Chapter 1: The Fated Meeting

"In the land of Adale, each generation beholds another powerful and capable ruler for our country to resist those that are evil and cruel, the herectics. Now, as Prince of the kingdom of Adale, it is your rightful duty to find a wife, get a heir and charge out to face the evil that is out there, do you understand this Kanata?"

"As per usual, you love reminding me on how important my duties and responsibilities are Santa but I just don't agree that I must find a suitable wife at this age and fast. It would not be fair to the lady if I do not want to protect and love her for who she is." That was a statement given by none other than the royal prince of the kingdom of Adale, Prince Kanata, and his royal servant, Santa.

"But your Highness…." Before Santa could finish, Kanata interrupted.

"No 'But your Highness' me Santa! We are childhood friends, would you just call me Kanata like you used to when we were just kids?" pleaded Kanata.

"Sorry, Kanata but you know it is expected. After all, we are no longer kids and whether you like it or not, you have to choose a wife by tonight. I wish I could help but I can no longer delay it anymore so please understand. It's the king's orders." Without waiting any further, Santa dismissed himself and left Kanata all alone in his chambers. 'What if I wanted to marry only someone I love? Is that just too much to ask?' While Kanata was deep in thought, he did not notice someone sneak into his room.

"BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!" Kanata jumped out of shock and turned to face the intruder. "Chris don't surprise me like that!" yelled Kanata. "Sorry big brother but sometimes you are just too serious in thought, cheer up! I am sure it is not the end of the world!"

"Sadly, dad is forcing me to choose a wife tonight and I am not so sure I would be able to make the right decision. I am bad at these things." Commented Kanata as he blushed. "No worries! I know you would be able to find someone you like with no problems and you would probably win her over and dance the night away! I'll make sure the girl likes you for love and not for your status so leave it to me!" exclaimed Chris excitedly. 'Why is she getting so pumped out for? This could be dangerous' But instead of just stopping her, he smiled and put a hand on her head. "I'll be counting on you then!" With that said, they both burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, in the faraway kingdom of Serafield, there lived another royal family but sadly both the king and queen were killed quite a few years back and their only daughter, Princess Miyu, was to take over the duties when she came of age. The princess's trusted babysitter and also advisor, Wanya, made sure she was ready to ascend the throne.

"Miyu, you have to find a good husband for yourself as the time has finally come for you to ascend the throne and rule your country and might I emphasize the importance of…."


"Oh! Aren't you the angel as always Ruu!!! Ok, come give your big sister a hug!" Miyu cooed and played with her brother, Prince Ruu, he was still a baby though. "Mama!" said Ruu. Since Ruu did not manage to get to know his parents, he acted mostly that his sister was his mum.

"PRINCESS MIYU!!!!!!" That sure surprised Miyu and she jumped on the spot out of shock! "Geez, Wanya what was that for?" demanded Miyu. "I know Ruu is very important to you but tonight decides your future. You are asked to attend the grand ball held in the name of Prince Kanata and just like the prince, you are required to find a husband yourself but seeing how unprepared you are, I highly doubt you would be able to attract his royal highness himself. Yup, that's right, you would not even stand a chance!" commented Wanya.

"Wanya, I fully understand the situation but I want to marry someone I love and not someone I am forced to marry. Besides, I would not be able to leave Ruu behind, he needs me. By the way, I bet that prince is probably pompous and stuck up and I would not even be seen in the likes of him!" argued Miyu.

"You will go to that ball whether you like it or not. The prince is not that bad I heard, just don't go judging him without even meeting him. You have taken care of both me and Ruu and have grown up to be a fine young lady but is it so hard for you to do something for yourself once? Now get ready to go to that ball." Ordered Wanya.

"Wanya, you really feel that way?" asked Miyu.

"Of course I do, Princess. Oh! Before I forget, I would get your childhood friend, Duke Mickey to accompany you so rest assured."

"Alright Wanya, if you say so." With that last statement, Miyu went to get ready for the ball that was so important to Wanya. She just hoped she would not regret listening to Wanya on this matter.

And so both Princess Miyu and Prince Kanata were forced to find their soulmate through the upcoming grand ball. Though it might not seem so, both of them wished that they could find the person that they love and would want to protect. Nobody really understood this until that fated meeting.

Just as everyone expected, the ball was the grandest ball any of them had ever seen in a lifetime but on the throne, Prince Kanata could be seen sitting there looking entirely bored and uninterested in anyone he was introduced to, the truth was nobody really caught his eye except one. A beautiful blond haired girl in a beautiful white dress, he had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life. "Big brother…. Are you interested in that girl over there in the pretty white dress? My, my, what high standards you have bro…." teased Christine. "No, I am not!" insisted Kanata and his cheeks turned a bright red. "Son, why don't you ask someone to dance? It is only polite to even if it is just one dance, ask any girl you please." advised King Saiyounji. "Fine." He then kneeled in front of Christine and said to her, "May I have this dance dear sister?"

Christine was shocked but she still accepted and giggled. "What's so funny Chris?" asked Kanata. "Bro, when dad meant ask a girl to dance he didn't mean me. Go chase that girl if you like her not go dance with your sister and get glances of that girl. That is the weirdest thing about you I think and I can't help but giggle1" explained Chris.

Meanwhile, everyone was looking at the siblings dance gracefully. 'Is that the prince? If I remember correctly, his name was Kanata. He is somewhat handsome. What am I thinking? The girl he is dancing with is probably his bride. Wanya is right I don't stand a chance at all.' Miyu was just heading out to the garden to relax and calm herself. "Miyu, where are you going? You still have to find your husband right?" questioned her friend, Duke Mickey. "Um, just some fresh air. No worries but I highly doubt that I'll ever find a husband. See you later." Miyu glanced at Kanata and she just ran out by herself. "Miyu…" Mickey stared at Kanata, 'You really like him. I wonder how she would react if she knew how I really felt about her…'

Kananta and Christine soon finished dancing and Kanata reassured Christine that he would be back, he just wanted to take a walk after being in the crowd for so long. Kanata was enjoying the beauty of the night sky with its luminescent moon and sparkling stars but at that moment he was admiring something prettier, the blond haired princess. He then decided to pluck up the courage to talk to her.

"Hi, I am Prince Kanata of the Kingdom of Adale. May I ask who this beautiful lady is?" He knelt in front of her and kissed her hand. The blond haired princess blushed and answered, "I am Princess Miyu of the far off Kingdom of Serafield. Nice to meet you." She then gave the prince her best smile.

They then stared at each other's eyes and none of them could take their eyes off the other. This was none other than fate playing with their hearts, the Prince and the Princess were unaware of what cruel fate had in store for them in the time to come. They would be made to face many challenges and trials together and needless to say, they were fated to meet and to love each other no matter how long it took or how many lifetimes it would need for them to finally find each other and be together once more. All these are what the future beholds for the both of them in the time to come.