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Far From Grace - Bitter Medicine

One week after Drakken's arrest.

Global Justice Command Center

Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting too old for this. I'm in my mid-thirties and I'm already feeling worn down by all of this. Maybe it's because of the whole one-eye thing, maybe it's making me lose perspective. Never really did bother me before but maybe it's finally catching up with me, maybe it's why I've been slipping up lately. First I let Shego and Lynn escape my custody because I wanted to put discretion over security and now I've become so untrusting of the best outside contact I've ever had that I had an agent standby to apprehend her if Drakken turned up dead in his lair. I should've had more faith in the girl, should've gotten involved when things started looking bad, not keep an eye on her like some caged animal, waiting for it to act up again. Soft on the criminals, hard on my allies. Sure fire way to get me terminated.

Thankfully, Kim's better half was able to save her and whatever she saw while she was hooked up to that contraption seems to have snapped her out of whatever funk she was in. It'll be tough patrolling the world without Kim Possible but maybe I've been too reliant on her, maybe it's time I ran a tighter ship. For right now though, I have paperwork to fill out.

Seems to be an odd amount of activity involving Kazakhstan; first that human slave ring Possible busted up, now it seems Electronique has evaded local authorities and has found safe haven in that country. I'd normally assume she's just home sick but my records show she's a native Austrian so there must be another reason. Definitely something suspicious happening in that little country. I should look into it... send some agents to check in on it. Too bad the red tape has gotten so bad lately, damn UN, sticking their nose into my business just to feel involved. If they want to feel involved, they should give me the funding I need, give me more men, more equipment, more freedom to monitor global communications. I'm not going to arrest every kid downloading a new song, I just want more eyes around so nothing slips through the cracks. Eyes... always needing more than I have... my life story, his too.

When are you going to slip up, my little brother, when are you going to show your greasy face so I can bust you. Oh, that'll brighten my day, you behind bars, you and your yapping mutt. You're not smarter than me, Sheldon, I'll get you. I'll prove to you one more time that I'll always be the superior Director.

Oh well, just have to be glad with the victories that I do have; Drakken in prison, Kim no longer an angel of death. Chalk all that up in the win column and call it a day... I guess it's all not as bad as I thought. Signing these papers, reading them over, trying to remember all these mind numbing regulation codes, that's the real defeat here. Oh well... no rest for the wicked and neither for the righteous. I suppose now I'll have to expect even more. Once I rev up Global Justice into full gear, I'm going to be flooded with this stuff. Swallow your medicine Betty, you want a safer world, you gotta fill out the prescriptions. It's been half an hour and I'm only done with half this crap. Bitter medicine...