To all future readers of this fic

-this is like my first meteor garden/hana yori dango fic so… please be nice

-uhm…I'll be posting this in the category of 'meteor garden' under TV shows AND 'hana yori dango' under anime/manga

-I'll be rating it a T but in any case that you object to that just email me.

Xue- is my own character, you'll find out who she is soon

For the manga readers

Asi (meteor garden) is also Tsukasa (hana yori dango)

Lei (meteor garden) is also Rui (hana yori dango)

Mei Zhuo (meteor garden) is also Akira (hana yori dango)

Ximen (meteor garden) is also Sojiro (hana yori dango)

Shan Cai (meteor garden) is also Tsukushi (hana yori dango)

HAPPY READING… I want to know what you think…:))