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Exiting through the side door of the science building on the university campus, Kurama tried to avoid the group of young ladies who had been trying to get his attention all day. The fact that they were all carrying cards, flowers and boxes wrapped in pink or red reminded the redhead that it was Valentine's Day.

Just when he thought he'd escaped, a young woman named Joylin slipped around the corner intercepting him. "Shuuichi, I'm so glad I caught you. I've been trying to find you all day to give you this."

As he'd suspected, a box wrapped in bright pink with red hearts was held out to him. With a gentle smile, Kurama shook his head. "I'm sorry Joylin, but I can't accept that."

The young woman blinked several times. "Please Shuuichi, you have to take it. I know you haven't accepted anyone else's gifts, so please take mine. I've loved you since we were kids. If you'd just give me a chance I know you could love me too."

Trying to stay patient, Kurama sighed. "Joylin, it wouldn't be right for me to accept your gift when I will never return your feelings."

Not waiting for her to argue, Kurama quickly walked away. He had hoped that in college the girls that had always vied for his affection would have matured enough to give up. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Even now, as a senior about to graduate from the university, he still had fan girls chasing after him.

Even after he was sure Joylin wasn't following, Kurama's pace didn't slow as he made his way to his apartment. Having to avoid his fans had made him late for his tutoring session with Kuwabara. As Kurama reached his apartment he found his friend waiting for him a the door. "I'm sorry I'm late Kuwabara. I was unavoidably detained."

The larger man just laughed. "It's Valentine's Day Kurama. In other words, the fan girls treed the fox boy and you had to escape."

With a laugh, Kurama nodded. "Something like that, yes. What about you though? I thought for sure you'd cancel our session to spend the day with Yukina."

At the mention of his wife's name, Kuwabara's features softened. "If I didn't have this big test coming up I would have. I'm stopping to pick dinner up on the way home, that way we can spend a little time together before I have to study all the stuff you teach me."

As they sat at the kitchen table and the books came out, Kurama asked about Yukina. "How is her pregnancy going? Demon infants can be very demanding on their mothers."

Kuwabara sighed. "Physically she's fine, but she's been very restless the last week. I'm not sure what to do for her. She seems to do better when I leave her alone so I spend a lot of time studying."

Kurama felt for him. "Are you sure marrying Yukina was a wise decision my friend? I know you love her and wanted to help her when she passed her hundredth birthday and became pregnant, but Koorime women are used to bearing their children without a mate. "

Kuwabara shrugged. "I know, but that's in the Makai with the support of other Koorime. Living here, while she continues to look for her brother, Yukina needs the support of a husband to help her through her pregnancy and to raise her daughter."

Drawing a breath, Kurama nodded. "I understand your motive Kuwa. I just can't help but think it must be hard for you to be married to the woman you love, yet not have her love."

Shrugging, Kuwabara's voice was softer when he continued. "Yeah well, it's not that bad. I may not get to hold her much or sleep beside her, but at least I'll get to spend my life with her. I'll even get to be her baby's father."

Opening the book before him, Kurama shook his head. "You're a better man than I am Kuwa."

After that Kurama began his lesson. Kuwabara was having trouble in chemistry, one of Kurama's favorite and best subjects. Two hours later when they finally put the books away Kurama inquired about their other friend. "Have you seen Yusuke lately? How's he doing these days?"

With a shrug, Kuwabara zipped his backpack. "I saw him the day before yesterday actually. He's alright I guess. It's hard to believe he and Keiko broke up after all these years. When she got accepted at that fancy school in England I thought for sure he'd say she couldn't go. I can't believe he just wished her well and let her go."

Going to the kitchen, Kurama poured them each some juice. "He's been changing since he became a demon. I'm not surprised, after spending almost three years in Makai, that he'd want something different now."

Accepting the juice, Kuwabara smirked. "You mean he's gay."

Startled by Kuwabara's perceptiveness, Kurama paused. "In Makai, who we desire is not dictated by what sex they are, so the term 'gay' is irrelevant. It's not uncommon though that the more powerful the demon, the more powerful he or she will want his mate to be. Therefore it would be more accurate to say that Yusuke has become too powerful to desire a mate as weak as Keiko."

The gleam in Kuwabara's blue eyes should have prepared Kurama for the man's next words. "So power is why you and Hiei are attracted to each other."

Green eyes widened. "What ever gave you that idea Kuwabara?"

