A sequel to Forever with Lord Sesshomaru has been posted! Below is a small snippet from the first chapter of Love Immortal.

Summary: Kagome discovers that when you time travel things can get pretty messed up. A story about twisting time lines and family Kagome never knew she had in the modern era. How can she have a half demon for a niece? Set in all times and eras and back again. SxR mostly.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha or any characters from Inuyasha. Any original characters, please don't reuse.

Love Immortal

Chapter 1. The Curse of Immortality

Feudal Era – 1574

One thing they don't tell you about being immortal is that memories fade, but you never forget pain. You can accept that your friends will age and die, but when it's your fault that they died young, the guilt never leaves you... Rin wiped the tears falling down her cheeks. She frowned down at her hand to find it was covered in black soot. The ash continued to fall to the ground around Shinakio Village. It would probably fall for days.

"Is anyone else missing?" she heard Isas ask one of the humans behind her.

"I believe everyone has been accounted for...bodies too."