Alex had sat on the floor for more than an hour before exhaustion made him lie on his side. Tired eyes shut, Alex sighed. He would stay like this just for a few minutes.

The cold was already sinking into the skin of his arm, which was pressed against the cement floor. Within a minute his arm was numb but Alex was asleep by then and did not move.

He was asleep when the door opened.

Some part of his conscious heard the footsteps that came up to him but ignored it. A warm, kind hand touched Alex's freezing shoulder. It shook him gently, then more firmly as Alex woke slowly.

"Get up, kid," a familiar voice said quietly.

With a sigh through his nose, Alex peered up at the man kneeling next to him. Recognition lit in Alex's eyes, and he sat up quickly, almost knocking heads with his rescuer.

"Eagle!" He said excitedly as Eagle pulled him to his feet.

"Yep, just little old me. We got to get you out of here, you're freezing," Eagle said as he pulled Alex to the door.

Things were happening too fast. One second he was in a uncomfortable unconscious, the next he was being rescued. Alex went along with Eagle.

"Ho--how did you get here? Where are the others? Are you sure you weren't followed?"

Eagle laughed softly. "Slow down, Cub. You have a lot of explaining to do, so hold your breath until later."

Alex winced. "I guess Wolf is really mad right now…"

Eagle snorted. "He's not the only one." The man gave him a frustrated glance. "You should have came to us. We're a team for a reason, Cub."

Biting his lip, Alex resisted the urge to look down guiltily. They were still walking through the basement. "I didn't expect to end up here. How was I supposed to know where the tunnel led?"

Eagle turned on him and the look in his eyes made Alex step back. "I don't care if you did not know, you still shouldn't have gone anywhere without us!"

Alex blinked. "Eagle--"

Holding up a hand, Eagle stopped him from speaking any further. "I don't want to hear it. Let's get out of here first and then we can talk about this." Not waiting for a response, Eagle started walking again. They were out of the basement quickly, and walking through the halls as silently as possibly.

Seeing the unfamiliar look of frustration on Eagle's face made Alex wince. He hated to admit it, but their anger was justified.

Not only had he put himself in danger, but he had put his unit jeopardy as well.

Alex was suddenly pulled sideways into a closet. "What are--?" he tried to ask Eagle, who covered his mouth halfway through the question.

Pounding feet ran down the hall where they had been. Alex sucked in a surprised breath. The guards had been so close and he had not even noticed. Eagle removed his hand and pushed Alex out of the closet.

"They know you've escaped so we'll have to find the others quick," Eagle said in a breathless voice.

They made straight for the exit. Seeing Wolf and Fox coming their way made Alex feel some tension disappear. They were panting slightly as they caught up with Eagle and Alex.

"I got it," Fox said with a grin. His hand patted his pocket lightly.

Frowning, Alex looked at them as they pulled him down the corridor. "Got what?" he asked in confusion.

Something was off. What had he missed while in the basement?

Seeing his expression and kindly taking pity in him, Eagle spoke. "We overheard your little talk with Rothman. Got his cell phone while he slept. Did you know he decided to sleep with that thing under his pillow?"

Alex gaped at them. "You have it?" Wolf clapped his hand over Alex's mouth.

"Shut up," he snapped, but a grin took away some of the bite. "Yeah, we got it, and beat Rothman up in the process. He had four guards just for himself. Fox took care of three, and it was bloody awesome!"

Eagle chuckled. "Wolf man's hyper."

Wolf didn't object--and then his expression changed as he took in Alex's face.

"You have a lot of explaining to do," he growled. Alex stood his ground.

Fox took care of three, and it was bloody awesome!"

Alex said, trying and failing not to look too guilty.

Wolf looked at him disapprovingly. Even Fox did not look to happy.

"Where's Snake?" Alex asked suddenly, remembering finally; to ask about the man.

Eagle smiled, "He went off alone to lock the guards in the tunnel--"

"What?" Alex asked in awe. Fox nodded, "We'll explain later. We're near the exit. Let's go."

The exit was apparently just an exit from the room they were in, because the door they went through just opened into another room. At the scene before them, Alex stopped short.

It seemed they had found Snake. Too bad he was too busy fighting to say hello. Alex's brain finally caught up with the rest of him, and he jumped in to help. Wolf and Eagle were already helping Snake fight the seven guards randomly positioned around the room.

The guards were inexperienced at fighting. Alex knocked two out easily. It seemed Rothman had gone more from size than anything else when he picked out guards. It was almost laughable, and Alex was having fun.

