Beautiful Disaster

A/N: So first Twilight fic. I'm really excited and I hope you like it. Well just so you know English is not my native language so I may have some mistakes but I like to think I'm pretty good at it so I hope you can enjoy my story. Well this story has all the canon pairings, RosaliexEmmet JasperxAlice CarlisexEsme & EdwardxBella. But they're related differently. Alice's Edward's sister, Rosalie is Bella's cousin & Emmet and Jasper are brothers, Carlise and Esme are Edward's and Alice's parents. Well I hope you can get that any questions you have you can PM me or leave it in the review. Hope you like and if you do review to let me know I should continue!

Summary: AU. All Human. Charlie and Reene decided it was better for Bella to move to Forks after a serial killer attacks Phoenix. Bella moves with her independent cousin Rosalie Hale and as soon as she arrives she becomes the target of Forks High womanizer Edward Cullen. She's warned by several people but after a while she starts seeing the real Edward and she falls for him. What happens next?


I hate this town. When I say I hate it I mean I really really really REALLY hate it. The only reason that I'm moving here, besides the fact that I still have to do what my parents tell me to, it's because my beloved cousin and best friend Rosalie lives here. By herself. Her parents and mine are like oil and water, so are we. Rosalie is a stunning, blond with beautiful blue eyes and a body that deserves to be worshipped. She's heartbreaking beautiful and you want to know the worst part? She knows she is. So she's kind of annoying sometimes but I still love her, not only because I have to but because she's my best friend. Well as I was saying we're like oil and water, I'm petite, brunette and plain, or at least I think so, she keeps on saying that I'm stunning and that I'm really beautiful and that I can't see myself clearly. Yeah, sure. Anyway so now I'm leaving with her in this little, green foggy-almost-alien town. Forks. I wonder who names a town after a...fork. Guess I'm about to find out.

I was dragged out my little personal world when the cab stopped. I got out and immediately my eyes found my cousin sitting on the porch, she was with a guy, who was really handsome and really big. He looked more like a grizzly bear than a teenager. Rosalie got up and ran to hold me, as soon as she spotted my clumsy self getting off the cab. She seemed overly-excited that I was here, probably because of that fight she had had with her best friend or something.

"Bella!" she shouted as she approached me and held me "You look great Bells, I love your hair." she smiled at me and I felt like my self-esteem dropped to minus ten, I took a deep breath and let it go, that was usually how I felt around her.

"Emmett get over here and help me with the bags." I guessed she was talking to the big guy " Bells he's so awesome! I want you to meet him. I like him so much." she whispered almost squealing, I smile at her excitement I had never seen her so happy over a guy.

"Hey you must be Bella.." the guy said in a thick voice and he smiled at me "Rosalie has done nothing but talk about you for the last week, I'm really glad to finally meet you." he had a big cheesy green plastered on his face and I couldn't help to notice the dimples, they made her look so innocent.

"Nice to meet you too." I answered in kind of scared tone, Kay so who can blame me? The guy is twice my size, the innocence could be fake as far as I was concerned. "Rosalie...hadn't say anything about you actually..." he laughed loudly and Rosalie kicked me.

"So Bells let's go inside, Emmett will take care of your bags, right baby?" she asked seductively, looking into his eyes, I could see him melting under her gaze.

Emmett nodded and Rosalie grabbed my hand and lead me into the house, it wasn't anything special, just a regular house with two bedrooms a kitchen and a bathroom. God why had I agree to move here? This place was I belonged in the city, with my parents and the heat and the overpopulated streets not in this place full of...nature. I sighed in frustration and Rosalie looked at me smiling.

"Uncle Charlie said you weren't very pleased with the idea of living in Forks." I grimaced

"Uncle Charlie was being nice.." I grunted. My father would never said how unappeased I was with the idea of living in Forks, let alone express it with the same words I had used to say it.

