Sakura's eyes bugged.

Well, not Sakura's eyes. Naruto's eyes.

But they were hers.

What? thought Sakura, confused by her thoughts.

Okay…I woke up in Naruto's filthy apartment….in his body….

" I give up." she said turning around and brushing several empty cups of ramen off of the single chair in his bedroom and taking a seat. She had no idea how to solve this problem, no idea how it could happen, and was going to just relax.

Oh. she thought, feeling warm liquids run down her leg. Yeah. Boys pee differently. First order of business: Bladder Control!


" The hell?" said Sasuke, blinking. He had to still be asleep, but since the Sakura he saw in the mirror did everything he did, he could feel breasts, and woke up in a pink room, he came to the horrible conclusion.

He was in Sakura's body, and he had just wet himself.


" Woah." said Naruto, flexing his muscles in the mirror. Kaka-sensei is ripped!

" Wait, why am I in his body?" Naruto asked aloud. He put his hand to his chin, feeling the mask. " The mask!" cheered Naruto, taking the cloth off. He finally got to see Kaka-sensei's face!

He looked in the mirror for a moment, then put the mask back on.

That is even grosser than those boxers I left on the microwave for a year. thought Naruto with a shudder.


" Oh joy." said Kakashi, checking in his pants. " I get to go though puberty again."


With some difficulty Sasuke had showered (with his eyes closed), changed into new clothes, and walked outside to go find the others on his team. It was hard, because Sakura's hips moved differently than his.

And he had boobs.

He walked down the street, feeling as awkward as he had ever in his life. He got a number of smiles from people that made him fell…dirty. Pleasant smiles from boys, men, old men, really old men, and really, really, old men.

He found the Uchiha Manor and entered, looking for his body. Most likely, he would find Sakura in it….and hoped she had been nice enough to close her eyes as he had. He opened the door and entered, where he found himself walking around with active Sharingan.

" Yo." said 'Sasuke', waving slightly.

" Uh, hi." said Sasuke in Sakura's feminine voice.

" So, this is going to sound weird, but I'm Kakashi." said his body, smiling. The trademark arched eyes made it obvious that it was his teacher.

" I'm Sasuke." he said with a nod.

" Really?" said Kakashi, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

" Unfortunately."

" First, I want to say that Sharingan are incredibly easy to use in your body." said Kakashi, looking at him with the red eyes. " Second, we should go find my body and Naruto."

" Why Naruto?" asked Sasuke.

" Because I want to know who's in my body, and this is probably Naruto's fault."


That had been….awkward.

Okay, it was disgusting.

But she had really had to pee and there was no way around it.

It had also been kinda nice to be able to stand up.

But she hadn't expected to get….it….caught in the zipper.

" How the hell do they deal with that?" said Sakura, wincing as she walked out of the bathroom. She walked into the kitchen, feeling hungry and wanting something to eat. Besides ramen she thought as she opened the cupboard. It was completely full of ramen. "Fine, fine." she said, taking out a cup of ramen and putting it into the microwave. When it finished ( and she had disposed of some orange underwear that had been totally gross.) she sighed and took a bite.

Ten minutes later, she put down her fifth cup.

" That….was…..amazing." said Sakura in awe, patting her stomach contentedly. She had never eaten anything that tasted so…right. She knew why the boy ate it so much, but she'd had ramen before and never experienced anything like that.

She was distracted from her post-feast stupor by knocking on the door. She walked to over and opened it, finding Sasuke and her body standing there.

" Sasuke-kun!" she squealed in Naruto's screechy voice. The right eye on her body twitched.

" I'm…Sasuke." said her body.

" I'm Kakashi. Hi Sakura. You too?" said Kakashi ( from Sasuke's body) in a cheery voice.

" Yeah." said Sakura embarrassedly.

" Well, off to my place." said Kakashi. " That's where we'll find Naruto I bet."

" Hold on a moment." said Sakura, grabbing Naruto's jacket.

" Hey….Sakura." said Sasuke, blushing deeply.

" Yes?"

" The rash on your right thigh….you should get it looked at."

Sakura blinked. Oh god. He saw me naked. HE SAW ME NAKED? I only got to see Naruto's thingy! That's not fair!

" Don't worry." said Kakashi, reading Sakura's look. " You didn't miss out on much."

Sasuke shot Kakashi the most hateful look in history.


" Man, this is easy!" said Naruto, finishing his hundredth one-handed pushup. He was sweating heavily and his muscles ached, but had he trained like this in his body, he would have died!

Kakashi's body was so much faster and stronger than his it was incredible, but he got tired a lot quicker and didn't have nearly as much chakra. I guess he had to have some weakness. thought Naruto standing up.

Out of curiosity he opened his Sharingan eye to see what it was like. He gaped visabally as he looked around, seeing everything in more than perfect detail. He could see chakra, tell where things were moving to next, and sense every pattern.

" Ow!" he cried, claming his eyes shut. His chakra reserve had taken a big hit. That's why he doesn't use it much. thought Naruto. With his chakra level, he's only got a few minutes at most.

A knock came at the door of Kakashi's modest bachelor pad. Naruto walked over and opened it, looking at what looked like his genin team.

" Hey Naruto." said Sakura in a sullen voice.

" So, what do you think of being a adult?" asked Sasuke cheerily.

" I got your thingy caught in your pant's zipper." said his body, blushing.

" Uh…." said Naruto, blinking. " Come in."


" So we just switched for no reason?" asked Naruto, scratching his head.

" Yep." said Kakashi cheerily.

" I want my body back." said Sasuke. " It's impossible to move your arms, Sakura."

" Why?" asked Sakura, blinking.

" Your boobs get in the way." said Sasuke mutedly. Sakura giggled slightly at his pout.

" Well, let's go see Granny Tsunade!" said Naruto, standing up. " She'll know what to do!"

" Hey Sasuke, Kaka-sensei, could you go outside for a moment?" said Sakura, blushing deeply.

" Sure." said Kakashi, dragging Sasuke outside, though the Uchiha protested. When they were gone, Sakura turned to Naruto embarrassedly.

" I've…um….got…your thingy….it's…." Sakura shuddered, then blurted it out. " I think I have a erection."

" Ew." said Naruto, his one visible eye blinking. " Uh, think of Choji."

" I tried."

" Doing jumping jacks in Lee's jumpsuit."


" Okay, it's gone. Thanks."


" So, to sum it up, we have no idea what's going on." said Kakashi (in Naruto's body), finishing his explanation.

Tsunade looked at them blankly. She had been confused by their actions initially, but this…explained things…sort of….

" Shizune!" barked Tsunade. " I'll need a bucket of sake!"

" We got another big problem?" said the beleaguered assistant, walking in with several bottles.

" We switched bodies." said Naruto (in Kakashi's body).

Shizune looked at them blankly, handed Tsunade all but one of the bottles, uncorked the sake and took a long drink.

This was going to be a rough day.