I'm having fun beating some people unconscious, what would Jack say? Alex though in amusement as he finished the last man. Actually, she'd probably join in if she knew the situation, Alex chuckled.

There was a garage-like door that the K Unit was know trying to open. "As soon as we get out of here, we can set off that bomb--" Wolf said.

Behind them came the sound of heavy breathing. Spinning around, Alex saw a bloodied and limping Rothman in the door.

There was silence as time seemed to stand still. Beyond the buzzing in his ears, Alex heard the huge, garage like door that was opening.

Then Rothman lifted his hand, and fired the gun he held.

Eagle went down with a grunt. Then Rothman fired again--but his hand was knocked off track as Wolf pushed him to the ground.

"Alex!" His yell gave Alex enough warning, and he caught the cell phone thrown at him. The detonator was in his grasp, finally.

"Get out of here, they'll send out--ugh--those trucks soon!" Wolf screamed as he rolled with Rothman.

Fox jumped to help while Snake dragged Eagle out the garage door, safety.

"Run, Alex, then set it off!" Fox said as he got up from where he had fallen.

Not waiting another second, Alex ran. Out side, noises of guards, probably just finding their way back, and other noises--helicopters, Alex realized.

But, were they for him or against him?

There was no time to find out; people were running after him as his feet pounded on the concrete.

The sun was coming up. The plant had to be destroyed.

All the food, and water, was poisoned. It needed to be destroyed anyway. When the place was destroyed, people would become aware of the danger they were in or had been in.

The people needed to know.

Alex wondered if was far enough away. What if Wolf and the others were not safe? He could not run much farther, though, even now exhaustion was slowing him down.

He opened the detonator. With a deep breath, he mashed the button.

A second later, the bombs went off. Apparently, there had been a lot more than two bombs in the building. Alex was thrown off his feet as the concrete around him cracked and shook.

Gasping, the concrete rushed up to meet Alex's face, and the rest of his body. The force rattled his bones; the sound of the explosion made his ears ring.

Rolling over, stars in his eyes, he saw the building that would haunt his nightmares burning. New flames were swirling like tendrils of a plant. They quickly encompassed the building.

The people following him had been forgotten. But, as Alex saw one out of the corner of his mind, it was the only thing he was worried about. He was not fast enough, something slammed into his head.

Alex dropped to the ground. The force behind the object hitting him knocked him unconscious.


Careful hands lifted his aching head. Alex wanted to tell them off for touching his head. Everything hurt. What in the world was happening?

Dizzily, Alex attempted to sit up. Quickly, and firmly, he was pushed back down on what he thought was the ground.

Someone was talking. What were they saying? Slowly, the voices got louder, and more intelligible.

"…so stop moving before you hurt yourself worse. Hey! We need some water here, some medical attention, something?"

Alex knew the person speaking. The presence felt familiar. He was tempted to go back to the darkness he had just come out of. Alex tried relaxing; whatever was going on could wait. He had a dream of a golden dog that he would happily return to.

"No you don't!" someone said with amusement. Something cold was splashed on Alex face. It woke him up quickly.

His arms and legs flailed as Alex tried to sit up. A strong hand held him down, and someone laughed. Alex opened his eyes, they were bleary, and he shook the water out, regretting the action when his head flared with pain.

Blinking, Alex looked up and saw a half-smiling face. "Fox…." he mumbled in reconigtion.

The hand was removed. "I want you to sit back for a while, don't sleep; I think you might have a concussion," Fox said gently.

It was then that Alex really noticed his surroundings. Lights flashed, at least four helicopters were hovering, and turning his head Alex saw Rothman's factory.

Or, at least what was left of it. Which actually wasn't much.

The brick was stained charcoal, the burning smell hung in the air. Someone chuckled at his slightly shocked expression.

"When you do something, you go all the way," Wolf said from near him. Alex searched for him.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Er…you blew up a building," said Fox. Alex frowned and sat up; he ignored Fox complaining that he needed to wait for a paramedic. Cops, ambulances, and almost every emergency vehicle Alex had ever seen was around him.

Alex stood to take a better look and they let him.

Had anybody told MI6 anything yet? Then he saw them. There were bodies, maybe four lying on the ground.

Alex gulped. "What's wrong with--they aren't--" He couldn't finish the sentence, and he stumbled making his way to one of the still guards. Wolf caught his arm.

"Three are dead. One's just unconscious; the paramedics are trying to help him. It was not to long ago that they arrived," Wolf said quietly finally turning Alex away from the sight of the bodies, and the building.

