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Dragging his limp, wet body from the spring, Hiei flopped down on a rock to catch his breath. Back in the water Yoko sat in the hot spring cuddling a panting Kurama in his lap. At dawn, Yoko had dragged his sleepy lovers to the pond to bathe. Of course this didn't happen without another vigorous round of lovemaking. Now clean and sated the three demons finally emerged to dress.

Though he didn't want to break the mood, Kurama looked at his lovers anxiously. "Hiei, Yoko, can we go straight to the Ningenkai this morning? Mother has to be out of her mind with worry."

Neither demon hesitated to agree, and within minutes they were heading to where they had come through the portal the previous night. With a quick search of the area, Hiei found the transport stone Botan had given him. After Yoko opened a portal to the Ningenkai, Hiei concentrated on Shiori's back yard and fed his ki into the transport stone. A minute later the three demons emerged from the portal at their desired destination.

Not waiting for Hiei or Yoko, Kurama sprinted to the back porch, knocking over the pot that concealed the back door key. Hiei and Yoko smiled and followed as Kurama went running through the kitchen and dining room yelling. "Mother! Mother!"

Since it was just a little past dawn, the house was quiet as Kurama ran across the living room, heading for the stairs. As he reached them, Shiori, wearing a pink nightgown, appeared at the top of the steps. "Shuuichi!"

Rushing down the stairs, Shiori flew into Kurama's arms. "Oh Shuuichi, my baby! I've been so worried!"

As Kurama held his crying mother, Kazuya came down the stairs in pajamas and a robe. Smiling at his stepson, Kazuya held Shiori's robe out to him. "Welcome home Son."

Taking the robe, Kurama placed it around Shiori's shoulders. "Thank you Father."

When Shiori had calmed down a bit, Kurama helped her slip her arms into the robe. The moment the robe was tied, Shiori clutched the front of Kurama's shirt, clinging to him. Happy to have her son back, Shiori turned to where Hiei stood in the doorway to the dining room and smiled. "I knew you'd take care of him Hiei. Thank you."

Blushing, Hiei grunted. "Hn."

Suddenly Shiori gasped. "Oh Shuuichi, I forgot about Yoko. Is he alright?"

Kurama gave her a mischievous grin. "Why don't you ask him yourself."

Expecting Kurama to change forms, Shiori frowned when nothing happened. Curious, she turned to look at Hiei. A slight movement behind him suddenly caught her attention. Shiori gasped when Yoko slowly stepped out of the shadows and smiled at her. "As you can see, I'm just fine Shiori."

Stunned, Shiori looked back and forth between Kurama and Yoko. "Oh my! This is wonderful!"

Clearly surprised, Kazuya's mouth hung open. "Shuuichi, how did this happen?"

Smiling at his parents. Kurama shrugged. "We don't know. Other than the fact that my reiki is completely gone, and my youki is almost twice as strong as before, I don't feel very different than I did before all of this started. Neither does Yoko. We both seem to have all of our plant manipulating abilities too. Since we shared one soul, the best we can figure is that somehow the soul split. We're hoping Koenma, or I guess Botan now, can give is some answers."

Recovering from his shock, Kazuya looked to Kurama. "So, are you still human, or are you a full demon now?"

With a sigh, Kurama hoped his answer wouldn't upset his parents. "Since I can't detect even the smallest amount of my human energy, I have to believe that I'm a full demon now."

Finally accepting that her son was alright, Shiori released him. The moment she did, Kurama moved closer to Hiei and Yoko. Looking between them, Shiori asked curiously. "What does this mean for the three of you? If I understood things correctly, Hiei was lovers with both of you. I also got the impression that on a different level the three of you were intimately involved."

Shuffling his feet nervously, Kurama blushed. "You were right on both accounts Mother. As for now, Hiei, Yoko and I love each other very much, and we have every intention of continuing our relationship."

Knowing Kurama was embarrassed to be discussing their three way relationship with his mother, Yoko moved behind him, resting a hand on Kurama's shoulder. Holding out his free hand, Yoko beaconed Hiei to join them. When they were standing together, Yoko looked at Shiori and Kazuya. "We know our relationship is strange to you, but you must remember that we are demons. In Makai who we love is not limited to one person, or to the opposite sex. Same sex and multiple partner mating is quite common."

Knowing that their unified front meant that their relationship was not open for debate, Kazuya nodded. "Will the three of you be mated? From what you said when we talked before, that's a very serious step and meant to be permanent."

