Kiss From a Rose

A Legend of Dragoon Story

Chapter One

There used to be a graying tower alone on the sea.
You became the light on the dark side of me.
Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill.

She couldn't believe it, even at that moment. Alone in the Wyrm Mountain Range, the young warrior was chosen by the leader of the human race, Emperor Diaz, to journey to the mountains and to obtain a Dragoon Spirit. She knew that no single warrior could take this journey, for dragons were the greatest, most powerful creatures in all of Endiness and to hunt one down and slaughter it alone was simply insane. Such an adventure thrilled her. Indeed, she thrived on it.

A shadow blocked the light emanating from the sun and it was the density of that shadow that had her eyes drifting skywards. Floating in the heavens, alone in the sea of blue sky, hovered the magical city of the winglies, Flanvel. The gray tower city drifted high, making her feel, for the moment, like an insignificant creature amongst the gods, the winglies. But the feeling passed as a sound, that of an eerily humming, made her realized where she was and the dangers about. Behind she dived between a large boulder and a rock wall against a mountain as two winglies flew around the general area.

"Are you sure she came by here?"

"Yes, I saw her no more then a half-hour ago. We should move onwards, let's go."

"By Zenebatos code 665, no wingly may enter dragon infested domains."

"Those laws are only for the inferior species, not…"

"It is suicide and such, our souls would be decided in Mayfil. You forfeit your life and soul, I shall not."

With that, the humming slowly faded as the winglies flew away from the warrior. She released a held breath and thanked God for her luck. It appeared to her that what she heard was true. Winglies rarely challenged the dragon race and as that was fact, the warrior was torn as her quest neared. She would find a dragon to receive its power that would surpass the winglies but if the superior race, in all of their wisdom and magical powers had trouble fighting dragons, how would she even dream to defeat such a creature… alone? The warrior shook the thought away. She had no choice; she had to try.

The travel was long through the treacherous landscapes and powerful beasts that could obliterate her without much of a thought nearby put her on edge, yet she never felt such tranquility. Outside those mountains were ruled by winglies and to be caught would be a fate far worst than death. Outside, countless beasts roamed the land to eat humans, who were scattered and frail. But within the Wyrm Mountain Range, she knew her "enemy" and how to avoid them.

Cresting the pinnacle of a mountain, the warrior cursed her luck. She found a dragon, a true, well aged dragon. Its spirit felt strong in her heart but it was not just any ordinary dragon. It was the legendary Black Crimson Dragon, Gloomwing, the second most powerful dragon in the entire world, next to the Divine Dragon. Though it was sleeping, that offered her little comfort. So enthralled she was in the beauty of the beast covered in jet colored scales, she only noticed the second pat on her shoulder when a voice coughed, that grabbed her attention with a start.

Her fluent movements were said to be unequal and any wingly that her sword came across was one less wingly in the world. With such grace, speed, and power behind the unexpected swing of her sword, the startled stranger just barely got his own blade up to block it. The ring of swords weren't that loud but the warrior flinched anyways. She was directly in the middle of a dragon's nest, the nest of Gloomwing at that, and she just might have ruined her chance at slaying a dragon in slumber. Still, the gentle eyes of the man before her caught her off guard, making her feel both infuriated and at ease at the same time.

"What are you doing?" the man, who she just noticed was covered from neck to toe in red armor asked. She thought the question was aimed for their still locked swords but his eyes widened, as if he was a man possessed. "There is a battle to be fought," he hollered, breaking the lock and pointing his sword the direction of the dragon. "Go and claim your destiny, whatever that may be! If you die, it'll be a glorious death but if you succeed—"

"Who the hell are you?" the warrior interrupted rather loudly.

Too loudly. The red armored man opened his mouth to answer but it was drowned out a moment later by a deafening roar. The roar of Gloomwing. Such a howl didn't just cause a head-splitting headache to the two but it also sent out a wave of despair and endless hopelessness. The man in red fell to his knees, giving up any hope that she or he could prevail against such a being beyond them. Though the warrior felt like her head would pop, she still felt miraculously focused. At that time, she didn't know her natural immunity to any dark magic saved her life. She charged over a rock to swipe at the beast, hoping to at least silence the roar.

