"I don't know, Em. What if I'm just nervous about deepening the relationship with Max? I just don't think I could break up with him…" Casey nervously stated as she sat on her best friend's bed.

"Casey. Trust me on this one. All of these small problems you have with him are turning into one big problem. And you've told him at least four times about these things and he doesn't seem to be changing!" Emily exclaimed, "You just have to listen to me. All of these pent up problems will bubble over eventually. One of these days he's going to give you a bouquet of roses instead of daisies and you'll flip. And it'll be over and he won't understand why."

Emily was right. But Casey didn't want to admit it. She couldn't break up with Max… even if he was bothering her. Forgetting their anniversary was one thing, but forgetting her 17th birthday was a whole different thing.

"I'll think about it, Em. Thanks for talking to me, but I think I'll go home and rest a little. I think I'm coming down with something…" Casey muttered, before hugging Emily goodbye and leaving.

The next day, Casey decided to hang out with Max and see if she could bring herself to break up with him. They went on a movie date to go see a new action movie which 'looked cool', according to Max. She yawned throughout the whole movie, knowing that she had told Max before that she hated action or adventure movies.

Apparently he forgot, once again.

But she couldn't do it. She couldn't break up with him just yet. And she honestly couldn't even think of the words to do it. He told her he planned to take her out for ice cream afterwards, but she told him she wasn't feeling well and went home.

The next morning, unfortunately, she woke up with a terrible cold. Her nose ran, her head pounded, and she was freezing even with a pile of blankets resting on her. She was resting in the living room with Derek, who took this advantage to watch whatever he wanted on TV because Casey didn't care one bit.

Just as Casey began to drift off to the sound of the hockey game on TV, the doorbell rang. Nora scurried to answer it.

"Oh, hello Max! Casey told you she wasn't feeling well, right?" She asked. Casey didn't hear the response. Max sauntered in with his hand behind his back and a huge smile on his face.

"Hey Casey, I got you something…" He smiled, taking out a bouquet of roses out from behind his back. She remembered the exact conversation she had with Emily a few days prior. One of these days he's going to give you a bouquet of roses instead of daisies and you'll flip.

"Roses," Casey stated plainly, "Max, you know I hate roses."

Max's face dropped. Casey struggled to stand up and lead him to another room for privacy.

"Listen, I don't think this is going to work." Casey said nervously. Max looked at her in disbelief. He raised his tone and spoke angrily,

"Because I got you roses instead of… instead of…"

"Daisies, Max! And not for that reason, but for all the little things you have forgotten! I hate action movies, and you took me to an action movie last night. You gave me candy with peanuts in it on what you thought was our anniversary, and failed to remember I'm allergic to peanuts. You forgot my 17th birthday, for God's sakes. You just aren't boyfriend material!" Casey yelled, forgetting that Derek was in the other room.

Max looked at her angrily.

"You're just expecting too much out of me."

Casey's jaw dropped.

"Get out of my house." She seethed, feeling tears in her eyes. Max scowled and stormed out. Casey waited until she heard him rev up his engine and speed off before she ran upstairs and slammed the door. She stayed in there all night.

The very next morning there was a single daisy on her nightstand, with a note next to it.

I just thought you would appreciate it.


A/N: Ahh I love Derek and Casey! Anyways, please tell me how this one turned out because I'm pretty pleased with it.