Yoko lifted the hand he had on each of his lovers' shoulders to push back Kurama's hair and Hiei's scarf to reveal the twin marks on each of their necks. A flip of his hair revealed his matching marks. "As you can see, we are already mated. Death is the only thing that can separate the three of us now."

Kurama looked worried at Shiori's less than enthusiastic reaction. "Don't misunderstand Shuuichi, I'm very happy for all of you. My wish for you has always been that you be happy and loved. It's just that I know what being mated to them means. It means you'll be moving to the demon world."

With a sigh, Kurama glanced at his lovers before stepping away to go to his mother again. "Yes Mother. Hiei, Yoko and I will be moving to Makai permanently, very soon. Yoko is not safe here, and Hiei is much happier in Makai. I love them, and for them I will give up my human existence and live there with them. I love you too though Mother, and I won't abandon you. As often as I can I will be back to visit you."

Smiling, Shiori hugged her son. "Oh Shuuichi, I love you too. I hope Hiei and Yoko will visit with you. They are my son-in-laws after all."

Slipping his arm around Hiei, Yoko smiled at her. "Of course we'll visit Shiori. You are the closest thing to a mother Hiei and I have ever known."

At Yoko's admission, Shiori's eyes widened and filled with tears. "Oh boys!"

Kurama chuckled when he found himself pushed aside as Shiori rushed over to hug Hiei and Yoko. In his usual fashion, Hiei accepted her hug rather stiffly. Yoko however had Shiori giggling like a school girl as he swept her up in his arms and returned her hug whole heartedly. Setting her down, Yoko looked deep into her smiling brown eyes. "I've waited a long time for that. I've also waited a long time to thank you for loving our Little Kit. We are all better men because of you."

Seeing the tears that were filling Shiori's eyes again at Yoko's words, Kurama stepped forward. "Mother, Father, I'm sorry to cut this short, but we need to get to Reikai and talk to Botan. I'll call you later and let you what we find out."

The distraction worked, and before long Kurama, Hiei and Yoko were exiting a portal in Reikai. All three demons smirked when their sudden appearance inside the palace upset the guards. Luckily, Jorge's timely interference had them headed for Botan's office in minutes. Pushing the door open, Kurama smiled at how cute their old friend looked behind Koenma's old desk.

When Botan's big pink eyes looked up from her desk to see the three of them, a huge smile lit her face. "Kurama! Hiei! Oh my, and Yoko too. I guess this means that all went well."

Though it wasn't really a question, Kurama nodded as he watched her approach. "Yes Botan, everything went well. Thank you for helping us."

Smiling, Botan hugged first Kurama, then Yoko. When she turned to Hiei however, she hesitated. Though Hiei was frowning, when he sighed and rolled his eyes, Botan dared a brief hug. Releasing him quickly, Botan giggled. "I'm so happy for all of you. This is a good thing, isn't it?"

Kurama's hand reached for Hiei's, as Yoko moved behind them, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. Yoko's golden eyes sparkled as he looked at Botan. "This is a very good thing Botan. In fact, the three of us were mated last night."

Clapping her hands excitedly, Botan squealed. "Oh, this is so exciting! Come on, tell me everything."

Botan couldn't help but giggle at the three different expressions her friends gave her. Yoko's vulpine grin, Hiei's inability to meet her gaze, and Kurama's blush, spoke louder than words. "On second thought…"

Smiling gratefully, Kurama nodded. "Perhaps it would be better if we talked about what happened with Yoko and me. Botan, do you have any idea how this happened?"

With a sigh, Botan turned and went back to her desk. Watching her, they couldn't help but notice how well Botan was fitting into her new role. As a fairy girl, Botan had always worn a demure pink kimono. Now, Botan looked regal and confident dressed in the royal colors of a Reikai goddess.

Where Koenma had worn gold slacks, Botan wore simple form fitting gold dress that stopped just above her knees. Koenma's royal blue tunic was replace with a royal blue bolero jacket. Instead of the long red scarf that used to drape over Koenma's shoulders, Botan had a smaller red silk scarf tied elegantly at her throat.

Moving to sit on the sofa that sad across from the large desk, the demons waited for Botan to speak. "Several months ago Koenma discovered that Kurama's energy was changing. As you probably know, our investigation revealed that Kurama's human energy had been changing into demon energy for about a year. A team was assembled to research what effect this would have on him. The best we could surmise was that he was becoming a full demon again. As to the final outcome, only time would tell."

Hiei growled. "If that pacifier junky knew what was happening to my Kurama, why the hell didn't he say something?"

