Justin opened his eyes a crack and could tell from the sun shining into the living room that it was late morning or early afternoon. He looked at Brian's sleeping face and thought about the night before. It seemed almost unreal. He thought to himself, 'I spanked Brian?'

He leaned his head up to take a look at Brian's butt. Justin winced in sympathy and muttered to himself, "Ouch."

Brian's eyes blinked sleepily upon feeling the bed move and Justin sit up. He heard Justin's mutter and wondered himself about the damage that had been done. He really didn't want to be reminded, but from the soreness that still radiated from his sit spot he assumed he'd be reminded for the better part of a week. Luckily he had his own office and wouldn't have to be seen standing the majority of the day... on second thought, calling in seemed like a better plan. After all, it was his business, and he didn't have any major accounts that would demand his attention today.

Brian silently fumed. He knew why Justin had felt the need to spank him, and he also knew, regrettably, that Justin had been in the right for doing it. Brian never would have listened to Justin's concerns otherwise. But it still struck a chord with Brian to have any fault of his own pointed out, especially when it resulted in any form of chastisement for his actions. These revelations made him frown, and he decided that he wasn't quite ready to face Justin again, so he closed his eyes and feigned to still be asleep intently listening for what Justin would do next. He hoped Justin would go to take a shower, so he could inspect his ass more closely without being observed doing so. The last thing Brian could stomach right now was the embarrassment of Justin seeing him inspect his handiwork and having Justin know that it still bothered him, and he definitely didn't want to give Justin any reason to strike up a conversation about it. He knew Justin would likely feel horribly guilty about the fact he'd caused him so much pain. Thinking of Justin's troubled expression caused Brian's frown to lessen into an almost smile as he considered Justin probably cared more than enough for the both of them combined.

Justin lay looking at the ceiling for a few seconds wondering what would happen now. Would Brian be pissed? How would things go back to normal now that this was between them? He looked over at Brian and saw his expression change while his eyes were still closed. Justin frowned and thought, 'He's never done that before. Is he that embarrassed about it? Does he just want to avoid me because he'd rather be alone, or because he hates me now but is too tired to toss me out?'

Feeling even guiltier then he had the night before; Justin got up and muttered quietly, "I'm taking a shower."

Brian felt Justin climb off the bed and walk towards the bathroom. He opened his eyes in time to see him disappear through the door. Justin sounded sad, and Brian conceded that was worse than his feeling sorry or embarrassed for himself. He sighed picking his chest up on his elbows and swiveled his head around to see the aftermath of last night. He cringed at the sight; his ass was a mass of red angry welts with a tinge of bruising. He reached back tenderly touching the seared flesh and hissed at the sting that still emitted there.

He heard the shower start up and thought of Justin leaving moments before and knowing by his tone that Justin had felt unsure of where their relationship now stood. Things had definitely changed, but not in a bad way. Brian knew it was up to him to fix things between them now, so he rose out of the bed making his way towards the bathroom.

Justin had started to soap himself up as Brian watched him from the doorway curiously. As he watched him, he began to get hard. Following his urges, he quietly stepped into the shower behind Justin coming up behind him to trail kisses tenderly up the back of Justin's neck.

Justin wasn't paying much attention to his shower, moving mechanically and lost in his thoughts. Then he felt Brian behind him kissing his neck. Justin was so relieved at the gentle and forgiving touch that he had to take a deep breath to keep from crying. He leaned back into it until he felt an almost desperate and immediate need to be as close to Brian as possible. He turned, wrapped his arms around Brian's shoulders, and pulled him in for a hungry kiss.

Brian returned the kiss entwining his arms around Justin's waist. They pushed into one another asserting their sexuality like a game of tug of rope, their lips locking and only breaking away long enough to come up for air. It felt as if they were the only two people in the world, and the shower's cascading stream bouncing off of them was like confetti celebrating their reunion. Brian's cock twitched growing harder loving the feel of Justin's slick smooth body rubbing against his own. He pulled out of their kiss long enough to give Justin a cocky grin before he remarked, "Now that you had your turn having control," Brian reached over grabbing a condom off the shower soap dish, "I think it's about time I got the reins," his smile grew ever wider as his eyes flickered with decadent thoughts, "That is saying that's all right with you?"

Beaming at Brian with a huge grin, Justin opened his mouth and almost gave him an eager yes, but then stopped himself. He paused for a second and scrutinized Brian. Then he smirked with raised eyebrows, and asked in a seductive tone with a hint of a challenge, "And what are you going to do about it if I say no?"

Brian chuckled as he backed Justin against the wall leaning down to nip Justin's shoulder playfully before responding, "You know you can't say no to this face." He gazed down into Justin's icy blues a jovial smile spreading across his face as he continued, "Besides, it'll be your loss with the fucking I've got planned for that ass of yours."

