Chapter Ten

Yes, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave,
Ooh, the more I get of you,
Stranger it feels, yeah.
Now that your rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the grave.

And now that rose is in bloom,
A light hits the gloom on the grave.

The god roared at its liberation from Melbu… only to have a face full of Divine Dragon Cannon. A deafening explosion came as Dart flew off to find Shana. Cradling her in his huge arms, he felt relieved it was over. Rose followed Dart's thoughts exactly, fluttering down and putting Zieg's head upon her lap. She was amazed on the stamina he had. Any normal man would have been dead now. Gently, Zieg brushed the rose he held again his old love's cheek.

"We've been waiting for this moment," she said, rubbing her cheek against the gentle pedals.

"I've kept you waiting for so long," Zieg struggled with every word but he wouldn't give into death, not yet. "I'm sorry."

A sweet smile inched its way onto the female warrior, which vanish in an instant. Again, the Virage Embryo rose as if to mock them. Dart and the other Dragoons turned in shock as the God of Destruction extended its massive hand.

"How dare you? Inferior humans can not outsmart me. A god!" the beast growled, preparing to attack the greatest threat, the Void Dragoon.

"Rose, the time has come. This is the end of our long journey," Zieg gasped but was too stubborn to let the pain overpower him. "Could you, come with me?"

"Yes. I will never leave you again," Rose replied quickly.

A blast drew their attention to the god and its beam assaulting Dart. Even in his Void Armor, they knew such an attack would kill anything. Taking Dragon Buster from Rose in his right hand, Zieg draped his other arm across his love's shoulders. Once they had a good hold on one another, they flew, severing the god's arm at the shoulder. Slowly, Dart turned to see Rose carrying his father in flight and distancing themselves from him and getting closer to the god.

"Dart… you have grown up," the young Dragoon heard as they passed by for a second attack.


"No Dart. I couldn't do anything for you as a father. Please, forgive me."

"B-but we're supposed to fight now!" Dart yelled, thinking it was his generation that should fight this enemy, an enemy they fought since the beginning. "This isn't fair!"

Zieg smiled to Rose for they understood the boy so well. As if reading his son's mind, Zieg shook his head. Dart's heart was misleading him. This foe was theirs to fight from an age long passed. Both knew this had to be the conclusion.

"Dart, I'm so glad to have met you," Rose sweetly said sincerely.

"Rose. Father!"

"Go Dart," Zieg begged as the three collided in a twine of power.

There they held the god as the self destructive force began. There could be no other ending than this. Melbu, the released of the Virage Embryo's soul, Zieg and Rose… there time should have ended long ago. Though her death was coming, Rose did no fear it, not with Zieg by her side.

And to Zieg, he was content as well for the moon was to be their grave, a grave Rose didn't mind kissing him one final time upon. Then the god took them both, at least their bodies anyways, as the explosion tore everything and everyone remaining in the moon to pieces. Their souls, however, would not give up on the journey they fore took long ago. Stronger than the god's own will, their spirits, spirits that knew true love long ago and a love that has transcended time, overwhelmed the god at that moment. As a light piercing through the dark gloom of annihilation, the souls contained the explosion within the moon, sparing the world and all species living on it.

And it was the love of Zieg for Rose and Rose for Zieg that truly ended all real dangers to the world. Though now their bodies lost and their souls have reached a higher enlightenment, their love still lingers on the world of Endiness. All species regarded the two lovers as heroes and more for their sacrifice, not just that the world continued on but all have finally found peace with one another. All species regarded each other as equals. Never again would time and fate call upon the Dragoons again.

As their love never could be bent or broken, so too, were the Dragoon Spirits of the Red-Eyed Dragon and Dark Dragon. As if an unforeseen force gently guided the stones together on a deserted beach, it was a sign their love was forever intertwined. Like Zieg and Rose, their Dragoon Spirits rest; undisturbed and made to be together, forevermore.