A loud knocking came from the front door.

" Ignore it." hissed Anko as Naruto (in Kakashi's body) tried to crawl away in vain.

" But…it might be important or something." said Naruto lamely.

" Oh?" said Anko, giving him puppy dog eyes. " More important than me?"

" I just….need a break! Believe it!" said Naruto, dragging himself away from her. She pouted and sat back on the messy bed.

Naruto made his way though Kakashi's apartment, throwing on the pants Anko had ripped off earlier, fixing his forehead protector, and trying to relax.

Like that could happen, though. He'd just lost his virginity…in his teachers body….with his teachers girlfriends….a dozen times.

Trying to breath, he opened the door.

" Kakashi, my rival!" yelled Guy loudly. " You missed our date!"

The….hell? thought Naruto, his eye twitching. He's going out….with Guy?

" We can have our challenge here if you wish, though! There is still time!"

Oh. Yeah. Naruto remembered how Guy was always challenging Kaka-sensei to weird contests. He looked outside. The sun had begun to come up, meaning it was still early morning.

" Okay, who's turn is it?" asked Naruto cautiously.

" Yours, my eternal rival!" declared Guy enthusiastically.

" Hmm." Naruto began to think deeply. Kinda. I need to get rid of him quick so Anko won't hurt me…more. And I need to win for Kaka-sensei. What am I good at besides clones?

" That's it!" said Naruto, inspiration striking. " Whoever can do the Sexy Technique the best wins!"

" The…what?" said Guy, blinking.

" It's a technique my student Naruto developed. It's quite useful. Watch!"

Naruto formed the hand seals, grinning at the bewildered Guy. This is gonna be hilarious.


" Noooo!" cried Kakashi, rolling back on Sasuke's couch.

" Game Over." declared a voice as the screen went black.

" Okay, one more try at this, Mario, then I go have breakfast." said the Copy Ninja, focusing Sasuke's Sharingan and selecting continue. He'd been playing video games for hours.

And it was awesome.


" Another please!" said Sakura, plopping down the bowl of ramen. " This time, miso!"

Ayame smiled as she took the bowl. The girl in control of Naruto's body was eating as much as the boy usually did.

Sakura smiled as she caught the scent of the noodles cooking. This is heaven. she thought, slumping in her seat. Sure, Naruto's body is weird. she thought, remembering how she had messed up with her pants zipper again that morning and had some trouble with Naruto's…parts…when she thought about Sasuke, but food had never tasted this good and it was awesome having chakra like this.

Hey kit.

Huh? thought Sakura, blinking. She suddenly found herself in what looked like a sewer, standing by a large barred door.

Kit, are you listening?said the voice again. She looked up, spotting what looked like the Kyuubi facing her. Besides her, the black and white Inner Sakura ( who looked like Naruto now) had appeared. Good. Now, I want to make my case for you killing a bunch of people.

" What?" said Sakura and Inner Sakura, blinking.

I know you don't want to do it, but come on! Just a few people! I'm bored! Whined the Kyuubi.

" It's the real demon fox." said Inner Sakura blinking. " From what I can tell, it's sealed in Naruto."

" Woah." said Sakura in awe.

What are you talking about, Kit?

" I'm not Naruto." explained Sakuka. " I'm his teammate. We don't know why, but we switched bodies."

Oh. So, do YOU want to kill someone?

" Hell no!" said Inner Sakura, leaping into the cage. Sakura cried out, but a moment later Inner Sakura walked out of the shadows holding a small mangy fox.

" Aww, is the Kyuubi a wuss?" cooed Inner Sakura, taunting the fox, which growled weakly at her. She bopped it over the nose. " I'll handle him from here out. Go back to the ramen."

" Hell yes!" cheered Sakura as the ramen stand returned.

Ayame grimaced. Naruto was enthusiastic about ramen, but not nearly as crazy about it as this girl.


" Hi sweetie!" said Sakura's mother as Sasuke entered the kitchen. " I'm sorry about last night…"

" It's okay." said Sasuke, trying to smile. How the hell do you the smile? he thought, trying to twitch the muscles in his cheek. Sakura's mother seemed to think her daughter was just feeling uncomfortable and dropped the issue. Sasuke took a seat at the table.

" Your aunt and her families going to be by tonight." said Sakura's mother, frying up some eggs. " They'll be staying here for a few days until after the reunion."

Reunion? Aunt? thought Sasuke, mind reeling. Oh yeah. Sakura's family isn't dead. I hope I don't have to baby sit any little kids.

" I hope that you could shout your aunt's daughter some of the ninja techniques you have learned." said Sakura's mother, continuing breakfast. " She's approaching academy age and you might spark her interest. Your other cousins will probably want to see too."

" How old are they again?" inquired Sasuke.

" Oh, most are under ten." said Sakura's mother, handin g Sasuke breakfast. " You're the oldest in this generation of Haruno. The next closest to you is your cousin Mari who just turned twenty six."

Yay. thought Sasuke, looking down at his meal. He caught sight of Sakura's breasts, which were in the way, as usual. Heh. Boobs.


" I win!" declared Guy before racing off. Naruto was on the ground, blood streaming from his nose.

" Hey, your already in position!" said Anko, shutting the door.

Kaka-sensei, your life is beyond awesome.


" Who put that block there!" screamed Kakashi, jumping up and down. " Every time! Why is there always a invisible block!"