As Kurama's hand reached out to calm his lover, Botan shrugged. "There wasn't anything Koenma could say that Kurama didn't already know. We were pretty sure it simply meant a change from human to demon. There were no indications that either Shuuichi or Yoko would be effected in any other way. The soul was strong and healthy, and red flags were placed on both of their files to watch for any indication that one of their lives might be in danger. The decision was made to simply monitor the situation unless Kurama asked for assistance or the status quo changed."

Seeing that Kurama had calmed Hiei down, Yoko looked at Botan. "Do you have any idea why my soul would suddenly split after all these years and create two separate beings?"

Botan looked at them all curiously. "Yoko, tell me what was going on in your and Kurama's head while this change was going on. What were you most concerned about, most afraid of? What were you the most passionate about?"

Yoko smiled. "That's easy. For Shuuichi it was Hiei. When this started Shuuichi didn't know that I loved Hiei too. He was afraid of leaving Hiei alone. He was afraid that I wouldn't love him and that I would use him."

Green eyes widened as Kurama turned to look at Yoko. "Even though I thought I was mad at you Fox, I was afraid of losing you too. I've never been without you before."

Yoko leaned over to kiss Kurama gently before looking back at Botan. "For me, it was Shuuichi and Hiei. I loved them both. I was afraid Hiei couldn't love me the way he loved our Kit. I didn't want Hiei to lose his best friend and the man he loved. I was also terrified that something would go wrong, and I would lose Shuuichi, or leave him alone without me to take care of him."

Picking up a file, Botan opened it and studied it a moment. "Though this had never happened before, the research team did have several theories. Now that we know the outcome, and after hearing what was going on in your head, I believe I do know the answer. Love."

As she continued, Botan almost giggled at the startled expressions on their faces. "Love is the one force of nature strong enough to kill a living soul, revive a soul, and apparently in your case, split a soul. Especially once the three of you admitted your feelings for each other. With Shuuichi and Yoko's energy working together with the same goal, only one solution was acceptable. If you were two beings, Hiei could have both his foxes, and Shuuichi and Yoko could have each other."

Yoko and Shuuichi were grinning happily, but Hiei sat stiffly beside them. "You never asked my fear Woman. My fear was and is that in a few short decades, Kurama will die a human death. Just tell me if, now that he's a full demon, will Kurama have a demon's lifespan?"

Startled that Hiei would admit any fear to her, or anyone else for that matter, Botan quickly nodded. "Yes Hiei, he should. Haven't you noticed the slowing of his heart rate? This is a genetic demon trait designed to accommodate a demon's longer lifespan."

Knowing Hiei was a man of few words, Yoko nodded. "We did notice that when we woke up this morning. The heart, along with many other parts of a demon's body, function differently to prolong them to accommodate

our longevity. Thank you Botan. Now that we know why all this happened, and that we can look forward to a long life together, we can all relax, go home and just enjoy being together."

When they rose to leave, Botan came around the desk to join them. "I take it 'go home' means the three of you will be returning to Makai? I hope you won't leave until Koenma and Yusuke get back from their honeymoon. We're planning a big party to welcome them back. Oh, and to welcome baby Kaihi of course. Now that the three of you are mated, we have even more reason to celebrate."

A few quick plans were made, and before long the demons were on their way. In the outer office Hiei pulled a small stone from his pocket as Yoko opened a portal. Seeing Hiei throw something into the portal, Botan's eyes widened as she called out. "Hiei! I need to get that stone back from you! Hiei!"

With a smirk, Hiei ignored her as he followed his lovers through the portal.

Sitting on the bed, Yoko watched Hiei dress. "Hiei, are you sure you have to go? Couldn't this wait until we can all go?"

Shaking his head, Hiei strapped on his katana. "No Fox, I need to talk to Mukuro alone. If I'm going to continue as her heir, I need to make it clear that nothing takes precedence over my mates. I also want to talk to her about where we will live. I really don't think either of you will be happy in one of her mobile fortresses."

Wrinkling his nose, Yoko shook his head. "No, the thought of calling one of her giant bugs home doesn't sit well with me or our Kit."

Seeing the look in Yoko's eyes, Hiei moved to stand between his knees. "What's really bothering you Fox?"

Grinning at his lover, Yoko placed his hands on Hiei's hips pulling him close for a quick kiss. "You know me too well my Dragon. I just don't think our Kit is ready for us to be parted yet. He's trying to be strong, but I know us splitting has been hard on him."

