3 Monthes past by, and Raph was getting very angry and upset. There home had been invaded once more, destroyed, and Raph and his brothers spent a long time salvaging what they could from Mikey's room. They had found his diet books, and weren't surprised.

He found himself hanging around the room they had given to Mikey, so when he comes back, he has his own place. He didn't understand why Mikey ran away. He could still remember that day, when he and Donnie went to Casey's to check on Mikey. That's when they found out Mikey ran away when Casey was in the shower. That's what Casey said. Raph and Don immediately called Splinter and Leo, told them Mikey was missing, and they searched the city. They found clues, small ones, but no Mikey, no brother.

Raph crawled onto the bed he made his little brother, looked at his books, his sketches he had left behind. He looked as them, seeing each sketch and felt himself almost empty of emotion. None of them had gained back their regular attitude that they had before.

Raph glanced around the empty room, knowing Mikey never lived there, but he said anyway, "Mikey, Please, I miss you, come home, come home safely."

Mikey looked at the city in the distance, seeing a stranger almost. It felt like an eternity that he had left, since he ran off. He debated to himself, should he go back. Looking at his journal, he nodded to himself, "Yes, if they want me, and I'm pretty sure they do, I'll go back." he told himself.

3 months on his own had made Mikey grow up a little. He had gotten better mentally and his friends that he had made helped a great deal. They also helped him with battling anorexia. While he was gone, his friends made him read certain books, books about anorexia and bulimia. The stories didn't have happy endings. They scared him. He realized his brothers were trying to help him, and since he had healed a great deal on his own, he needed his family to finish healing.

Walking back into the forest, he sat down before the fire he had built. He pondered for awhile, wondering if it was better to just leave. But he shook his head, no, he wasn't going to let Casey win tonight. He was better, mentally, he was strong, still a little weak when he over did things, but that was normal. His friends Tria and Sali, they helped him, healed his body, but to get better, he needed his family, to deal with the family dynamics and his feelings with his family. The 3 months away helped in a way, he didn't resent his family anymore for tying him down and feeding him like that, he know understood they did that to help him. Not to hurt him.

Standing up, he picked up his backpack, wishing his friends could have come but they needed to stay home. He had to do this on his own. Kicking out the fire he made, making sure there was no burning embers, he started walking back to his home city.

Casey smiled as he called Raph up, "Hey bro, just want to know if you want to come out tonight, bring your brothers, we can go after some purple dragons, there's word there is a shipment coming in of runners."

Raph nodded, "Sure Case, meet you at your place in an hour. I'll get my bro's in."

Raph sighed, walking past Mikey's room with a sad glance. They had searched for so long, knowing something had to have happened to make Mikey run, but they didn't know. Casey just said that Mikey took off, no reason. He didn't understand what was going on his brothers mind. But when he thought about seeing Mikey, he knew he was going to forgive him, because he just wanted his little brother back. That was all.

Telling his brothers what Casey said, they started getting their gear together.

Splinter came out, looking old and weary, he spoke, "Something is going to happen tonight. It is going to change things. You all must remember, think before you speak, hear your words before you speak them. And LISTEN. You must do this, or things will not get better."

Leo asked, "What's changing? Do you know what is going to change?"

Splinter shook his head, "I do not know, but while I was meditating, I felt certain things, and know that you all must do this, or we will continue having tension in this life."

Leo nodded, sighing. He knew that his father would get like this sometimes. He was used to it. After gearing up, he followed his brothers. Wondering about where Mikey was and how he was doing, he wished that his teaching involved in being able to look for Mikey on the astral plane.

Donatello thought of Mikey too, he was close to his little brother, and felt a lot of hurt since he didn't know where Mikey was. He wished he could see Mikey again, wanting to see him, to know he was alright. But he also felt anger, Mikey shouldn't have run away. He should have dealt with his problems.

They were walking around the sewers, thinking to themselves, knowing for a fact they all missed Mikey, and wanted to see him again. Then Raph spoke, "We should go and see Patience and Fortitude again…I'm feeling the need to see them tonight…"

Don nodded, "Your missing Mikey to tonight?"

Raph nodded, "All day today I've been thinking of Mikey, its been three months today since he took off. You know how much he loved Patience and Fortitude!"

Leo smiled, "Yeah, he sure surprised us that day, didn't he?" he said remembering when Mikey had told them the history behind those two lions.

Raph snickered, "Yeah, I didn't know who was more shocked, you or Leo…" chuckling at the memory.

Don smiled, "I honestly can say, I probably was more shocked. I didn't think he would know."

Raph smirked, "Yeah, its just that I have this feeling, this need, I can't explain it, I need to go by there."

Leo nodded, "Okay, we'll go before we meet Casey at the warehouse." and they walked off.

Mikey had went to the library, waiting in the shadows to see the two lions. He missed them, he thought, smirking at himself. He knew it was stupid, but he had to see them. He wondered if his brothers would believe him, but he needed to try.

