Chapter 3: Revelations of the Past

Rays of sunlight seeped in through the palace windows and lighted up the gorgeous pink room. The room was spacious and was neatly organized; there was a dresser with bottles of lotions and fragrances that smelled as sweet as the flowers in the garden. On the walls of the room, portraits of the royal family could be seen decorating it. Last but not least, in the middle of the room lay a queen-sized bed made with pale pink and white sheets and on it laid none other than Miyu.

Miyu slowly opened her eyes and took in the surroundings. She slowly got up to find her hand being held by the handsome prince sitting next to her bed. "He must have been here the whole time." Miyu whispered to herself. Quietly, her hand slowly inched its way to play with his hair, at her touch, Kanata opened his eyes and smiled with relief when he saw her awake and well. "Morning sleepyhead." He said as he got up and stretched. Miyu smiled as she watched him and reminisced about how they met and how much she enjoyed the dance at the ball the night before. Her emerald eyes widened as memories of what happened after the dance came back to her.

"Whe..Where's Mickey?" She asked in a soft voice, scared of hearing the answer to her question. She got up of bed in a hurry but the moment she stood up, she started to fall, it was as if all her energy had been drained from her. Kanata caught her before she made contact with the floor. "Miyu you just woke up, don't over do it! You need some rest, get back into bed." "NO! Kanata, please answer my question. Mickey is all right isn't he? I want to see him!" Miyu looked up with anxious eyes filled with tears but she stopped when she saw Kanata's worried expression and regretful eyes. Kanata helped Miyu to the bed and sat beside her. "Miyu, do you not remember what happened last night at my castle?" "

"It can't be true. The Mickey I saw last night wasn't him. It was as if he turned into a stranger. The Mickey I knew pleaded with me to run from him. Nothing about this makes sense." 'Goodness, what is this headache and lack of energy I now feel? I really don't wish to worry Kanata but…' My vision started blurring and the last thing I saw was Kanata worried, constantly shouting my name until everything turned black.

"Miyu, Miyu! " I started shaking her after she didn't respond to me for a while. Just then Wanya appeared with the palace doctor, Mikan. When they saw Miyu collapsed in my arms, both of them hurried over. "Kanata, quickly lay her down on the bed. I need to examine her." I did as instructed and let the doctor do her work. After the examination, Mikan gestured to both Wanya and me and led us out to the hallway to talk. "Will the princess be alright? Please tell me she will be fine!" "Wanya, calm down, the princess is not in any danger. She is just exhausted and in shock. A few days of rest should be able to do the trick." I heaved a sigh of relief at the news. When I looked up, the doctor looked at me with gentle eyes and said, "It is best if you are there when she wakes up." With a smile, Mikan went back to her quarters.

"Your highness, may I have a word with you?" Wanya asked. It looked like she wanted to tell me something important so I couldn't refuse. "It will be my pleasure, Wanya." As Wanya lifted up her right hand to gesture to the direction that we will be headed to, I nodded and followed. "Your highness, I apologize for not having this conversation sooner. Things have been pretty hectic after the attack of the herectics." "I understand, please continue." Wanya nodded and got right to business. "I take it you already know by now why they chose to attack your castle last night. Please do not blame the princess, she has lost so much to the herectics and if she remembers of her powers and how her parents passed, it would truly destroy her." With that Wanya knelt on the ground with her hands in front of her as she pleaded with Kanata.

"Wait, what do you mean by that?" Questioned Kanata. "I know how selfish such a request could be but please don't take it up with the princess. Now with Duke Mickey gone, I am afraid she would only remember…" Kanata knelt down to calm a now frantic Wanya. He patted her on the shoulder and as she looked up, instead of anger, she saw that of understanding. "Calm down, I just didn't understand what you just told me. Would be do me the favor of clarifying my doubts on the matter?" Wanya nodded and slowly stood up. "This way, your highness."

They stopped in front of the family portrait. "So this is the angel of the starry heavens. Miyu does resemble her mother." As he said this, he smiled. 'I am finally getting to know Miyu better; I have never felt a joy such as this before. It truly is a heartwarming feeling.' As Wanya watched him, she smiled, glad that her princess has finally found a prince that loves her, understands her and wants to protect her. "Wanya, I do know that the herectics attacked my castle because their leader wanted to get Miyu, My father didn't die because of Miyu, he died protecting me. I would never blame Miyu for my own faults. What did you mean by her memories destroying her?" Wanya sighed and started her explanation, "After the King and Queen passed, Miyu inherited her mother's powers and it was then that she realized why they were attacked. She started hating her powers for taking her parents away and wished that she who had these hateful powers would just disappear from the world. Princess Miyu went into depression but one day, she was her cheerful self again. The only difference was that the princess herself locked her memories away and could not remember a thing about being the angel, much less the herectics." Everything made sense to Kanata now. How Miyu went into shock when she woke up, remembering all of last night. "I think Miyu has remembered everything. However, she seems to be rejecting her memories and that was when she fainted."

"It was after all a fate she could not escape. Your highness, whatever happened to Duke Mickey?" Wanya gave a confused expression when Kanata gave a grave look and said, "It seems that Mickey is one of the herectics. He apparently has the blood and Mickey has lost to his blood. It took over him completely." "It truly was inevitable." Wanya commented. Upon seeing Kanata's shocked face, she continued, "Mickey was rescued by Princess Miyu and even after we found out of his heritage, she protected him saying that he would never lose to his blood. However, after seeing the way you looked upon the princess, I understood why Mickey lost. He lost to his weakness of never being able to tell the princess how he felt and he lost her the moment both of you fell in love. In turn, losing her led to him losing himself."

"I shall take my leave, be sure to call upon me should you need something." As Wanya left Kanata to his own thoughts, he couldn't take his eyes off the portrait. 'There is really a lot of her I don't know of but I will protect her with my life.' With that, he left to go to Miyu's room.

When he went in, he found Miyu sitting up in bed with tears in her eyes. He rushed over and took her hands in his, looking at her with a worried expression. "I am fine Kanata." She exclaimed, desperately wanting him to believe it. "You sure don't look fine, whatever is the matter?" His gentle expression made it worse for Miyu. She hugged him and cried, "I am a monster, and these powers I have can't protect but take the lives of everyone I love. I am a murderer!" Kanata pulled away and looked into her eyes, "No you aren't. You are an angel meant to use your powers for good. What happened wasn't your fault. You didn't hurt me with your powers, instead you had it under control." Miyu shook her head and turned her back towards him. Kanata embraced her, and assured her, "We will figure this out together, you are not alone anymore." Miyu turned around and hugged him, how long has it been since anyone has given her an assurance that everything would be fine. 'Kanata isn't just anyone; he has always been here ever since I met him. I won't lose to my past!' With her newly found determination, Miyu finally accepted the truth and cried out all her sorrow. And the whole time, Kanata never let her go and stayed by her side.