Brushing his fingers through the Youko's long hair, Hiei nodded. "I've felt it too Yoko, but he's alright so long as you're near. He's had you with him since the day he was born. It's just going to take some time for him to adjust to being completely alone in his own mind."

Massaging long fingers up Hiei's chest, Yoko nodded. "I know he'll adjust eventually. Until then I'll stay close to him, and you'll indulge him when he asks you to slip into his mind. Alright Dragon, if you insist on leaving us, just promise you'll come back quickly."

Grinning, Hiei reached into his pocket and withdrew the transport stone Botan had given him. "With this little gem, I'll be back before you know it."

Yoko laughed. "Poor Botan has tried everything to get that thing back from you. Luckily, she's still just a little afraid of you and hasn't pushed it. You'll be careful?"

Nodding, Hiei leaned over to claim the Youko's lips. As their kiss ended, Kurama entered the bedroom. Grinning, he teased his lovers. "Just what are the two of you up to?"

Looking past Hiei, Yoko grinned at him. "We were just talking about how much we both love you Little Kit."

Laughing, Kurama went to join them. Parting just enough to welcome him into their hug, Hiei and Yoko took turns kissing Kurama. Looking at Hiei, Kurama gave him a little pout. "Isn't there anything we can do to convince you not to go Hiei? I'll let you tie me up, then you and our Fox can have me any way you want me."

Kurama's comment was met with a little moan from both his lovers. With a mischievous grin, Kurama purred. "Better yet, Yoko and I could tie you to the bed and show you a few new ways we could have our way with you Little Dragon."

Though Hiei growled, Kurama and Yoko could smell his arousal. Licking his lips, Yoko's golden eyes slowly traveled the length of Hiei's body. "I'm game for either of those ideas Kit, and Hiei does love being our uke. In all my years I've never known a demon more turned on by being dominated."

Leaning over to lick Hiei's ear, Kurama purred into it. "Aren't you the luck demon Hiei? You have two horny foxes that just love being your seme."

Later Hiei would have no idea where he'd gotten the strength to kiss them each and pull away. "As much as I'd love to indulge that request, I've got to go. The two of you will just have to make do with each other for a few days."

Surprisingly, both green and golden eyes widened. For some reason neither of them had considered that this would be the first time two of them would be lovers without the third at least being present. Seeing their expressions, Hiei chuckled. "Don't give me that look. Even I'm not naive enough to think that my two horny foxes will be able to keep their hands off each other until I get back. Some day one of you will be away, and believe me, I have no intention of doing without just because there's only one of you to love me."

Kurama stepped into Yoko's arms to keep from going to Hiei and trying to get him to stay. "Hiei's right Koi. I guess you'll just have to settle for tying me up and making me your uke tonight."

Giving a loud fake groan, Yoko tried for a pained expression. "Well Hiei, I guess I can make do with this beautiful redhead. You realize though, that I might have to make love to him again and again since I'm going to miss you so much Dragon."

Rolling his eyes, Hiei grunted. "Alright you drama queens, get over here and kiss me goodbye. The sooner I leave the sooner I can come back to you."

Jumping to do Hiei's bidding, Kurama and Yoko gathered him close and took turns kissing him. Not wanting to upset him with a long goodbye, the both released him much too soon. "I'll be back in time for the party. Love you both."

In stereo, Hiei heard "love you too Dragon" as he flitted out the window. Kurama and Yoko stood there a moment just looking at each other. Kurama frowned when he felt Yoko's energy spike for a second. When Kurama saw a vine dangling from the Youko's hand he grinned. "Well Little Kit, are you going to strip for me before I tie you up, or should I tie you first then tear off all your clothes?"

Shivering in anticipation, Kurama's mouth went dry. "You want my clothes Fox, you'll have to take them from me."

With a laugh, Yoko gave chase as Kurama darted from the room. "Just wait until we get to Makai Little Kit. Then we'll have a real chase before I strip you and take you."

Looking at baby Kaihi resting in Yukina's arms, Kurama smiled. "She's just beautiful Yukina. Kuwabara, you're a lucky man having two such beautiful ladies."

His chest puffed out with pride, Kuwabara grinned. "You don't have to tell me Kurama. I'm the luckiest man alive."

Never one to be outdone, Yusuke piped up. "I don't know about that Kuwa. I'd say I'm pretty lucky myself. I just had my honeymoon on Cloud Nine, with a Reikai god who gives the best head in the three worlds. Oops, sorry Yukina."

