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Corridors of the Mind

by Shell Lee

'Wendy.' It was the barest whisper, so soft she barely heard it. 'Wendy. Help me.' Where was that voice coming from? She couldn't tell. When it didn't happen again she decided to ignore it. Being a psychic meant that, she more than anyone else, had to know reality from imagination and this sounded like her imagination.

Piccolo was the only other person in the hall and it defiantly wasn't him. But then again...? No. It had to be her imagination. There was no other explanation. It certainly felt like Tony. She'd have to ask him tomorrow about that. 'Maybe he feels it too,' she thought. Staying one more minute in the hall than necessary she asked, "Tony, do you feel anything strange?"

"Nope nothing. Why? Should I?" His face was the picture of innocence, but for some strange reason that expression didn't seem like him. For that matter it didn't really sound like him either. Later she'd talk to the captain and others and ask them if they'd noticed anything strange about Tony. She checked her watch. Oh no. She should've checked that experiment 5 minutes ago.


Piccolo was crestfallen. He'd thought for sure Wendy would hear his desperate cries. He could feel the asshole in control of his body trying hard not to laugh. His so-called friends were ignoring him but Piccolo knew better. He knew they just didn't believe the voices they could hear. If he was in their place he wouldn't think much of it either but Wendy he thought that at least she would know that he was trapped in here.

The shithead was trying again to kick Piccolo's mind out of his own body. Tony retreated to the one place he was sure that bastard couldn't find him. It only existed in his mind but he saw it as a real room.

Of course his sub-conscious had to make that place right out of his worst memories. This time he was in the tank they almost drowned him in to make him use the gills. He had learned how not to attach a memory to the place but who knew what'd happen when he got out of there?

Tony felt, there was no other way to describe it, the guy back off but the ex con stayed where he was and rembered just what had happened to get him here...