Title: Interludes

Summary: Troy and Gabriella make music, mayhem and love. A series of M-rated Troyella one-shots.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: High School Musical and all of its characters belong to Disney. I'm just borrowing them for a while…besides, Disney would never let their characters have this much fun!

A/N: All right, new story! I know, I know, I said I would have this up by the end of last week but I had a serious case of writer's block and website stuff to do…but better late than never right? I don't know how often I will get to update this, especially with university starting back up in a few weeks, but I'll try and have a new one-shot up at least every 2 weeks. For the moment though, sit back, relax and enjoy this little dose of Troyella love!


Gabriella stared at the imposing view before her. The darkened street seemed to shrink around her, the shadows slithering ever closer. Her eyes darted nervously around before landing on the flickering neon, the garish orange and pink light seemingly signalling a warning sign to all who approached.

Maybe this was a bad idea…no, no maybes, this is a bad idea. I shouldn't be here, I should be home curled up with Jane Austen and chocolate, I should be writing that AP English essay, I should be…

A warm hand suddenly placed itself on the small of her back and Gabriella whirled around in fright, only to be met with the half-concerned, half-amused gaze of her boyfriend.

"Calm down baby, it's just a nightclub, it isn't a slaughterhouse," Troy teased while rubbing soothing circles on her back.

Taking a deep breath and sparing Troy a glare she turned once again to stare at the blinking neon sign which adorned the front of the aptly named Club Allegro, considering her heart was hammering a lively beat against her rib cage. Sharpay knew the owner of the hip new dance spot and had invited all of the Wildcats to the opening night, even though they usually wouldn't have even got past the front door given their age.

"I know, it's just…I've never done anything like this before, gone clubbing I mean," Gabriella admitted softly to Troy, slightly embarrassed since she knew that he and the guys had snuck into nightclubs before…hell, even Taylor had once with her older sister.

"You'll be fine, we can just dance if you want, or sit at one of the tables if you feel uncomfortable," Troy replied, wrapping his arm around her waist as he started to usher her towards the door.

Ok, Montez…you can do this, it's no big deal.

Flashing a weak smile at the burly bald-headed bouncer as Troy had their names checked off the VIP list, Gabriella let her boyfriend lead her into the darkened doorway.

The walls were shaking ominously to the beat of the thumping music which echoed deafeningly in her ears as she pulled closer to Troy, his arm tightening around her in response. Turning a corner, Gabriella gaped as the claustrophobic hallway opened up to reveal a giant multi-storied room, stairs and balconies crisscrossing the outer edges. In the centre, the floor was packed tight with revellers jumping up and down to the pounding bass line pouring out of the 8 foot speakers in front of the raised DJ's platform. Multi-coloured lights and lasers penetrated through the smoky haze, briefly illuminating rapturous faces and glinting off of the beer bottles scattered randomly on tables.

Miraculously spotting Sharpay at the edge of the dance floor and exchanging a wave, Gabriella tugged on Troy's hand. The party mood was infectious and Gabriella felt a wide grin split her face as they manoeuvred their way to their friends.

Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

3 hours later and Gabriella had forgotten all about her previous misgivings. The music filled her head, leaving no room for her usual busy brain to over-think her actions as she lost herself to the rhythm rushing through her. Adrenalin pumped though her veins as the crush of bodies on the dance floor triggered a flight or fight response which she channelled into energy to keep on dancing.

"Having fun babe?"

Strong arms slipped around her waist as the loud whisper caressed her ear. Turning her head slightly to meet her boyfriend's heated gaze, she smirked happily as he pressed against her bodily, moving along with the rhythm.

"Mmm-hmm," she replied, stretching up to capture his lips in a heated kiss. His tongue darted out to tangle with hers, his hands tightening their grip on her hips. Pulling back, Troy dropped his head to plant kisses along the column of her neck, before nipping gently at her earlobe

Gabriella's answering moan was lost in the cacophony of the dance floor but Troy obviously couldn't miss the way she ground herself shamelessly against him. She felt the burgeoning of his erection and grinned, swaying her hips to create deliciously pleasurable friction between their heated bodies.