An orange eyebrow rose curiously. "You forget I can see auras Kurama. Whenever Hiei's around, your aura shimmers with a mother of pearl glow. The only other time I've seen it do that was years ago when we were fighting Yakimo and that demon impersonated your old lover Kuronue."

Again, Kuwabara's perceptiveness surprised him. "Explain what you meant about Hiei then."

A slow grin curved Kuwabara's lip. "Hiei's aura is usually a fiery red, like he's always angry. Whenever you speak to him or touch him though, it becomes a tranquil blue. It's like you bring him peace."

Looking down into his glass, Kurama sighed. "Your assumptions are actually quite ridiculous considering Hiei and I haven't seen each other in over three years. What does Yusuke's aura tell you?"

Kuwabara thought a moment before answering. "Yusuke's aura has always buzzed, like it's restless. When we were kids, Keiko seemed to soothe it. The stronger Yusuke got though, the more restless his aura got and the less Keiko could soothe it."

Looking at Kuwabara, Kurama frowned. "There is some one that calms Yusuke's aura though, isn't there?"

Rising from the table, Kuwabara took his glass to the sink. "There is, but like you and Hiei, I don't think Yusuke's ready for anyone to know it yet."

Having a few secrets of his own, Kurama didn't push Kuwabara to reveal his. After making plans to meet again in a few days, Kurama waved goodbye as Kuwabara left. Alone, Kurama turned and looked around his empty apartment. With a smile he reached his ki out to make his plants sing. "I'm not alone so long as I have you my beautiful pets."

Three days later, Kurama headed home, looking forward to the weekend. After Kuwabara's words about Yukina being restless, he'd called to check on her. Speaking with her, Kurama had to agree that something wasn't right and had made plans to visit the little Koorime the next day to see if there was anything he could do to help.

Distracted by his thoughts, Kurama didn't notice the presence in his apartment until it spoke. "You're getting soft Fox. I could have killed you if I'd been an enemy."

Whipping around, Kurama gasped. "Hiei! What are you doing here?"

Flopping on the sofa and putting his feet on the coffee table, Hiei shrugged. "I was bored, so I thought I'd see what you were up to."

Smiling at his friend, Kurama went to sit beside him. As if he wasn't sure about what to do, the redhead looked at Hiei and drew several breaths before finally sighing. Hiei couldn't have been more surprised when Kurama leaned forward and hugged him. "I missed you Hiei."

Startled by the whispered admission, Hiei stiffened. When Kurama didn't immediately release him, Hiei awkwardly patted his back. "Hn, me too Fox."

When Kurama drew back and gave him a huge smile, Hiei had to force himself not to stare. "First, get those boots off my table. In fact take them off when you're in my apartment. There are slippers by the door. Now, how about I fix you something to eat?"

Not waiting for an answer, Kurama rose and went to the kitchen. With a sigh, Hiei went to kick his boots off by the door. With a grunt he stepped into a pair of blue slippers. Going to the kitchen, Hiei hopped up on the counter to watch Kurama cook. "Doesn't look like much has changed around here. Do you still go to that ningen school Kurama?"

With a smile, Kurama nodded. "Yes, but I go to the university now. I'll be graduating in a few weeks though, so I guess I'll have to finally grow up and get a job."

Hiei grunted. "Hn, grow up. You are over a thousand years old Fox, and yet they still think of you as a child here."

Kurama smiled. "What about you Hiei? How is your training going? Will you be taking over Makai soon?"

Snatching a carrot from the ones Kurama had on the counter, Hiei shook his head. "No, as you probably know the second Makai tournament ended much like the last. Like Enki, Janden, the demon that won this year wants peace between the worlds. With a single ruler in charge, Mukuro's power has been reduced to little more than a territorial governor so she doesn't even need an heir anymore."

Watching Hiei munch his carrot, Kurama smiled. "Do you still have to patrol the boarders?"

Hiei shook his head. "No, my term was over almost a year ago. I've just been training, but mostly I've been bored out of my mind."

Kurama laughed. "Well, I'm glad you decided to visit. It's been far too long since the gang has been together. Have you seen Yukina yet?"

Shaking his head, Hiei tossed the end of his carrot in with the trash Kurama was collecting. "Not yet. Is she still living at the temple with Genkai?"