Emmett who had somehow appeared next to my beautiful cousin burst into a roar of laughter and Rosalie smiled looking at him lovingly. I looked away, I felt like I was in presence of a married couple, they probably almost lived together and now that I was here they would have to be apart...for a lot of time. I sighed

"You'll get used to this town Bella, it's not that bad." he smiled as I looked around and notice that he had left my bags behind the couch I smiled at him.

"Thank you for um... bringing the bags in." Still scared, God Bella get over it already.

"No problem.." he smiled and suddenly a loud horn interrupted our not-so-but-totally-awkward-moment we were having "Oh that must be Jasper, I have to leave Rose you know how moody he gets if he has to wait for me more than an actual minute." The horn came againg this time with a shout.

"Kay see ya later Emme.." Rosalie's 'casual' goodbye was cut out by Emmett's lips pressing his lips against hers, after he pulled away almost as quickly he started walking out.

"See ya Rose." he said as he ran through the front door and left Rosalie there stunned, was she shaking?

" Oh My God Bella I like him so much!" she giggled "He's perfect for me."

"You mean he adores and worship you and when he's not doing that it's because he's staring at you." Rosalie rolled her eyes and punched me on the arm "Ouch!"

"Pretty much, yeah." she smiled "But seriously Bella I really REALLY like him, he's cute and hot and funny and sensitive..." she sighed and continued on naming the amazing qualities her boyfriend seemed to behold.

"Okay before we go over how awesome is Emmett, can you please show me my room?" I pleaded desperate to get out of the conversation that would only led to how lonely my romantic-life really was.

"Uh sure." she nodded as she pointed one door at the end of the hall, she started walking towards it and finally opened the thick wood door.

And there it was, my annoyingly small room. At least the window was near the ground so I could jump and run away in the middle of the night. yay for me. There was a small bed and a closet and an empty desk. I entered the room slowly, expecting for my parents to jump in and tell me that it was all a joke and that I was going back to my beloved big city. Where things were the color they were supposed to..not I looked up and saw Rosalie smiling, she was really excited about finally living with someone, my aunt had told me, so I tried to smile as honestly as I could. After all my cousin was doing so much for me I had to at least do something for her.

"Do you like it? Because I can totally give you my room if you want to..huh?" she grinned at me as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"No it's's perfect Rose." my voice seemed forced but I couldn't help that, to make it up to her I smiled as wide as I could.

"Oh that's great, because I wasn't going to give you my room anyway." I laughed, that was so typical-Rosalie-ish "I'm going to go to the supermarket and buy something for dinner, do you want to come to, I don't know, get to know some people around here before your first day of school?"

"No, I think I'll just stay and..take a shower. If you don't mind going alone.." I trailed off, the less I knew about this town the better for me.

"Not at all, I'll be back in an hour." she smiled at me and walked out of my room "Be careful." she warned me and I heard the front door shutting

Yeah, like anything could ever happen to me in this town, the most dangerous thing around must be a bear and I'll be lucky if it killed me. How could Rosalie the uptown girl, moved down here and be so happy about it?. I sighed in frustration for the millionth-time on this day and I entered the bathroom. Only after I had taken off my jeans and my t-shirt I realized I didn't have any clothes to change to. I opened the bathroom door and I my bags near the couch. I could go out in my underwear I mean who would see me? The grizzly bear that was supposed to kill me? No I wasn't that lucky . Rosalie? Oh well, if she saw me, she'll get over it, sooner or later. Preferably sooner. Or she would tease me about it forever. I walked out of the bathroom and started going through my clothes that were across the room.

"Rosalie!"A man voice shouted. I froze.