"Gabi…" he groaned, sucking particularly hard on the little patch of skin directly under her ear.

His hands moved up from her hips and slipped under the silky fabric of her top, lightly caressing the smooth skin of her abdomen before wandering upwards to brush against the curve of her breasts.

Not satisfied by the feather-light strokes, Gabriella whirled around and wound her arms around his neck. Tugging his head down for another searing kiss, their tongues duelled fiercely for dominance as Troy rested his hands on her butt and pulled her closer so every inch of skin was in contact.

Snapped out of their passionate haze by the frenzied jostling of the surrounding dancers, Troy took one look at Gabriella's flushed skin and half-lidded eyes before intertwining his hand with hers and leading her off the dance floor. Weaving around tables, his eyes seemed to scan the darkened corners of the club before lighting up with glee.

Gabriella felt antsy, her whole body feeling as if it was about to burst into flame. She wanted nothing more but to have his length plastered against her again, his lips attached to her skin.

"Troy, where are we…"

Her half-pleading question died on her lips as Troy abruptly pulled her into a private booth hidden in shadow. Stumbling back slightly, he sat down on the red leather seat and tugged Gabriella down till she was straddling him, her hands resting on the hard planes of his chest.

He wasted no time in kissing her again, his hands snaking up her top to palm her breasts through the lacy material of her bra. Moaning helplessly into the kiss, she rocked her hips, his erection rubbing against her in the most intimate of ways.

Trailing kisses down her neck again, his fingers flicked her pebbled nipples before rubbing circles on the heated flesh. Not content to let him have all the fun, she danced her hands up the toned muscles of his stomach before stroking her petite fingers across his pecs.

Troy groaned and dropped one of his hands to her thigh. Pushing the material of her skirt upwards, his fingers brushed lightly against the front of her already soaked panties.

I should really stop him, we're in a public place for…

Gabriella's rational thought was lost in a wave of pleasure as Troy slipped his hand underneath the flimsy material and caressed her clit before sliding two long fingers into her.

Gasping breathlessly, she could only cling to him as he moved his talented fingers deep within her, his index finger curling to stroke that perfect spot. His thumb was pressing hard against her clit and after a few moments of building pleasure, Gabriella came with a silent scream.

Withdrawing his fingers from her gently, Troy kissed her forehead as the stars cleared from her vision. Feeling his rock-hard erection still beneath her, Gabriella took a deep breath to gather her wits before moving her hands down to fumble with the zipper on his pants. Slipping her hand inside before he could comment, she wrapped her fingers around his throbbing cock, pulling it free from the confines of his boxers.

Stroking her fingertips up and down for a few seconds, she then looked up at her boyfriend's slack-jawed expression. Making sure his eyes were locked to hers, she lifted her hips and sank slowly down, stopping to adjust to the feel of him joined with her in the most intimate of ways.

"Oh God, Gabi…"

Troy's groan broke the moment of stillness and with a sense of urgency he drove his hips upwards, burying his entire length deep within her. Matching his hurried movements, Gabriella clawed at his shoulders, her walls contracting around him in every upward thrust of his hips.

His hands cupped her ass under her skirt, pressing their bodies closer together as his forceful thrusts brought Gabriella ever closer to the edge. When he brought one hand around to firmly stroke her clit in a frenzied rhythm, Gabriella could no longer take it and climaxed wildly, Troy's lips sealing onto hers to cut off her pleasured scream.

His own orgasm followed on the heels of hers, his seed spurting into her as she now swallowed his loud yell.

Gabriella collapsed bonelessly against his chest, resting her head to hear the racing thump of his heart as they tried to bring their breathing back to normal.

Pressing a kiss to her hair, he whispered tenderly,

"Love you."

"Love you too…but if you tell anyone I consented to have sex in a public place, I'll kill you…I have a reputation to maintain you know, what would East High do if their resident Golden Girl admitted to being a nymphomaniac who can't keep her hands off her boyfriend for even one night?"

Troy's deep-throated chuckle and subsequent kiss to cut off her babbling was her only answer.

Mmmm, Troy and nightclubs…beats out Jane Austen and chocolate any day of the week.