"We need to get him some medical attention, Wolf. He looks like he's in shock," Fox said, worry tinting his voice.

"When'd you become Snake?" Wolf asked, but he to be looking at Alex.

"I'm fine, just…I don't know,"Alex looked around looking lost. "I need to talk to Jones and Blunt."

Raising an eyebrow, Fox started dragging him toward the ambulances. "He wants to talk to them? Now we know he injured."

Wolf nodded. "Hit in the head harder then what we thought."


The paramedics checked him over quickly, before announcing he was not in serious condition and moving to some other people. Wolf didn't like it; Alex could tell be the way he snarled at the EMT.

A man in army uniform came to him. "Are you Alex Rider?"

Surprised, Alex tried to keep his voice calm. "Yes, that's me," he replied.

"Good, I need you and your unit to come with me," the man replied. Eagle had injured his leg, but would be fine. He was helped into a helicopter several minutes later.

"You okay Eagle?" Alex asked. The paramedics had given Eagle some pain relievers, but Alex did not think the pills were working very well. He had seen the man flinch, and he was unusually quiet and tight lipped.

Eagle nodded, and even attempted a smile. "I'm fine, Cub. Even better now that we got this fancy trasportation out of that hell hole. Who knew you were so famous?"

His teasing made Alex laugh. They arrived at their destination fairly quickly. Alex was ushered out of the helicopter and into a building.

"Alex!" The teen lifted his head which had been straying around the room. For the second time in his life, he saw Mrs. Jones with worried expression.

It looked motherly almost, and reminded Alex of the time he was shot. Mrs. Jones had looked a bit worried then. Now she came to him looking him over for any sign of harm as she came. Her usual black suit was replaced by a more worn down pant suit that did not match.

She had obviously dressed quickly. Her hands descended on Alex's shoulders. She peered at him paying no attention to the others.

"What are we, next door neighbors?" Fox asked in the background. He was apparently filling in the job of comedian for Eagle.

It didn't matter, Jones ignored him. "We got the warning; by the time we got to your safe house it was too late. I'm sorry, Alex, we were trying to track you. In the end it was the news of the exploding factory that helped us find you."

Alex frowned in question, and shifted uncomfortable. Sensing his discomfort, Mrs. Jones removed her hands.

"I need to explain better. Mr. Blunt could not be here. He's still dealing with the aftermath of the destruction you caused--" she said, but Alex winced.

"Sorry, I didn't think I had much of a choice with no one to help--" Alex rolled his eyes as Wolf said, "Hey!" indigently.

"--except for the brilliant work of my unit that I appreciate more then I can say. Happy?" Alex asked an amused and smug Wolf.

"Very," Wolf replied. Eagle was grinning with Fox, and Snake smirked.

Mrs. Jones was looking slightly exasperated, and Alex noticed that she was not sucking on a peppermint. Will wonders never cease, Alex thought dryly.

"Come into the office, I know you must want to rest so I'll explain as quickly as I can. And I want some answers as well," she added as an afterthought.

They were ushered in an office, Snake hanging back just in case Eagle needed help with his crutch he had been given. "Can I get you anything to drink?" Mrs. Jones asked.

All of them accepted a drink except Eagle, who had had water given to him by the paramedics. Alex reminded himself to get the water. It would help his dry throat more than M16's sugary, cheap cola.

"I'll start at the beginning," Mrs. Jones said with a sigh. "Samuel Dixon," Mrs. Jones paused, "You may have come across him in the factory?"

Eagle and Fix winced while Alex closed his eyes. "Rothman shot him," he said before opening his eyes.

Mrs. Jones was watching him. "That's terrible," she murmered seeming saddened.

"We had him following Sarana Bianchi. She had caused some trouble in the past and some recent events seemed to have her fingerprints all over them. We had him go under the name Krause, and act interested in Bianchi," Stopping, Mrs. Jones took a drink before continuing.

"We heard rumors of her being a very vain woman, apparently we were right. Bianchi accepted Krause much sooner then we were expecting. Then, suddenly, we stopped getting messeges from him. His reports stopped coming and Bianchi was gone as well."

Alex frowned at this. "What had happened?"

"They had entered a region where contacting us would be rather difficult. And after that we think he disposed of his means of contacting us. His situation was very fragile. We just wished we had found him sooner," a little sigh and then Mrs. Jones was looking at them.

"I have not heard your side of the story yet," she said to the K Unit.

They exchanged glances, and then Wolf sighed. "Fine, I'll do it," he grumbled.