What the hell? Was that Emmett again? Oh my God this was going to be so embarrassing. Rosalie was going to kill me now. Her boyfriend seeing me in my underwear, no that I had a body that was worth of her jealousy. But why had he let himself in, without knocking? What if Rosalie had been in underwear? Ugh. He was her boyfriend. Right. So maybe if I ran to the bathroom he wouldn't see me. Just catch a glimpse of me. Or I could fall. Yes I would probably fall if I ran and it would be a lot more embarrassing. I would probably bleed, and pass out. That would be even more embarrassing, passing out while I was only wearing underwear. 'Kay so I was lost my cousin's boyfriend was going to see me in my underwear. This couldn't get worst.

I turned around slowly and found that God himself was staring at me. Okay he wasn't God, but he was pretty damn close.

Was this guy real? He was so gorgeous. His green eyes focused on me and a soft giggle escaped his lips. He was wearing a shirt that brought up his eyes and jeans, that well..brought up other parts of his...anatomy. He was beautiful. I almost reached out to touch him to see if he was real but luckily I didn't. I was so focused in him that I almost forgot that I was standing in the middle of the living room in my underwear. And everything turned even more embarrassing because I didn't even know this guy and I was standing in my underwear in front of him, he was beautiful and he was laughing at me and I was probably blushing like a crazy girl.

"Excuse me…" he said with a playful smile as he took a good look of my almost naked body"Is Rosalie here?"

"Well does it look like she's here?" I answered and my tone sound more like angry than ironic, but I couldn't fix my voice now I was too nervous trying to get out of this completely embarrassing situation.

"No. Sorry I was just..I live over door.." he laughed a little more but this time he tried to hide it behind a cough "Who are you?"

"I'm Bella..and I would appreciate if you stop laughing, thanks." I ran my fingers through my hair and bit my lip.

"Bella, right..I'm..."

"Edward Cullen.." Rosalie's voice interrupted the most embarrassing moment of my life, she looked back and forth between him and I and finally spoke again "It's her first day here and you already managed to get her off of her clothes..I'm impressed."

"Oh Rose..your sense of humor survived the holidays..and Emmett." he cleared his throat as he rolled his eyes. Note to self: Ask what's the story between those two "No I didn't get her off of her clothes.." He glanced at me "But I would be proud if I could." and there it was. The smirk.

"Okay, playboy..go outside and wait for me and stay away from my cousin." she glared at him as she dropped some bags on the floor and pointed the front door.

"Okay.." he turned around and faced me..I blushed even more if possible "A pleasure ma'am." and he walked out the front door, laughing.

"Bella what the hell are you doing? A strip-show?" Rosalie slapped me in the arm hard and I couldn't help but to think that it would leave a mark.

"No I had forgotten my clothes and you didn't mention anything about the gorgeous guy that lives next door coming over. And ouch don't hit me" She arched her eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Okay grab your clothes and take a bath.." she turned around but then she went back on her steps "And Bella.."

"Yes, Rose?" I asked as I continued on looking through my clothing choices

"Stay away from Edward..he's..not good enough for you..he's not good for you." I twitched my lips. Not good enough for me? I was thinking he was just fine for me.

"I think I'm not good enough for him.." I smiled..but she didn't, obviously it wasn't the time to make jokes about my ugliness.

"Just stay away from him, 'kay?" she lifted the side of her mouth and I bit my lip nodding.

"Sure..whatever you say Rose.." she smiled and left. I grabbed my clothes and got into the bathroom, safe from any more embarrassment.



Two Days Later

So I'm not saying that life with Rosalie is boring..I mean this gorgeous guys keep coming by and asking her to fix their trucks..and when Emmett's here he gets all jealous. Emmett it's funny and kind of a big brother, and you can tell he's totally in love with Rose, I mean who wouldn't be in love with her? But watching them make out while I watch a movie that was made before my mother was born is not in my list of favourite activities. So I decided to go to the supermarket..and spend a while choosing the food because Emmett and Rosalie may start doing..other things...if they noticed I left. I highly doubt they will. Anyway I started staring at the different types of cereals when suddenly I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around. And there he was in all his glory. Edward Cullen

Emmett and Rosalie said he was the biggest playboy in school and that he was a little resented because Rosalie had rejected him for Emmett. But Rose is rather...imaginative when she wants too. And Emmett always agrees with her, of course. His green eyes were staring at me again and he had that adorable playful smile in his lips. Stop it Bella. I reminded to myself, focus.