Looking away, Kurama drew a breath. "Yes, she's still at the temple, but not with Genkai. Actually, Genkai died again just over a year ago. She was over seventy years old after all. Yukina lived there alone for a while but…"

Not quite knowing what to say, Kurama's voice trailed off. Glancing at Hiei, Kurama saw him studying the floor. "She mated with that oaf didn't she?"

Putting the chicken and vegetables in the oven, Kurama turned back to his friend. "It's not like you think Hiei. As you know, Yukina passed her hundredth birthday a few months ago. As all Koorime's do at that age, she went into heat and became pregnant."

Huge red eyes rose to meet green. "Kurama, Koorime's only go into heat and bear one child in their lives. Without the protection of her clan, Yukina would have been prey to any demon that sensed her heat."

Kurama frowned. "Is that what happened to your mother Hiei?"

Lowering his eyes, Hiei nodded. "Like Yukina, Hina liked to venture away from Koorime Island. It was on one of those trips that she went into heat and was raped by a fire demon that found her trying to hide in a cave. I am the result of that rape. Yukina luckily is pure Koorime."

Reaching for Hiei's hand, Kurama shook his head. "I promise Hiei, nothing like that happened to Yukina. When she realized she was going into heat, she asked for protection. Yusuke, Kuwabara and I killed four demons that night that sensed her and tried to get to her. I swear, the only child she carries is a pure Koorime daughter."

Anger flared in Hiei's red eyes. "Yukina knew the risks! Why the hell didn't she go back to Koorime Island like she has in the past?"

Kurama drew a deep breath. "She's still looking for her brother Hiei, and she still believes him to be in the Ningenkai. Going to Koorime Island until the birth of her child would have kept her too long from her search."

Hiei growled. "So once again, her ridiculous search for me has placed my sister's life in danger! I'm going to tell her once and for all that her brother is dead so she can go home where she belongs!"

Kurama shook his head. "It's not that simple anymore Hiei. With Yukina pregnant and refusing to go back to Koorime Island, she still needed protection. She also needed help with her pregnancy and later, help raising her daughter. Kuwabara offered that protection and help… by making her his wife, and accepting her child as his."

Dead silence filled the kitchen as Hiei absorbed Kurama's words. After a few moments, Hiei spoke sadly. "Then Kuwabara and her baby are her family now. Even more reason for me to tell her that her brother is dead, and make her move on with her life."

Still holding Hiei's hand, Kurama squeezed it. "Please don't close that door Hiei, for you or for her. At least let her continue to believe that you are alive somewhere. With a husband and child to care for, she won't be risking her life to look for you anymore. Look, I'm supposed to go check on her tomorrow. Come with me and see how she's doing. You can always decide to tell her later if you still want to."

Before he could answer, the timer went off on the stove. With a sigh, Kurama left Hiei to think as he turned away to finish dinner. When they sat at the table, Kurama talked about his family and Yusuke. Though he tried to take Hiei's mind off Yukina, he knew he was failing. After dinner Kurama pulled out an old video game Hiei had enjoyed in the past. They played for almost three hours before finally heading to bed.

In his room, Kurama stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt. Seeing Hiei head to his bed fully dressed, Kurama grabbed his arm. "Oh no you don't Hiei. Those filthy clothes are not getting in my bed. Let me have them and I'll get you something else to wear."

As Hiei begrudgingly stripped, Kurama took out one of his old t-shirts. Even on him it had been rather large so on Hiei it would hang to his knees. "Here, this should do."

Turning to give Hiei the shirt, Kurama had to gulp to keep from drooling at the naked fire demon before him. Quickly, Kurama pulled the shirt over Hiei's head. Though he wasn't prepared for how cute Hiei would look in the large shirt, at least now he might not get a nose bleed. "There, now go brush your teeth while I put these in the washer."

Grabbing some of his clothes to add to Hiei's, Kurama left the room. In the bathroom, Hiei was surprised to find his blue toothbrush still hanging beside a green one in the cabinet. By the time Hiei crawled in bed, Kurama came back into the room. Kurama quickly brushed his teeth and crawled in beside Hiei. As he sat next to the fire demon, Kurama realized he'd forgotten how small his double bed was with Hiei beside him. "It's been a long time since we've done this Hiei. Are you alright there, or would you like me to make you a bed on the floor."

Unexpected relief filled Kurama when Hiei grunted. "Hn, I'm fine Fox."