Eagle clapped. "Story time with Wolfy!" Wolf frowned, and picked up his glass making a gesture that said he would gladly dump the wateer over Eagle's head.

"I guess you know about how we were taken. They busted through the front and back door, caught us off guard and shoved us in some black vans," Wolf said with a frown as he remembered.

"About how many people were there?" Mrs. Jones asked. Outside a bird sang, drawing Alex's attention to the bright weather outside. He wished he could go out, get away from the cold air inside the building.

Wolf looked uncertain for a moment. "Twenty to thirty," he said with a shrug. Mrs. Jones frowned, but nodded for him to continue.

Alex realized that Wolf had refrained from mentioning Harley's death. Not that Mrs. Jones would care that much, but he wondered momentarily why Wolf had not mentioned it.

"We were loaded into separate vehicles. They probably though we would cause trouble together. Alex did manage to hurt one," Wolf grinned at Alex who returned it.

"It felt good, too," he said with a chuckled. Eagle laughed out loud, and Mrs. Jones looked slightly unnerved.

"Continue please," she said to Wolf.

"We were brought to the factory where, after being shoved into a holding room, Alex caused some trouble, and was then brought to Rothman," Wolf said.

Mrs. Jones turned toward Alex expectantly. Knowing he was trapped, Alex started talking.

"Well, Wolf missed out on some spots. They tied us up back to back in a circle. I had kept my hands clenched and tight so when I relaxed them I had some moving room. We got untied, even though someone proclaimed it impossible," Alex said with a grin.

Eagle nudged Wolf. "He's talking about you" he said unnecessarily. There was a huge smile on his face.

"No really?" Wolf grouched. Mrs. Jones was watching their antics, Alex saw, and he continued his story.

"We got out, and then got found. I got beat up until Rothman interrupted, much to my shock and horror," Alex said.

"How did you escape?" Mrs. Jones asked. Alex sat back in his seat; he tried not to draw attention. He really didn't want to talk anymore about this subject.

What he did want was to see Jack. She will be coming back, won't she? Alex wondered.

If Jack would not be around to take care of him, what would happen? Not that I need a guardian, if I had to I'm sure I could take care of myself, Alex thought.

But, he had to admit, it was nice to have someone around who cared about him.

A bird, perhaps the one he had heard earlier, landed outside on the window sill. He watched it as it wiggled its wings then flew off.

He was still staring out the window when Snake punched him lightly. "Earth to Alex," he said with a grin.

"Sorry," Alex said. " What is it?" he continued as he saw them looking expectant.

"Mrs. Jones asked if you're ready to go home, or if you think you need to get checked out at the hospital?" Fox said helpfully.

Alex's eyes widened. "Home!" he blurted out excitedly.

In his head he was wondering, what home? His had burned down. But, the K Unit was smiling, and he figured he would find out soon enough.

They left the building happier than when they had entered. There was a large car waiting outside for them. Mrs. Jones had followed them, now she spoke.

"Henry will drive Alex home first, and then he'll drop of the rest of you. I hope that will be okay?" she asked.

They nodded immediately. She smiled lightly. "Goodbye then," then she turned back to the building.

They climbed in to the car. Alex held Eagle's crutch while the man got in the backseat. After handing it back, he got in the front beside Snake.

Henry grinned at him before starting the car. Alex smiled back. "Long time no see kiddo," the old man said gaily.

Alex scowled at being called a kid, but did not want to argue now. "Nice to see you, too, Henry."

They drove for a while. The exhaustion finally caught up with Alex; he fell asleep with his head drooping onto Snake's shoulder.

He woke later just as Henry was getting closer to their stop. He knew he had to be near their destination. He knew where he was.

Just down the street they had passed was his school. And over there was where the crazy cat lady lived. The park he had visited so many times with Tom was just there.

He did not realizing he was smiling until Eagle mentioned it. "You're going to crack your face."

Alex rolled his eyes, but was too busy looking for his street to respond. He saw his street and could not help himself from jumping in the seat.

"You gotta pee?" Wolf asked amused. Alex did not bother responding.

Then--Henry passed Alex's street. Alex gaped for a moment. "What are you doing? Turn around, you missed my street," he said impatiently.

"I know where I'm going," Henry replied watching the street.

They turned down the next street; Alex figured Henry was going to turn around. This road only led beside the river as past a small valley.

But, the man kept driving. "You could turn around the--" Henry passed the grassless spot Alex had pointed at. Alex crossed his arms figuring he would just have to wait.