"Bella, right?" he asked. Did he noticed that his voice was husky and It sounded like velvet.

"Yes.." I nodded and immediately blushed. God I hate my body. Traitor.

"So...I wanted to introduce myself properly..before Rosalie and Emmett did it." He smirked

"Oh trust me..they already did." His smirk faded as I continued "Very well of course, you might imagine..."

"I'd rather not." he grimaced "Don't believe anything they said."

"I won't if you promise to forget the fact that you saw me naked."

"I saw you naked? I wish.." I rolled my eyes "I saw you half-naked."

"Well forget about that, and I'll forget about everything that Rosalie and Emmett said for the past few days."

"And everything they might say in the future.." he added hope tingling in his voice

"Oh no...I can't prevent that." I smiled teasingly at him and he laughed.

"Well I can't prevent if it ever slips through my memory that I saw you half-naked..." he muttered

"Okay!" I agreed angrily..God he was so..frustrating.

"Edward Cullen!" a pixie voice said as she approached us "Is he molesting you?"

"Um no.." I watched the little girl as she stared at Edward.

"And you're my own sister.." he said faking grief "Then you don't want people calling me a playboy."

"Oh shut up...Dad's outside he wants you in the car right now." she crossed her arms over her chest and smirked.

"OKay..leaving. Goodbye Bella." he said as he grabbed my hand and kissed it "It was a pleasure." and he turned around.

"You're Bella right?" she asked cheerfully, even if she was small she seemed to have a lot of energy in store. "Bella Swan? Rosalie's cousin?"

"It seems so." I said shrugging. So much for a box of cereal and getting out of that house.

"Oh yeah. I'm Alice, Alice Cullen. Edward's sister." she smiled at me again.

She was short and really small. She had short black hair and well she was really skinny, but pretty. Her big black eyes looked at me and a pixie smile was on her lips. She seemed...nice and friendly. And really nicely dressed. She looked stylish and so kind. God was every girl in this town prettier than me?

"So you're the girl that my brother found standing in her underwear in Rosalie's living room?" her tone changed.

Had he told his whole family? God. He had probably told all of his friends.

"Yeah about that.." I searched for something to say inside my head but there was nothing there.

"Don't worry Edward and I tell each other everything. We've got each others six."

"Oh.." Wasn't that something hunters used to say...?

"Anyway you must have really made an impression...I think he likes you…but you should listen to whatever your cousin says about him...even if I love my brother he's not the kind of guy I would date..or any sane girl would. And you seem nice...and sane."

Not the kind of guy any sane girl would date? Well you'd have to be out of your mind not to date him obviously. Probably Rosalie was insane and this girl was his brother.

"Thanks for the advice.." I smiled "What about what Emmett's says? Should I believe him too?" I joked lightly.

"Emmett? Is Jasper coming by your house too?" her mouth twitched and her expression changed to a curious one

"Jasper? As Emmett's brother?" As the blond guy they want to hook me up with?

"Yes." she looked nervous now as she bit her lip.

"No...Why?" I arched my eyebrow at her question.

"No reason." she smiled again "Anyway I should go because Edward's going to realize in a few seconds that my dad didn't call him but I just sent him away because he was being a pain in the..."


"Oh shoot, I'm in trouble…anyway I'll see you at school Bella. Nice to meet you!" she giggled and she left almost jumping and disappeared in the supermarket.

I sighed…what was I planning to buy before the Edward started staring at me? Oh right…cereals. Like I could focus after that.

I could still feel his warm lips in my hand and her sister's world twirling around my head. Not good for you.

So if people were trying to prevent me of liking Edward Cullen. Well…they were kind of failing.