Nodding, Kurama turned out the light, but didn't lay down. Drawing a breath for courage, Kurama leaned over and kissed Hiei's cheek before laying down beside him. "Goodnight Dragon."

Eyes wide, Hiei looked at Kurama in the dark. "Why did you do that Fox?"

Though Hiei's voice sounded shocked, Kurama was relieved that it held no anger. "I guess I just missed you Hiei, and wanted you to know how glad I am that you're here."

Holding his breath, Kurama waited for Hiei's response. "Hn. Go to sleep you crazy Fox."

In the dark, Kurama couldn't see Hiei's blush. "Sweet dreams Dragon."

Climbing the stone steps leading to the temple, Hiei hazarded a glance at his partner. Calm and collected as ever, Kurama showed none their earlier awkwardness. This morning when they had woken, both men were on their sides with Hiei spooned up against Kurama's chest. Hiei's shirt had ridden up and Kurama's warm fingers were stroking one of his nipples.

When Kurama had tried to move away from him, Hiei couldn't help but notice the huge erection pressing against his backside through the redhead's thin boxers. With a quick apology, Kurama raced for the bathroom. As Hiei dressed, he noticed Kurama's energy seemed off as he showered, but when the redhead reappeared, everything seemed normal.

Beside him, Kurama knew Hiei was watching him. He wondered if Hiei knew he'd been forced to relieve himself in the shower that morning after dreaming of pressing the sexy fire demon into the mattress and screwing his brains out. Kurama had always harbored fantasies about a relationship with Hiei, but had never acted on them. Even now he knew his immediate future did not include Hiei. Perhaps some time in the future, when he returned to Makai, he would be able to pursue the fire demon. Until then, Hiei would stay in his dreams.

Reaching the top of the steps, Hiei knew his time alone with Kurama was about to end. Though he had always professed to hating the Ningenkai, Hiei had missed his time alone with the beautiful humanized Youko. Having never known love in his life, Hiei could only guess that the affection he had always felt for Kurama was love.

Kurama was the only living creature to ever give him unconditional friendship. Only with Kurama did Hiei ever feel safe and at peace. And only Kurama had ever been able to take away his constant loneliness. Long ago Hiei had resigned himself to the reality that the beautiful demon beside him would never lower himself to be anything more than a friend to the forbidden child. Even though he didn't regret this visit, Hiei knew that as soon as he saw that his sister was safe, he would leave. He couldn't continue to be so close to the people he loved and not have their love in return.

As Kurama and Hiei climbed the steps to the porch, Yukina came out to greet them. "Hiei, what a surprise! Kurama, you didn't tell me Hiei was back. It's so good to see you both. Please come in."

Inside, Kuwabara waited for them. "Hey Shrimp, I didn't know you were back. Hey Kurama."

Kurama smiled. "I hope you don't mind. When Hiei showed up last night for a visit I suggested he come with me to visit you and Yukina."

Beside him Yukina smiled. "Of course we don't mind. Hiei, it's been so long. I hope you've been well."

Uncomfortably, Hiei nodded. "I'm fine Yukina. Are you and the baby alright?"

As she pressed a hand on the subtle swell of her stomach, Yukina's smile grew. "The baby and I are fine Hiei. I just wish my brother could be here with me now. It's times like this that I miss him the most."

As her mood changed from happy to sad, Yukina's youki seemed to change too. Concerned, Kurama placed a hand on her arm. "Yukina, may I?"

With his other hand, Kurama indicated he wanted to touch her stomach. "Oh, of course Kurama."

Placing her hand over his, Yukina pressed his hand against her stomach. Using his spirit energy, Kurama checked on both Yukina and the baby's energy levels. Even at just a few months along, Kurama could sense the baby's activity within Yukina's womb and smiled. "She feels strong and healthy Yukina. How have you been feeling though?"

At his question, Yukina's smile was a little sad. "I guess Kazuma has told you that I've not been myself lately. I'm sorry I've worried everyone. I'm alright, really."

Taking her hand, Kurama lead her to the sofa and sat beside her. "Yukina, it's understandable that you've been feeling a little off lately. I'm not sure I've ever heard of a Koorime giving birth away from Koorime Island before."

Ruby eyes so much like Hiei's looked up at him. "Kurama, please don't suggest that I return there to have my baby. Once she is born, I don't think the elders would let me take her with me when I leave. When they said they were going to take my brother away, my mother tried to leave with us but they stopped her. Even after my brother was gone they said my mother could leave but she couldn't take me with her. In the end she killed her self grieving for my brother."