As they turned a curve, and then slowed Alex frowned. They were coming up on a house that he had seen once, maybe twice. It had been in need of redecorating. Now it looked perfect…and exactly like his old house.

He was ready to start bouncing in his seat again when they turned up the driveway.

"Oh wow," he murmered in awe, staring at what he knew was his new home.

As they got to a bend in the driveway, it allowed Alex to see the side of the house. He realized that this house was larger in the back than his old one.

They stopped in front of it and Alex almost ran over Snake in his haste. A mock frightened look came over the man's face, and he hurried to get out of the way.

Alex ran up to the door. He paused, and then reached for the handle hoping it was unlocked. What would be waiting for him inside?

It was unlocked. With a huge smile, he pushed the door open and entered the hallway. He breathed deep; it even smelled like the washing powders Jack used as she did the clothes.

The doorway to kitchen was right there, Alex went into the room eagerly. The appliances were different, but the way it was made was the same.

It was almost like he had never left.

"Jack?" he called. Alex did not know wheither to expect Jack or not. Sounds of somebody coming his way from the other room had Alex turning excitedly.

He barely noticed the K Unit standing in the doorway as he opened the door to the living room.

There was indeed someone else in the house--but it was not who he expected.

"Harley!" he gasped. His retriver barked excitedly and entered the kitchen to attack Alex with his toungue.

Unlike the first time, Alex welcomed the doggy kisses as Harley jumped up and down.

"I thought you were dead!" Alex exclaimed softly as he kneeled and ran his hands of the soft fur. The smell of shampoo tickled Alex's nose. His dog had been well cared for.

As Harley tured to welcome the K Unit, Alex saw a slight limp and frowned. It could be worse, though, he reminded himself. It was true. Harley could have been dead.

"Alex?" an astonished but familier voice had Alex looking up. The person he had been waiting to see was standing there looking surprised, but delighted.

He stood and was hugging Jack in less than a second. "Jack, you have no idea how much I missed you!" he breathed.

She laughed happily. "If it was anything like the way I felt…." she trailed of. Alex pulled back, she was staring at the K Unit.

They looked uncomfortable. Wolf was shifting from foot to foot. Fox was petting Harley, who was still jumping, but he kept looking between Alex and Jack.

Snake cleared his throat when no one spoke. Eagle came forward on his crutch and held out his hand. "I'm Eagle," he said with a grin.

Jack took his hand. "Is that your last name or did your parents hate you?" she asked warily. Eagle grinned wider. "Neither, but If I told you my real name I'd have to kill you."

"You wouldn't be the first to try," Jack replied with a dry glance at Alex. "That's what happens when you live with a miniature James Bond."

Alex grumbled. "Miniature? I'm almost taller than you."

Wolf was grinning slightly now. Harley had grabbed Snake's shirt and was pulling him to Jack.

"I know what you mean," Eagle said ignoring Harley trying to push him away from Jack.

"We had only known Alex a little and just for that we got hunted down by some--" Harley cut off his sentece as he pushed Eagle with his side.

"Looks like your dog's playing matchmaker," Wolf muttered in Alex's ear as he stepped away from the doorway.

Alex snickered and watched as Fox subtly pulled Harley away. Snake looked embarrassed and amused as he stepped away from the two. Jack was listening to Eagle now and smiling at what he was saying.

Alex noticed she kept glancing around for him every few minutes. Any other time it might have annoyed him. Now he soaked it up.

It was about ten minutes later that they left. Alex winced. It sounded like Henry had died and way lying on the horn.

"I guess I got to go," Eagle muttered, sounding sad. Jack looked amused.

Alex saw them exchange numbers out of the corner of his eye while he said his goodbyes.

"Ever need any help, got someone trying to kill you or something, you can call me," Wolf said.

Alex chuckled. "Thanks, I hope I won't need to, though." From the fridge, Jack was nodding as she took out stuff for lunch.

Fox nodded. "Me too, I don't think I can keep up with you, Cub. I'd pass out, and then you'd have to drag me everywhere."

"Or lean you up against a tree and come back for you later," Eagle said joining them.

Snake snickered as he patted Harley. "Bye Snake," Alex said as they headed for the door.

"See ya Alex. If I need some spy work I'll know who to come to," he said with a wave.

"You can't afford my spy work,"Alex said studying his nails with exaggerated vanity.

Wolf laughed and clapped him on the back. Alex watched as they drove out of the driveway.

Harley was rubbing head against Alex's hand.

Alex shut the door and turned to go back into the kitchen. It was good to be home.

The end

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