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Corridors of the Mind

by Shell Lee

Lucas was nervous and pacing around the waiting room. It had been a few days since Brody had brought him the news about Tony. A few days since he had come to his own conclusion that the dream had been all too real. Brody had been there and thought the same thing Lucas did. They had planed it all out about how they would approach Tony.

It went without saying that they'd wait until he was better. Wendy had given them the ok and here he was scared shitless standing outside the door to med bay, waiting for Jim to get there. A thousand questions swirled though his head. What if Tony didn't do it and got angry because they didn't trust him? What if he did do it? Would they get an explanation? Would Tony get kicked off seaQuest?

Would things change between them? Ahh, the big question. Tony had become the kind of big brother he had always wanted and Lucas had just found out that his new big brother might've killed someone. God this might change everything or nothing. Nothing. If Tony didn't do it then it would change nothing. Right?

No, no. Things would change. Tony just forced a bad guy out of his skull. That just doesn't happen everyday.

Lucas sat down on the floor, hoping Jim would get there soon. He couldn't take this much longer.

"Lucas, are you ready?" Jim's voice drifted down the hallway towards him.

'Finally,' Lucas silently cheered. "Yeah I'm ready."

"Then let's do it." Jim opened the door and walked through it followed close behind by Lucas.


Tony was awake. He had been for awhile now and was ready to get out of bed but Wendy hadn't let him until he could block out most of the voices. Man, who would've thought the he, of all people, would be 'gifted' with this. He was the type to use it to figure out what to say to a girl or to find out someone's darkest secret. He didn't deserve it.

The door opening brought his attention back to the present. He hadn't had any visitors since he was put in med bay. Wendy had wanted to wait for him to become accustomed to his newfound powers before he saw anyone. That's what she said anyway. Tony thought it was so that he wouldn't freak or be overwhelmed when he heard someone else's thoughts.

Lucas stepped into the room followed by Jim. 'Please tell me they didn't remember what that guy said. Please let them not remember,' Tony hoped.

"Tony, we wanted to talk to you about something." 'Damn, too much to hope for.' Lucas went on oblivious to the thoughts swirling around in the ex-con's head. "Do you remember that guy... Of course you do. I'm sorry but he said something and well.."

"What Lucas is trying to say is did you kill your superior officer?" Jim saved the teen from embarrassing himself further.

The big question, the one he had been trying to avoid at all costs, was now staring him in the face. His friends wanted the answer and he had no choice but to answer truthfully.

"I don't know. That day's kinda a blur. I mean he had wanted to talk to me and we never really got along but I never wanted him dead. Then the next thing I know for sure is he dead and I'm covered his blood." There he said it. For the first time in a long time he felt better. He didn't feel guilty that he honestly didn't know.

"How do we know you're telling the truth? You lied before." Lucas sat down next to bed. This was too much for him. Tony could feel it and he could feel that Jim was wondering about something.

"So. what if you didn't do it? Someone could've set you up?" Jim's words hit a chord in him. Ever since it happened he had thought that he did it. Tony Piccolo killed that man.

"I was covered in his blood. DNA tests confirmed it. If I didn't kill him how did all that blood get on me?" It was that fact that had convicted him and sent him to jail for a long time.

"Who knows? But I know that someone who could save a life like you did with me... both Lucas and me can't take one. No matter how much you pretend to be this tough guy I know you could never take a life without a damn good reason." Jim Brody was standing up for him even if it was against his own mind. Tony could hardly believe it. No one had ever shown they cared that much for him.

"If I didn't who did? It wasn't like there was anyone else around at the time." Another good point.

"If there were only two people in the room and if one of them is now dead and the other can't remember then who's to say there were only two people in that room?" Tony wished his lawyers had been as good as Jim. Then maybe he wouldn't have gone to jail.

"Umm... sorry to interrupt but why does this matter now? He's already been convicted."

"Simple we find out who did it and get Tony here acquitted. After we find out who that man was that tried to kill me."


Mark was pacing around in that hotel room he had rented after they had left the hospital. How the hell was he going to get back at that little asshole who had disrupted his plans? A slow smile spread across his face. He had an idea and it was a dozy.