Taking out his journal as he waited, he heard a slight sound behind him. Jumping up and pulled his hoodie back on, he stared in amazement when he saw his brothers standing there, looking at the lions. He wondered why they were there. He watched in silence as they talked amongst themselves. He saw that they looked sad and stressed, knowing it was because he was gone. He felt awful, putting his brothers through so much pain, especially master Splinter. He wondered how he was doing.

Mikey sat back down, after seeing Leo suddenly stiffen. He gasped. Ducking down, he thought Leo sensed him, but then he heard something else. Wishing he was near his backpack, which was a small distance away, he glared at the foot ninja in front of him. They glared at him too, Karai standing there, glaring at him. He wondered why they were there.

"Hello turtle, which one might you be?" Karai said smiling gleefully.

Mikey stood up, his hood fell back, he didn't wear his mask anymore, he didn't deserve it. And his nunchakus were in his backpack that the foot ninja was holding. He glanced over, hearing a battle on another roof. He saw his brothers were fighting foot ninja over there. They then gasped, and ran over to where Mikey was standing, crying out his name. Mikey didn't know what to do, he looked at Karai, who smiled back.

"What do you want with me?" Mikey asked, his voice slightly deeper than before, no longer holding that youthful tone he had.

Leo moved toward them, intent on interfering. But the foot techs stopped them, Karai yelling, "You turtles will hold, me and this turtle will talk. I must know where he has been these last few months, I have not seen him in quite some time….and Bishop has made a deal with me….he wants the orange turtle…and I finally found you."

Raph growled, jumping forward, "You ain't gonna have him, he's our brother, leave him alone!!"

Karai smiled, and turned to Mikey, who was frozen with some fear and trepidation. "Turtle, you will come with me and I will let your brothers go free unharmed, if you do not come, then I will kill them all."

Mikey turned to his brothers, horror on his face, "Guys, what do I do?"

Leo shook his head and Don said, "Mikey, you can't go, your home, we don't want to lose you."

Raph felt tears build up, "Please Mikey, don't go, we'll fight, we can beat them."

Leo glanced around, seeing a lot of foot ninja around, maybe well over 200 hundred, he knew they wouldn't win a fight like this. They were completely unprepared for this. "Mikey, we can win, as long as we fight….your home, and we love you, Please, don't do this."

Mikey felt the tears fall down his cheeks, "Guys, I'm sorry, I caused you so much pain, so much hurt running away, I'm sorry….but I got to go, I can't fight…I'm not healed yet, and if I do extreme exercise, my heart will be pushed to much…I could have a heart attack," he said, looking at Don, who nodded. He knew the risks of people recovering from anorexia and bulimia. He knew that they could cause a heart attack if they push there heart too fast. "I love you, and tell Master Splinter I love him. You will come for me, this I know, I will hold on, I promise….and too explain what happened….read my journal…alright, all of you and don't let Casey read it either. Alright?"

They nodded.

Mikey smiled to his brothers, and turned back to Karai, "I will come with you, on two conditions," and Karai nodded, and Mikey spoke, "The first condition is my brothers go free now, with my backpack that ninja over there is holding, it has my journal, my sketches, and my nunchakus. I want them to have them. Give it to Raph."

Karai looked at the ninja who examined the contents, and he nodded. "Very well turtle, he can have it." and the ninja threw it at Raph, who caught it and clutched it to his plastron. Tears on his face.

"The second is that as long as you have me, or Bishop has me, you will not hunt them down." Mikey stated, bold and daring.

Karai scoffed, "I don't think so turtle, they will come after you. That agreement is useless. I will let them leave here, unharmed and they will stay unharmed for lets say 48 hours. Do you agree?"

Mikey thought about it, then nodded. He turned to his brother, whispering in there ears that he loved them and will hang on for them. They nodded, and watched in silence as the ninja's and Karai and Mikey left them behind.

Raph screamed in pain, his heard felt broken and torn, he screamed his outrage, his pain, and his brothers held him, comforted him.

After a while, they calmed down, and fled the area, hiding in central park. Leo called Casey and told them that they couldn't do anything tonight. He was pissed and asked to speak to Raph, but Raph was in no condition to speak, so Leo told him to call tomorrow.

Raph sat down, staring ahead, blanking out. He thought of his little brother, his Mikey, the one he loved more than his own life itself. He would gladly die to protect Mikey. He made things right, made him level, and his feelings lately were out of control because he didn't have Mikey. And now Mikey was gone.

Don was quiet, thinking about the nights events, wondering if they could do anything, anything to help Mikey. But he couldn't' see any other alternative. He could only see they choice they had with Mikey. He knew Mikey was doing this to protect them, but he felt guilty, He couldn't protect Mikey, Mikey was his only little brother. His little brother, and he couldn't' protect him, and Mikey sacrificed himself for his family.