She succeeded, at least quieting the beast. The wyrm couldn't believe such a small creature would enter its domain and attack it with such a pathetic weapon. Instead of taking to the air, Gloomwing stood its ground, giving the creature its moment to put all of its strength into that first strike. Let it die, knowing there was no hope. The swing came and as the dragon expected, it ricocheted off its magnificent scales. It was Gloomwing's turn to show the pathetic insect its last moments of life.

Ripping out the stone ground with one of its talons Gloomwing through rock at the warrior, expecting to crush the insect with the massive weight of the projectile. But the insect wasn't what the dragon expected it to be. It was of flesh, it stood upright and it smelled similar to the flying and magic using creatures but it was more nimble, more willing to live. Perhaps a cousin to the wingly?

Slamming her sword into the boulder as well as trying to dodge the rock, the warrior lightly evaded and pushed herself away from the attack. Without wasting another second, she threw her own projectile, a bomb. Being a dragon of the dark, she chose her weapon wisely for she knew that the opposite enemy of darkness is light. She threw a Flash Bomb.

On impact, the sensitive glass broke on the solid scales, detonating a rapid array of prismatic colors. The light began its assault, attacking the depths of black upon the great beast's body. After the lights shot out and danced about, the explosion finished in a brilliant light, so blinding that the warrior had to shield her own eyes. By the time she could see, a talon swipe into her, sending her flying into a stone wall.

Gloomwing was a little bit impressed by the insect. It surprised the wyrm with its magic, not of the creature's own power, so the dragon didn't sense the attack. It really didn't matter anyhow, for Gloomwing never felt a thing. As the small creature crawled to her feet with the unusual weapon in hand, the dragon snorted, annoyed that it was still alive.

The warrior took some deep breaths, steadying her breathing as the dragon stalked towards her. She couldn't believe the power it had. Now she knew why it was the second most feared dragon of them all. Neither blade nor magic could pierce its shell. She noticed it taking in a deep breath and the warrior was prepared to avoid the breath weapon of darkness. The warrior was confident that she could keep light on her feet and not get hit again but to what end?

As the predictable attack came, the warrior ran and held her ground several feet away from the dragon. She was comfortable with the distance to avoid any talons, boulders, or any other type of attack but it was looking more like she was just delaying her death. Between the two, she knew she would tire first and if she couldn't harm the beast, hope seemed to be fleeting fast. A talon came out, she dodged. A rock flew at her, she duck and jumped back to her feet. On and on the battle raged.

The warrior kept a perfect pace with the dragon and if she was a proud warrior, she knew she would be dead. Never once did she forget that she didn't just fight a dragon, she was fighting Gloomwing. Though she thought the dragon was wearing her down before finishing her, the dragon had other plans.

Gloomwing was never a patient wyrm and it wasn't patient for this insect. More agile than the warrior thought its huge form would allow, the dragon spread its wings and flew at her, flinging her high into the air. The beast followed and passed her by, turning back down in a dive bomb, opening its chest to expose its devastating laser.

She watched on as she couldn't do anything, anyhow. If the fall didn't kill her, the blast from that laser, which was said flattened many cities, surely would.

The man in red armor was right. She came to confront her destiny and it led her to her demise. At least she would die at a young age of twenty-three. The beam shot forth, promising a merciful, quick death for the warrior. A death… that never came. In just a moment before the darkness could take her, a force grabbed her in mid-fall and flew off some ways. The warrior's initial reaction was to fight this new foe, for the impact and speed she was flying at equaled that of another dragon.

"What are you doing?" the man in red armor asked again.

The warrior was shocked that he was still around and more importantly, he was wearing some new type of armor. It was still red but was glimmering with a unique metal. No, not metal she realized, dragon scales. Her observations were correct when she saw two wings on his back. The man was a Dragon Knight, a Dragoon!

They landed into the dragon's nest as the beast followed, landed lightly as well. It seemed annoyed even more at the appearance of a controller of dragons. Yet, Gloomwing wasn't going to back down. Even a Dragoon couldn't possibly get through its mighty scales.

"What are you doing?" the man in red asked a third time, putting the warrior down.

"I can't beat it—"

"Idiot. Every dragon has a weak point. Think about it," the Dragoon said reverting back to his regular armor. "Think. Think like a dragon."