Yukina blushed and would have commented but Yoko interrupted. "I'll admit, Yusuke does have a point about Koenma's undeniable talent. Kuwabara's beautiful angels are also pretty impressive, but I think I have you both beat as the luckiest. I have the smartest, sweetest, most beautiful human born demon ever AND that strong, hot, sexy fire demon as my mates. Add that I AM the infamous Yoko Kurama, and I win."

With everyone laughing at the cocky Youko, no one noticed Hiei slip in through the side door until Kurama saw him and cried out. "HIEI!"

Having seen him first, Kurama pounced Hiei a second before Yoko. Only after he'd been thoroughly kissed by both his foxes was Hiei able to grunt. "Hn, leave it to my conceded Fox to count himself as one of his own blessings."

With a pout, Botan grumbled. "Some of us haven't been as lucky in love as the rest of you."

Moving to her side, Koenma slipped an arm around her shoulder. "Don't be in too big a hurry to fall in love Little Sister. Believe me Bo, the right person is worth waiting for. In the mean time, enjoy yourself. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you had several men, both gods and demons, hitting on you at the wedding."

Blushing, Botan grinned up at him. "Speaking of that, I need your help. Shizuru and I have a double date tomorrow, but I told Daddy that I was going to visit you at Tourin."

With a frown, Yusuke growled. "Just who the hell do you two have dates with that Enma can't know? I don't care if your date is a god or demon, he has to go through us to date you. He needs to know that messing with you means answering to us."

Koenma couldn't help but smile at how protective his husband was being of his sister. "Yu-Chan's right Bo. If you're going to hide your love life from Dad, then your date will have to face us instead."

As Botan looked at Koenma and Yusuke in horror, Yoko pulled his lovers aside. Once they were alone in the next room, they shared another kiss before Kurama and Yoko looked at Hiei expectantly. Knowing what they wanted Hiei teased. "What?"

The fire demon cringed when his lovers cried "HIEI". When Hiei glared at them, Kurama looked at Yoko and shrugged. "I guess this means that Hiei wants us to keep living in the Ningenkai. I suppose we could ask Kuwabara if we could live here with them. The temple should be isolated enough to keep you safe."

Hiei growled. "Stupid Fox. Like hell I'm going to live in this godforsaken world with that fool when we have a perfectly good estate waiting for us at home."

Cute Youko ears perked up. "Estate? That sounds promising. When do we leave Dragon?"

Seeing the excited looks in the green and golden eyes watching him, Hiei smirked. "That's it? No… what's it like… where is it… anything?"

Red hair swung as Kurama shook his head. "Nope. If it means the three of us get to go home and be together forever, that's all we need to know Dragon."

Something in Kurama's voice made Hiei want to smile with happiness. To cover his lapse of control, Hiei grunted. "That depends on how long it takes you to pack Kit."

A big smile lit Kurama's face. "We're way ahead of you Hiei. Yoko and I have been packed and waiting here at the temple for you since yesterday. All that's left is to enjoy the party with our friends and go say g…goodbye to M…Mother."

Hearing Kurama's voice crack, Hiei and Yoko each reached for the redhead. Held securely between them, Kurama smiled. "I'm alright Lovers. It's going to hurt to leave her, but I know it's time. Besides, nothing, not even my mother, will keep me from being with the men I love."

Reassured that Kurama was alright, Hiei pulled away. "Good, now I can go make sure Yukina and the baby will be alright here with that fool after we leave."

After smacking a wet kiss on Kurama and Yoko's cheeks, Hiei went to find his sister. Seeing Yukina alone in the living room with a blanket discretely draped around her, Hiei realized she must be nursing the baby. Just when he would have turned away, Yukina looked up and smiled at him. "It's alright Hiei, there's nothing to be shy about."

Hesitating, Hiei's need to talk with his sister won out over his embarrassment, and he went to sit beside her on the sofa. Looking at Yukina, Hiei allowed a rare little smile to play on his lips. "Are you happy Yukina?"

Her beautiful smile told Hiei her words were true. "Happier than I ever thought I could be Hiei. I love Kazuma and Kaihi so much. I love you too Big Brother, and even though I'm going to miss you, I know you'll be happy with Kurama and Yoko. Just promise that you'll visit often."

Hiei nodded. "I promise Little Sister. Besides coming to see you and this beautiful little angel, Kurama will have us visiting Shiori often."

As if sensing that Kaihi had finished nursing, the others filed back into the room. Kuwabara immediately went to his wife and kissed her before taking the baby from her arms. The minute they were free, Yukina turned and wrapped her arms around Hiei. "Oh Hiei, it seems like I just found you and now you'll be going away soon."

