Info: Everyone of the nine rookies is 28 right now. Naruto and Hinata are married, Naruto is the Hokage. Other people that are married are Kakashi and Sakura, (that's for a certain KakaSaku obsessed friend of mine. Is she see this she'll know who she is!) Chouji and Ino, Neji and Tenten, and Shikamaru and Temari, oh yeah, and a few OC pairs with the other Characters is I feel like it. Sasuke hasn't returned to the village but he did kill Itachi.

They Day My Life Changed Forever

May 15th

I looked at my beautiful wife holding our newly born little boy and girl close to her. I could not stop beaming and gently kissing all of them. Hinata smiled back at me and then at our kids.

"Naruto, we still have to name them…. And you still haven't held either of them yet." Hinata whispered. I had been too afraid to hold either of them. They were both so delicate that I was afraid my rough hands would hurt them. Nervously, I held out my hands and Hinata handed me my son. He looks just me. Same spiky blonde hair, same blue eyes, the only thing missing was the whisker marks that I have on my cheeks. He tried to reach out to me and I let him hold onto my finger.

"Haku, I think we should name him Haku." Hinata said. She had always loved the story of my first big mission. Of the boy I met who taught me what true strength is. I knew that I would need that knowledge to always protect Hinata and our children. I nodded in agreement. Our little girl starts to make some noise and Hinata started gently rocking her. I gave Haku back to Hinata and took our little girl in my arms. I moved the blanket to see her face and I felt my heart stop for a second. I had to sit down as I looked at her. She was an exact copy of Hinata. The only thing different was that she was the one with whisker marks on her cheeks.

"I like the name Mai, for her, it makes me think of the first time I realized how beautiful you are…" I told Hinata who blushed a little.

"I like the name Hoshi… it would be perfect for a little girl like her…" she said. Hinata and I kept debating about names as she started to try and play with my necklace. Hiashi came in and I must admit, I held onto my daughter a little bit tighter. Hiashi was still upset that that Hinata married a guy like me. Just because I have the kyuubi in me, I'm the Hokage, I thought he would like that she was married to the Hokage, but he still hated me. He walked over to Hinata without a word and looked at Haku who looked up curiously at him and tried to reach up to him. Hiashi glared back at Haku who started to get upset. Hinata rocked him and looked nervously back at her father. Then he walked over to me and looked at our daughter. He nodded at her and even gently touched her cheek.

"Which is the oldest of the two?" he asked. I pointed at Haku and this made him sigh. I knew that technically Haku should be the heir to the Hyuuga clan. But I wasn't sure if he could be, since it didn't look like he had Byakugan. Hiashi activated his Byakugan and looked at both of them.

"It looks like your daughter shows promise. And even your son is not a total loss. It seems he was lucky enough to have the Byakugan. He wont be able to use it well, but he'll at least be able to use it in a little bit of fighting. But still, it can't be your son who is the next heir to the Hyuuga clan. It has to be your daughters. She has the eyes, her kekki genki is strong, it has to be her." He said. I was still in shock that Haku would be able to use the Byakugan. I didn't think he would. Hiashi looked at both of them again.

"Their names?" he asked.

"Haku, and we were still deciding about a name for our daughter." I told him. He sighed and gave me a look of hatred before looking back at the sleeping girl in my arms.

"Her twin has the destiny of having to have such horrible eyes while she is blessed with her beautiful, powerful eyes. She's lucky, you should name her Hitomi." He said. I glared at him.

"F-Father… W-We were thinking of naming her M-Mai…" Hinata studdered. I sighed, Hinata had become so much strong since I fist met her when we were at the academy. Yet when it came to her and her father she was still the trembling girl I knew back then. Hiashi silenced her with a glare and Hinata looked away back at Haku.

"BOTH of our children are wonderful. Just because you already favor one doesn't mean we have to." I told Hiashi. I gently kissed my little girl and then looked back at him sternly.

"Her name is Hoshi, it's a beautiful name and it fits MY daughter." I said. Hoshi started to wake up a little and reached up for me again. I smiled back at her. Hiashi gave one final glare and left. I felt better.

"Naruto, do you really like the name Hoshi? We could still change her name." Hinata said. I shook my head and still smiled at Hoshi.

"No, you're right, the name is perfect for her…" I said softly as I rocked her back to sleep. Hinata and I smiled at each other. I realize this was only the beginning in the next part of my life, being a dad. But it was a good start. I stood up to my father-in-law, I named my daughter, and I was the father of the two most beautiful children in all of Konoha. No, all the world.

More Info: Mai means dance, so I put that there for Naruto thinking of when he saw Hinata dancing on the waterfall. Hitomi means pupil (of the eye). It's given to girls with beautiful eyes. Hiashi said this because she has the Hyuuga eyes and will be able to be strong because of them. And Hoshi means star. I just thought that was cute so I thought she should have that name.

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