The warrior nodded and approached the intimidating creature. Okay, I can't get through its scales by sword or by magic and its agility is amazing. No surprise there. Dragons are known for there endurance and weak… she thought and widened her eyes as it finally dawned on her. With another flick of the wrist, the warrior sent out another Flash Bomb. The dragon was ready this time, shielding its eyes from the flash… big mistake.

The warrior charged through the distraction, aiming for the exposed heart from when the chest cavity opened using the laser. As prideful as all dragons, Gloomwing was shocked as its heart stopped. How could a simple creature figure out how to exploit a not too well known weakness? Smoke began to billow around the beast and in a roar; Gloomwing cursed the insect with a doomful life.

"Now, before it's truly gone," the man in red armor commanded.

She didn't need to be told nor was she listening. Reaching into the smoke, the warrior found her prize, the Spirit of Gloomwing, the Dragoon Spirit of the Dark Dragon. The power began to flood her soul and mind (without her knowledge, a certain dragon curse also followed) engulfing her in a globe of dark energy. The spirit of the dragon wrapped itself around her, encasing her in a thick, scaly black armor with wings on her back. It felt incredible.

"Excellent, now," the man in red armor excitedly said while transforming into his Dragoon form. "Let's test that armor. Draw your sword… um… what's your name again?"

"I just got this Dragoon Spirit, just finished fighting a legendary dragon, and you want to fight?" the warrior replied rather agitatedly.

"Your name?" he smirked. "Mine is Zieg. Zieg Feld."

"I am Rose N'Berg—"

Before Rose could finish, Zieg flew straight at her with sword leading. If she didn't parry, this insane man would've skewered her but he wasn't done. Up to the left he flew coming down in a chop, which just barely missed the agile female warrior. With a counterstrike faster than Zieg could imagine, Rose shot out with a pierced attack feeding into the dark of the Spirit, only for Zieg to block it with his sword while bursting out in laughter.

"So… it is true. Emperor Diaz has found the greatest warrior that legend claims comes once every ten thousand years. It's obvious that I can't match swords with you," Zieg declared as he turned their swords into a lock.

"If that's true, why don't you submit?"

"You idiot. Haven't you learned anything from your battle with Gloomwing?" Zieg taunted as Rose felt her chest as if it was on fire. Within a blink of an eye, she reverted back to her human form, falling to her knees.

"Having a strong arm and quick feet is important for a warrior but to truly win a battle, you much know your opponent's weaknesses and exploit them."

Rose looked up to glare at the man but it quickly vanished as their eyes met again. A childish smile creased the male Dragoon's face as he offered his new sister-in-arms a helping hand. The female warrior fell even farther into his eyes. It became apparent that the man was just trying to help her understand the wider world through his own eyes, eyes that were both inflamed with passion and a thrill that she couldn't understand. Taking his hand in hers she felt she was lifted more than from the ground as if her spirit was also lifted.

They met eye to eye and Rose was unable to break his gaze. In a moment, a warm flash of light emanated from the Red Dragoon Spirit, which lit up all of Rose's dark armor like a light guiding her out of her tormented life and into a promising one. Only a tiny cry drew her from getting closer to her fellow Dragoon.

"Seems Gloomwing had an egg. A vassal perhaps?" Zieg broke the gaze to see a Pseudodragon trying to beat its little wings. "Everything in your life has a purpose. You can either die or battle for survival."

"I choose war. With this Dragoon Spirit and yes, this little guy being my Vassal Dragon, we will battle for liberation. Anyways, he needs a name," Rose smiled, taking the young wyrm in her arms. "The Black Buster Dragon, Michael. What do you think?"

"Michael. I like it. Rose and Michael, its time to go," Zieg said with a smile.

As the Fire Dragoon turned his back, Rose could only smile in return. She lost so much in her life and in a single day, she gained so much more. She gained a power to defeat the mighty winglies, she gained a Vassal Dragon that will be a great companion and she gained a very fascinating ally. Within another moment, the newly born Dragoon and dragon followed the fiery man, who saw so much in life that Rose never expected in such dark times. She could only believe that his positive and exciting attitude might rub off on her and take her high, higher than any wingly city ever could.

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