Justin moaned and leaned his head back against the shower wall as Brian nipped at his shoulder. He trailed his hand slowly from Brian's chest all the way down Brian's stomach until he reached his groin. Justin wrapped his hand around Brian's hard cock, looked in Brian's eyes and said, "Well when you put it like that, how could I refuse?"

Brian's eyes followed Justin's skillful hand to his groin, and as Justin's hand grasped a hold of his member he grunted in pleasure leaning his head back and closing his eyes for a moment to let the sensation take full effect. Justin always knew how to manipulate his cock so well. This wasn't the way Brian would finish, and by the time he did, he planned on being buried to the hilt in Justin's tight little hole.

Brian pulled his head back down to face Justin smirking dangerously as he leaned in close to Justin's ear and whispered, "We're going to play a little game of Brian says," Brian licked his lips dissolutely before continuing, "The first thing Brian says is lick right here," he took a small step back tracing his index finger down his chest, circling his nipple, and trailing down to his cock that twitched in excitement.

Shivering in excitement as Brian whispered in his ear, Justin smiled in anticipation. Brian had been sick for a while now, and Justin was more then ready to make up for lost time. He followed the same line with his tongue that Brian had made with his finger, lingering a few seconds on the nipple to suck it before heading down and taking Brian's cock in his mouth.

Brian groaned in appreciation as he watched the boy take all of his cock in his mouth sliding up and down vigorously. His tongue rode circles around the sensitive tip and his lips sealed like a vacuum around Brian's cock as Brian kneaded his fingers though Justin's hair. Brian let him continue to suck him off until he was rock hard, and not wanting to waste his load in Justin's mouth he moaned out, "Brian says stand up, turn around, and face the wall."

Feeling Brian getting even harder in his mouth, and feeling Brian's fingers in his hair was more then enough to make Justin hard as well. The second the words were out of Brian's mouth, Justin complied. He leaned forward, putting his hands and face against the shower wall, and arching his back so that his ass was in prime position for Brian.

Brian gazed at Justin's beautiful ass as he ripped open the condom he'd been holding. Once he'd encased his hard on, he strode up behind Justin slapping his cock up on top of Justin's ass and sliding it into Justin's crack. He didn't penetrate but instead teasingly rubbed up and down against Justin's sensitive hole. As Brian did this he leaned his face against Justin's cheek stating seductively, "Spread your legs out for me."

Justin, impatient to feel Brian inside him, tried to shove his ass further back while Brian teased his hole, but didn't succeed in getting Brian's cock inside him. Justin spread his legs wide and said with urgency, "Fuck me."

Brian's arms followed Justin's ending with both hands intertwining together as Brian pulled backwards with his waist letting the tip of his cock find Justin's awaiting hole. He watched hungrily as his cock plunged into Justin. He started fucking Justin in a steady rhythm, slowly pumping his cock in all the way to the hilt and pulling it out to the tip so Justin could feel his whole length and girth.

The more he pumped, the faster his thrusts became until he was jack-hammering in and out of Justin so fast that the two became fluid motion like gears in a machine. Brian's brow beaded in exertion as he pushed his body in close to Justin using the wall to keep him in place as he leaned over Justin's shoulder to kiss up the side of his neck and bite lightly on his earlobe. Brian grunted in ecstasy, his pants becoming stronger as his propulsion in and out of Justin brought him closer to climaxing.

As soon as Brian was inside him, Justin reached a hand down to his own hard cock and jerked himself off in time to Brian's thrusts. As the momentum built, and they moved in time faster and faster, Justin closed his eyes and let the sensations take him over. A few seconds after feeling Brian nip his earlobe, Justin came hard spurting all over the shower wall. The rhythmic clenching of his muscles during climax pushed Brian over the edge, and soon they were both leaning against the shower wall trying to catch their breath.

Brian groaned loving the feel of Justin's ass milking the cum out of him, and after all the spasms on both ends had ended, Brian pulled out slowly. He turned Justin around to face him once more giving him a tired smile as he was still emotionally and physically exhausted. Brian pulled Justin away from the wall into his embrace kissing him on the forehead gently before casually remarking, "I've got to call the office and let them know I'm not coming in today. They've probably got the gist though since it's already well after nine." He leaned back to see Justin's face as his voice took on a sultry tone, "I was thinking of you and me, spending the entire day lounging in bed. We can go out to dinner tonight, and if you're up to it, Babylon later?"

Justin was feeling pretty good about last night now that the whole thing was over, and now that Brian seemed to be back to normal. He knew things could have very wrong, but they didn't, and he hoped that things would be better between them because of it. Smiling up at Brian, Justin said, "That sounds like the perfect day."