gained my name, Zabuza, Demon of the Mist!!!" with that said Zabuza disappeared from where he was and reappeared directly behind Hinata, she wasn't able to make a single sound before he grabbed her and disappeared again.

"HINATA!!!" Kurenai screamed, she was barely able to register what happened before it was over.

Naruto saw it too, as he did he felt his anger boil up inside of him.

"ZABUZA!!! LET HER GO!!!" Naruto yelled in anger at the top of his voice.

Not a moment after Naruto yelled the mist started to clear away, Naruto looked around frantically and spotted them, Zabuza was on the lake and had Hinata trapped in a floating sphere of water. Kurenai had to force herself not to move, Zabuza had Hinata at his mercy, if she made a wrong move he would kill her without a second thought.

"Zabuza, if you do anything to her…" Naruto spat through his teeth.

"You'll do what?" Zabuza asked with a mocking tone. "This is how the life of a ninja is lived… on the edge of death… one moment your friends are alive and well and the next moment…" Zabuza said as he used his free hand to raised his sword up high above the water prison. , Hinata's eyes widened in fear as she saw the blade start it's decent.

Kurenai had cast aside her caution and started to run towards Zabuza intent on saving Hinata.

"NO!!!" Naruto disappeared from where he was, he had moved so fast that a small crater formed where he had been standing before. Naruto appeared standing in the gap between the blade and Hinata and raised his sword to block. The swords clashed against each other at and awkward angle and Naruto's sword was smashed out of his grip and twirled through the air for a moment before landing on the bank. Zabuza immediately let the water prison technique drop and Hinata fell into the water, Zabuza gripped his sword with both hands as he brought it down again, this time on Naruto. Naruto quickly raised his right arm still bound in it's metal cast and blocked the blow. The metal of the cast around Naruto's arm and Zabuza's sword seemed to clash and bounce off each other… Zabuza's sword went back into the air, but this just allowed Zabuza to get a tighter grip on it, he brought it down on Naruto again and once again Naruto had to raise his cast up to block the blow, this time the strike caused a huge crack to appear on the cast, Zabuza grinned when he saw this, one more hit and Naruto would be finished.

Zabuza gripped the sword, swung it around his back and swung it forward one last time. The sword connected with the metal of Naruto's cast and…


There was an explosion of red chakra that burst from Naruto's body, the flash blinded everybody who was watching for a few moments. When the light reseeded everybody was shocked by what they saw. Kurenai had been halfway across the lake towards them when the red flash cased her to stop, now she stood there and gaped at what she saw in shock.

Naruto was still standing, Zabuza's swords was still grinding against Naruto's arm… but now the entire metal cast was gone. At Naruto's elbow his coat was torn and his entire forearm cold be seen, it seemed to be made completely out of a crimson red glowing substance with thousands of specks of black flowing through it… over the top of his arm, hand and fingers were sinister looking bones with short claws on the ends.

"My god…" Kurenai gasped as she held a hand to her mouth, the memory of her attack appeared in her mind again.

Naruto looked up over his arm into the eyes of a shocked Zabuza and grinned.

"Bet you weren't expecting that huh?" Naruto asked with a grin.

To Be Continued…