Yoko grinned at his lover's unease at Yukina's public display of affection. "Don't worry Yukina, with all of our family here, you'll hardly have a chance to miss him before we're back."

Wanting to lighten the mood, Yusuke laughed. "Hey, they haven't left yet, so let's get this party started."

Two days later, Yoko nudged Hiei and nodded for him to look at Kurama. The redhead was standing at their bedroom window overlooking the south garden of their estate. The distant look in his eyes told his lover's that his mind was elsewhere. Knowing exactly what his fox needed, Hiei went to the bed to lie down.

A moment later Kurama sighed and closed his eyes as Hiei entered his mind and held him close. "Hiei. Do you know how much I love it when you do this?"

Smiling, Yoko went to Kurama and swept his distracted redhead up in his arms. Laying him on the bed beside Hiei, Yoko proceeded to undress them both before stripping and joining them on the bed. The three of them had done this often enough since their mating that even though two of them were occupied in their minds, they could still actively participate with their bodies as well.

Yoko and Hiei wasted no time smothering Kurama with their love. In his mind, Hiei surrounded Kurama with his spirit, kissing and touching every part of him. On the bed, Hiei leaned over him kissing and touching him as Yoko settled between his lets to worship his length with his mouth. Beneath their assault, Kurama forgot everything accept them as he writhed in pleasure.

With his mind and body being doubly pleasured by his lovers, Kurama was screaming out his release in minutes. Satisfied that they now had Kurama's full attention, Hiei withdrew from the redhead's mind and pulled Yoko up for a kiss. "You know Fox, I think our Kit's mind wanders just so we'll do that to him."

Yoko chuckled. "That's alright Hiei, I know you love indulging him just as much as I do. What do you think Little Kit? Should we spoil our little uke here next?"

Since Hiei was already hard from what they had done to Kurama, his cock twitched in anticipation of their desires. Seeing this, Kurama grinned. "I definitely think our Little Dragon deserves a little spoiling after getting Mukuro to give us this exquisite estate."

By now Hiei was shivering with desire as two sets of hands began roaming his body. Yoko's golden eyes met Kurama's with a vulpine grin. "Why don't you chose how we should take him tonight Little Kit."

Hiei hadn't noticed Kurama pull out the oil by the bed until oil slicked fingers slipped inside him. "Kurama!"

Hiei's gasp of pleasure made Kurama grin. "Oh I know exactly what I want Yoko. I want our Little Dragon on his knees with your gorgeous cock down his throat while I take him from behind."

Yoko and Hiei both moaned at the redhead's sexy words. The Youko quickly lay back on the bed and spread his legs wide. Waiting only for Kurama to remove his fingers, Hiei didn't hesitate to scramble to his knees, bent over Yoko's huge, hard cock and swallowed it whole.

Yoko moaned at the warm mouth going down on him, then yelped and moaned louder, as Hiei growled around his length. Kurama had grabbed his hips and buried himself deep in Hiei's body surprising the fire demon. Looking down, Kurama watched Hiei's head bob on Yoko as he pumped hard into him. "Gods Hiei, it's so damn hot watching you. That's it Dragon, make our Fox crazy so he takes your mouth hard."

Complying with Kurama's request, Hiei purred. The vibration on the tip of his cock at the back of Hiei's throat had the desired effect and Yoko howled. "HIEI! Inari Kit, listening to your sexy words and watching you take him while his mouth is on me is too much!"

When Yoko reached out to hold the back of his head and began thrusting in his mouth, Hiei relaxed his throat and waited for the Youko's climax. Hiei was grateful when Yoko finally collapsed on the bed and released him. Kurama was stroking him inside and out and Hiei threw his head back with a cry. "KURAMA!"

In a frenzy, Kurama thrust hard and fast into Hiei's pliant body until he too cried out. "HIEI!"

By now Yoko had recovered enough to guide his lovers up beside him on the bed. Hiei immediately curled up against Yoko's side and contentedly began to purr. Smiling, Yoko nuzzled into Kurama's hair. "I think we wore our Little Dragon out Little Kit. What do you say we take a little nap before we make love again? I'm looking forward to letting him have you while I take him. You'll both need all your strength to keep up with me."

Hearing Hiei's purring get louder at Yoko's suggestion, Kurama smiled. "It seems Hiei's looking forward to more too Koi."

With each of his foxes gently holding him, Hiei heard them both whisper. "Sweet dream Dragon."