A/N: Spoilers for episodes 17 through about 21. For the quotes I'm using the dubbed version because there are so many different interpretations with the subtitle versions and the dubbed version is pretty standard. I'm using the song "Summer Shudder" by AFI, though I took out a verse.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or "Summer Shudder."

Urahara Kisuke attacked again, and Ichigo was ready. Their zanpakutos clashed for a moment before the two seemed to disappear and then strike again in a different area of the immense training grounds beneath the Urahara Store.

Despite his perseverance with the never-ending training, Ichigo was tired. His body was sore and bruised, his head was pounding from exhaustion, and sweat and blood were stinging his eyes. He was miserable, and Urahara's constant smirk was driving the young shinigami insane. At times he was almost ready to give up…almost.

Listen when I say, when I say it's real
Real life goes undefined
Why must you be so missable?

Ichigo's resolve returned when he thought of her. He never knew he'd miss her this much. He missed her awful drawings and her ignorance of simple things like juice boxes. He even missed her living in his closet, constant nuisance though she was. Truth be told, she was his friend. And now she was gone. Taken by her fellow shinigami. She was going to be punished for saving him and his family.

Everything you take, makes it more unreal
Real lies are undefined, how can this be so miserable?

Ichigo's grip on his zanpakuto tightened as he remembered that night. He remembered it so clearly: the sound of the rain, every movement in his fight with the shinigami, Rukia's words…"You'd better learn your place!" She seemed to have changed then, as though she was resigned to her fate. "Take even one step, or try to come after me and I'll…I'll…I will never forgive you!" Everything she did was to protect him. "You are going to die, so why not stay put and live a few seconds longer." Tears had pooled in her eyes, mixing with the rain as they fell. The light of the Soul Society outlined her small frame as she passed though the doors. Dark butterflies fluttered about as she glanced back at him one more time, her large eyes solemn, before she turned away. Then the doors closed, and she was gone.

Under the summer rain, I burnt away
Under the summer rain, You turned away

Ichigo gritted his teeth and blocked another of Urahara's attacks, quickly moving his zanpakuto so as to be on the offensive now. He would save Rukia, and damn any who got in his way!

This is the fall; this is the long way down
And our lives look smaller now, and our lives look so small…

Before Rukia came, he was nothing. Just Kurosaki Ichigo: lame high school student. After Rukia came he was Kurosaki Ichigo: substitute shinigami. Now he had a way to protect his family. Now he could make sure no one else had to die. Ichigo attacked Urahara with all of his strength. He needed to be ready. He needed to be strong.

Under the summer rain, I burnt away
Under the summer rain, We burnt away
Under the summer rain, I burnt away
Under the summer rain, You turned away.

Even if she never forgave him, Ichigo needed to save Rukia to repay her for everything good she's done in his life. Ichigo wanted to save her because she was his friend.