-waves- Hi!! Well I know I have like four stories going right now! But this popped into my mind and I just had to write it!! This I have to warn you is going to be tear jerking!! But this is the Prologue so tell me what you think!!


Have you ever noticed how small you are in this world? How many people are on Earth and how you're just a tiny fragment of it? This is how people come to think, 'how can I make a difference, I'm just one person.' Not like this isn't true but from what I've seen, one person cannot persuade everyone in the world to think otherwise, as long as people have opinion's this will forever remain the same. But you can make a difference to some people's lives, but not all. That's what I've come to see through my eyes. Like how my best friend and lover helped me see this. My love, Johan Andersen, made a difference in my life and that's why this isn't impossible.

I, Yuki Judai, know how hard life can be, but when you have someone there comforting you in your depressed state everything seems…better. He persuaded me to get up and enjoy my life, even though it wasn't going that well. He may not have persuaded or changed everyone he came across that was like me but he certainly changed my life.

He saved me, in all possible ways a human can be saved.

That's why I'll never stop loving him.

For my childhood, was something that can never…never be erased…


So? You like it? Please tell me if I should continue!! Ya I know it's short! It's going to get very good, trust me!!