Kakashi was finding Super Mario Brothers quite frustrating. But in a good way.

" Break time." he said dropping the controller. I'll go somewhere and get my focus back. Then your going down, Bowser. Another S-Class opponent to add to my List of Victories.

Running down the street, Kakashi drew a lot of stares. The last Uchiha was famously stoic, and seeing him behave in a childlike manner was extremely odd. Passing his favorite bookstore, Kakashi skidded to halt. In the window was a Make Out Universe, Jiraiya's newest novel.

" It must be mine!" he cried, racing inside. However, he was caught by the storekeeper and tossed out almost instantly.

Oh yeah. I'm twelve. thought Kakashi dourly, standing up.

" Sasuke-kun!" came a girly voice from behind him. He looked over his shoulder, spotting Asuma and his team of genin walking in his direction, Ino waving fan girlishly. " How are you?"

" Pretty good." said Kakashi, smiling and putting his arms behind his head in a relaxe pose.

" You talked to me!" said Ino, stunned. " Eeeeee! Sakura's going to be so jealous!" said the girl as she pumped her arm into the air triumphantly.

" What's with you, Sasuke?" said Shikamaru, raising a eyebrow. " You seem happy."

" Oh yeah. Angst." said Kakashi, remembering how the Uchiha acted.

" Hey, have you seen Kakashi?" asked Asuma, looking around. Kakashi usualy was near where Sasuke, his favorite pupil was.

" No, not today." said Kakashi with a laugh. He didn't feel like explaining everything to Asuma. It would just cause more headaches.

" Sasuke-kun, I've got tonight open…." said Ino, winking seductively. " We could go on a date if you want."

" Sure!" said Kakashi quickly. Sorry Anko, but I'm going to enjoy being a kid to the fullest.

" Dammit." said Ino, sulking.

" Huh?" Choji looked confused.

" It's not the real Sasuke. He'd never go on a date with me." said Ino sadly. However, Kakashi walked over and lifted her head so they were looking into each others eyes.

" It's me." he said, trying to sound cool. " And I hope you don't mind this." Before Ino could react he leaned forward and kissed her.

Ino promptly fainted.


Sore, embarrassed, and extremely happy, Naruto left Kakashi's apartment when Anko finally had to leave. It was almost noon. He walked down the streets randomly, not really going anywhere.

" Yo." said Kakashi (in Sasuke's body), landing by Naruto.

" Hey." said Naruto tiredly, looking to his teacher. " I…have to tell you something about Anko."

" Let me guess, she was mad you missed her date?" said Kakashi with a laugh.

" Yeah, but when I told her why I was instead of making up something lame like you, she kinda…."

" What?"

" Look, I'm sorry, I didn't have much control!" said Naruto defensively. Kakashi blinked. " She was ontop of me in a instant and then my pants were gone and everything after that's this awesome blur and then Guy came by for a challenge and won and Anko pinned my again…"

" What?" said Kakashi, not understanding. Naruto sighed.

" I had sex with your girlfriend."

" Oh."


" So, did you give her a good one?"


" Hi!" said a slightly pudgy woman with pink hair as she entered the Haruno residence, a beleaguered looking man and four pink haired girls of various ages in tow. Sakura's mother raced over and hugged the woman that Sasuke guessed was Sakura's aunt and began talking, while the man slumped onto the sofa exhaustedly.

" Sakura!" cried the little girls, swarming over.

" Hi." said Sasuke lamely, not knowing what to say.

" I heard you're a kunochi now and that's really cool and I want to see all the cool things you can do and I want you to teach me them and then I want to fight someone and save someone and then could we go spy on that cute boy your showed us last time we were here he had the hair that looked like a ducks butt and…."

Sasuke's eye twitched.


Oh. Scratch that.

" Hey, uh, follow me outside and I'll show you my jutsu!" said Sasuke with a nervous chuckle. He was practically pushed outside by the small girls. In the back yard there was a small garden, several cheery trees, and a single training post that hadn't seen use in years.

" What'cha gonna show us first?" said the oldest girl eagerly.

" This!" said Sasuke, smirking and gripping his wrist. The girls all fell back as the Chidori activated, cracling around his wrist violently. And it was so easy. he mused.

" What's that?" said the oldest girl in awe.

" Chidori, my favorite attack. Watch."

Sasuke turned as the girls looked on in amazement. He lunged at the defenseless training pole and stabbed through it, cutting a neat hole straight though the wood. He pulled his arm back, revealing the crackling, charred wood.

" No way!" said one of the girls.

" Your awesome!"

" I want to go to the ninja academy!"

" Teach us to do that!"

Sasuke smiled genuinely. The little kids were all so eager and it was great to hear them complimenting him. Way better relatives than Itachi.

" Okay, I'll show you some things." began Sasuke. " But that move's really hard and too dangerous for you." The young girls have a collective sigh of disappointment. " Here." said Sasuke, drawing the dozens of kunai he kept hidden in Sakura's clothes. " I'm going to show you how to throw kunai, the most basic ninja skill."

Sasuke smiled as the girls looked up with stars in their eyes.

" Now, watch how I do this." said Sasuke, turning as tossing the kunai for a perfect bullseye onto the training log. I finally remembered to not bump my arms into Sakura's breasts he thought, mentally congratulating himself.

Heh. Boobs.