Leo was full of guilt, full of remorse. He saw Mikey, he looked healthy, and balanced though. He saw a hidden sadness in his eyes, and knew his brother grew up while he was gone. He saw the determination and love in Mikey's blue eyes, and knew, they couldn't spend their time like this. He knew they needed to work on saving Mikey. He would lead them, that he knew.

Raph was looking at the journal, reading entries, reading Mikey's secrets and thoughts. And his rage that he was struggling to control grew more and more when he saw what Mikey wrote about Casey. His anger grew, and grew. Then Mikey's writing, 'Casey was really mean last night, he hurt me…punched me in the face and kicked me…he even …locked me in the closet….he wouldn't let me out until I said I was worthless, that I was a liability. Its true, I know it is, so I said it' and his rage grew into a murderous rage, his temper rose and he growled out, "Casey is a dead man!" he choked out.

Leo walked over, asking softly, "what's wrong?"

Raph spoke in a tightly controlled voice, "Casey hurt Mikey, threatened him, hurt him, messed with his mind….and made Mikey run away."

Don gasped, quickly reading the journal entry that Raph left open. His own anger built, and he too needed revenge. He growled, "That Bastard!!" and Leo nodded too, he saw and read the entry Raph pointed to. "We are going to confront him, let's go!"

All three filled with anger, ran with an incredible speed to Casey's apartment. Raph broke the window in his anger, startling Casey, who smiled at him as he came into the window. But it faltered when he saw the murderous rage on Raph's face, and Don's, and Leo's, and he backed up. "Uh, what's going on guys?"

Raph spoke, "You think we wouldn't find out what you did to Mike?"

Casey frowned, "What do you mean? I didn't do anything to Mikey!" he said in a panic.

Leo growled, holding out his katana, "You think we are stupid? We know you tortured Mikey, messed with his head. WE know you hurt him the night he disappeared. That you locked him in the closet knowing full well that he is scared of the dark. That you told him to run away."

Don sneered, "We are not stupid, and yes, Mikey was angry and hurt, but we know you had a part in it. You made us loose 3 months with Mikey, and we feel it only fare that you lose 3 months of yours!"

Raph grinned, seeing the panic on his face, the fear that was forming in his eyes. "Why Casey? Why did you do this to my little brotha? He's my best friend!"

Casey blurted out angrily, "That's why! He always had your attention, you always wanted to make sure he was happy, even though you teased him. But you'd blow me off to spend time with him, and that's not right. You are my friend, not his!" he ranted.

Raph growled, and jumped at the same time as Leo and Don, and they attacked Casey, badly. They beat him, using there weapons, they hurt him, and Don pulled something from his pack, and approached the fighting group. "Guys, pin him on his stomach, I think we need to show him what will happen when you mess with ninja turtles…" and grinned as he uncapped the needle, and saw the pure fear on his face.

"This is a medicine that makes you appear that you are in a coma and paralyze your legs and arms. You will be in this 'coma' for 3 months, long enough for your legs and arms to lose all that muscle strength. Long enough to put you out of commission for up to 2 years." Don said smirking and laughing.

Raph and Leo grinned, pinning the now panic stricken man as he tried to throw them off. Raph mocked, "You shouldn't move Case-man, what if Don accidentally sticks that big needle in the wrong place?"

Casey froze and whimpered as he felt the needle penetrate his skin. "I'll tell the world about you."

Don laughed, "Oh," he said sarcastically, as he injected Casey, and took the needle out, "That's going to be very hard since you are going to be mute. There is an added bonus to this injection. I never meant for it to happen but it does. It can paralyzed your voice box for a very, very long time, and when it ends, we'll be back to give you another injection before you can talk again."

Leo smirked as he got up, allowing Raph to knee Casey in the groin several times, "You are lucky we follow bushido. We would have killed you if we didn't care about honour….but we restored Mikey's honour, for what you did to him."

Don walked over to the phone and called 911 and gave them Casey's address.

Raph growled in Casey's ear, seeing him on the verge of passing out, "We will be watching you, and if you breathe a word of us to the world, we will come back for you…that's a promise."

And the three brothers quickly left the apartment as sirens indicated the ambulance was going to arrive soon.

They nodded, watching as Casey was taken away in the ambulance. "I can't believe Casey betrayed us." Raph whispered, "He was my best friend….and he wanted to keep me for himself…and I…I almost destroyed my little brother because of him."

Leo and Don held Raph as he cried, "We always knew humans could be dangerous Raph, and we will learn from this. Don't feel too badly. We got justice from it, and we will help Mikey….Casey can't do anymore harm, and we can heal Mike."

Leo nodded as Don spoke softly to Raph a second before, "We know Mikey ran because he believed these lies, and it must have been difficult for him. But from what I have seen, he was willing to come back home, despite Casey, because he missed us as much as we missed him. We'll be okay Raph. We will."

Raph spoke, "We got to save Mike Leo, We just go to."

Don nodded, "We are going to, we just need a plan."

Leo looked at his brothers, "Mikey will be back, this I guarantee, we will not give up on Mikey, and we will get him back. That is a promise and a vow."

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