When she reached the university she stepped out of the car. It was already lunch and she would probably find her brother at the cafeteria. She trotted at the steps of the university and walking along the path ways as if she knew where she was going. Truthfully she knew well, more that most students that have studied here know about the school, secret passages that have never been touched. She strolled around the grounds remembering her fantasies of going there for college. Now she was finally getting it. Only it was her 3rd year in college so she only hade 2 years left. Her brother is in his last year. As she passed by the hallways that students filled a path was made. She turned heads as she walked to the cafeteria. There was a slight buzz among the students. Especially among 2 girls, Baihe and her friend

"Hey who are you?" asked Baihe.

"Who are you to ask me to ask who I am?" she asked her back

"Don't be a smart ass! I'm asking you a question. I swear if Lei was here he wouldn't tolerate this being done to his girlfriend!" Baihe challenged her by mentioning Lei as her boyfriend, even if eh really isn't.

"Really I don't remember my BROTHER mentioning a girl more over a girlfriend. Well except what happened back then. Wait… I think I remember you what's your name?" the girl asked

"Baihe, why?" replied Baihe

"Oh I remember you! He mentioned you in one of his letters. You're the one that hit on all of them all the time. You really wanted to hook up with one of them. Now I remember you—"

"XUE!" suddenly everyone stopped talking including the girl and Baihe and her companion.

"What the hell,' he started out mad, "are you doing here?" she started to smile and hugged her and lifted her up from the ground.

"I'm back! Father and Mother agreed to let me finish my last 2 years here in Ying Te." She replied excitedly

"Baihe," asked one of the boys from beside Lei, "what were you doing to her?" he came of kind of angry.

"Oh I—I—was—"

"It's alright Asi. She was just introducing herself to me. It was very nice." She replied when Baihe couldn't.

"Good!" replied the guy named Asi

"You've always been so protective! You're like my very over protective brother." She laughed.

"Well you're like a little sister." Replied the other guy

"Aw thanks Ximen. Well I was just coming to surprise Lei." She replied.

"Well let's head to the house. It's getting boring here." Replied Asi

They continued talking and by the time they finished talking everybody in the whole entire school knew who Xue was. She was Hua Ze Lei's younger and ONLY sister.

They reached the Hua Ze Mansion but not before abducting Shan Cai from her current class. For that she was immensely irritated and at the same time grateful.

"ASI! What am I doing here I still have class you know!" she screamed at him.

"Stop shouting! It's so deafening!" replied Asi

"I'm not going to stop shouting unless you tell me why I'm here!!" she screamed again.

"Asi can't you guys go on without fighting?" Xue asked as she entered the room.

"No apparently we can't. She's a chatter box!" replied Asi

"It's you're fault. YOU always drag me out somewhere on a mere whim." Replied Shan Cai. "I'm Shan Cai. Sorry that my idiot boyfriend didn't even introduce me." She held out her hand to Xue and Xue shook it.

"I'm glad to finally meet you I've heard so much about you. I'm Xue, Lei's younger sister." Replied Xue just as Lei was walking into the room followed by Ximen and Mei Zhuo.

"Oh. I never knew Lei had a younger sister." Shan Cai replied.

"Oh. Yeah he never talks about it because ever since I was 13 I went to Spain then to France to study. Ever since then I would only visit once in a while. School schedule here and there is very different." She finished

"Yeah she was kind of forced to go there. At first when Mother and Father said she would go she agreed then the day came that she had to go she realized that she would be alone and no one will be there with her." Lei said

"The Dance Company there is wonderful. I asked if I could do it here instead of there. It took sometime but I convinced them and mom and dad to let me go here. Of course I would have to go to the university and do dance but it's okay just as long as I'm here. The longest that I've stayed here, after leaving, was a month. It was when I was 17 turning 18 then we had a party so it was fun." She said

"Yeah Xue was drunk then. Mei Zhuo took her up to her room that night. Lei is basically weak and Ximen was with his women." Said Asi

"And where were you?" asked Shan Cai with one eyebrow raised.

Then everybody started laughing.

"He passed out. He was sleeping in the guest room that night. It was so funny people kept on entering that room because they thought it was the bathroom." Replied Ximen.

"Who asked for your opinion!" Asi replied defensively.

"So many things happened that night" spoke Mei Zhuo.

"Really like what?" asked Shan Cai.

"Just a lot of things." He replied.

Then everybody was quiet. They were thinking about what Mei Zhuo was talking about. Only 3 people in that whole entire room knew what happened.