Seeing the pain that flitted across Hiei's eyes, Kurama wished he could comfort him. Instead he took Yukina's hand in his. "No Yukina, I would never ask you to return there. I was just thinking that maybe it's contact with a demon you're missing. If you'll let me, I'd like to share my ki with you."

Blushing cutely, Yukina allowed Kurama to fold her into his arms. When Kuwabara opened his mouth to protest his wife in another man's arms, Hiei stomped on his foot. Other than a loud grunt, Kuwabara made no other comment.

Raising his ki, Kurama surrounded Yukina in youki. With a sigh, Yukina tried to relax against him. After only a minute Yukina peeked up at him. "Kurama, your ki feels good but I'm not sure it's doing anything."

With a frown, Kurama thought aloud. "It could be because I'm a plant manipulator or perhaps because I'm part human. Then again, as an ice apparition you're an element. Hiei, maybe your… um… fire ki would work better."

Hiei's eyes grew wide at Kurama's suggestion, but the hope in Yukina's eyes had the fire demon moving towards the sofa. "Move it Fox."

Taking Kurama's place beside his sister, Hiei awkwardly put his arm around her back. With a blush, Yukina settled willingly against his chest. When Hiei raised his ki everyone stared in shock as Yukina moaned and burrowed against him. A moment later, Yukina pulled her legs up and curled up in Hiei's lap. Nervously, Hiei's arm's circled her as his wide ruby eyes stared at Kurama.

As Kurama smiled at Hiei, Kuwabara growled. "Kurama! What the hell?"

Holding up a hand, Kurama kept him from moving forward. "It's alright Kuwa. I think we figured out what to do to help Yukina. Now go get your books, we can study while Hiei takes care of her."

With one last glance at his wife I Hiei's arm, Kuwabara reluctantly left the room. Seeing that Hiei looked terrified at the prospect of being left alone with his clinging sister, Kurama took pity on him and sat in front of the coffee table. When Kuwabara came back he joined Kurama on the floor and they studied while Hiei held Yukina.

Almost an hour later, Yukina sighed and lifted her head from Hiei's chest. Realizing that she was curled up in his lap, her eyes widened and she blushed. "Oh my. It seems I liked Hiei's ki much better than yours Kurama."

Smiling at her, Kurama nodded. "Yes Yukina, you sure did. Do you feel better?"

Gently extracting herself from Hiei's embrace, Yukina nodded. "Oh yes, much better. Hiei, thank you so much. I hope you don't mind, but I imagine that is what it would feel like if my brother held me in his arms."

Hearing the longing in her voice, Kurama thought Hiei might just confess. When Hiei did finally speak, Kurama realized he should have known better. "I'm sorry your brother isn't here for you Yukina, but I'll be here for as long as you need me."

After smiling her thanks, Yukina jumped up from the sofa to kneel beside Kuwabara. His blue eyes showed both shock and pleasure when she threw her arms around his neck. "Isn't this wonderful Kazuma? With Kurama and Hiei's help, I should be able to have our baby here just fine."

A short time later, Kurama and Hiei said goodbye and left. In silence they made their way down the stairs and over to the train station. When the train arrived, Hiei followed Kurama to a seat without comment. Only when they were half way back to town did Kurama break the silence. "Hiei, if I'm not mistaken, you were going to return to Makai after we visited Yukina, weren't' you?"

Kurama saw Hiei look out the window and nod. "You realize that you just promised to stay here with her until her baby is born? That will be in about four months."

Again, Hiei just nodded. "I'm sure if you wanted to be closer to her, Yukina and Kuwabara would let you stay at the temple."

Hiei was about to retort when Kurama continued in an almost inaudible whisper. "Of course, if you'd prefer, you're always welcome to stay with me."

Glancing at Kurama, Hiei nodded. "There's no way I'm going to live with that oaf and watch him swoon all over my sister."

Kurama's uncertain gaze suddenly became a huge smile. "Then I guess we'll be living together for a while. We'll have to stop at the store on the way home. We'll need to get you a few things. You know, clothes and such. We'll also need to get groceries if I'm going to feed you."

For Kurama's beautiful smile, Hiei would do anything… even shop. "Whatever Fox."